Heart to Heart

Today, Saturday, March 20, 2003, in our third and final day of focusing on the Sun of this Solar System and the Sun Temple within and without, we link heart-to-heart with one another, and thereby take the first step in amplifying and strengthening the total gridwork of the thirteen temples which surrounds the planet.

In your meditations and musings during the day, be the Temple of the Sun that you are as a Son or Daughter of our Father-Mother God. In I Am ascended consciousness, commune with and feel the presence of SolTrex and SolTran who are the co-leaders of the Sun. Recall, reconnect with and be the brilliant image of the sun that you saw and felt yesterday in your heart chakra, which filled your whole chest and radiated love and light in all directions.

In particular, see and feel the radiation from your heart to Phillel’s and my golden, Sun-Son-filled hearts here at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters in Pioneer/Elk Valley, northeastern Tennessee, about forty miles north of Knoxville, TN. In turn, we will be shining our love-light from our hearts to yours via a golden cable or tube of light.

(The map to right/above shows the state of Tennessee in green, with the Sun Temple core golden circle surrounded by its vibrations that spread out at least 250 miles in all directions.)

By the end of the day, realize and feel in your heart that the Sun Temple is re-invigorated, re-born and re-generated to a whole new level. So be it. So it is. Thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit.