Be a Hieronic Healer

Starting today, Sunday, May 1, 2022, we begin our third week of revitalizing, re-empowering and re-anchoring the Temple of Mars on Earth, within and around us, and in and around Jerusalem, Israel and the entire Middle East.

For six or seven days, we shall visualize our personal crystal-clear Christ cube gradually expanding from 20 by 20 by 20 feet, to 30 by 30 by 30 feet. The bottom of our cube slowly will descend until it is at the bottom of our solar plexus and abdomen.

During this time, we especially will anchor our cube in and through our astral body. During the first week, the cube was focused primarily on and anchored into our mental body. Last week, it descended to our emotional body. This week it will manifest and crystallizes in and through our astral body. In the fourth week, it will anchor fully into and through our physical body.

In terms of the cubic Temple of Mars in the Middle East, with Jerusalem as its center, last week we saw it being about 40 by 40 by 40 miles in size. This week it will expand incrementally until at the end of 6-7 days it reaches about 400 by 400 by 400 miles in size. (See map of Middle East to right with red depiction of cube.)

Thus, the 400-mile cube will include Israel, Lebanon, part of Turkey, part of Syria, part of Iraq, Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia and part of Egypt.

Martian Hieronics

In particular this week, we will focus on and work with our Martian brothers and sisters, some of whose craft are stationed over us wherever we live, and a multitude of such Martian spacecraft stationed over the Middle East. Furthermore, we will link with Summalt/Peter whose huge mothership #7423 currently is anchored over Jerusalem. Summalt previously was incarnated as Jesus’ Apostle Peter. Now he is the etheric coordinator for all light workers and space visitors in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Martians have perfected hieronics aboard their spacecraft. Hieronics consists of higher plane electromagnetic energies transmitted from interdimensional spacecraft to assist transmutation of individuals and groups on Earth in these Latter Days. Please read the excellent, two-part post by Phillel on his blog, to learn more about hieronics. To do so, click here.

Hieronic Space Beams

So, how do we experience hieronic electromagnetic energies or space beams in our mind, body and soul? One of the most common indications is feeling a stimulation or acceleration of our crown chakra in our astral body and our cerebrum in our physical body. It is like a heavy skull cap or helmet is placed on top of our head, sometimes extending down to about the top of the ears. We can feel the electrical and magnetic energies of this cap over and around our head. It also may go down the back of our neck and spine, often with our neck feeling tight and our shoulders hunching up.

This work with our cerebrum is one of the keys to hieronics, because the cerebrum is the central computer for the whole body. Space beams may phase out darkened, dysfunctional or unhealthy programs in our two cerebral hemispheres, and then add in new, supplemental energies to bring these areas up to normal and a new level of functioning. This work therefore follows Fourth Ray principles of decrystallization followed by recrystallization. The space beam supports, supplements and assists us in this work, which we, too, are doing from the I Am or high Self state. Space beams do not control or harm us, but rather amplify and supplement our own spiritual affirmations, decrees, visualizations and realizations. (Click Space Beams to read Phillel’s chapter about space beams in his e-book Landing Light.)

Heal Your Temple of Mars

Often, we may feel an electromagnetic space beam as a kind of clamp, with one prong inserted into our cerebrum’s left temporal lobe and another prong anchored into our right temporal lobe, which are on the two sides of our head, just above and in front of our two ears.

In our cerebrum, it is our astral body that functions primarily in and through our two temporal lobes. This is where memories are created and stored. This is where all the automatic, autonomic, mostly out-of-conscious-control functions are programed; such as heart and respiratory rates, digestive functions, and sleep-and-waking cycles.

A space beam, which is an electromagnetic force field projected from an etheric or a physical spacecraft, may also be felt as an energy rod or pole down our spine, down through the central core of our physical body. With it may come a rush of higher energy, which may take us time to hold, secure and assimilate. With the energy rod in place, we may feel a magnetic force field around our whole body.

Using their own spiritual powers aboard their spacecraft, Martians utilize hieronics instruments to “read”  or diagnose our soul or subconscious that expresses via the astral-soul body. When their instrumentation reveals a soul blockage or weakness, the hieronic space beams can assist in decrystallizing, dissolving and removing this. After this come higher, magnetic energies to lift our soul and our two temporal lobes into a higher frequency of astral energy radiation. This is soul healing that is assisted and supplemented by the space beams. This is hieronic healing.

Heal Your Whole Body

Space beams may also be felt as activation in one of our other chakras: our third eye chakra in the area of our forehead, our throat chakra, our heart chakra and often our solar plexus chakra that correlates with our digestive system. Actually, the beam is mostly on the cerebral centers that control and regulate the third-eye/thalamus; the throat/vocal apparatus and respiratory system; the heart chakra and physical heart, liver and spleen; and the solar plexus/stomach and small intestine. But the sensations and symptoms of the space beam are felt in these centers and throughout the body, even though the principle activation is in the two cerebral hemispheres.

Sometimes when the space beam is on our head, our entire nervous system may feel stimulated, accelerated, charged, on edge, such that we have “jangled nerves.” When this happens, we need to get more centered and to affirm and believe that our nerves are being activated so that they might be further strengthened and be able to hold the magnetic frequencies of the light body.

Sometimes, it feels like we have worked all night in our sleep, due in part to the space beam work and conditioning during the sleep state. Other times, the acceleration is felt from the moment that we awake and gain conscious awareness. Rather than be upset and disturbed by our nervousness and feeling out of control, we bless our nerves for their becoming more steady and strong. And we thank the Martians or other space visitors for helping us to birth this new I Am strength, stability and steadfastness. Thus, this week, we become a hieronic healer who welcomes the assistance of our brothers and sisters from Mars.

Remember, too, that our body is a kind of hieronics instrument, likened unto what Martians have perfected and used on their spacecraft. In other words, via the instrumentation of our cerebrum especially, we have the ability to diagnose the cause of our illnesses and dysfunctions. Once diagnosed and understood, and documented in our dreams and visions as well as at times via conventional medical analyses and tests, we can start the work to decrystallize the error, limitation or weakness in any part of our body; and then via I Am or Christ mind power to bring any part of our four lower bodies into a new degree of wellness, wholeness and harmony.

Thus, we work in conjunction with the Martian hieronics, by aligning our own hieronic instrument (our physical body and supercomputer-like brain) with theirs. Together, we heal humanity, within us and others, even within whole groups of people and large areas of land.

