Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantrum

Friends in the East and the West, here is our song for today: The Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantrum as chanted by Deva Premal with her husband Miten, as recorded in  2018.

Deva was born in Germany. When she became a devotee of yoga, Hindu and Buddhist teachings and practices, she took on the spiritual name Deva Premal. Miten, who is 22 years older than her, was a British rock star who practiced yoga. He met Deva when he went to an ashram in India to seek peace and spiritual enlightenment.

In Sanskrit, a “Deva” is a spiritual goddess who aids mankind and Mother Nature. “Premal” means one who is filled with and expresses love.

The Gayatri Mantrum is a song/chant that focuses on each of the seven chakras, rising up through them into the seventh or ascended body, from the lowest or regenerative chakra to the highest or seventh crown chakra, and then into the seventh or ascended body, sometimes called the transcendent body of light and love.

Listening to this chanted song or mantrum enhances one’s peace and love, and the resting in the presence and power of the I Am Self, one with Father-Mother God.


DJ Doc K

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  1. Listening to – “hearing” – this mantrum brought a profound sense of peace, and I was enveloped in and with Love/Light/Life.

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