Love & Heal Humanity

In my visionary dream of June 10, 2024, Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, and his feminine twin soul, Harmony, took me in my ascended light body to the seventh or highest astral planes of Australia and New Zealand. (In their past lives together, Hilarion and Harmony were Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.)

In the seventh astral level, I came into communion with the male and female leaders of the Aborigines of Australia and the Maori of New Zealand, who are the Indigenous peoples of these two countries. (See map above/right.)

These two sets of astral leaders oversee, integrate, unify and regulate the doorway between the earth, astral and etheric planes. In analogous fashion, via our all-seeing, third-, all-seeing or cosmic eye, under the Fifth Ray, we integrate our physical, astral and etheric bodies; and become one with those beings (higher astral plane guides, ascended masters, space visitors, angels and elohim) in the invisible realms of life around the planet.

The Aboriginal and Maori leaders shared how they had recently integrated and unified their forcefields with one another, in the spirit and demonstration of the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. As a result, Australia/Aborigines and New Zealand (Maori) were functioning together in greater oneness, harmony and cooperation.

The Aborigines and Maori had been mistreated by, and to some lingering extent still are being denigrated by, their European white colonial conquerors, just like white Europeans had mistreated Amerindians in the Americas. Europeans focused primarily on their masculine, conscious, analytical, us-versus-them minds, whereas the Aboriginals and Maori were more adept with their soul, subconscious, astral minds and practices; with recognizing the unity of all life; with seeing and treating Earth as a living entity, not something to be exploited for financial profit. As such, the Aborigines and Maori were, and still are, much more intuned with their ancestors, and with life in the astral, etheric, celestial and elohim realms. These Aborigines and Maori are especially talented in working with the devic-elemental kingdoms.

Heal Humanity

I then became aware that a former Australian medical doctor, who had made his transition (died) about two years ago, was an integral part of this exchange and integration with the higher astral leaders. I saw that he had come to a new appreciation of, and understanding about, their unique, vital roles in the overall Second Coming program that he had served on Earth. As a result, this doctor’s aura glowed with brilliant green light and energy. As given via Nada-Yolanda, he is a Fifth Ray worker. In recognition of this, I called him by the spiritual code name of Green Doc.

As a fellow physician and healer, I felt a deep kinship with this former Australian doctor whom I had known and loved when he was incarnated on Earth, with both of us serving under Hilarion in the Healing Haven division of the I Am Nation, he in the East and me in the West. We were/are demonstrating the coordination of Eastern and Western healers; and of Earth  and astral healers. (Click here1 to read Phillel’s recent post containing Sananda’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda about the necessary of integrating the Earth, astral and etheric planes; and here2 for Phillel’s post about all seven astral planes, but especially the three highest, spiritual astral planes: the fifth, sixth and seventh astral planes.)

Hilarion and Harmony then explained that much more progress recently has occurred in the higher astral planes than we on Earth have suspected. This progress is especially due to the prior six months of light workers focusing on the elohim, who thereby have been able to pour more of their love, light and life into and through us to all in the astral planes and on earth. Since the astral planes are 100 times larger in size and population than the Earth realm, this transmutation and healing in the astral planes has a powerful, uplifting and healing effect on mankind of Earth. Glory be!

Hilarion then introduced me to the male and female Elo team of the Fifth Ray, which was my first conscious contact with Them. In their glorious presences, I especially felt healed in my heart. As a start in getting to know and coordinate with them, I called them Green EloHim and Green EloHer. They reminded me that they serve under the overall guidance and directorship of Big Mama and Big Daddy, with whom they are fully united in cosmic oneness. At this point, I also felt linked with Big Mama and Big Papa.

Uniting of Opposites

Hilarion and Harmony together then enlightened me as to the deeper symbolic meaning of this dream that focuses on Australia and New Zealand. Both are in the Eastern Hemisphere that is considered feminine in its focus and orientation, as compared to the Western Hemisphere that is masculine. Both are also in the Southern Hemisphere that likewise is considered feminine to the masculine Northern Hemisphere. Here, too, is the connection with the astral planes that are of the soul and hence feminine, and the integration of them with the Earth below that is considered masculine, and of this combined unit with the three etheric planes, as well as with angels and elohim. We are one cosmic team or family; solar system citizens, one and all; healers united as one team.

Moreover, Harmony then brought in Anna of the Third Ray, the feminine partner of Lanto, who is Chohan of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Service to a Higher Cause. Anna showed me a vision of the Australian doctor’s wife who still remains on Earth. As per Nada-Yolanda, she is a Third Ray worker, who I sometimes refer to by the code name Pink Lady. The Fifth Ray and the Third Ray are twin rays.

This Pink Lady’s aura, especially in and around her crown chakra, now had greater pink light in it than previously. She has slowly become adjusted to the physical loss of her husband and spiritual partner on Earth. Previously, together, in their Rotary duties and works, they had traveled all around the Eastern Hemisphere to bring healing and personal love transmutation to all its inhabitants. Now she and he are learning to function as an interdimensional team, he in the astral planes, she on Earth, all under the guidance of, and coordination with, Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary and the entire Hierarchal Board.

Be an Interdimensional Healer 

In our meditations over the next few days, we link in green Fifth Ray Healing and Harmony and pink Third Ray Personal Love and Service with this dynamic Southern-Eastern team, and with all other individuals and teams that they represent and with whom they are aligned. These include light workers in New Zealand, whom Hilarion and Harmony, and Lanto and Anna, work with and through.

One such New Zealand team comprises a retired Unity minister and her former husband who is now in the higher astral planes, whom I met when I toured Australia and New Zealand in 2000 AD. He, too, was present and participating in the experiences in the higher astral planes that I shared above; and she had felt uplifted from within to work with him and others who have passed over to the other side, as well as with her family and fellow spiritual co-workers still on Earth in New Zealand and around the Eastern Hemisphere.

We especially focus on the 144,000 elect throughout the whole globe. We affirm our connection and oneness with Big Mama and Big Daddy, with Green EloHer and Green EloHim, with healers in the higher astral planes. Together, we are One Healing Family.

As always, we know and realize that love is the key to all healing: Love of God and Love of One Another. When we are lifted into pure love, all others are drawn to us. Because we originally fell into physical matter and animal bodies eons ago due to our misuse of the Third Ray, via feeling separate from God, self-powered, self-satisfied and other such selfish attributes, we know that love is now how we retrace our steps and rise again into I Am ascended consciousness. In doing so, we have the magnificent help, nurturance and guidance of the elohim, the angels, the ascended masters, visitors from other planets and higher astral plane guides.

God is Good. All is well. We are one in the One. So be it.





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