Re-Juice Jupiter

Welcome to Jupiter and the Temple of Jupiter in and around the city of Xi’an in east-central China. For the next four weeks, starting today, August 12, 2022, we are going to link with Jupiter and with male and female space visitors from Jupiter. (To right, see image of Jupiter as taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2020.)

These Jupiterians and other higher plane helpers initially will assist us in re-juicing, re-juvenating and re-birthing our own individual Temple of Jupiter. Angels, ascended masters, devas, galactic visitors and higher plane astral guides will team with us in making all things new at the Temple of Jupiter in China.

So, strap yourself in and get ready to be juiced with Jupiterian joy!

Jovial Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, located between the orbits of Mars and Saturn. It is the largest of the nine physical, visible planets, with a mass more than two and a half times that of all the other planets combined, Still, though, it is less than one-thousandth the mass of the sun. (See image below of relative size and position of the nine physical planets, with the sun to the left.)

Jupiter is the third brightest natural object in the Earth’s night sky after the Moon and Venus. It has been observed since prehistoric times. It was named after the Roman God Jupiter, the king of the gods. In Greek mythology, he was named Zeus. The Latin name “Jupiter” means sky father. His wife was Juno, who was the queen of heaven and queen of the gods; and the protectress of women and marriage. Hence, the month of June is said to be the bridal month.

Jupiter’s outer atmosphere is divided into a series of latitudinal bands, with turbulence and storms along their interacting boundaries. A prominent result of this is the Great Red Spot, a giant storm that has been observed since at least 1831. (See image of Jupiter above.)

Jupiter is surrounded by a faint planetary ring system and a powerful magnetosphere. Jupiter has 80 known moons and possibly many more. Astronomers believe that Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system.

Jove, the archaic name of Jupiter, came into use as a poetic name for the planet around the 14th Century. The Romans named the fifth day of the week diēs Jovis (Jove’s Day) after the planet Jupiter. In German mythology, Jupiter is equated to Thor, from which comes the English name Thursday for the Roman diēs Jovis.

Jovian (with a “n”) is the adjectival form of Jupiter. The older adjectival form jovial (with a “l”), employed by astrologers in the Middle Ages, has come to mean “happy” or “merry.” Hence, every Thursday is a joy-filled, Jupiterian-honoring, happy day. How about that!

(For additional information about Jupiter in a Wikipedia article, click here1.)

Come On Down 

Take a few moments now to welcome Jupiter and our Jupiterian brothers and sisters in your head, heart and home; into your own Temple of Jupiter that is comprised of your seven bodies. To all from  jovial Jupiter, say: Come on down! Please!!

Stand and lift up your arms in a V shape. At the top of the V, above your head, visualize the planet Jupiter resting in your hands. (See image to right.)

Then slowly lower the planet into the top of your head, down to your third-eye/forehead, throat and heart; eventually all the way to the floor or ground below your feet.

Once anchored in the earth, the image of Jupiter is about 10-12 feet in diameter. Be encased and imbued in I Am Jupiterian consciousness, one with Jehovah God and Christ Jesus. Be filled with Jupiterian joy juice and happiness.

Love all Jupiterians, who in the hundreds of thousands have come to Earth in their spacecrafts to help all light workers to lift the Earth-Heart into fourth-dimensional happiness and harmony, peace and love; thereby to help pave the way for Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary to return to Earth in their redescended light bodies.

Temple of Jupiter

During the past East Asia Mission in China from May 22-June 2, 2013, my ex-wife MariLyn and I visited Beijing (China’s capital), Xi’an, Chongqing, the Yangtze River, and Shanghai. During these travels, I slowly came to think that the Temple of Jupiter was located in and around the city of Xi’an in the central part of eastern China.

See the map of China below, showing red, expanding circles that radiate from the central location of the Temple of Jupiter in and around Xian to most of China and beyond. Note, also, that the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal is about 1300 miles (2100 km) north of Xi’an; the Temple of Vulcan in southern Vietnam is about 2200 miles (3500 km) due south of Xian; and the Second Ray Temple of Mercury in northwestern India and Nepal is about 2300 miles (3700 km) to the west-southwest of Xian.

To download and see a large map of the Temple of Jupiter in China, click here2. For a large map of Asia with its four spiritual temples, click here3.

Xi in Xi’an is pronounced “shee,” so Xi’an is pronounced “Shee-ahn.” Situated in the east-central part of China, Xi’an has an urban population of about 8.3 million inhabitants. The name Xi’an means “western peace.” “Western” refers to its location west of the coastal regions, where the greatest number of people live. The western half of China, including Tibet that China controls and dominates, is mountainous and has only a small part of the overall Chinese population, which is a little over 1.4 billion citizens that comprise about 19% of the world’s population.

In earlier times, Xi’an was called Chang’an, which means “perpetual peace.” By either name, this city was the capital during several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang. Xi’an is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, and is the home of the famed Terra-cotta Army.

Astral Leader 

In touring China, our primary higher astral plane leader was Ming-Xi, from his perch in the highest or seventh astral plane, which is the doorway to the lowest of three etheric or Christ planes. Ming-Xi is not a personal or family name but rather a spiritual appellation like Buddha or Lao-Tze.

Gautama the Buddha lived in India 563-483 BCE. The name Buddha means “enlightened, awakened, illumined or compassionate one.”  He was an incarnation of Sananda, Prince and primary wayshower of Earth. Siddhartha Gautama’s wife, Yasodhara, who became an enlightened Buddhi, was an incarnation of his twin soul, Sol-O-Man, who later was Mary.

