Have a Pink Heart

Today, March 29, 2022, we begin a new series of pink-heart visualizations that were given to me starting 5 days ago by Anna, who is the twin soul of Lanto, Chohan of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. The Third Ray color that carries its love vibration is pink.

Love is Magnetic

Get quiet and centered in meditation. Say the Lord’s Prayer to establish your proper focus. Then, place your hands a couple inches in front of your regenerative chakra and reproductive organs. Gradually, smoothly lift up your hands along the center, front of your body, thereby symbolically and literally lifting up your kundalini or fire of light through each of the other chakras and their corresponding organs.

When your fire-filled hands reach the top of your crown chakra/cerebrum, continue lifting up your arms and hands as high as they will go above your head, thus a couple feet or so above you. As you do so, ascend into the magnetic power of your I Am Self and light body. You are magnetized in its etheric, Christ energies.

Then, as you feel guided, sweep your arms and hands partway down along each side of your physical body and aura, such that your hands are a couple feet away from your physical form. As they come down, they more or less show or outline the boundaries of your magnetic forcefield that encompasses your aura that extends  two-to-three feet beyond your third-dimensional body. (See the image above of your magnetic field.)

Be a Pink Heart

When your arms and hands are straight out from your shoulders to either side of you, see glorious, pink light filling in the top half of your magnetic field, from about the heart chakra/heart/thymus area up to and over the top of your head.

The pink light comes down from above, being masterfully lowered into you by Anna in conjunction with feminine, Third Ray angels who are co-workers with Lord Chamuel, Archangel of the Third Ray. The pink light is brilliant, dazzling, yet deeply soothing and comforting at the same time.

Feel embraced in Mother, personal love. You are Anna’s beloved son or daughter. Ah, what a glorious feeling this is!

Then continue to bring down your arms and hands. However, below the heart level, they begin to take the shape of a huge pink heart that superimposes over and around you. (See image to right.)

Continue your hands down to one-to-two feet below your feet, at the bottom of the etheric pink heart that is now anchored into the floor and ground below you. Your magnetic field has transmuted from a round, oval shape to a heart shape.

Inside your pink hear, experience the transmutation of your water (blood) into wine (Christ love flow). You become and are the embodiment of pink, Third Ray Personal Love. Your heart chakra is so filled with pink personal love that it feels like it might burst if any more love was to flow into and through it.

Be Balanced

And yet, you remain grounded, both feet rooted firmly on Earth. Thus, you do not lose your head, even as your heart flowers anew. You do not fall in love but rather you rise in love. You love others, but you do not fall head-over-heels with one special person or with some inflated sense of your own self-power and self-importance. You talk the talk, but you still walk the walk. Your heart remains humble.

Take your time to settle into this image, this pink love, your being a pink heart. If you are not a visually oriented person, then positively affirm: I Am one with Anna and Third Ray feminine angels; I Am within and surrounded by an etheric, pink heart; my heart is filled to overflowing with pink, personal love; I love all of God’s creations–all people, animals, vegetables and minerals; and I love the Earth logos.

Remember Being a Venusian

As you become comfortable inside your pink heart that protects your feeling nature from any outside, negative influence from those on Earth or in the astral planes, start to remember that you have been on, and still are interconnected with Venus. Venus is the primary planet in the solar system that exemplifies and radiates Third Ray personal love to all the other eleven planets. It is where we, as solar system citizens, especially have transmuted and perfected our use of the Third Ray.

Perhaps your memory of being on Venus, though now dim from sleep, goes all the way back to 26 million years ago in the days of the Cains and Abels, when all the golden giants were banished to Venus for the Third Ray transmutation of their self-power, self-love, self-aggrandizement and selfishness. (See image of Venus to the right.)

Humankind originally fell from his-her fourth-dimensional light body into a physical, third-dimensional, animal body due to his-her selfishness and feeling separate from God. The Cains compounded this Third Ray error by treating the fallen ones as slaves, which has persisted throughout the civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and right to the present time. All this long time, Cain consciousness has ruled on Earth. Now, we Venusian retrained Earthlings and visitors from all other planets are going to put an end to this mortal nonsense and insanity!

Our Pink Mother

Maybe you just have some recall from Lemuria and/or Atlantis in which you did not rightly serve Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Nada or other incarnated ascended masters, but rather went off on some tangent and did your own selfish thing. If so, perhaps you transmuted most of that karma during one or more of your sojourns on Venus. (That was my experience, so it may be yours, too.)

Perhaps it was Anna who mothered, guided, taught, corrected and nourished you in your transmutation there (as she did with me). After all, she is the primary “Pink Lady” in this solar system! Loving her and being loved by her is the very sweetest and purest feminine personal love you can experience. Yes, she is your Pink Mama who holds and loves you deeply in her expansive cosmic heart!

Maybe you have no recall whatsoever of any of the above, but now you remember or realize anew a greater depth of the remaining blockages, distortions, self-deceptions, feelings of superiority or inferiority, heartlessness, loneliness and anxiety that you need to transmute. By cleansing and purifying them, you transmute your entire past, for the present is interconnected with the past.

See & Feel & Be

Regardless of what you remember or have recently seen about your shortcomings, start by affirming and knowing: I Am a Venusian; I Am one with Anna; I am pink, personal love in action; I love all of God’s good creations; my entire aura is filled with Third Ray love; my heart is filled with joyous devotion and dedication to the Second Coming of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man Mary. 

For the next two days or so, be in the pink. Think pink. Feel pink. Remember being pink. Transmute and release anything less than pink in your heart or outward actions.

Employ pink light to heal your heart and immune system that is wisely governed by your thymus gland. See your heart, liver, spleen and thymus gland filled with pink hues and vibrations. See all your white blood cells being imbued with regenerative, love-filled pink light. Remember, reaffirm: Love conquers all!

Time and again, whenever you have lesser feelings, when you are disturbed by various people and events in the world, when you have upsetting dreams, when your heart hurts or malfunctions, when someone close to you tries to put you down or boss you around, when you are unloving of others, get back inside your huge pink heart that surrounds your aura and physical body. See, feel and be in the pink.

Also, remember and reaffirm: I, when I am lifted up into Divine Pinkness, lift all others unto my magnetic, pink heart. In I Am, etheric, pink consciousness, I shower one and all with pink light and love. I see and call forth the pink heart and the pink rose that each person is.

I Am pink love in action. 

#   #   #

(In its original form, the above picture of pink roses and hearts is animated, with the pink hearts descending. But my blog site does not support such animation. So, if you want to see this picture in its animated form, email me at solielrobert@gmail.com and I will send it to you.)