Brain Trauma

Let me illustrate the above principles of hieronic healing by sharing briefly with you my own work with such reharmonization. On December 4, 2007, I had a SPECT scan while attending a three-day seminar about the use of such a scan by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD. In this procedure, radioactive dye is injected into the blood that carries it to the brain. A specialized scanner than measures the amount of radioactivity in the brain, thereby showing its health or disease.

The SPECT scan has been around a long time but is currently not used that much since its findings are not as precise as functional MRI scans (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or fMRI)). But a SPECT scan, despite its somewhat limited diagnostic ability and its use of a small amount of radioactive substance, is still an excellent tool, at a much lower cost, for diagnosing disorders and dysfunctions of the brain.

My SPECT scan showed lowered function in my prefrontal lobes at the front of the brain,  lowering of both of my temporal lobes, dysfunction on the right central part of my cerebrum, decreased function in the top central part of my brain, and lowering of my cerebellum at the base of my brain. Furthermore, my thalamus was overactive, showing that it was inflamed and irritated.

Each such lowered area in my cerebrum and the overactivity of my thalamus just below my cerebrum in the center of my head was partly the result of a past trauma or minor concussion of my brain.

Four Accidents

When I was 12 years old, in the sixth grade of elementary school, when playing basketball, I had a collision with another player and ended up in a heap on the floor. It took four other boys holding my legs and feet to carry me off to the side line. All four boys intended to lower me to the floor at the same time. But the two boys holding my two legs kept hanging onto them, such that when the two boys holding my arms suddenly let go of them, my upper body fell on the floor, and the back of my head hit the floor with a thud. I saw “stars” and was in a daze for several minutes.

This head trauma was in the region of the cerebellum, at the back of the skull, just below the cerebrum. Amazingly, it still showed up as lowered cerebellar functions on my SPECT scan nearly fifty years later. The cerebellum helps to control muscular coordination and balance in the body.

When I was 18 years old, I foolishly tried to jump off the back of a slow moving car, only to lose my balance, fall down and whack my head on its right, central side — I ended up in the hospital for two days with a mild concussion. Although it was now about 45 years later, this old head trauma also still showed up in my SPECT scan in the right side of my brain.

A year later, while riding in a car driven by my friend, going 80 miles down the road, my friend was distracted by something and loss control of the car. It started spinning around, and eventually went off the road. Thankfully, by the grace of God, the car eventually plowed into a tree, hitting the back or trunk of the car. Had it hit the front or side of the car, he and I probably would have sustained major body damage.

As it was, however, since I was not wearing a seat belt, with the crash I was thrust upward and hit the top center of my head on the roof of the car, crunching my head seemingly down into my neck. From that time forward, I was prone to headaches and neck pain. And yes, my SPECT scan revealed the lingering damage or scar tissue in my brain in that top central area of my cerebrum.

Another year later, in college, when playing intramural basketball with my fraternity brothers, I was tripped and fell forward — I took a header into the nearby brick wall around the indoor court on which we were playing (it should have been padded for protection), which knocked me unconscious for a few minutes.  Later, 6 stitches at the Emergency Room were required to close the wound on my right forehead. This trauma was to the front of my brain, especially the right prefrontal lobe. Again, it showed on my SPECT scan.

Karma Revisited

To say the least, these SPECT findings were deeply disturbing. My brain seemed to be a mess. The night before Dr. Amen went over these findings with me, Sol-O-Man/Mary overshadowed me strongly and said that the findings would be worse than I expected. She turned out to be right!

She alerted me, however, that some of my brain dysfunction was due to the lingering effects of the stress and strain of taking care of Nada-Yolanda for the last four years of her life, when because of a minor stroke she was confined to her bed and a wheelchair. I still had not recovered my normal energy, nor fully resurrected in consciousness at the time this SPECT was done. I was at the end of the my sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection, and my ongoing times of crucifixion still were being reflected in my brain scan.

Nonetheless, at the time of this SPECT scan, I did not understand all of the above. Rather, I worried and wondered how in the world was I supposed to get well, to heal my brain? Conventional medicine has no remedy or technique to effect such a cerebral healing. Once brains cells die, goes the conventional thinking, they are never replaced. Yes, I still could function normally for the most part, as all my research, teaching, presenting workshops, writing articles and books, taking care of Mark-Age legal and business matters, and doing healing work with others proved.

However, I knew that in several minor ways that I had trouble doing certain things: e.g., due to the trauma to my prefrontal lobes, especially the right one, I struggled with the power of order-organization and system, which power anchors in and through the prefrontal lobes; and I still had a tendency to get too excited and overinvolved in projects and my psychic receivings, hence the overactivity of my thalamus.

Crystal-Clear Cube

As it turned out, at the Dr. Amen conference, before I learned of the results of my SPECT scan, I had performed a healing for one of the ladies who attended this conference, who had had major head trauma and brain damage due to a car accident. In the healing session, I was overshadowed by an unknown etheric teacher who showed me the image of a crystal-clear Christ cube that was maybe 4 feet in its 3 dimensions. I placed it around this lady’s head and told her about this. She said she had felt it there and her inner vision and brain had lit up with light and brilliant colors. Already she seemed to be thinking more clearly and precisely.

Four days later, back home, Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, overshadowed me for the first time this incarnation, at least that I had consciously realized. He appeared before me in what looked like a cube of brilliant, crystal-clear light.  He telepathically told me that he was overseeing and directing the decrystallization and re-crystallization of my brain, using Fourth Ray principles and energies. He said that he was the etheric ascended master who had presented me with the crystal-clear, cubic image that I had utilized in my healing work with the woman at Dr. Amen’s conference.

A couple days after this, when I was lamenting my brain damage and the seeming impossibility of healing it, Serapis Bey again overshadowed me. He pointed out that Jesus had died after his crucifixion, that his brain literally had been dead for 3 days and thus according to conventional thinking could not be brought back to life. But, Jesus had resurrected and had totally transformed his brain. Serapis Bey said my brain damage was minor compared to Jesus’ and so it should be relatively easy to remove and re-make it! With that, I stopped worrying about the whole thing. And I started seeing a crystal-clear cube over and around my head and brain.