Lao-Tze’s given name may have been Li Er. His spiritual title Lao-Tze means “venerable or wise old master.” He was the founder of Taoism and the author of the Tao te ching (only the Holy Bible has sold more copies than this book). He lived in China about the same time as the Buddha lived in India. He was an incarnation of Kut Humi, Chohan or Director of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. In a following life, he was Jesus’ Apostle John the Beloved. (See picture of Lao-Tze to right/above.)

When Ming-Xi first appeared to me in a vision on February 18, 2013, he looked like this above painting of Lao-Tze; whose name also is commonly spelled Lao-Tzu, with a “u.”

Buddhism and Taoism are the primary spiritual pathways that have influenced China. Confucianism, the third major Chinese influence, is not a spiritual teaching but rather a series of ethical codes and rituals that govern daily life. Whereas Buddhism and Taoism focus primarily on the “spirit” of the law, Confucianism concentrates on the “letter of the law.”

Be a Bodhisattva

In a past incarnation about two thousand years ago, Ming-Xi had been among those who first brought Buddhism from India to China. As a Buddhist and a Taoist, he had attained enlightenment, or spiritual mastery, and had been a revered teacher. A Seventh Ray worker, he is devoted to Sananda/Buddha/Jesus, the spiritual leader of Earth; and to Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary.

When Ming-Xi in that incarnation made his transition (died), he went in his astral body to the higher astral planes. In a short time, he ascended in his light body to the etheric planes. However, he chose to return to and live in the seventh or highest astral plane in order to guide light workers in China and its surrounding countries; to serve as a bridge from the etheric to the astral to the earth planes.

In Buddhist terms, he is called a bodhisattva, a person who has attained enlightenment and no longer karmically has to incarnate on Earth or in the astral planes, but who freely elects to do so out of compassion and divine love sacrifice. (See picture to above right of a golden, love-filled Bodhisattva.)

Ming-Xi is the leader of all light workers in the higher astral planes who are associated with China. As such, he was MariLyn’s and my primary astral liaison when we were in China.

In your and my prayers and projections over the next three-four weeks, Ming-Xi will be our primary higher astral plane guide, who with his astral co-workers and guardians will protect us from negative infiltration by those in the lower astral planes. We are going to be bodhisattvas who radiate light to our Chinese brothers and sisters, who are our beloved friends for whom we lay down our lives.

Ming-Xi and El Morya

El Morya/Mark likewise is stationed in the seventh astral plane, wherein he is the leader of all light workers in the astral planes around the entire planet. In particular, he works in conjunction with Ming-Xi to uplift and transmute China. El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray of Will and Power; he wields his sword (speaks words of truth) to initiate positive change in this huge nation. (See Mark’s picture to right from December 1960.)

Ming-Xi is of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, whose compassion lights up the minds and hearts of all Chinese citizens. Both First and Seventh Rays must work together to re-juice and re-open the Temple of Jupiter. So must we focus especially on these two rays in rejuvenating and re-empowering our own Temple of Jupiter.

In my morning meditation on August 11, 2022, Ming-Xi overshadowed me. I instantly recognized his presence and energy, even though this was the first such strong and definitive contact with him since I was on the East Asia Mission in 2013. We exchanged light-body hugs, blessings and lots of brotherly love, as we got caught up to date.

He telepathically shared that he would be working in and through me in writing this entry in this blog about him. He asked me to alert everyone who reads this and other blogs about the Temple of Jupiter that he and his cohorts would be connecting with and radiating peace and love to them. So, please, do link with him in your prayers and quiet moments. He contacts me primarily in my love-heart chakra.

Then El Morya joined with him and anchored his presence anew within me, particularly in regard to the present focus on Xi’an. He also added his masculine, First Ray protection to my force field, surrounding my aura and physical body in vivid blue light. I felt like I had in the tour of China in 2013, ready once more to re-open, re-invigorate and re-empower the Temple of Jupiter to a new and higher degree.

El Morya reminded me that he had trained on Jupiter, as had been channeled by John Mark via Nada-Yolanda on January 7, 1961. (See Visitors From Other Planets, page 30-31; I will share more about this in an upcoming blog.)

Summalt Shines

In our prayers and projections over the next 3-4 weeks, in addition to uniting with Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Ming-Xi and El Morya, we also will link with Summalt, who is the etheric commander for the Eastern Hemisphere in the hierarchal program; from his city-sized mother ship, spacecraft #7423 in etheric orbit around Earth.

In a prior incarnation he was Peter, the Apostle  of Jesus of Nazareth, who portrayed the I Am power of faith whose corresponding color is royal blue. (See picture to right of Peter with the keys to the kingdom, dressed partly in a royal blue garment, and surrounded by a royal blue background that represents his faith-filled aura.)

MariLyn and I had numerous communions with and communications from Summalt during our travels throughout Asia. In numerous dreams and visions, I was taken aboard his huge spacecraft that houses thousands of ascended masters from around the solar system and beyond; where I conferred with Summalt.

As we now focus on re-birthing to a new degree the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, Summalt has his eye especially on this region. Thousands of space craft under his guidance and direction are positioned in the etheric realms throughout this vast country. They will amplify and add their hieronic energies to our thoughts and projections, to our images and ideas, to our wielding of the sword of truth and loving the good within all Chinese citizens. Thy will be done, dear Lord, with Your peace and love for all your creations in China: humans, animals, plants and minerals in China.

