Clear Your Sphere

Eight days ago, on Easter, April 9th, deep in my morning meditation, I felt the unmistakable presences of Archangel Lord Michael and his angelic feminine counterpart Lady Mariel, both of the First Ray of Will and Power. With them were Lord Maitreya and his twin soul MaYa of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. Lords Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board, whose headquarters is on Saturn.

These four extraordinary beings placed an unique, brilliant image of the Earth around me, which was about 12 feet in diameter, with my heart chakra being in the very center of the globe; and with my spine being aligned with the planet’s axis. Moreover, rather than there being molten magna or other physical substances in the globe’s center, it was crystal clear, such that I could see all around me in every direction, all the way to the Earth’s crust and waters. (See image to right.)

On the Earth’s surface were the various continents and islands, which were gold in color. Surrounding and interconnecting the Earth were gold latitudinal and longitudinal meridians. These represented the united gridwork of the 13-Temple-network that we light workers have especially been re-birthing for the last few years. This overall image indicated that we have made great process in establishing peace and love on the planet.

I felt totally and completely at peace and filled with glorious love as I looked around me, beyond anything that I had experienced before. In and through my heart, Seventh Ray Peace and Love clearly radiated through me to every part of the planet. Lord Michael, in a booming voice, proclaimed through me to one and all: “Clear your sphere, your own personal golden globe and that of the planet, with which you are one. With First Ray power, continue to radiate Seventh Ray peace and love to everyone on and about the Earth.”

Earth Temple

This imagery of, and work with, the golden Earth reminded me of the huge structure of the globe that was the signature architectural wonder of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair in New York City, NY. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1964, about in July of that year, three of my friends and I had driven about 300 miles from Dansville, NY, my hometown of about 5,000 citizens in upstate New York, 50 miles south of Rochester, to attend the Fair.

Having never been to the “Big City” of 8 million or so inhabitants, or what NYC residents call “The City,” this had been quite the adventure for me. I had been particularly struck during this visit by the 8-story-tall-structure of the globe at the center of the fairgrounds, with 88 fountains around it representing the 88 nations that had pavilions there. (See image to right.)

This metal structure of the globe with its meridians was called the Unisphere because one of the main themes of the fair was that nations around the world were becoming united with another, thus in a global vision and demonstration of oneness. It signified the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius; of peace and love, cooperation and coordination; of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

I had absolutely no idea back then that I was re-visiting the site of the Earth Temple that in Atlantis had been located on Central Long Island, NY, but whose radiations extended to NYC and Boston, MA. Many years later, I recalled that I had trained there in multiple lifetimes with my master teacher, Sol-O-Man/Mary, who at that time was named Zolanda. She had taught me then how to use my I Am light-body powers to bring forth healing, harmonization and oneness in my own body and throughout the planet; to clear the planet of its accumulated darkness and to instill it with golden light and love.

Lord Michael Announcement

Amazingly, looking back now on this magical past time, I rediscovered that Lord Michael on July 15, 1964 (at about the same time that I was at the Fair) had issued the following instructions through Nada-Yolanda of Mark-Age: “The First Ray power aspect will be the next major movement for the program. . . . Peace, Pride. Produce production. Pronouncement only. Eliminate denouncement. What are you for? Your thoughts shall become too powerful for you to allow any ideas of what you don’t like or what you prefer to see eliminated. Let no thought of the error condition exist in your mind. Wipe it out [hence clear it], always replacing it with that desired for manifestation.” (See image to right of Lord Michael slaying Satan-error consciousness.)

Five days later, on July 19th, Yolanda had noted the effects of the contact: “Since Lord Michael’s instructions four days previous, I had become aware of a strong and frequent flow of energy between my heart (love) and throat (power) chakras. It felt as though an unobstructed canal were opened so an actual substance could be transmitted between the two areas. This caused sensations of well-being which bordered on ecstasy, accompanied by clairvoyant visions of colors of blues, purples, yellows and greens, indescribable by Earth plane standards.”

About three weeks later, on August 3rd, Yolanda noted: “The etheric form of my I Am Self was released through my heart center, brilliantly lighting up the room.” The next day, she reported: “Tides of peace, contentment and pleasure washed over me continually.”