Lady Crystal

A couple days later, on January 9, 2008, in a deep meditation, a tall, muscular woman glowing with dazzling light appeared before me. I never had psychically “seen” her before or consciously felt her presence. She explained to me that my thalamus was overactive because of the surrounding damage to the five areas of my brain. Moreover, damage to one side of the brain leads to damage of the other side when the brain, which is encased in fluid, rebounds after being hit (such as by hitting into a solid wall, or being in a car accident and hitting against the steering wheel) and hits up against the skull on the other side of the brain (this is called a contrecoup brain injury).

Thus, due to the multiple “hits” to my brain, my thalamus was compressed and compacted, so that when higher, hieronic energies poured into and through it when I was receiving and sending out new images and energies, it became inflamed or overheated, which showed up as overactivity of my thalamus (actually there are two such egg-shaped thalami located in the center of the brain, just beneath the two cerebral hemispheres).

Soul Karma Revisited & Healed

Partly, this thalamic dysfunction also was due to past karmic difficulties in prior lifetimes with my imagination faculty that manifests via the thalamus. (The thalamus is the physical organ that corresponds to the third-eye chakra/screen in the forehead region. It is the primary place wherein Fourth Ray manifestation and crystallization functions.) My lady etheric master said she would help me to dissolve that preceding karma and to replace it with a healthy functioning of my third-eye visualization faculty. With it improved and fortified, I would be much less prone to “getting off” on what I received and sent, and would take sufficient time to sort through the accuracy and multiple levels of meaning of what I was receiving.

She then proceeded somehow to “stretch” out my brain and restore it to its “normal size,” thereby restoring normal functioning of my two thalami. She appeared several times in later days and weeks, doing similar brain work; I dreamt of her numerous times. She felt like an old friend, a beloved mentor that I had known for what seemed like forever.

It was only months later that I realized who this Amazonian-looking lady was: She was Serapis Bey’s feminine twin soul. Her large, muscular form indicated the power that she rightly and lovingly wielded as a Fourth Ray ascended master, who was the spiritual counterpart of Serapis Bey. At the time, I came to call her Lady Crystal, which she approved of for the time being.  Eventually, three or four years later, she revealed that her preferred name was Clar-I-Ty, as I described in my last blog.

Twelve-Foot Cube

About two weeks after Serapis Bey first contacted me, in my early morning prayer time, he  appeared again to me in a blazing forcefield of light. Via his imagination faculty, he produced a 12 foot by 12 foot by 12 foot crystal-clear, Christ cube that he lowered over and around me. This represented two things: first it signified the ongoing and successful decrystallization and re-crystallization of my cerebrum and thalamus, moving from being 4 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet to 12 feet in all dimensions; and second, it symbolized that I was to grow into this new 12-foot cubic space in I Am consciousness, to have the I Am healing power of imagination that I already have in ascended Christ consciousness.

He also said that this cube represented my becoming a hieronic healer, one who sees clearly and clairvoyantly; and one who becomes more adept in working in conjunction with the hieronic space beams coming from aboard especially Martian spacecraft. He further revealed and confirmed that I had trained to do this under his tutelage in my many sojourns on Mars with him. He explained that a major key was working with and healing my brain first, such that then I would learn at a higher level how to work with the brains of others. Moreover, I could teach others how to do the same thing that I had mastered and demonstrated.

Brain Trauma

I first had learned about the diagnosis and treatment of brain damage when I did radionic work with Yolanda and others starting in 1973-74, particularly after I joined the Mark-Age staff in October 1974. Having trained in medical school, I knew the major ways and means that doctors investigated and diagnosed brain disorders, including those due to blunt trauma.

However, by using radionics, which combines the use of one’s ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers (commonly called psychic powers) with a physical instrument, I discovered how frequent it was that so many people had brain damage due to physical trauma. Yolanda, for example, at about age 9, had fallen down a flight of stairs in her house, and had been knocked unconscious for thirty minutes or more until her parents found her lying on the floor. Afterwards, she had troubles with her memory (which later showed up in my radionic analyses of her brain). When she tried to act in high school plays and in plays in off Broadway theater productions where she volunteered and worked in her early twenties, she could not remember her lines. So, she just made them up.

Her brain damage probably also contributed to her difficulties in healing her soul when she focused on her soul mate, Edward, from 1975 to 2002. It took her 27 long years to finally heal her soul, during which time she periodically misinterpreted her dreams and visions about him. Despite Sananda’s clear guidance that she was not to have a physical reunion with Edward, she persisted for these 27 years to hope and expect that Edward and she would reunite physically and get married.

It finally took El Morya contacting her in December 2002 to straighten her out, to reveal that Edward would not show up physically this lifetime, that she was off tract in her psychic receiving about him. And, Edward never did come to see Yolanda physically. But she spent the three remaining years of her life completing the soul healing with him. As always, Nada-Yolanda persisted and made things right, proving her soul healing mastery time and again. (My Mark-Age text Seven Steps to Christhood, hopefully to be published later this year, covers in detail Yolanda’s soul healing with and for Edward.)

Prevalent Brain Damage

When I traveled throughout the United States and Canada in the l980s and l990s doing talks, workshops and private one-on-one healing sessions, I got so I always asked the person in my private healing exchange with him or her if that person had experienced any trauma to his or her head. Typically, this person initially said no, or downplayed past car accidents, falls and beatings. They thought these were minor events, not worthy of consideration. But, I could clearly see and analyze how these past brain traumas had contributed to the mental, emotional, astral and physical problems he or she was having.

Therefore in my auric balancings and laying-on-of-hands treatments, I always focused a good deal on the healing of the brain. I typically could psychically feel and sense the damaged area in the brain and start to heal it.


About nine months after my first SPECT scan, I had a second one that showed major improvement in all the lowered functioning areas of my cerebrum and thalamus. I had not taken the drugs that Dr. Amen had recommended, given all their side effects, but rather had taken lots of vitamins and other food supplements. Mostly, however, I had worked with Christ mind power to heal my brain, as guided by Serapis Bey and Clar-I-Ty; and also at times by the Archangel of the Fourth Ray, Lord Gabriel, and his feminine angelic counterpart, Lady Gabriel. Time and again, these four had worked in and through me to help me heal my brain.

Serapis Bey and Clar-I-Ty frequently had applied hieronic space beams to the various parts of my brain that required further decrystallization and recrystallization. Frankly put, these two ascended masters saved me from a life of misery. Without their loving, persistent help, which would continue over the years, I probably would not have been able to heal my brain, and would have suffered accordingly. I would not be doing what I am doing now. I would not have a fully functional, highly purified brain. So, I cannot thank Serapis Bey and Clar-I-Ty enough. They are incredibly special to me and I love them dearly. I still get emotional just thinking and writing about this!