Master Ming

The name “Ming” consists of two Chinese characters, one for the sun and one for the moon. These two celestial bodies are the sources of light for the Earth. Thus, “Ming” denotes enlightenment, illumination, wisdom, understanding. Ming-Xi is of the sun (son of God) or I Am consciousness, but he serves in the astral planes, as symbolized by the moon.

The name “Xi” means joy and happiness. Thus, “Ming-Xi” denotes the joyful happiness that comes with enlightenment and illumination; or one who is happy and joyful, which leads to enlightenment. As Ming-Xi telepathically conveyed to me when I was in China: One moment of enlightenment is worth 1000 years of mortal consciousness and suffering. As Gautama the Buddha taught: There is no way to happiness; happiness is the Way.

In my many contacts with Ming-Xi before and when I was in China in 2013, he felt so familiar to me, like a Buddhist/Taoist loving brother. I also came to regard the name “Xi” as something like Master.” So, I started to refer lovingly to Ming-Xi as Master Ming. Indeed, he is a master of the way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Like every good brother, he has my back; and I have his. We are one in the brotherhood of man.


The day before we were to fly to Beijing, my ex-wife and I rode in the back seat of a car on our way from Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal to Irkutsk, Siberia, just southeast of Lake Baikal. About halfway to Irkutsk, in a disturbing vision, a negative Chinese man and his “dark” associates attempted to attack me, to prevent me from entering his homeland. MariLyn felt his strong, negative presence, especially in her heart which “skipped” and hurt.

This dark, negative, evil man was from the lower astral planes. He reminded me strongly of the fictional character Fu Manchu, a supervillain who was presented in a series of novels by the English author Sax Rohmer beginning shortly before World War I; and also of Ming the Merciless in the Flash Gordon comic strip. (To the right, see image of Ming the Merciless.)

Fu Manchu and Ming the Merciless were the direct opposite of the core Buddhist teaching about mercy and compassion, which Ming-Xi demonstrates. So, I called upon Ming-Xi and his associates, plus El Morya, Glo-Ria and Lord Michael, to protect me from the negative astral entity who was trying via black magic to dominate and destroy me. It took 10-15 minutes to dislodge and countermand him, to feel safe and secure in the light of my I Am Self and light body.

Lower Astral Negative Influence

As to this literal and symbolic yet powerful encounter with “Ming the Merciless,” who represents all the dark forces of the lower astral planes, please remember that the astral planes are 100 times larger and more populous than the Earth plane. A great deal of the current negativity in Chinese political and military leaders, who deny their citizens’ free will expression and who wish to dominate all of Asia, stems from or is adversely influenced by such dark entities in the first through fourth astral planes.

In a vision given to me by El Morya on September 20, 2013, before we traveled to China, this whole country had a dark cloud over it, representing the pervasive astral negativity, as well as the massive amount of air pollution that comes primarily from the Chinese burning low grade coal to produce electricity. Beijing, the capital of China, is especially polluted, as MariLyn and I discovered firsthand when we we were there.

Moreover, Chinese political leaders are like unto the emperors that ruled China with an iron fist for three thousand years. (See picture to right of China’s current President, Xi Jinping.) 

These Chinese communists say they are serving the people in what they call the People’s Republic of China, but in reality they are emperor-like power-mongers who serve their own delusions of grandeur, power and control. In time, the Chinese people will have to stand up to them and deny them any more power over them.

Power to the People

You and I, and all light workers, can assist and empower the good Chinese citizens in our positive, loving projections to them of peace, love and righteousness. We can especially radiate our mercy and compassion to the youth of China, those who are of higher soul evolution and who will bring forth the major changes to come in those of all walks of life in China.

As you do so, please call on Ming-Xi and his co-workers to protect you as you travel in your astral and/or light bodies to China as part of opening the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an; and in your loving the Christ, Buddha, Lao-Tze or I Am Self in all Chinese citizens and leaders.

Please note, too, that the name “Xi’an” has the syllable “Xi” in it. This is another meaning of the name Ming-Xi: He is the primary astral protector and leader of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an; he is the clear, enlightened, merciful, compassionate, love-filled bridge from the etheric realms, down through the higher and lower astral planes, to the earthly abode of the Jupiterian temple, power center or vortex of sacred light.

Confirmation & Coordination

The next morning, May 21, 2013, at our hotel room in Beijing, I read an email from Phillel that contained Summalt’s channeling via him, which was delivered at about the same time as my dark encounter with Ming the Merciless. Summalt said: “Ming-Xi, seventh-plane astral guide, as per custom, stands at the gateway. [Gateway refers to the fact that the seventh astral plane is the gateway into the etheric or Christ realms. Plus, Ming-Xi met Robert and MariLyn at the gateway between Mongolia and China. Mongolia is a modern democracy as compared to Communist, feudal, power-mongering China.]

Continuing, Summalt dictated: “Operating as our customs agent, [Ming-Xi] greets travelers with official orders in hand. Ming-Xi provides hand-picked seventh-plane astral security detail, an impenetrable phalanx of troopers who surround Robert and MariLyn with shield-like protection. They have effectively cordoned off access to combined force field, allowing only those of us of the etheric realm, plus specially assigned higher astral contingents, to pass into purified zone.

“We have swept clean any undue influence from lower astral elements and thought impingements, and shall swiftly deal with any untoward attempts to down-grade these enhanced security measures now in place for our projections of light into China. . . .

“Ming-Xi stands ready to provide wise counsel, for he knows this collective well and has a secure handle on our etheric directives to advance the Second Coming program in this area of the East. Therefore, lend an ear in his direction as well as in ours.”

Ming-Xi still stands ready right now to assist each and everyone one of us in our light work in regards to China’s spiritual transmutation and re-awakening. (To read Summalt’s complete channeling, click here4.)