Three more days later, on August 7th, at about 8:30 PM, Yolanda recorded in her spiritual diary: “Lord Michael projected through me divine power for a special mission of the golden legions of light from the highest realms. During the week, repeatedly I had been shown the same vision vision. Now its meaning was explained, and I was instructed to enlist as many Earth plane light workers as possible to help visualize this image in order to anchor it on the planet.

“Envision the Earth solidly encased in pure gold, with rays of white energy directed to it [thus of the Seventh Ray], floating in a sea of blue as vivid and clear as the First Ray color [blue]. Lord Michael announced, ‘Divine power is a handmaiden, a servant, not a weapon.'”

Power and Peace

Please note that it takes the right combination of First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace and Love to uplift ourselves, others and the whole planet from the third-to-the-forth dimension; to clear our sphere and that of the planet. It takes a steely will to keep moving forward and promoting peace, when power-mongers in our midst and worldwide are intent on using subtle or overt mortal/physical power as a weapon to control and dominate us and others. It takes patience, persistence and spiritual power to focus on the Middle Way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination when so many still focus on partisan politics, military dominance, religious and intellectual bigotry, doing their own thing rather than listening to good advice; and in so many ways functioning in us-versus-them consciousness rather than on knowing there really is only us.

As for the power mongers, one of my favorite affirmations and visualizations is to affirm and see Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya hovering over them, guiding them, empowering them to change, even powerfully and pointedly telling them that unless they choose to change they will be removed from this solar system.

When someone tries to use mortal power on us, to “ride herd” on us or others, we of course resist, and many times want nothing more than to take out our sword and to “cut this soul to shreds”; in other words to do unto him or her as they are trying to do to us. But in time, we clear out and give up these mortal reactions, get re-centered inside the golden globe that we are, know that we have the power to call forth the highest good in one and all, even as we forgive them for their errors and mistakes. To the best of our ability, we stay positive, positive, positive, even as we laugh at ourselves for our own mortal reactions and temporary misuse of power.

Be Golden

In your meditations and challenges this week, make it a practice to continually focus on getting centered inside your golden globe or forcefield. Therein, you are at peace, one with the Hierarchy and all of its multitude of agents who are assisting you. In centered Christ consciousness, you are poised between First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace and Love. In other words, your mind and heart are crystal clear in Fourth Ray Manifestation and Crystallization. Your heart works rightly and healthily in its four chambers for directing blood-love to every part of your body and all parts of the globe. You see clearly, you feel clearly, you act with a clear conscience.

Thus, in the center of your planetary sphere, all around you is clear, such that you can see all the way to the surface of the globe, all the way to what is going on all around the planet, on every continent and island. You see the error, insanity and power-mongering for what it is, but you do not get caught up in it. After all, it’s just surface level stuff. In the past, powerful nations have come and gone, each one thinking that they will be king of the hill forever: whether they were  Mongols, Romans, Germans or English Britains. Now, for the most part, they all are as little or nothing, still reaping the negative karma of their past abuses of power.

Mahatma Gandhi famously walked with his followers to the sea to collect salt, in direct defiance of India’s British conquerors and rulers. (See photo to right.) They thought Gandhi was nuts, that nothing would come of it — after all, they had all the guns and physical might. And yet, they put 60,000 Indians in jail. But years later, the British peacefully turned India over to the Indians. Gandhi had not only talked the talk but literally had walked the walk.

What we clearly now need worldwide is less talk and more walk, less competition and more cooperation, less fighting and more loving, less partisan politics and more universal service, less “mine” and more “ours.” This is what each and every one of us need to do: To walk the walk of peace, love, cooperation and cooperation; to unite in concerted action First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Love. Then we will see the manifestation and fulfilment of Lord Maitreya’s four-step Christ Matrix that he outlined through Nada-Yolanda in 1993: peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Yes, God’s will for each of us to be a golden giant within and upon a golden globe that is destined to radiate gold-and-white, Seventh Ray peace and love throughout the Solar System. Now, more than ever, it is the time to be the Abel that we have come to be.

So be it.