Ricky & Doris

Friends, I just found this YouTube video this morning. It is not so much a song, but rather a true, great story of being love in action in a simple, but profound way. The title of it is Ricky and Doris: An Unconventional Friendship in NYC.

I feel warm fuzzies while watching it! Especially toward the end. I expect you will, too. (After all, it already has gotten 3.6 million views.)


Here’s some warm Fuzzies from me to you!

DJ Doc Fuzzy

(Would you believe, Fuzzy was my nickname when I was a kid. Here I am 76 years old and I recently have gotten a burr or buzzed haircut, so now I am fuzzy again up there. Isn’t life a trip!? As in, what goes around, comes around. To paraphrase Ricky’s song at the end of the video, “your loving heart, will tell on you.” YES!)