Angels, Devas & Elementals

From May 31 to June 2, 2013, MariLyn and I took a Yangtze River cruise in China. That first day, leaving the City of Chongqing, we sailed slowly along the middle section of the Yangtze in eastern China. At 3,988 miles, it is the third longest river in the world. From its source in the Himalayan Mountains, it travels through the heartland of southeastern China on its way to Shanghai on the east coast, where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. One third of China’s population lives in the Yangtze River basin.

Along the way that afternoon, we marveled at the gorgeous scenery of the various gorges, but we were dismayed at the large cities that we saw in the areas between the gorges, which had been built in modern times. These had hundreds of high-rise buildings that were packed tightly together, with almost no green space around them. This had been done by contractors to save money from purchasing large tracts of land that could have had gardens, parks, fields and such around the buildings. How anyone can live and thrive in apartments or work places in these buildings is beyond me. Moreover, the skies around these cities were dark with airborne pollution.

After my pondering all this, the chief deva of the region relayed telepathically to me that a reckoning and a rebalancing soon would take place. Mankind cannot continue to abuse and trample the lower kingdoms without suffering the consequences. Already, respiratory diseases, secondary to air pollution, are at a high level in cities along the Yangtze River, as well as in numerous urban areas throughout China.

Although China leads the world in promoting sustainable energy (hydroelectric plants, solar energy and wind power), the country still relies predominately on highly-polluting coal for electrical generation. Strong environmental laws exist in China, but typically they are not enforced if they hinder moneymaking. Chinese authorities in 2013 admitted that, given present plans, it would take at least seventeen years to lower pollution levels to acceptable world standards.

Late afternoon on June 1st, the chief deva contacted me again. This time, clairvoyantly I saw hundreds, even thousands of other devas in the nearby “skies” or higher realms. With the chief deva was Nada, who, when she was on the Earth plane as Yolanda, was the Seventh Ray chief of devic-elemental forces; a role I now fulfill. With them was Archangel Uriel of the Seventh Ray, along with a host of Seventh Ray feminine and masculine angels.

Earth Changes

Uriel explained that the steady outpouring of higher energies through MariLyn and me in the last three days largely had been directed to the devic-elemental kingdoms of the Yangtze River area, but had extended to all of China. The devic-elemental forces had been empowered and directed to begin the dissolution of the old, mortal forms to make way for the new.

Uriel further reminded me of a channeling by Archangel Michael of the First Ray via Nada-Yolanda on September 16, 1998, when she was in Perth, Australia. He said that all of Australia was under his protection. It shall be the place of refuge, least affected by the natural catastrophes which are destined to occur in the Eastern Hemisphere between 1998 through the year 2250 A.D. Many millions of survivors, from islands that shall fall into the sea, and of the vast coasts of China and Russia which are bound to suffer from floods, will relocate to Australia.

White & Black Devas

After completing the four and one-half years of traveling around the world three times to reopen the 12 planetary spiritual temples or power centers, I was pondering about several of the correct locations of these vortices of sacred energy. In particular, I wondered about the Temple of Jupiter being located at Xi’an, China. I thought it was, but I never had had official, Hierarchal confirmation about this.

While musing about all of this, on May 3, 2015, in a dream here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, I was in Hilarion House that somehow had been moved back about one hundred feet from the road in front of it. This apparently was to allow larger numbers of visitors to come here and confer with us.

Looking out the window, to my left, coming down the road from the nearby mountain peaks and wooded, unpopulated or not developed areas, were a group composed of about forty Chinese men, women and children that were dressed in colorful cloaks, dresses, pants, hats and shoes; who held scrolls and tools, maybe knives or swords, in their hands. The adults were led by one man and one women, who were married or at least were co-equal spiritual partners (as in yang and yin of the Taoist circle of life).

All the adults looked like modern-day Taoist priests and priestesses in China (see picture above/right of a male Taoist priest). The children, upon closer inspection, looked a bit like so-called elves, gnomes, sprites, wizards and such.

New Visitation & Coordination

At first, I was disturbed by this seemingly uninvited intrusion of unknown foreign folks onto our property. I initially doubted their sincerity when they said they had come to help us in our spiritual work and projections. But the more we talked and shared, I realized that they were being truthful and loving, so I welcomed and invited them into Hilarion House.

The male and female adults reminded me of a painting of the two mythological parents of modern day Chinese people. Prior to the incarnation of Lao-Tze, Chinese spiritual leaders in their epic tales of creation called this man and woman Fuxi and Nuwa, who were similar to Adam and Eve in the Holy Bible. In this Chinese mythological description, Fuxi and Nuwa were brother and sister, as well as husband and wife.

In the painting to the right that depicts them, note their colorful robes and their headpieces or hair arrangements. Below them are not their legs but what look like entwined snakes, representing the rising of the kundalini or serpent power up the spine and through the chakras to produce enlightenment. Plus, the two snakes symbolize that men and women dwell in animal bodies, although they have power over the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms (as symbolized by their two raised arms and pointing forefingers).

White & Black Astrals

Like all myths, legends, visions and dreams, this Chinese ancient painting had multiple levels and interpretations. It depicted Chinese men and women on Earth who are linked with the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an. The two figures also symbolized higher Chinese astral plane guides, mentors and teachers, such as Ming-Xi and his feminine counterpart. The two lead figures in my dream, one male and one female, represented the two primary leaders of the Temple of Jupiter and, as I would discover several years later, the two co-leaders of the planet Jupiter.

