Wind Beneath My Wings

Here’s our uplifting song for today: Wind Beneath my Wings, in a cover and unique version sung by Lucy Thomas. I have long since loved this song as sung by Bette  Midler in the movie Beaches. It previously was recorded by many singers before Bette recorded it in 1988 for Beaches.

Of all these various earlier versions, Bette Midler’s song sold the most copies and often is considered the best version of it. But I like Lucy Thomas’ unique copy/version even better.

When I hear and am uplifted by it, I think especially of my twin soul, Serena/Aleta. From my childhood, she always has been the wind beneath my wings. Thank God for Serena. Thank you, Serena.

At times listening to Lucy, I wonder if Lucy at one time may have been a Jupiterian who studied the higher science and performance of song and music, and the upliftment and healing of its listeners. Definitely she is out this world. Like an angel as mentioned about her in so many comments about her by listeners.

Fly high, fellow eagles! You are the wind beneath my wings.

DJ Doc K