I Can See Clearly Now

Beloved visionaries, songsters, dancers and bongo players,

Here’s our uplifting song for today: “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff.


Sing this one first for yourself. Then sing it with and for President Putin of Russia. As you sing it for him, see him sitting right before you. Coming down from above is a large V whose apex comes down first into the top center of his head, and then down to his forehead, the third-eye chakra, the imagination faculty.

The V is for Vesta of the Sun who is engineering this descent of the V, with you serving as her assistant.  With your light-body hands, lower the V until its apex is at the third-eye chakra/screen in his forehead. This is his imagination center, the ability to see and be a new image.

The V carries within it the vibration and new image of P E A C E. This is the first aspect of the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. All conflict resolution has to start with this first step of peace.

With the insertion of the V down to Vladimir Putin (note the V in Vladimir), he now receives a new image of peace, a new way to treat Ukraine, the new way of peace, not war. Let there be peace in President Vladimir Putin which he gives to others and other countries. For this has he come!

So be it. Thank You, Father-Mother God. Thank you, Vesta of the Sun!

DJ Doc V