Another interpretation is that these two figures also depicted etheric masculine and feminine devas who work in and through the elements of the Earth, hence below the two bodies in the painting. Finally, it showed the elementals who supervise the elements of Earth, with the elementals being represented by the numerous small white circles and spheres, and the round globe of light and white small spheres around it at the bottom of the painting.

Finally, the multiple bright colors of the men’s and women’s clothing indicated that these astral and devic beings were so-called white astrals and devas, who were positive, loving and truthful, who rightly use their twelve I Am or devic powers (hence the twelve colors of the twelve powers, or the seven colors of the Seven Rays) to serve and help others. They were not so-called dark or black astrals and devas who employ “black magic,” like unto sorcerers and witches, to manipulate, control and dominate others and other kingdoms.

Double the Juice

After analyzing and intuning with all of the above, I concluded that my dream indicated that we at headquarters were now in stronger, more powerful communion and joint work with the etheric, astral and devic leaders of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi-An, China.

In a previous vision before going on the East Asia Mission, I had come into communion with J.W. of Jupiter (I will discuss him in detail in my next blog), who brought with him a contingent of twenty Jupiterians, 10 men and 10 women. Using their highly advanced, spiritually-scientific equipment and techniques, they had “electroplated” my aura and physical body, bonding the golden, super-elements of my light body into my four lower bodies.

There was a masculine leader of the 10 men of this vision, and a feminine leader of the 10 women. Both of them seemed very familiar to me, like I had known them before this time.

Now, in my current dream, there were forty such Jupiterians who visited MariLyn and me. Thus, Jupiterian power, light and love had doubled from 20 to 40 within me. The re-juicing and re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter had been a success, both the Temple of Jupiter within and around me, and the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an China. Moreover, the dream indicated that my designation of the Temple of Jupiter being in Xi’an was indeed accurate. So, that is what I wrote in one of our I Am Newsletters in 2013, which gave the working hypothesis of where all 13 temples were located worldwide.

Sananda Seals the Deal

Still, during the dark days of my quiet, decrystallizing and healing period from about 2015 to 2017, when I reviewed all the tours around the globe to rebirth the twelve planetary temples, I still had residual doubts and wonderings. These were not fully quelled until September 19, 2021. For a few days before this, I had been rereading my report in our I Am Newsletter about the reopening of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China. Was it really there that this temple was located? Spirit, I asked, please confirm or correct this.

In response, within hours, Sananda strongly overshadowed me. He came down feet first in his redescended light body, until his whole body fully encased my aura and physical form. Then, he telepathically shared what he had said to his twelve Apostles: When you see me, you see the Father; when you see the Father, you see me as His son.

Sananda then repeated what he has told me numerous times over the years: Soliel, you are my beloved son, and I Am your spiritual father — we are one in the One. Therefore, I fully approve of what you are now thinking and concluding about the Temple of Jupiter.

Yes, you have interpreted rightly that your dream of the Chinese visitors means that this spiritual temple or power center is located in Xi’an. Were it not so, I as your loving father would have told you this much earlier. Trust in me and in your own I Am Self. By your faith, you will see and be the light. All your questions will be answered in Spirit’s time and way. So it is with all light workers who love God and love one another. Amen.

Four Joyful Jupiterians

In our work to re-open the Temple of Jupiter in the next three weeks or so, we are going to connect with, and be guided by, four etheric masters who are from, or have lived on, Jupiter. These four are: J.W. of Jupiter, Ashtar Gabriel, and the male and female co-leaders of Jupiter, like unto Sananda and Sol-O-Man as the co-leaders and co-wayshowers of Earth.

J.W. of Jupiter: He is a Jupiterian incarnation of Djwhal Kuhl who was the etheric teacher for Gloria Lee Byrd, whose high Self name is Glo-Ria. She is the twin soul of El Morya, Chohan or Director of the First Ray of Will and Power, who is the Prince of Neptune. As Djwhal Kuhl, he has channeled through many on Earth, especially Alice Bailey of the Lucius Trust.

His past Earth incarnations, as received by Nada-Yolanda, include as John Mark who wrote the Gospel of Mark, one of the four canonical Gospels in the Holy Bible. He also incarnated as Jim Speed, one of the three directors of Mark-Age, from 1962 to 1973, who was known as Wains that stands for “Way in space” and “Way in Spirit.” He was the director of the Mark-Age Department of Health that became Healing Haven. No information has been given as to the meaning and symbolization of the initials J and W. As Jim Speed, he left the Mark-Age unit in 1973 due to his not following the lead of Mark and Yolanda. He made his transition in 1994.

Ashtar Gabriel: Via Nada-Yolanda’s intunements about, and channelings from Ashtar Gabriel, we know he is a Jupiterian who pilots and commands Sananda’s city-sized spaceship #10, which serves as the Hierarchal Board headquarters for Earth. Ship #10 is also known as the Star of Bethlehem, because it appeared in the skies above where Jesus was born. Ashtar Gabriel has been associated with ship #10 since Christ Jesus ascended in his seventh body to the etheric planes.

These two Jupiterians, J. W. of Jupiter and Ashtar Gabriel, will be the key focus in my next, upcoming blog.

Co-Leaders of planet Jupiter: Only in the last three weeks has the identity and nature of the masculine and feminine co-leaders of Jupiter begun to be revealed to me (Dr. Robert) in a series of light body overshadowings, intunements and dreams. Before this, Yolanda had not received any information about them, nor had Phillel. In my soul recall, in my dream in the early 1990s, I remembered that I had trained under and served these two co-leaders of Jupiter during my past sojourns there. They now have made themselves known to me consciously such that I might share these communions with all of you who read my blogs. Welcome to Jupiter!

