Mother Maya Comes to Me

This morning, in a long, deep meditation, clairaudiently I heard: Maya. This announced the presence of Queen/Lady Maya, twin soul of Lord Maitreya, both of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Mythologically, Queen Maya was the mother of Siddhartha, who became Gautama the Buddha. Now, clairaudiently I heard: Queen Maya is pregnant!

Can you imagine the joy that people in northeastern India and throughout the Eastern Hemisphere must have felt when they heard this announcement! Not to mention the joy that all of us light workers connected with Sananda/Gautama the Buddha must have felt back then. Joy of joys! Our elder brother is about to be born again.

Mother Maya now drew me up in my light body into her loving arms and heart. And she surrounded me in golden peace, love, cooperation and coordination, which is the four-step Christ matrix that Maitreya had given to us in 1993, almost thirty years ago. Whatever the problem on Earth, this is the solution.

Maya said that there are times to be active and engaged here on Earth, and then there are times when we are to pull back within and to ascend out of the madness and confusion of this realm. This is not a retreat into denial and unreality, nor is it giving up to darkness. Just the opposite. For Maya reminded me what Jesus had said and demonstrated, “I, when I Am lifted up, lift all others unto me.”

Well, I just had experienced this cosmic principle: Maya had lifted me, and all whom I am connected with here on Earth, into the golden sphere of the etheric realms where I rested in her grandmotherly peace and love.

As to President Putin and all the other male power-mongers now fighting it out on Earth to be “king of the hill”, Maya smiled like the grandmother that she is and said: Boys will be boys!

In essence she was saying: Let them work it out. You keep holding the higher vision, the higher ground, the peace and love that is to come to our presently beleaguered planet. In time, the “boys” will discover that peace is the only way to make themselves and others happy. That peace and not mortal power is the Way.

As I very reluctantly was coming back down and out of meditation and communion with Maya, the old, much loved, favorite Beatles song came to me: Let It Be.

With just one adaption: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Maya comes to me, whispering words of wisdom, let it be! To which I say: Amen and So be It.

Let’s sing it together with her and Maitreya, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Ariel and Uriel, and an etheric/celestial/interplanetary chorus of millions!

DJ Peace & Love Doc