Come Fourth

Come Fourth

Soliel-Robert H. Knapp, MD ⊕

October 13, 2022

Today, Saturday, October 15, 2022, in our 4th day of re-birthing Temple Ten on Earth, from your diaphragm up, see yourself within a two-dimensional square that expands into and becomes a three-dimensional Christ cube that is ten feet in all of its three directions: length, width and depth.

This cosmic cube surrounds your four upper chakras and corresponding physical organs. From above to below, these are: 1) crown chakra/cerebrum; 2) third-eye chakra/thalamus; 3) throat chakra/vocal apparatus and arms; and 4) heart chakra/heart, liver and spleen.

In this crystal-clear cube of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, bring forth, anchor, ground  and crystallize your own Temple Ten. Then receive and radiate crystal-clear, new images of “10” or Deca consciousness to the southern half of South America. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Link With Diana & Apollo

Visualize yourself in your 10-foot Christ cube. Above you in the left corner of the cube is Diana, the feminine co-ruler of Planet Ten or Deca. Below the cube to the left, imagine your twin soul being there (my twin soul is Serena-Aleta), alongside of you. You may or may not know your twin soul’s identity at this time. He/she may be incarnated on Earth, in the astral planes, in the etheric planes or on another planet. But you are interlinked spiritually and indelibly connected with your counterpart.

(See the image of Mary at the bottom-central part of the image to the right. She was the crystal-clear vessel to receive and birth Jesus.)

To the right and above you, envision Apollo, the masculine co-ruler of Planet X (10). To the right and below you, see yourself in your present incarnation (in the drawing above, I put my Soliel-Robert names here as an example). In I Am consciousness, be in the bottom/central part of the cube; but your lower three chakras and associated organs are below the cube.

In another meditation, place a image of Sananda-Jesus in the bottom-central part of the cube. He is the masculine, conscious, physical representation of I Am consciousness. Your goal is to be as Mary and Jesus in crystallizing and manifesting your ascended light body.

400 Diamond Cubes

In the early morning hours of my day 4 in focusing on the physical crystallizing and re-birthing of my light form, I imaged myself inside my Christ cube. I eventually went out (fell asleep) and upon returning to conscious awareness, an astounding vision appeared before me, in my heart chakra. In it, hundreds of small diamonds in the shape mostly of cubes were gathered together. I had my hands at my side, with my lower arms and hands pointing outward in front of me.

They received and held dear this mother lode of what appeared to be about 400 cubic diamonds that were one-half an inch in all dimensions. They were crystal clear, but sparkled with Christ light. They lit up and filled my newly re-opened heart chakra.

Within and Without

For the previous three days, I had done battle with the worst blow back I ever have experienced this lifetime. Probably because my focus was on the re-opening of the Tenth Planet that is higher dimensional, with no third-dimensional base or substrate, the resistance to and rejection of what I was receiving and projecting had been likewise of a greater magnitude. Each day, I had worked to protect myself and radiate out spiritual power and divine love to supplant the ugly darkness.

I would be fine for an hour or so, and then it would start again. In the worst times of this, I felt hurt, upset, angry, annoyed, frustrated, insecure, inferior or superior. Old hurts resurfaced, things I thought had already transmuted, only now to feel them more deeply. This part of the blowback thus was from my own subconscious. It left the door open for others to attack me.

Finally, starting day 4, I had reached a new state of Christ clarity. Then the above vision of the diamond cubes appeared. It represented the 400 or more higher plane helpers who were guiding and working with me; the new 400 spiritual-soul talents that I am to bring forth and manifest; and 400 thoughts or images of how to do so. I lit up like a light bulb, my heart radiated crystal-clear power and light to one and all. I now knew I would win this latest battle in the War of Armageddon, this fight between good and evil, within me; and without and around me.

Four Steps

Now it came clearly that I was to step forth in four specific, physical ways to further implant and re-manifest my I Am or Soliel Self in and through my four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral and physical).

First, following the guidelines in our I Am Nation/Mark-Age Constitution, I was to officially and legally come forth as the President of the I Am Nation, which is my rightful role as a Seventh Ray worker who is the stand-in on Earth for Sananda/Jesus.

Second, Phillel and I will start meeting everyday at 12 noon our time in order to re-manifest Project Power. Previously, we had met at 3 PM to get caught up on our day’s activities, but seldom meditated together at this time. Moreover, given my current sleep cycle, that is too late for me. Also, on Wednesdays, we will start our Hierarchal Board Meditation at noon. Please do join with us as we link with you!

Third, I will begin again to oversee our Mark-Age mutual fund investments. I had done this in the past, but stepped down during my dark night of my soul. Phillel will continue to handle other financial responsibilities.

Four, I am to complete the second draft of the cover for my upcoming book: Seven Steps to Christhood. Months earlier, Phillel had completed a first draft. Now I will add my changes and improvements, as given to me by Hilarion.

All four of these steps were put into motion on October 12, 2022. All is in divine order!

Be Fourfold 

Re-envision yourself inside your Christ cube. Link with the four ascended masters: Apollo and Diana of the Temple Planet; and K-El-Pa and Lu-Cee-A of Vulcan. Give most of your attention to Apollo and Diana, the twin souls and co-rulers of Deca or Planet X. Link also with your twin soul, consciously known or unknown to you.

Deal decisively with any darkness that has come and still is coming to you from your own subconscious or mostly from others, especially those in the lower astral planes. Wield the sword of truth and love the goodness in each child of God.

Imagine 400 small, cube-shaped diamonds that are placed in front of your heart chakra, and which anchor into your physical heart, uplifting and re-vitalizing any part, aspect or health difficulty with this 4-chamber organ. Feel connected to your combined 400 or so higher astral plane guides, ascended masters, angels and visitors from Planet Ten or Planet Twelve (Vulcan). Receive a series of new I Am ideas and images.

Receive and act upon the new four steps that you are to take in re-birthing the Tenth Temple on Earth, in yourself and in southern South America. Write down these four major steps, and then begin to take confident and powerful strides to enact them physically.

By a Christ Cube. Be the President of your I Am Nation focus. Be crystal clear. Be diamond love in action!