Meet & Greet Jasper

My first contact with the primary masculine wayshower or Prince of Jupiter came in a dream on July 23, 2022, which I previously included in my recent post on July 26, 2022 titled Welcome Ariel and Uriel (click here5).

In this dream, an unidentified, magnificent being of light lowered and placed a crown or halo around my crown chakra and cerebrum, which was about two feet from my physical head. It was composed of the gemstone jasper, which sparkled with the many colors in which this gem may exist. (See picture of various colored jasper gems to right.)

I lifted my hands to grasp and hold the crown in place, and then to lower its vibrations down into my other chakras and corresponding organs. I was electrified.

In a following dream two hours later this same night, I dreamt the same thing again. This time, I was more comfortable with the presence of the etheric jasper gemstone/halo/crown and felt it more solidly anchored into my four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. Dreaming twice about this in one night indicated that the dreams were doubly important; that I should give extra attention to them, as they gave significant, coded, symbolic information.

Upon awakening, I reflected about the fact that prior to now I knew little about jasper gemstones. I did remember, however, that I had read a little bit about them when I was studying John the Beloved’s vision of the descent of the New Jerusalem as given in the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.

In its Chapter 21, Verses 11-18, John recorded that that this new city had “the glory of God, radiant as a brilliant light, resembling a very precious gem; like a jasper stone, clear as crystal.” John also wrote that the four walls of the cubic-shaped city had twelve foundations, the first of which was composed of jasper. He also noted that the four walls were constructed of jasper.

Pondering all of this, I concluded that some new re-opening and re-birthing of my seventh or ascended body had taken place or was about to occur. Moreover, it symbolized that the Earth Temple had been fully anchored and grounded on Earth, with it being like unto the new Jerusalem in John’s vision.

However, given the double dreams and the jasper symbology, which I never had dreamt about before, made me suspect that there was much more to the dream than I originally concluded. What that was, I did not know. Nor did I know the identity of the light being who had placed the jasper crown around my head and helped me to anchor it down into and through my whole aura and physical body.


Five days later, on July 28th, suddenly I remembered that someone named Jasper had done automatic writing through Pauline (Nada-Yolanda’s given name) in 1958. So, I got out my copy of the Mark-Age booklet titled Spiritual Awakening and looked first at its central section that contained numerous drawings and messages given to Pauline. I was stunned to see that one such message on September 15, 1958 was from Jasper who wrote not only in English but in space language! (See image to right. Click here6 for a larger image of this.)

Jasper’s space writing looked very similar to that of Zolanda (an Atlantean incarnation of Sol-O-Man/Mary) who was the high priestess of the Earth Temple then. In fact, some of the same characters were in both writings. Click here7 for a large image of Zolanda’s space language.

There were also five other messages by Jasper that were given to Pauline from September 14-24, 1958. However, no information other that Jasper’s designation  as the “friend and brother of Pauline” was given by Jasper or others. Nonetheless, given the space writing , it seemed clear that Jasper was not just an ascended master of Earth, but that he was a visitor from another planet. He was a spaceman.

At the time of these Jasper messages, Pauline was probably in the fourth phase of her first major initiation of birth.

Prince of Jupiter

When writing all of this up in my spiritual diary, the most amazing idea came to me: Jasper was the name of the king, prince or leader of Jupiter. It was not his Jupiterian name, but rather a code or symbolic name that we of Earth could understand. After all, we would not be able to speak or to understand the Jupiterian language.

Symbolically, Jasper was a “gem”, a bright, shining, multi-colored, supremely talented, Jupiterian. I now remembered that one of the Three Wise Men who were said to visit the Holy Family after Jesus’ birth was named Jasper. No names or details about these Three Wise Men were given the Gospel of Luke. Over the centuries, however, they were given names and described, with one of them being Jasper. He was said to have followed the Star of Bethlehem, thus ship #10, all the way from his homeland in Persia, where he was the king, to Bethlehem. The name Jasper comes from the Persian language, which means “treasurer.” He gave Jesus the gift of frankincense.

Now I thought that the letter “J” in Jasper stood for the “J” in Jehovah God and in Christ Jesus. Could it be that it also stood for the letter “J” in J.W. of Jupiter, who as Djwhal Kuhl, as Nada-Yolanda had received, was one of the three etheric wise men who visited and added their energy to that of the Holy Family; the other two being El Morya of the First Ray and Kut Humi, Chohan of the Second Ray?

Could it be that Jasper, as the Prince of Jupiter, had come to me and placed the crown made of the gem jasper around my head? In other words, was he the light being in my dream about this crown? I surely thought so.

Jasper’s Current Visitation

As always, I asked Spirit for verification. I asked Jasper to contact me directly and consciously. Three days later, on July 31, 2022, while eating breakfast, suddenly my heart chakra and whole forcefield became filled with so much light and love that I put down my spoon and peered inward and upward to see who was visiting me. It was my master teacher, Sol-O-Man in her aspect as Mary, who always comes and signals me that any new, major contact or event is about to take place; and that she approves of it.

With her, as you might now guess, was Jasper. I let out a yelp, so strong was his magnificent presence. Off I went to lie down in my bed to see if indeed it was him and what he had to say that would assure me that I was not making this up. Within a few minutes, I had relaxed sufficiently and emptied myself of any conscious expectations. Then a ball of fiery, golden light descended into me, anchoring especially in my chest and heart, but extending outward to both of my opened palms alongside my body. Yes, indeed, it was Jasper, co-leader of Jupiter.

