Hands Up!

On May 16, 2022, when pondering my upcoming blog about Uranus and Uranian space sisters and brothers who are visiting us here on Earth, suddenly, out of the clear blue, a new pronunciation and spiritual interpretation of the word “Uranus” popped into my mind.

Historically, Uranus is a reference to the Greek god of the sky, who was the great-grandfather of Ares (Mars), the grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter), and the father of Cronus (Saturn). (See picture of 9 physical planets and sun to the right.)

The word “Uranus” typically is pronounced two ways. The first, which is preferred by modern-day astronomers, has its stress and accent on the first syllable: YOOR-a-nes. The second, more common version has its accent on the second syllable: yoo-RAY-nes with a long a. Both are considered acceptable (however, some puerile jokes and references have been made to the word anus in this second version).

Here’s my new spiritual pronunciation and interpretation: U R US. In other words, when greeting us, Uranians say: You Are US. To which we reply, We R ONE with U.

So, Uranians who have come in their spacecrafts to Earth greet us in loving oneness and service. They believe, know and affirm that we all are brothers and sisters in one big solar-system family. They promote and demonstrate Fifth Ray unity, integration and healing, with Uranus being the primary Fifth Ray planet of this solar system. In their minds and hearts, there are no “us” and “them,” no separation; rather, U R US.

Physical Planet

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, being located about 2 billion miles from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and the fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to neighboring Neptune.

Uranus has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the solar system, with a minimum temperature of −371 degrees F. Uranus and Neptune are called ice giants, because they have more “ices” such as water, ammonia and methane, than do other planets. The interior of Uranus is mainly composed of ices and rock. Wind speeds on the surface can be as high as 560 mph. (See image to right/above of a true color image of Uranus as seen by NASA’s space probe Voyager 2 in 1986.)

Like the other giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune), Uranus has a ring system composed of thirteen thin rings that are not nearly as visible as Saturn’s larger rings; a magnetosphere or magnetic field; and 27 known moons or satellites. The north and south poles of Uranus are tilted almost to the point that they align with the planet’s equator. (Click here to read an in-depth Wikipedia article about Uranus.)

View of planet Uranus from space. This image is furnished by NASA.

Given the above physical characteristics, it would be impossible for an Earthling to live in his or her physical body on this planet. Hence, astronomers  believe that human life does not exist here, whereas in truth, mankind does live here in his/her higher dimensional bodies. Uranus has a physical, astral and etheric realm, just as do all planets in the Solar System.

Spiritual Sciences

Moreover, Uranus is one of the more evolved or higher dimensional planets in the Solar System. On the Fourth Ray planet of Mars, the focus is primarily on “physical” sciences, as in the development of hieronics. On Uranus, the emphasis and concentration is mostly on esoteric or spiritual sciences; on the use of spiritual mind power to bring about healing, and on a holistic view and approach to healing (see our Mark-Age text Visitors From Other Planets, pages 30-31).

My Solar System training as a scientist has taken place partly on Uranus, under the guidance especially of Hilarion, Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray. His incarnations on Earth include Plato the Greek philosopher, Paul the Apostle, and Charles Fillmore who with his wife Myrtle founded the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.

Especially as Charles Fillmore, he explored and demonstrated spiritual sciences, as presented in his text The Twelve Powers of Man, which was the precursor of our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body, which is a spiritually scientific text that I co-wrote with Nada-Yolanda. She gave the metaphysical interpretations and understandings, whereas I provided the correlating physical and medical descriptions; thereby presenting a holistic, integrated, scientific view of man of Earth. (See picture to right/above, showing that Uranus is about 4 times bigger than Earth.)

Hilarion also was my major etheric mentor in my development and presentation of Steps Steps to Christhood: Opening Seven Seals in Seven Major Initiations; which title and subtitle he first gave to me about forty years ago, and has confirmed numerous times since then. He revealed to me how our seven chakras or seals are covered my seven veils, one of which is rent and removed in each of seven major initiations. This text is a scientific study and exposition of how each person on Earth, following in the footsteps of Sananda-Jesus and Nada-Yolanda, can evolve in step-by-step fashion from mortal to immortal, I Am consciousness and light-body expression on Earth. This book is my Fifth Ray mastership thesis and gift to the world.

