It Is Done!

At Phillel’s and my (Dr. Robert’s) weekly Hierarchal Board Meditation (HBM) two days ago on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 3 PM, a hieronic pole or rod of electromagnetic energy came down through my crown chakra/cerebrum and descended via my spinal column/spinal cord all the way to my regenerative chakra/reproductive organs. From there, it anchor into the floor and ground below me.

Previously, a week earlier, a similar pole had come down to the base of my solar plexus/digestive system, the center for my astral/soul body. This time, the pole, which was several inches wider than the previous one, anchored into and through my sacral chakra/eliminatory organs and my regenerative chakra/reproductive organs that together represent my physical body.

Directing the insertion of the current hieronic pole or rod was Sokar/Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. (Sokar is his name on Mars that is the primary Fourth Ray planet in this solar system, where Sokar with scores of solar system scientists perform their scientific studies; Serapis Bey is the name he had in his last incarnation on Earth in India.) The pole served to ground the Temple of Mars on and into the Earth elements, not only in me, but also simultaneously in and around Jerusalem, Israel and the nearby countries in the Middle East. (See drawing above of grounding of the Temple of Mars cube.)


Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary overshadowed me and lifted my two hands into their J signs to signal their presence. Then Sol-O-Man telepathically conveyed through me in her aspect as Mary: “My heart bleeds for Jerusalem.”

She said this was because decrystallization of ancient selfish, self-powered, warlike attitudes and feelings was about to occur. This was especially because the huge contingent of astral beings in this Temple of Mars forcefield and area had not yet changed. There had been a “crack” in a few, but this huge grouping of negative astral entities still resisted change. Thus, Sol-O-Man/Mary, in her “Soul of Man” aspect, was speaking primarily  of the soul/astral blockages.

She also reminded me of the prophecies that had been given to Nada-Yolanda on September 13, 2000, in Kusadasi, Turkey, just south of Ephesus, when she was on a cruise boat there: “Earthquakes in the next twenty-five years will crack the holy sites and make rubble. . . .similarly, in the next one hundred years many revered sites of the past six thousand years of history in Jerusalem, and everywhere in Israel, shall be shattered as the Earth wipes out the monuments of the Ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces in order to reestablish the Aquarian Age of peace, love cooperation and coordination.”


Mary did not share what form the current decrystallizations and shatterings would take, whether they would be more so at the mental, emotional and soul levels, would take the form of a war there, or if there would be physical earthquakes.

Mary further explained that we light workers who have been imaging the successful re-implantation and the revitalization of the Temple of Mars were not to feel that we had somehow failed in our mission. To the contrary, this was the nature of the process and the times, the fact that with crystallization comes decrystallization of the old, error-filled attitudes and emotions of the past, to be followed by recrystallization in God’s good time.

Still, as Mary pointedly said, “Her heart bled for Jerusalem.” This is because all hell is about to break loose there. As someone who had lived and demonstrated peace and love in Jerusalem, the city of peace, it hurt that so many had still not “heard” the message and thereby would go through tremendous suffering. As a mother to Jerusalem, Mary’s heart bleeds for all her children there.

Sananda then added that in the upcoming days we are to keep our eye single on resurrection and ascension, on the re-crystallization to come. He had been crucified — talk about a shattering. But he had risen again from the tomb and for 40 days had demonstrated in his resurrected light body, mostly with his closest Apostles and disciples.

We are to see the resurrection that is occurring now and in the days to come, of people in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, in those who are demonstrating spiritual healing for themselves and others; in those whom Jesus had told to “follow him” and to go forth and do the things that he did and more; and those who actively, positively demonstrate peace and love even in the midst of the decrystallization and dissolving of the selfishness in this key area of the world.

Temple of Mars Securely Grounded

Sananda and Sol-O-Man then directed me to lift up both of my arms and to place my hands under the expanded 800-mile crystal cube above Jerusalem. (See image to right/below of the approximate boundaries of the 800-mile cube that covers parts or all of all the major countries in the Middle East.When I slowly pulled my arms down, the cube descended until the bottom of it was on the ground, even down into the elements below the surface of the earth. Sananda and Sol-O-Man, with one voice, proclaimed: The Temple of Mars in and around Jerusalem is fully and firmly implanted. The Temple of Mars now is fully operational.

All that remains is just to hold it in place for the next few days. But, in essence, the work of anchoring the Temple of Mars on the physical level is complete!

With this proclamation, a brilliant vision appeared to me of thousands of red roses on the grounds around the whole perimeter of the Temple, as well as within it. (See image below.) A rose represents love: A rose is a rose is love. In the 12 Powers approach, red is the color of rebirth and regeneration. The Temple of Mars has been rebirthed and rebloomed on Earth. In his crucifixion Jesus had shed his love and laid down his life for all on Earth. Now that symbolic blood has become roses of love for all to see and experience. So be it.

I was astounded by this proclamation and vision, in that I had thought it would take at least another week to complete the Temple re-energization. After this communion, however, when I reviewed my previous blogs about the Temple of Mars, its descent as the New Jerusalem had started on April 11, 2022, as given in my blog of that date: Be Crystal Clear. 

It now had been 3½ weeks since then. So, therefore we in this blog network have worked almost a full 4 weeks to complete this grounding.

Hieronic Diagnosis

Furthermore, four weeks to complete the re-opening of a temple is just an arbitrary time or starting plan for doing so, in order to focus on the re-empowering of all thirteen temples or power centers during 2022. Some openings may take a few days less, others a few days more.

Using hieronics in the higher planes to measure what has been accomplished indicates accurately when the process is completed. Adding any more energy into the cube over and around the Middle East now would be wasted time, even harmful. It is done. It is complete. We rejoice and give thanks to Spirit for this!

Furthermore, the Temple of Mars now radiates its powerful Fourth Ray energy to all the other spiritual temples around the planet. This includes to Russia, where decrystallization is taking place with President Putin and his deluded followers, as well as to China, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere where bullies live and function.

Well Done

In my early morning meditation the next morning, it took me an hour to get fully settled into the anchored Temple of Mars cube that was around me. Finally I came to a full sense of balanced peace and clarity. However, the energy forcefield was so strong that I lost consciousness and “went out.” Upon coming back to conscious awareness some 10-15 minutes later, I was standing on stage or a speakers platform in a auditorium that had four tiers of seating. On each tier were a hundred or more individuals.

They were applauding me, radiating love to me, joyously celebrating with me the successful physical anchoring of the Temple of Mars. They included ascended masters, space visitors from Mars and other planets, and higher astral guides, with angels hovering over and amongst them, all of whom had worked together with and through me to complete our multi-dimensional mission to rebirth the Temple of Mars on Earth. I applauded them, too, and thanked them profusely for all their united efforts. It was a love fest.

They were not only recognizing and thanking me, but also via me all who had worked with this series of blogs about re-empowering the Temple of Mars in the Middle East. We all did it together! Well done, fellow light workers. Well done!

Later that morning, I began to feel all of the above workers on the higher planes starting to leave me and you, and to go to the next step and activity of their work in uniting the 13 temples as one network. This was sad and I was overcome with tears. Yet, I knew I would meet these folks again, sometime, someplace, here on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system. Our bonds would not end but rather would transform into something new. Good-bye my/our friends. We will see you again soon. We remain as one in the One, wherever we may be. Amen.

Temple of Uranus Overlap

After my afternoon nap, I awoke with pain and discomfort in both lungs, from the top or apex of each lung down to the bottom of each of them. I was mildly short of breath, and generally felt terrible, like a heavy weight was on my chest.  What in the world was going on? How could I have felt so good this morning and now feel so awful? Had I somehow done something wrong or received inaccurate guidance?

Finally, it dawned clearly on me that this was the start of the decrystallization that Sol-O-Man/Mary had warned us about. Those in the astral planes especially, but including those on Earth in the Middle East, are now “up in arms,” so to speak. They do not want to change, but to continue in their crystallized and self-righteous warring with one another, whether they be Israelis or Arabs who live in surrounding countries, whether they be Jews, Muslims or Christians. These folks still believe in and want to impose their selfish will on one another. I, being strongly connected now with the Temple of Mars, feel their willfulness in my own lungs, which are the physical organs that manifest the I Am power of will.

Once again in my early evening rest period, I felt the same respiratory pain and anger, the same almost suffocating self-righteousness that was being radiated to me and other light workers around the planet. It felt almost like hordes of souls wanted to kill me, to get rid of me as the prophet who had initiated and directed on Earth the new opening of the Temple of Mars.

My response on both of these occassions was to focus on protection, placing myself anew in a crystal clear cube which then started to morph into a green dodecahedron, one of the Platonic solids that is composed of 12 pentagons, one for each of the 12 planets of this solar system. This is the new form to come in the upcoming blog about the re-opening of the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus in northcentral South America, whose corresponding color is green. (See image to right.)

Thus, now we begin focusing on the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, under the primary guidance and directorship of Hilarion and his twin soul, Lady Master Meta. (Hilarion incarnated as Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher.) Even as the world shakes and quakes mentally, emotionally and physically, we keep our eye singe on the healing, harmony, balance and integration that is to come in the next month or so. We receive new I Am images to heal humanity. What we see, will be.

We Give Thanks

Friends, fellow light workers, let us join anew in giving thanks unto Spirit for all that has been accomplished in and through us. Let us celebrate our triumphal re-opening of the Temple of Mars. And then let’s get back to work, focusing anew on the Temple of Uranus.

All is in divine order. Amen!