J for Jasper

I welcomed and breathed in his magnificent, near blinding, light-filled presence. I had the symbolic image that he had descended as if in a small spacecraft and landed in my heart; in other words, his appearance was aided by Jupiterian, electromagnetic hieronics.

Once I adjusted to his glorious presence and power, he lifted my right hand and showed me his sign: My  thumb and forefinger formed the letter J. This was similar to the sign for Jesus in which the first two fingers form the upward pole of the J. Thus, J was indeed for Jehovah God, whom Jasper serves above all. Jasper and Sananda/Jesus are as one in the brotherhood of the 12 masculine leaders of the 12 planets. To me, J also stood for “joy of joys,” that of Jasper and of God the Joy-filled One.

Next, my raised left hand likewise formed a J sign that was a mirror image of my right hand; the bottom of this left-handed J pointed inward, toward my body. It represented Jaspar’s twin soul, who for lack of a better name I designated as Lady Jasper. She was with Jasper, but I could barely discern her almost invisible, imperceptible, yet powerful presence. She was with me, to my left or subconscious/feminine side, but this was primarily Jasper’s show, so to speak. My major contact was with him.

This whole communion with him lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, during which I became electrified to the highest degree yet. My aura and physical body were “electroplated” with golden light and energy. I was a golden giant, a golden being of light. I was Soliel of the Sun who loves Jasper and Lady Jasper. I was a Jupiterian.

My doubts about Jasper being the Prince of Jupiter disappeared while I still was in divine communion with him. After he finally left, I still felt his indelible, incredible, power-paced, golden presence, primarily in my heart chakra. All that day, I walked around as if still connected by a cable to him. At times, I sensed him high above me, monitoring and watching over me, helping me to be grounded. Sol-O-Man also assisted me. My adjustment to, and incorporation of, Jasper’s light form continued for the next two days, at the end of which it seemed like it had anchored all the way down to, into and through, my feet. With all of this being so new, however, I did not share anything about it with Phillel. I still wanted further confirmation of its reality.

I did realize, though, that Jasper had previously visited me: He was the leader of the 10 men in my 2013 visitation by 20 Jupiterians. His vibration back then was the same that I now felt with Jasper’s current contact and communion with me. Jasper had been watching over and linking me for nine years, even though I had no conscious idea that this was so.

Lady J

While I still was anchoring in Jasper’s vibration and connection in the two days following his distinct visitation to me, in my morning meditations, several times the image of an otherworldly woman’s face appeared on my third-eye screen. The image would begin to come into focus and then to dissolve and disappear, phasing in and out, but not becoming solid, clear and discernible. I sensed that this etheric woman was who I began calling Lady J or Lady Joy, Jasper’s twin soul and co-leader of Jupiter.

On August 4th, having become sufficiently anchored in Jasper’s Jupiterian vibration, in my morning meditation, both Jasper and Lady Joy descended and stood to either side of me, him to my right, her to my left. My forcefield was electrified to yet another, higher, more powerful degree. But, I could barely hold their combined frequencies in my thoughts and feelings, in my soul and physical body. The vision and presence of them only lasted a couple minutes, then they re-ascended out of my view.

Three days later, on August 7th, I finished writing and posted the last of three blogs about working with angels, devas and elementals. It took me two days to rest sufficiently after this, to balance out from the many contacts with the devic-elemental forces. During this time, I had just a fleeting sense of the presence of Lady J. She was keeping her distance, so to speak, so as not to overwhelm me.

Lovely Lady Joy

On August 10th, in my morning meditation, the influx of higher energies was so powerful that I could not stay awake. As often happens, I “went out” and was lifted in my seventh, ascended body into the higher astral or lower etheric realms, where I stayed for ten to fifteen minutes. When I came back to conscious awareness, I clearly remembered an extraordinary, supercharged, numinous dream/night vision.

In it, I was in a bedroom like my present one in Hilarion House, only this dream bedroom was larger, was all white, and had a queen bed rather than the full size bed I currently have in my physical bedroom. (Beds come in twin, full, queen and king sizes, with the queen bed being larger than the full bed.) The whole place sparkled with soft, glowing, feathery light.

I was lying on my back on the right side of my bed. To my left was a gorgeous, tall, 40ish woman — I was about this same age. This lady-of-light was likewise lying on her back but looking at me as we talked lovingly together. It seemed entirely normal and no big deal that she was right next to me. It was like I had known and been with her all my life.

Loving Exchange

She reminded me of Tyra Banks, the former African-American supermodel who later hosted her own TV show, of which she was the executive producer. In 2018 and 2019, she was the hostess on the TV show “America’s Got Talent” — this year I had seen her on numerous YouTube music videos that I have posted. She is 5’10” tall, well over 6′ when she wears high heels as she does on the show. Her name “Tyra” means “God-like.” It also comes from the word “Thor,” hence is equated with Thursday, the day of Jupiter. You might say that this Tyra in my bed was a Jupiterian goddess!

In my dream, my lady-light’s body was so tall that her feet dangled over the bottom of the bed. She was probably a foot taller than me (I’m about 5’8″.) Despite her obvious spiritual elevation, she had no airs whatsoever, but rather was just “down home” and natural, like she and I were of the same vibration and energy level. Amazingly, throughout this dream, I had no thoughts or feelings whatsoever of a sexual nature. But I sure could feel the love between us. It was heavenly.

Imagine that! I’m lying in my bed with a gorgeous lady who is so happy to be with me and is so loving and kind, but I simply see and treat her as a feminine friend, an older sister, an aunt or mother, and not as a potential physical lover. In large part, this was due to the fact that she gave off no sexual vibes whatsoever. She was not of this Earth!