Interestingly, my second SPECT scan also had shown additional lowered functioning centers in my cerebrum, which correlated with the challenges mentally, emotionally and astrally that I was experiencing at the time. The lowering of these centers was not due to brain trauma, but just the normal effects of body/brain/soul transmutation and cleansing.

Moreover, I dreamt four times that I correctly diagnosed various difficulties in my brain, which were verified by physical tests. These dreams of my own accurate diagnostic powers, combined with the realization that putting radioactive dye in my blood and brain was no doubt causing the death of some brain cells, led me to decide not to ever have another SPECT scan. Rather, I was crystal clear enough to correctly diagnose and treat my own symptoms. And that is what has happed.

Sokar and Martians

Focusing now on 2007, on March 8th of that year, in a vivid dream, Nada-Yolanda guided me to look up to the sky, instead of down to and worrying about all my Earthly challenges. When I did so, I clearly saw five spaceships there. Nada told me the names of the spaceship commanders and the numbers of their crafts. When I awoke, however, all I only remembered was one such name: Sokar, who was a Martian. But, I did not remember his craft’s number.

Looking back over the years, I have wondered if Sokar actually was the name of Serapis Bey when he was on Mars. His name Serapis Bey is based on Earth experiences and descriptions; it is a name that we Earthlings can understand. But, certainly, on Mars, he would not be called by this Earth-based name.

Moreover, dreams are typically and usually multi-faceted, with many meanings depending on how you look at them. Thus, the dream may signify that Sokar is Serapis Bey’s name on Mars. It also may and does signify that multiple Martian ships are coming to Earth, some of which are hovering over all of the 13 temples or power centers all around the Earth, and in other places worldwide. It may represent that each of us may see, if we have not already, Martian and other spacecrafts in the sky. It may be that Sokar is the pilot of Serapis Bey’s primary spacecraft, just as Ashtar Gabriel pilots Sananda’s ship number 10.

All I needed to know back at the time of this dream (that preceded my overt contacts with Serapis Bey) was that I was being contacted by a Martian spacecraft whose commander was Sokar. In ensuing years, many such additional communions with this Martian would occur. It was part and parcel of my training as a hieronics healer. (Note, too, that there were a total of five spaceships in my dream, with five representing Fifth Ray Healing and Integration. As would be revealed later, the four other ships were from Uranus, the planet that primarily examples and radiates the Fifth Ray of Integration, Unity and Healing for the whole solar system.

Cubic Spaceship

Furthermore, in a sense, my own 12 foot by 12 foot by 12 foot cube, once I learned anew how to be within it and operate in its crystal-clear consciousness, served as a kind of spaceship, in which I could travel to any physical place on the planet, to any of the invisible realms in the astral and etheric levels, and even to other planets in the solar system. Repeatedly from 2007-2010, I dreamt of visiting multiple sites around the globe, which from late 2010-early 2015 MariLyn and I would visit in our travels worldwide.

In one of my visions of such travels, in 2010, Lord Gabriel took me in my cube to high over New Delhi, India, which is its capital. There, Gabriel and I lowered a huge cube, many miles wide and tall over this city. I had no idea at the time that MariLyn and I would be visiting New Delhi and northeastern India in the spring of 2014.

Three Hieronic Dreams

In 2010, before I would travel and serve as a hieronic healer not only of individuals but of whole cities and regions, Serapis Bey and his associates appeared in three dreams that taught me about the expansion of my hieronic healing powers.

The first dream occurred on February 17, 2010. In it, I was in the house of my former high school best friend. By this time, it had become an I Am Nation Center of Light, which was located on West Avenue in my hometown of Dansville, New York, 50 miles south of Rochester, NY. When in the house, a door opened before me that previously had always been shut. Walking through it, I came into a room that was about 12 feet tall, without a ceiling, with my being able to see the brilliant blue sky above it.

In the room were 6 or 7 men who were at least 7 feet tall. The leader of the group was older and was about 8 feet tall. Together, they very slowly and systematically were building what looked like a huge, highly sophisticated organ, which had multiple keys, dials and flashing lights. The “organ” was in the part of the room that was about 12 feet by 12 feet square. The leader spoke lovingly to me, like he had known me for a very long time, as if he were my father or a beloved teacher of me. He felt so familiar but I did not know who he was. He said that soon I would be able to operate this incredible instrument, and that he would teach me how to do so.

Hieronic Training

It took me a long time to awaken from this dream, and longer still to interpret its many meanings. Being in Dansville represented the transmutation and healing work of my soul. I had betrayed my high school best friend by secretly dating his former girlfriend, who had separated from him. He had hoped to reunite with her. When he found out that I was seeing her on the sly, without telling him, he was furious with me. Our friendship ended then and there. Currently, in the last two years, I had physically visited with him during one of my trips home to see my Dad. I had apologized for my past behavior, and then had worked many times to see the Christ in my former friend. That soul work was now complete, hence my friend’s house was now an I Am Center of Light.

My karma for this went back at least to Atlantis, hence in the Western Hemisphere of those days (thus on West Avenue in the dream). Dansville is in the region of radiations of the Atlantean Earth Temple that was located on Long Island, NY. In my times in the Earth Temple in Atlantis, I had abandoned my soul mission of uniting the Earth Temple with the Sun Temple whose high priestess was Nada-Yolanda. Sol-O-Man/Mary, my master teacher, was the high priestess of the Earth Temple. Now, however, I had transmuted the past, hence this house or temple had been cleansed, decrystallized and remade as a spiritual temple of light, in which I could relearn at a whole new octave how to be a hieronics healer.

The new room I entered, whose door was previously closed in my real life, indicated the opening of my third-eye screen, mirror or doorway into the higher dimensions, through the seven astral planes, into the etheric or Christ planes (the blue sky). The instrument being built was a hieronics instrument within my consciousness. The workers were all 7 feet tall, hence representing the highest or seventh astral plane; plus my being in my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. The eight-foot tall leader represented a new octave, but also he was Serapis Bey. He was reintroducing me to my being a global hieronics healer, in preparation for my trips around the world, which at the time I had no idea I would do.

