Boogie Woogie Queen Rocks

Here’s our wondrous piano playing in boogie woogie style by Brendan Kavanagh of Great Britain and Ladyva of Switzerland (pronounced La-deev-ah). The two of them are amongst the best boogie woogie piano players in the world. Her given name is Vanessa Sabrina Gnaegi. As you see and hear, this lady is certainly a deva/diva of boogie woogie. Her playing together with Brendan has garnered 25 million view on YouTube, quite a well-deserved feat.

In additional to the wondrous piano music and collaboration, I especially love the unhibited dancing by the short, old guy in the video. He gets right out there and does his thing! Good for him. We should all be so spontaneous and unhibited. As in, let’s enjoy life in the moment. Let’s walk the walk, dance the dance. Who cares what others think of us. Let’s bw: boogie and woogie!

Plus, Ladyva just happened to be in the train station or airport on her way back to Switzerland. So, none of this is rehearsed but rather is an amazing, spontaneous, unrehearsed collaboration. Just goes to show us how when we meet anyone, we are capable of making good music together! Put two children of God together, who honor and love one another, and there is the Christ working through the two of them — through the two of us. Right in public. Yes, let us love one another! And come on, folks, please do join us in our cosmic music and dance!!!

By the way, Brendan is also called Dr. K because he has a PhD in English. He is of Irish descent. Home of fairies, gnomes, elves and such.

Enjoy your boogieing with the devas and devis.

DJ Doc K, one with Dr. K, and wishing I could play the piano like him

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