Our talk together was mostly just chatter and normal exchange: How are you doing, what’s happening in your life, how was your day, how are you feeling, etc. Finally, I knew it was time for us to go to sleep, so I asked her to turn off the light in the lamp next to her side of the bed. However, to my befuddlement, she had no idea of how to do such a simple task. So, I leaned over her and showed her the knob to twist to turn off the lamp, but she still didn’t understand the process. I switched the lamp off, got ready to go to sleep and then woke up from this dream.

I thought to myself: What did a Jupiterian lady know about lamps on Earth?! She knew how to turn on my light, but not how to turn it off. She was all about turning on lights in one and all. Only we Earthlings at times turn to the dark side of life.

Lovingly Lie In It

You have probably heard the phrase: You made your bed, so now you have to lie in it. Well, after pondering my dream/vision, I realized that I was lying in my bed with Lady J, she of joyous Jupiter. For nearly three weeks, I had been thinking of, communing with, hoping to have more definitive contact with her. The way, the bed, had been prepared; the dream bedroom was large and all white — walls, sheets, pillow cases and lamp. White is for purity and for love.

My dream bed was queen-sized, fit for the Queen of Jupiter. She is taller than me, hence of a higher elevation spiritually. She is like unto Tyra, who is Goddess-like. However, she does not in any way flaunt her higher spiritually or energy. Rather, she is family. You might say she is one of my favorite aunts. For I remember her from my days of serving her when I was on Jupiter. It is like I have come home, or rather that she has come to my home here at Hilarion House. We are one.

As all of this realization and conscious comprehension flowed through me, I still felt her presence above me. She was smiling gloriously, bathing me in her motherly, aunt-like energy, as much as saying, “So, did I do good? Now are you satisfied that I am with you and love you and hold you in my arms and heart.” Yes, indeed my dear Lady, I replied, you sure are! Indeed, I was/am in heavenly love with her. It was near overwhelming all that day, extending into the next couple days, as I slowly grounded in our renewed, re-juiced, interdimensional relationship.

Full Anchoring

Today, August 14th, in my morning meditation, prior to completing this blog, Lady Joy descended and encased me in her feminine body and energies, surrounding me like a sheath of light. Here again was the electroplating process, with her infusing and implanting right down to my physical, cellular level the golden light of the higher, etheric realms; the golden elements of my seventh body.

Slowly she descended until her feet were imbedded in and through my feet into the floor. The conscious grounding of our reborn and rejuvenated Jupiterian relationship was complete for this moment of now. My individual Temple of Jupiter was re-juiced, one with the Temple of Jupiter in Xian, China, one with the planet Jupiter, one with Mother God.

Afterwards, more or less on a whim, I did a search on Google to find the name of the wife of the Roman god Jupiter. Her name was Juno, obviously with a letter “J.” She is the “queen of heaven” and the “protectress of women and marriage.” So, now I call Jasper’s twin soul Juno. That feels like the best name yet. She just smiles at me when I ask her if she approves, like it is no big deal one way or another. Juno will do for now. (See image of Juno statue to right.)

With this, I remembered that the names given to Nada-Yolanda of the two co-leaders of the sun are Helios and Vesta. Helios is the Greek god of the sun. Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. So the name Juno is in line with this use of Greek and Roman names. But as noted before, it is just a code name, not her Jupiterian name.

Meanwhile, my joy abounds as I share all of this with you. For, I know in my heart that Juno will be contacting you, too; in your thoughts, dreams, ponderings, quiet moments, when out for a walk in Mother Nature, when you care deeply for someone who you are helping. So get ready, for here she comes into your heart and soul!

Be Re-Juiced

In your prayers, meditations and projections for this week, affirm: I Am re-juiced with Jupiterian Joy; the Temple of Jupiter in Xian, China is re-juiced and re-opened; thank You, Father-Mother God.

See planet Jupiter hovering over you, with your arms and hands reaching up to it and gradually lowering it into each of your seven chakras: crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers. Be a Jupiterian who lives in your own Temple of Jupiter right where you now live.

Call upon Lord Jasper, Prince and principal wayshower of Jupiter, to assist and visit you, along with his fellow male Jupiterians. There might be as many as twenty of them who lock into your crown or halo that is composed of the jasper gemstone.

Link with forty or more Jupiterians who are positioned in their spacecrafts over the Temple of Jupiter in Xian, China. Unite also with the angels, higher astral guides and devas who are supervising and re-empowering this spiritual temple or power center that is filled with sacred light.

Bond anew with Lady Juno who is Lord Jasper’s twin soul and co-leader of Jupiter. Maybe you call her Lady J or Joy. By whatever name, welcome her into your heart and home. Perhaps she comes to you first in a dream. Maybe all you do is think about her and radiate love to her to pave the way for some future communion with her. Maybe she appears in a flame of light that descends over and around you. Affirm and know: I love you, my dear lady, my beloved solar aunt. I love you, Juno!

Be at one with Summalt/Peter aboard his mothership #7423, now stationed in the Eastern Hemisphere, who is giving special attention to the re-juicing and re-empowering of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China. Keep the faith that the rebirthing of the Temple of Jupiter is steadily progressing.

Thank You, Jehovah God. Thank you, Jasper and Juno. Thank you, one and all, who make up the extended family of light workers, angels and devas who are working together in the re-opening the Temple of Jupiter. United as one, we rejoice in the re-juicing of this power center of sacred light.

So be it!