The instrument in the dream portrayed the various dimensions and ways in which hieronic instruments work in Martian and other spaceships. They employ sound, hence the keys on what appeared to be like an organ. They also utilize color via which various colored light beams are projected to Earth. The huge instrument looked also like a supercomputer, which is one Earth-plane way of describing a hieronics instrument. All of this was being constructed inside a 12 by 12 foot cubic room, hence my light-body cube, a cube whose top, like that of the New Jerusalem image shown to John the Beloved, was open to the etheric realms, from which this city of light originated and descended.

I took the dream as confirmation of what I was receiving via my I Am clairvoyant power, of my newfound ability to ascend via a shaft of light into the etheric realms and then redescend and bring back the imagery and information I had received from masters and space visitors there. Still, this was all so new and mind-expanding that I barely could grasp what was being shown to me. I thanked Serapis Bey/Sokar a hundred times over, as well as his associates which somehow included Conrad, whose etheric spaceship was located over the Sun Temple in northeastern Tennessee where I lived. Somehow, Serapis Bey was working together with Conrad, as they prepared the way for the reopening of the 13 power centers or temples around the world, all of which were linked and integrated together in one united network of light.

144,000 Squares

About two months later, on April 21, 2010, I dreamt that a middle-aged, tall, luminescent man came walking from the ground floor, up the stairs to where I was living on the second floor, like at Hilarion House here at the I Am Nation HQ. He appeared to be about 8 feet tall. I thought upon awakening that he was Conrad. (He might also have been Serapis Bey.) His coming up from the ground floor indicated that he was firmly anchored into my forcefield. He was rising up through my subconscious, hence below me, to make himself more clearly known to me.

A couple hours later, when back asleep, I dreamt that I was in a hieronics room aboard a spacecraft that was above our I Am Nation, Sun Temple headquarters. Therein were multiple associates or workers in Conrad’s team. (Conrad is the name of a group of space visitors who work together in overseeing operations here at HQ. To simplify matters, we usually speak of this group with one name. However, various ones of this group at different times do contact us, with them all having unique functions and talents that comprise the whole operation of those aboard this large craft.)

My primary teacher aboard the craft proceeded to show and teach me about how to use a hieronics instrument whose viewing screen was about 4 foot square. It had 12 horizontal rows and 12 vertical rows. This 12 by 12 configuration produced 144 squares, each of which was about 4 inches square.  (See drawing to the right.)

Each square had a different color and a unique sound. (Image to right does not have colors in the squares.) The machine was operated by mind power, hence by one’s own higher thoughts. Rather than touch the viewing screen, like you might do with a smartphone or Earth-plane computer, you directed your I Am thoughts to it in order to activate and work with it.

Each of the 4-inch squares represented a part of the cerebrum, the body’s central computer station. With the whole 4 foot-square having 144 such squares, each one represented one the 144,000 cells or centers in the brain, which have to be transmuted in order to bring about resurrection of one’s light body. Also, 144,000 light workers must complete the sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection in order to spiritually awaken everyone on Earth.

Color, Sound, Magnetics

The colors of each square related to the 12 colors of the 12 Christ or I Am powers. They also represented the colors of each of the 12 planets in the solar system, such as yellow for Mercury and crystal clear for Mars.

Via this instrument, one focused on Fourth Ray decrystallizing, dissolving and dispersing of any darkness, selfishness, dysfunction or disease in any one of the 144 squares. My mentor directed me to a particular square to start this process. Then, he showed me the following step, working with a nearby square to manifest and crystallize the higher vibration, power, color and sound of this square. Via an electromagnetic space beam, this new energy matrix, especially the magnetic component, was lowered into the person’s brain that I was viewing and assisting.

In general, magnetics applies to the fourth-dimensional light body, whereas the four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral and physical) are primarily electrical in nature. Thus, we are an electromagnetic being, transmuting from the third to the fourth dimensions via seven major initiations to Christhood on Earth. Hieronics instruments likewise are electromagnetic and thereby can accelerate, magnify and help the various electromagnetic energies in our brain and the other organs of our body.

It all seemed so clear to me in this transcendent dream, like I was being introduced to something that I had learned and done many times before. But when I awoke, I could not remember any details about this, but rather only the general principles and overview of the instrumentation. Moreover, per usual, the dream was more so symbolic than literal, so I doubt that the 4-foot square panel was specifically that size. Rather, its overall 4-foot square size related to the Fourth Ray, as did the individual 4-inch squares. Nonetheless, if you visualize a 4-foot square screen in front of your third eye, that is about the size of what you see via your imagination faculty on your third-eye screen.

Most importantly to me, the things I best remembered of the dream were enough to convince me that indeed I was being retrained as a hieronics healer. I did not need to know all the details about the instrumentation aboard craft — after all, I was here on Earth. Rather, I was to align my will with my Martian co-workers and friends aboard craft. I was to be solidly anchored on Earth, and to learn slowly and systematically how to be an Earthly hieronics channel of healing.

New Physical Hieronic Instrument

Two months or so later, on June 1, 2010, I dreamt that Nada came from my left (from the etheric through the astral planes) to see me. (See picture below of Yolanda and me from the late 1990s.) She beamed with joy and loving expectation. She took me atop a small hill located alongside Mt. Hope Avenue in Rochester, NY, where I had gone to college from 1964-1968. The only building on the mount or hill was a brand new one that glowed with light. The building was about 40 feet square, with 4 floors, 2 of which were underground and 2 were above ground. The building was painted pitch black. It had no windows or doors.

Rising up above it were three tall towers that were linked together. The shortest one went up about 80-90 feet and was about 2-3 feet in diameter. The middle-heighted one was about 100-110 feet tall, maybe 3-4 feet in diameter. The third one was maybe 120 to 140 feet tall and 4-5 feet in diameter. Each of the three towers looked a bit like modern cellphone or communication towers.

Each tower was pitch black on its lower half. The upper half was silver, with a series of golden rings around it, with a pointed, golden top. The three towers radiated electromagnetic healing energy in three directions to everywhere around them. The entire building and three towers were a new kind of hieronics instrument now implanted on Earth. It had cost something like a million dollars to build.


Pondering the dream for several following days, the four floors of the building portrayed our four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. The two floors below ground were the astral and emotional bodies, those relating to our subconscious mind. The two floors above ground symbolized the mental and physical bodies that correspond to our conscious mind. The two floors under ground also symbolized being fully anchored and grounded here on Earth.

The whole building was pitch black, with no windows or doors, because one had to let go of any personal, selfish desires in order to enter it. One had to enter the Emptiness or Void, to put it in Buddhist terms. Then, in purified, light-body consciousness, one could pass right through the walls of the building. Those who were not sufficiently spiritual or adept in emptying themselves of selfishness and self-power thereby could not enter the building. In essence, one had to have passed through the sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection in order to fully enter into and operate this new hieronics instrument.

The three towers symbolized the conscious, subconscious and superconscious aspects of our one mind. They also related to the earth, astral and etheric realms. They likewise were three in number to indicate the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. It was the mistakes made via the misapplication of the Third Ray, hence selfishness and superiority, that had caused our descent into physical matter in the first place, some 26 million years ago. Therefore, any hieronic projections and emanations had to be centered in and around the pink Third Ray to be the most healing.

The poles were pitch black on their lower halves. Thus, they went up and through the seven astral planes. The silver upper half indicated the purified subconscious. The gold rings and top represented the superconscious or etheric level. As Nada-Yolanda had received, gold has the greatest healing energy of any substance, gem or metal on Earth. Gold also stands for the golden giants, for the golden light body, and for Sananda-Jesus as the Golden One, the Seventh Ray Prince of Peace on and for Earth.

Karmic Cleansing

The location of this new hieronics machine atop Mt. Hope in Upstate New York also indicated the karmic cleansing of my past lives in Atlantis. In those days, I had helped to design and build what looked like modern communication towers. These past towers produced sounds that radiated out for multiple miles, hopefully decrystallizing and recrystallizing people there, lifting them into I Am awareness and rebirth. But the equipment and its operation were not rightly designed or operated. Therefore, much damage resulted from its use in Atlantis within the Earth Temple forcefield there.

Most of this damage occurred after I had made the transition back then in one of my Atlantean/Earth Temple lifetimes. It was more so my students, followers and disciples who had redesigned and rebuilt the towers that had caused so much death and destruction. Still, as one of the original scientific researchers and builders, who had not rightly applied spiritual principles and practices, I was karmically responsible for some of this damage; even contributing to the downfall of Atlantis.

Now, this past episode had been cleansed, transmuted and healed. New hope-faith had led the way to my resurrection. Therefore, a new type of hieronics instrument, based rightly around one’s physical brain and body, could be released. Thus, with Nada’s blessing and guidance in her role as Nada of the Karmic Board, I now was being presented with a new opportunity to be a Hierarchal hieronic healer at a whole new level. This time I was utterly determined to do it right!

Seven Days

It took me seven days before I felt more or less aligned within this new hieronics instrument, before I could even begin to operate in this new I Am hieronic healing consciousness. On the seventh day, June 7, 2010, Dr. Hannibal channeled via Phillel that there had been a new level of hieronic development and interplane cooperation and coordination, but he did not give details of this. I had not even told Phillel my dream about the new hieronics instrument, so I took this channeling as confirmation of what I had been given.

About two months later, in August or September of 2010, Lords Michael and Maitreya, co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board, strongly transfigured me and in one voice announced that a new, official Hierarchal Hieronic Healing project had been inaugurated on Earth. Michael and Maitreya had overseen and directed this whole new development, for the good of the planet, and for its upliftment as the primary Seventh Ray center in the solar system.

However, they gave me no more details. It was not until MariLyn and I went to Costa Rica in November 2010, where we had multiple hieronic transmissions of healing energy to this region, that I began to comprehend what Michael and Maitreya had announced. This became clearer a year later when in October-November 2011 we traveled all around South America and visited 5 key locations there that it became more evident that this whole new development in Hierarchal hieronic healing had set the stage for MariLyn and me to travel around the world in the next four years, through March 2015, to the 12 planetary temples or power centers.

Heal the Soul of Man

Fast forward now to our recent Hierarchal Board Meditation on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. In it, Lord Gabriel lifted me up through a column of light into the etheric realms where I communed with Serapis Bey and his twin soul, Clar-I-Ty. Then, slowly I redescended in my light body to earth. Once grounded, a hieronic, electromagnetic spacebeam in the form of a rod or pole came down through the top center of my head, down through my spine and the center of my body. My instructions were then to see myself surrounded in a 8-foot square, Christ column of light. One apex of the square column was in front of me, two apices were to either side of me, and one apex was behind me. My guidance was to stay perfectly centered in this square column of light, to not lean in any direction but to be fully vertical, to be aligned with the will of God.

Down through the square column came a tremendous, highly charged influx of electromagnetic energy, the strongest such influx I ever have felt this lifetime. The square column came down to the bottom section of my solar plexus chakra and abdomen. This center, for the purposes of this meditation and visualization, represents the astral body and the astral planes. (One of the major ways that we feel disturbance in the astral planes is in our solar plexus, as discomfort, outright pain, nervousness, fear, worry, tightness, etc.)

Serapis Bey alerted me that the focus for the next 6-7 days was to be on the decrystallization of remaining errors or limitations in my astral body, as well as in the astral bodies of all light workers here on Earth and in the seven astral planes, especially the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th astral planes. For those who accepted and work with this new implantation, wonderful new steps of spiritual realization, manifestation and demonstration of one’s spiritual I Am powers would occur.

However, those who resisted, rebelled and tried to reject and redirect this Fourth Ray energy implantation would experience much “wailing and gnashing of teeth.” All hell would break loose on Earth, such as in Russia and China, and in the lower astral planes.

Moreover, even as advanced light workers, we probably would recall still deeper levels of our soul or subconscious or astral body that needed further decrystallization and recrystallization. After all, at one time or another, going back eons of time, everyone on Earth has contributed in some way to the current darkness on Earth. This is our golden opportunity to clean up yet another layer of our souls, but at times it may feel like it is more than we can handle. However, we will have the support of all ascended masters, higher astral plane guides and angelic guardians; as well as that of space visitors, especially large numbers of Martians who have come to help us with their hieronics and spiritual projections.

Astral Planes

There are seven astral planes, with the lowest one being designated as the 1st astral plane, and the most spiritual one being the 7th astral plane, which is the doorway into the 1st of the three etheric or Christ planes inhabited by ascended masters, those in their fourth-dimensional light body.

In the astral planes, we function primarily in our astral or soul body. It appears similar in appearance to our physical form, but it is of a higher, finer frequency that is invisible to our physical eyes. We have to use our psychic senses to see those in the astral planes, or to see the astral body in the physical plane. The astral body interpenetrates the physical body and extends slightly beyond it. In some past spiritual groups, it has been called the etheric body to indicate it was not of this world. However, as given in Mark-Age intunements and information given via Nada-Yolanda, we use the term “etheric” to represent our fourth dimensional light body.

Thus, there are three major bodies: earth, astral and etheric; corresponding to the physical, astral and etheric planes. The mental and emotional bodies are more so fields, matrices or groups of energy, rather than being bodies in a specific sense.

The seven astral planes are one hundred times larger than the earth, physical plane. Thus, on Earth, the population is currently about 7.9 billion souls. Multiplying that by 100, you get about 790 billion astral entities. As such, the astral planes have a tremendous influence upon the Earth. What is happening on Earth in these Latter Days is but the tip of the iceberg for what is transpiring in the astral planes, and radiating down and to everyone on Earth.

Higher & Lower Astral Levels

First and Second Astral Planes: The first two, lowest astral planes, are areas of darkness. Souls here are in complete ignorance of God. Some may be in a state of misery, confusion and destitution, not knowing how to seek the light. Some may be Earthbound souls, who, not realizing they have died, are still attached to physical life. Also here are those whose desires and consciousness correspond to the lowest that man expresses on Earth. Violence, sexual promiscuity and aberrations, material appetites for drugs and alcohol, and power over others are expressions of this level of consciousness. Many who have been absorbed in such patterns in physical incarnation come here.

Third and Fourth Astral Planes: The consciousness of souls on these two planes is comparable to that of most people now on Earth. Awareness is that of material matter, and/or the first step of evolving into spiritual desire. The thoughts and feelings in these two planes is similar to those of the average, unawakened person on Earth, ranging from altruistic and loving to selfish and material. Greed, compassion, jealousy, devotion, hate, anger, idealism, intellectual drives and emotional passions all co-exist–often with the same individual–just as in Earth consciousness.

Higher & Lower Astral Realms. The fifth, the sixth and the seventh astral realms are comprised of souls dedicated to spiritual evolution. An awakened light worker on Earth usually goes to the fifth or the sixth astral plane immediately upon his or her transition. Highly evolved souls with idealistic, altruistic missions, even if not consciously awakened to the Second Coming spiritual program and the higher Self, may pass to these realms. Sincere religious individuals breaking through into higher consciousness also go here.

The fifth, the sixth and the seventh astral planes are called the higher astral planes. The first, the second, the third and the fourth astral planes are called the lower astral planes.

Fifth Astral Plane: The holistic healing work of the Fifth Astral plane comes primarily under the governing influence and practices of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Healing and Integration; whose corresponding color is green. This is where one reviews one’s prior life on Earth, and begins to recall his or her many past lives. He or she is assisted by fifth astral plane psychics and soul readers who reveal aspects of a soul’s past lives that then can be healed and transformed. Color and sound are amongst the healing modalities used in this fifth astral level.

Light workers who when incarnated on Earth were involved with metaphysical teachings, yoga practices, beginning Buddhist teachings and practices, and psychic awareness go to the fifth astral plane. They do not necessarily know anything about, or accept, the Hierarchal teachings of the Second Coming program. Nor are they usually aware of etheric spacecraft and why so many such craft have come to Earth to help in the spiritual awakening of the planet. Even if they are somewhat aware of etheric spacecraft, they cannot hold or work consciously with the higher frequencies of the electromagnetic space beams, other than in a beginning, general way.

Sixth Astral plane: The 12 Powers of the I Am Self, as described in our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body, are taught and utilized in this sixth level. In the fifth astral plane, most of the soul recall and healing work has been done. In the sixth astral plane, one crosses out any remaining soul negativity and resurrects into the light body. The major governing influence and teaching is that of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose color is violet.

This is where Jesus went during his three days of darkness in the tomb. In the sixth astral plane, he reviewed, refined and regenerated the lingering soul-mortal threads of his involvement on Earth. Then on Easter morn, he resurrected his light body. That evening he appeared behind closed doors in his light body to his Apostles gathered in the Upper Room.

Sixth astral plane inhabitants are more intuned with the spiritual space program than those in the fifth plane. Still, however, some of them have little or limited awareness of space visitors, and a majority of them cannot fully handle, hold and radiate the higher, hieronic, electromagnetic space beams. There are not yet full, masterful hieronic healers.

Most current light workers on Earth are of the fifth and sixth astral plane consciousness. In other words, in between lives, they have lived and expressed primarily in these two higher astral planes, without evolving into the seventh astral plane and from there into the etheric realms. Only a minority of light workers are of the seventh astral plane evolution or that of the etheric realms. Moreover, sixth astral plane residents may not be fully devoted to the Hierarchy’s overall, global Second Coming program.

Seventh Astral Plane: Inhabitants here are of the highest astral evolvement. They are 90% in light-body or I Am consciousness, and just 10% in the mortal-soul consciousness. Still, this remaining 10% of mortal consciousness can be the hardest to transmute, because the soul errors and limitations may go back eons of time, even unto the days of the Cains and the Abels. In the seventh astral level, one is scrapping the very bottom of the soul “barrel,” down to the original causes of one’s current soul difficulties and imbalances.

Moreover, it is tempting in this seventh level to think of oneself as being superior to others in the astral planes, as well as light workers on Earth. This superiority comprises the residue of Cain consciousness that has to be fully transmuted before one can graduate into the lowest of the three etheric planes.

The key focus of this seventh plane is that of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose corresponding colors are white and gold.

Jesus’ former Apostle Peter holds the keys to entering the kingdom of the etheric realms. All souls who are to graduate from the seventh astral plane to the first etheric realm are taught by Peter and his associates about the Second Coming Program and the spiritual Hierarchy. In the seventh astral plane, such souls learn still more about the spiritual space program and the integral, planetary role that space visitors from throughout the solar system, and even beyond it, demonstrate. Seventh astral plane light workers are much more adept in working with hieronic space beams than those in the sixth and fifth astral planes.

Nonetheless, however, some seventh plane astrals have little or limited awareness of space visitors, and cannot fully handle, hold and radiate the higher, hieronic, electromagnetic space beams. Thus, there are graduations of consciousness and evolution even in the whole or entire seventh astral plane.

On the other hand, no matter what major initiation we may be in on the Earth, or in what astral plane we are located, we can to one degree or another work positively with hieronic space beams. As we grow spiritually on Earth or in the astral planes, we get better and better about doing so.