Uranians Visit Earth

I have a deep, transcendent love for Uranus and Uranians. Uranian space visitors first started appearing to me in 2007, when in a dream, Nada-Yolanda showed me that five spaceships were positioned over our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property. Four of these ships were Uranian; the other one was Martian, which was commanded by Sokar/Serapis Bey. Following the appearances of these five ventlas or spaceships, Uranian spacecraft commanders contacted me, as did Lady Master Meta, the twin soul of Hilarion; and Lord Raphael, Archangel of the Fifth Ray.

Currently, since focusing on Uranus and Uranians, as many as 50 Uranian spacecrafts have positioned themselves around the perimeter of our I Am Nation property. They have connected solidly with me via hieronic space beams, linking into a golden ring that is about five feet in diameter, around my crown and third-eye chakras.

(On March 2, 1961, John Mark channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “There are millions of ventlas [spaceships], from many dimensions and planets, gathering and working and preparing for all different phases of the [Second Coming] program.” See our Mark-Age text Visitors From Other Planets, page 35.)

Alanar & Elinor Of Uranus

From April 2014 to December 2015, Phillel had a series of contacts with Alanar (masculine) and Elinor (feminine) of Uranus, both of whom had visited Earth during this time and were aboard Conrad’s primary spacecraft above our I Am Nation forcefield. Elinor is a lady Uranian spaceship captain whose headquarters is in the etheric city called Sphera on  Uranus. Therein, Phillel had trained with her and Alanar in learning and applying Fifth Ray principles of Unity, Integration, Synthesis and Balance in his Motah functions; as part of the bringing forth the reunification of Earth in the Federation of Planets. (See picture of Phillel to right.)

To read Phillel’s communications, dreams and experiences with Alanar and Elinor, click here2. This gives a list of these messages, with the most recent one being at the top, and the earliest one at bottom of the list. Go to the bottom of the list, read this entry first, then proceed up the list to the top.

I have no soul recall of having been with, or known about, Phillel’s training in Sphera of Uranus. My training was primarily with Hilarion, as it had to do with healing and spiritual science. However, Phillel’s and my roles supplement and complement one another, as Fifth Ray principles and practices apply to every aspect of life on Uranus, Earth and the other planets. Phillel especially has been deeply involved in the editing and presentation of both of our Mark-Age texts Birth of the Light Body and Seven Steps to Christhood.

Unification of Third & Fifth Rays

On May 16, 2022, as described at the start of this blog, while preparing my breakfast/brunch, the interpretation of Uranus as U R US was given to me. In a vision during my morning meditation the next day, May 17th, brilliant liquid-light started to pour down from the etheric and celestial realms to a distant area in front on me. It symbolized that a new influx of Uranian Fifth Ray energies was about to begin. In my psychic vision, this inflow was in the distance, but it shortly was coming to me.

On May 18th, after a deep sleep for the first time in days, in my morning quiet time, I felt the higher influx of the energy pouring into my crown and third-eye chakras, especially activating and acceleration my heart chakra and physical heart. “Out I went,” loosing physical consciousness and awareness as I was lifted into my light body. When I came back to conscious attention, surrounding my entire auric field and our I Am Nation forcefield was brilliant pink light. In this light, although not distinctly shown, were mostly Uranian space visitors, males and females. But there also were space visitors from numerous other planets.

At first, the pink light baffled me. If indeed it was encasing me as part of Fifth Ray healing, then why was it pink of the Third Ray of Personal Love instead of green for Fifth Ray healing? Slowly, it was explained to me that this pink light represented the healing of the soul of man going back eons to the days of Cains and Abels, even to the days of the fall of a segment of mankind into physical, third-dimensional bodies. Since I, like the vast majority of present day light workers had been a Cain back then, my Fifth Ray mentors, teachers and healers, including angels, ascended masters and space visitors, had come to help me heal my soul and heart of this ancient soul karma.

Moreover, the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a Higher Cause is the twin ray of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. These two rays thereby work together, complementing and supplementing one another. In similar fashion, the First Ray of Will and Power and the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love are twin rays; and the Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom and the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation are twin rays. The Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization is unpaired, standing alone in the middle of all of the Seven Rays of Life, hence its crystal clear color.