Decrystallization of Fourth Astral Plane

Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, gave me further information about the 4-square column of Christ light that now, starting on Wednesday , April 26, 2022, had been inserted in my spinal column down to and through the solar plexus and abdomen. This square was 8 by 8 feet, partly to symbolize a new octave of being a Hierarchal hieronic healer.

Serapis Bey said this new pouring out of Fourth Ray energy was part of the Hierarchy’s plan to focus on the fourth astral plane, to enhance its decrystallization, to awaken receptive souls there, such that they might graduate to the fifth astral plane. There would be decrystallization followed by recrystallization, such that receptive souls there could move into the fifth astral realm. It is the fourth astral plane workers that have the greatest chance and desire to evolve spiritually of those in the four lower astral planes, whereas in the lower three astral planes, only the very few desire this. Some astral entities in the first, second and third astral planes will evolve and awaken spiritually. So, we are not to look down upon or misjudge any astral entities. All have the small spark of God still within them. With God all things are possible.

However, from the early 1960s, Nada-Yolanda received from the Hierarchal ascended masters that those in the lower astral planes will be removed from this solar system, to continue their spiritual development in another, faraway place. This is the only way that the Earth can successfully move into the fourth dimension, since the lower astral planes have such a negative influence over the Earth.

So, the current focus by the Hierarchy is on those in the fourth astral plane, many of whom can now, with hieronic assistance and spiritual light-body projections, can spiritually awaken and move into the fifth astral plane. They thus can be saved from deportation outside the solar system.

Three Examples

The next morning, April 27, 2002 in my early meditation, suddenly, without any aforethought, former Russian communist leader Nikita Khrushchev appeared before me. He was smiling, radiant with light that was rosy pink in color. He had had a spiritual awakening in which he had discovered that it was the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication of a higher cause that had been missing in his past life on Earth and still was in Russia today. Khrushchev was reborn. And he vowed that he would now work with President Putin and his cronies to decrystallize and awaken them, to fill them with pink light consciousness.

Serapis Bey, with Clar-I-Ty then telepathically told me that Khrushchev’s seemingly sudden conversion had begun months earlier when we in this blog network had focused primarily on the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. But, it had culminated with my projections to him the previous day via the 8-foot square Christ column of light.

Khrushchev had inaugurated reforms in Russia during his tenure as its primary leader from 1958-1964. He ended the cult of personality that had surrounded the previous dictatorial leader, Joseph Stalin, who had sent millions of Russians to the gulag prisons where most of them died. Khrushchev also had tried to make liberal reforms in other aspects of Russian life, but he had been opposed by those Russian leaders who were conservative and did not want to change. As a result, they had deposed and replaced him in 1964 with Leonid Brezhnev. Khrushchev died in 1971. Since then, he has been evolving through the lower astral planes, to his present place in the fourth astral plane, now entering the fifth astral plane.

I had not focused on Khrushchev or anybody else in my above meditation and experience, but mostly had concentrated on my own decrystallization and recrystallization. However, my new and higher level of consciousness had been sufficient to radiate out to all in the fourth astral planes, and to those on Earth who are still crystallized in mortal consciousness. Khrushchev’s current rebirth was the proof or confirmation of what I had received the prior day.


This same day, Thursday, April 27th, before me came a fellow light worker who is battling a potentially terminal disease. With the space beam coming down and through me, filling me to overflowing with hieronic energy that augmented my own I Am or light-body frequencies, I directed these etheric, electromagnetic energies to this individual. They went out through the front apex of the 8-foot square cube around me, with the point of this apex touching and anchoring into and through the outer area of this individual’s aura. With this transfusion of energy through me to this person, he lit up with light.

This followed Fourth Ray principles, plus the Fourth Major Initiation of Transfusion. “Trans” means across, and “fusion” means to fuse into and solidify (this can be liken somewhat to a blood transfusion). I knew that I would be called upon numerous more times to gradually transfuse more and more light and love into this person’s aura and physical body, until such time he would be healed; until he could sufficiently anchor his own light body in and through his four lower bodies.

I did the same with his wife, both being dedicated light workers. When I shared this process with them via email, both responded that they had felt the transfer and transfusion, and were actively working with it. Both had begun to feel a new upliftment after previously feeling depressed, defeated and doubtful that one or both of them would be healed.

Do Likewise

In your meditations this week, center yourself anew in and around a pole or rod of light that comes down into and through your spinal column. Link with Lord Gabriel and Lady Gabriel, Serapis Bey and Clar-I-Ty, plus Martian space visitors.

The pole comes down to the base of your solar plexus and abdomen. You may already have felt this insertion in the last 3-4 days while I was writing up my experience of it for this long blog.

(This blog is way longer than I had intended, but all of it is such a new experience involving hieronic healing that all the groundwork had to be laid and presented. Moreover, when this blog gets sent to you by my blog host, it will be twice as many pages as before. This is because in the last week, my blog host updated its program, such that there is more spacing between lines and a bigger font for the words. I cannot do anything about this.)

See yourself within a 8-foot square Christ column of light. Stay securely within it. Be more dedicated than ever to being a hieronics healing channel. Deal decisively with any residue of your own soul darkness that now surfaces within you.

Then, ask Spirit who it is that you are to transfuse with your Christ light. See them several feet before you. The front apex of your square Christ column touches the outer part of this person’s aura. Light now pours through you to him or her, sufficient unto the day. This generally will take no more than five-to-ten minutes.

Project this same energy to the cubic forcefield that surrounds Jerusalem, Israel and the nearby countries, with this cube becoming and eventually being about 400 miles by 400 miles by 400 miles. This new energy insertion serves to create a new crack in the mortal shell or thought forms of the individuals within it. From the crack will eventually come the total decrystallization of the Arabs and Israelis, Christians and Jews and Muslim in this region. Significant leaders now will decide that they are to focus on peace, not on competition and domination of one group over another; even as some new conflict may well occur.

Please, do stay steady with this, as this new energy will gradually increase all of this month until Pentecost, which is June 5th this year. Typically, the month of May is one of the most uplifting times of the year, but also the most challenging. Make sure you have as much quiet time as possible, as much time as you can devote to your meditations and projections. Take it one day at a time, one experience at a time, knowing full well that people in the Middle East, as well as in Moscow and Beijing and other places worldwide will be going nuts and doing all kinds of crazy things.

Thank You, Spirit. Thank You, all Fourth Ray workers in the angelic, etheric and higher astral realms. Thank you, Summalt-Peter. Thank you Sananda and Sol-O-Man.

Om. Om. Om. Om!