Solar System Healing

The primary spokesperson for the Uranian space visitors further reminded me of the channeling by Lord Chamuel via Nada-Yolanda, as found in our Mark-Age text Angels & Man, in which he conveyed that in the ancient days, those living on every planet throughout this solar system originally had fallen into a lower, denser vibration due to selfishness, self-aggrandizement and self-power, all distortions and misapplications of the Third Ray. However, the greatest fall into matter occurred on Earth, which now is basically the insane asylum of the Solar System, whereupon the vast majority of its inhabitants do not even realize or act like they are children of God.

The pink light I now was shown in I Am consciousness as Soliel of the Sun thus was pouring out from spiritual beings throughout the solar system. Our space brothers and sisters have come to Earth by the millions to assist us, to lay down their lives in service to us, to love us as Jesus had loved his Apostles and disciples. Every planet, though having a specialty, was adding its pink light to the healing of Earth. Uranian Fifth-Ray light workers are leading this new thrust for healing the whole solar system. This cosmic revelation lifted me into exquisite, ecstatic awareness of our Solar System oneness, of the ongoing project to unify the Federation of Planets.

Thus, all Solar System planets are graduating, completing a 26,000 year cycle of orbiting one time around the sun. Since Earth is the laggard, space visitors have gathered here to help us to rise anew into fourth dimensional consciousness. However, the bigger picture is that the entire Solar System is pink! It is this pink light that is healing my heart, and yours. Love is the key to all healing of mind, body and soul.

Heart Healing

In the early afternoon of this day, I received a phone call from Gay Lynn Williamson, who with her then husband David Williamson (he made his transition in 2000 AD) had worked together with me in 1999 to produce the Twelve Powers in You project, consisting of a beginner’s level text book on the 12 Powers, a video series, a song for each Power and a yearly lesson plan for teaching and developing them. (See to the right a picture of Gay Lynn from 1999.)

Just this last year, Gay Lynn had posted the 12 Powers in You videos on the website www.twelvepowersinyou.com, so they now are readily available to everyone around the world who wishes to heal humanity, starting with themselves. She and I have been talking regularly via phone for the last several months. (Used copies of the now out-of-print book Twelve Powers in You are available online at amazon.com — click book.)

In today’s phone call with Gay Lynn, she started by sharing that both David Williamson and I had come to her in a dream this morning. (See picture of David to right/below, from 1999.) First, David talked with her about the healing of her mind and heart, in a loving, supportive and bonding fashion. Then he stepped aside and I walked over to her bedside, where I appeared to her in brilliant light. I placed my hand on her heart, and it was healed! She felt whole again, lifted to an entirely new level of unity and oneness, including with those in the higher planes who were watching over and working in and through her. She said this was the deepest healing she ever had experienced.

To me, this was deeply moving and gratifying. This was especially so because it confirmed what I had experienced in my first contact with Lady Raphael (as found in my last blog), in which this feminine angel had stood behind me, wrapped her “wings” or auric appendages around me, and placed the “tips” of her wings (like unto her hands) over my heart. This had lifted me into an ecstatic feeling of peace and love, whereas all during the previous day I had felt out of sorts, when nothing I did mentally, emotionally or physically had restored my balance. Now, my heart felt totally healed of its Afib. I was in the golden heart of my light body, which is whole, harmonious and happy.

When I came back down to Earth from this experience, my physical heart was still in Afib, but I realized anew and had deeper faith that my physical heart would in time manifest this healing. (Above photo is of me as a young “whippersnapper” in 1999; I was 53 years old at that time.)

And now, Gay Lynn, who does not subscribe to my blogs, was having a similar experience with me, as I placed my hand over her heart. I took it as confirmation of my communions with Lady Raphael, for Gay Lynn knew nothing consciously about them, so she could not have made up her experience. It certainly seemed to me also that even in my dream visitation and healing work with Gay Lynn that Lady Raphael was working in and through me. I briefly shared all of this with Gay Lynn and we both marveled about this whole exchange. David Williamson in his perch in the higher astral realms also was strongly uplifted by this interdimensional, spiritual healing with Lady Raphael. Thank you, She-Who-Lifts-Us-Into-Heavenly-Healing. Thank you from the bottom of my holy heart!

Rebirth and Regeneration

At our Hierarchal Board Meditation this afternoon, May 18th, Uranian hieronic beams locked anew and more solidly into the gold ring around my crown and third-eye chakras. My head was electrified to a whole new level. Following this, via my psychic, ESP vision, hundreds of red roses in bloom appeared before and around me. These flowers then morphed into blood-red spheres of etheric light. Symbolically and literally, the pink light around me yesterday now had coalesced and been anchored down into the physical level. Red in the 12 Powers approach is the color that corresponds to the I Am power of regeneration and rebirth, which expresses via the reproductive organs.

Then, both of my arms and hands were lifted up alongside my body, with my right hand being in the J sign of Sananda-Jesus and my left hand in the reverse J sign of Sol-O-Man/Mary. The two of them confirmed that what I was receiving, and had been given in the prior 2 days, was accurate and under their overall guidance and authority as the two co-leaders of Earth.

With this Christ reassurance,  both of my hands faced forward, with all four fingers and thumbs spread slightly. Through them poured healing light for the upliftment and balancing of individuals, groups, nations and all of humanity. This reminded me of the Buddhist Abhaya mudra, in which usually only the right hand is placed palm forward, but in some statutes of Gautama the Buddha (who was an incarnation of Sananda) both hands are raised in a double Abhaya pose. (See image to left of two-handed, palms-forward pose.)

I felt the various Fifth Ray etheric and celestial forces of light anchored fully into me. Then I started to project Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing to Phillel, so as to link and unite us anew, at a higher level. This linkage especially focused on his heart and mine. Peering into his expanded heart chakra, I was shown a huge, long tunnel of light that went into the deepest depths of his soul. A vast number of past lives of his were shown to me, although no details were given. Symbolically, this imagery indicated that he and I were linked together going back eons of time. In this linking and revelation, we were united and healed anew. We were one in the One.

Heal Humanity

Our arms and hands are our most powerful and effective healing instruments. In and through our left hand radiates feminine healing energies from Lady Master Meta, Lady Raphael and feminine Uranian space visitors. Through our right hand as a broadcasting station pours forth masculine healing, unifying, integrating, harmonizing energies from Hilarion, Lord Raphael and masculine Uranian space visitors. Our 5 hand digits represent all of these Fifth Ray etheric and celestial beings.

Hands up! Here’s our motto for this new level of working with interdimensional healing energies and images. “Hands up” not only refers to pointing our hands upward, but also to affirming that we will only use your hands to lift people up into I Am awareness and consciousness, to lift others up and above their current thoughts, feelings, memories and physical habits; just as Lady Raphael has recently lifted me up to heavenly harmony and wholeness. We will not use our hands to put people down, to keep them under our thumb, to fight with them, to impose our power over them, to belittle and demean them. Rather, we lift others up whereby they too become spiritual, multi-dimensional, holistic healers.

To start any healing transfer of light, lift your hands up to Father-Mother God Who will do the healing work in and through you. Lift your hands up to all those in the celestial, etheric and higher astral planes who are assisting you, amplifying your own light-body healing energies. Lift up your hands to Meta and her feminine Fifth Ray co-workers, to Lady Raphael and her feminine angelic assistants, to Hilarion and his etheric band of Fifth Ray healers, to Lord Raphael and those masculine angels who assist him, and to our space brothers and sisters from Uranus who have come to Earth in the hundreds of thousands, who have the whole planet in their hands. Welcome their presence. What a healing team they/we are!

Be Ye Healed

Ask Spirit to show you whom you first are to focus upon in your two-handed broadcasts of healing energies. See him or her in front of you. See if some new image comes to you as to what you are to project or what part of this person’s body most needs healing, where the key blockage is, whether it be in this individual’s head, heart, abdomen or elsewhere.

Maybe your guidance instead is just to honor and call forth the Christ in this person. You may not “see” anything clairvoyantly but rather you affirm that this is a being of light before you, a beloved fellow child of God with whom you are one.

Ask any of those in the five groups of Fifth Ray healers to show you the color you are to radiate out through your hands, which are like brilliant, high wattage light bulbs of different colors. Typically, it is some shade of green.

Once your hands are fully charged and activated, begin the broadcast through them to the person before you. As you do so, keep your feet solidly on the ground/floor. The ground you stand on is holy ground and you are a holy healer.

If this individual is physically standing, sitting or lying before you, place your hands on his or her head or shoulders or heart, or any other specific place where this soul is having difficulties. In other words, lay-on-your-hands and via them transfer healing light, inspiration, fortification and fourth-dimensional energies to this person. You started with your hands up, with all four fingers and thumb of each hand pointing up to the One Power, the One Source of healing light. In lovingly touching the person’s body, your hands are now down — as above, so now below. Loving touch heals!

Healing for One and All

It does not matter if the person is physically present or not. For in I Am healing consciousness we are all one. Physical distance does not negate or lower our healing work via our hands. They become two healing beacons, two transmitters of green energy to anyone anywhere on Earth. You see the person right in front of you, even though physically they may be in Australia, China, Russia or South America.

Radiate healing energies to the Tempe of Uranus in northwestern Brazil, in and around the Amazonian city of Manaus, which means the mother of the Gods. This is a Godly place, a healing temple of the living God, one of thirteen power centers around the planet. Hovering over it are vast numbers of Uranians, Fifth Ray workers and angelic guardians on the Fifth Ray. Its forcefield now is about 500 miles wide

Thank You, Father-Mother God Who has the whole world, the whole solar system, every galaxy in His-Her holy Masculine and Feminine hands. How great Thou Art. Amen!

Lord Michael Heals

Two days later, on May 20th, while I was doing some minor remodeling work here at Hilarion House, a tremendous power of electric light came over me, filling my upper body, from about my diaphragm to the top of my head. At first, I could hardly breath. In time, after sitting down and meditating, the realization came that this was Archangel Michael of the First Ray who was superimposed over me. Along with Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, Michael is the co-titular head of the Hierarchal Board.

Emphatically, Michael put his stamp and approval on the current work to re-open and re-empower the Temple of Uranus in northwestern Brazil and to anchor such a temple in and around each of us who work with these blogs. He indicated that he was the one who was leading the way in this re-opening.

He reminded me that spiritual power is a handmaiden, a servant, not a weapon. We are always to use power to uplift others. He also cautioned me about not blaming others for their mistreatment and misrepresentation of me. Yes, see people for who they are, warts and all. But, if I give away my power to such people, if I do not rightly and masterfully use my own spiritual power, then others typically will turn and try to rend me.

It is in large part my own fault for not standing tall, for not taking full responsibility for my thoughts and actions in the first place, for not dealing decisively with those who are “blind” and do not see. If due to my doubts, fears and loneliness I give my power away to others, then they will respond by trying to “help” me, to do what it is that I have been given to do by Spirit. They will in essence disrespect and put me down, because I already have put myself down.

In like manner, until Russian and Chinese citizens reclaim their God-given power and freewill expression, their power-mongering leaders will continue to dominate and dictate to them. Unless democratic nations around the world unite and powerfully stand up to those nations who wish to dominate other nations, then such democratic, freewill-loving nations will suffer accordingly. Stand up. Hands up. Enough of this Cain consciousness on Earth. Be ye healed. Be reborn in I Am, Abel consciousness.

Physician, heal your own heart and soul. Heal your own vocal apparatus, your own lungs, your own hands –hence all instruments of I Am power. In and of itself, this will heal others and inspire them to be their true, I Am Self. I, when I am lifted up, lift all others unto me.

Halfway There

The next morning, May 21st, Michael again powerfully transfigured me. In a booming voice, he proclaimed that the Temple of Uranus now is open! This is because the soul-subconscious-astral work, here and on the astral planes, has reached a point whereby angels, ascended masters, visitors from Uranus and higher astral plane guides now can come clearly through the astral planes and our own astral body into the physical plane. The subconscious aspect of the Uranus Temple opening has been done.

What remains to accomplish is to deeply embed the Temple of Uranus physically and consciously on Earth and in our Earthly body. Michael said this next, final step already had been shown to me as the red roses and red spheres in my earlier vision. What we see in dreams and visions often is what is to come, not what has already happened. First, we see an image of the future, then we move into it and bring it forth in the present moment and circumstances.

Thus, in the next two broadcasts, we will focus on and unite with Hilarion, Lord Raphael and space brothers from Uranus. Our masculine-conscious work with them will ground the Temple of Uranus on Earth to the degree to which this can be accomplished in the next 10-14 days. Steady as she goes!

Before leaving, Michael said: Well done, my loyal and loving co-workers. Well done. Now get back to work and finish this job!

Yes, Sir!