Look Up To Lady Violet

In the early morning hours of June 11, 2022, upon awakening at 2 AM, my head was abuzz with higher energies, my temples were stimulated and activated by a space beam, and my whole body was encased in fourth-dimensional frequencies.

In my meditation, via my third-eye vision, a round cylinder or column of light that was about 6 feet in diameter appeared over me, anchoring its bottom section into my crown chakra and cerebrum, and extending upward a long distance. A higher force then lifted me up through this column, through the astral realms into the etheric realms. The next thing I knew, I was in an etheric spacecraft, standing in a round, dome-shaped room.

Before me was a dazzling lady of light, whose outer body boundaries and shape I could see, but without many details or features of her face, hair or clothes. Her aura was composed of multiple shades of violet light, especially in the lighter hues of violet. Her presence was powerful, yet loving and welcoming. I felt like I had come home. I knew this lady. She was St. Germain’s twin soul!

Love Feminine Transmutation

In the past, particularly during the Shasta-Alaska Mission in fall 2014, this violet lady had overshadowed me a few  times, enough such that I was familiar with her unique vibration and energy. However, she had not shown me an image of her in her light body, nor had she given me her name. I never was quite sure about my communions with her.

Rather, this present connection with her was my first image of her. However, even it was rather ephemeral. Moreover, although I now asked her for her name, she did not give it to me, but only radiated violet light to me. Then, she slowly faded from view.

Pondering all of this, suddenly her name for now came to me: The Violet Lady. The word “The” means that she is The foremost of all Violet Ladies throughout the Solar System, of all the feminine ascended masters who work on the Sixth Ray. She is St. Germain’s twin soul, with St. Germain being the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification. He is the leader of all masculine Sixth Ray workers, with violet being the color of the Sixth Ray.

All Things In God’s Good Time

On September 5, 1975, in response to El Morya’s question about St. Germain’s high Self name, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “It is best not to reveal St. Germain’s high Self name in any immediate time, as there is confusion enough now in occult circles regarding his identity as Dr. Hannibal [who is the etheric commander for the Western Hemisphere in the hierarchal program, from aboard his mother ship, spacecraft #1235] . . . and the various disciples and incarnations of the past. It would be for him to reveal that at his given time.”

(By the way, in my previous blog, when I listed St. Germain’s past incarnations, I forgot to note his lifetime as Christopher Columbus. Phillel, who is a Sixth Ray disciple of St. Germain, likes this painting to the right of Columbus by an unknown artist.

(Moreover, the painting/drawing of St. Germain used by various ascended master groups looks nothing like how St. Germain appears to Phillel  in his numerous visions of, and communions with, him.)

Some ascended master groups propose that St. Germain is the primary spiritual leader of planet Earth. However, St. Germain is leading the way in Sixth Ray transmutation during these End Days, but Sananda/Jesus is the Prince of Peace of Earth, the true spiritual leader and wayshower of Earth as the primary Seventh Ray planet, which is the heart center of this Solar System. Sananda is the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray. He and his twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Mary, will lead us into the New or Golden age when they redescend in their light bodies.

Lady Violet

Phillel likewise has not been given his own high Self name, and does not expect to receive it until St. Germain reveals his I Am Self name. Nor has Phillel had overt, conscious contact with The Violet Lady, St. Germain’s twin soul.

Thus, it seems fitting that St. Germain’s twin soul is not about to give her I Am Self name to me or others. Rather, she is prompting me now to call her by a generic, descriptive name, that of The Violet Lady. Another, simpler version of this is Lady Violet. This reminds me of Lady Master Meta, who is the Fifth Ray twin soul of Hilarion, who is the Chohan or Director of this ray. So, throughout this blog, I will refer to St. Germain’s twin soul as The Violet Lady or Lady Violet.

Moreover, for me personally and for you, too, Lady Violet is our Sixth Ray mother or feminine mentor who loves us with her whole heart, whose very presence transmutes our soul shortcomings. She sees our darkness but she calls forth feminine violet light within and around us. Just as she lovingly drew me to her in her spacecraft, so does Lady Violet draw everyone into her heart. She loves us, flaws and all, as all good mothers love and support their children through thick and thin. Hi, Mom!

Love Transmutation

One final consideration: Until humankind wholehearted loves and rightly applies Sixth Ray transmutation, the names of St. Germain and his twin soul may not be given. Throughout the Earth’s long history, going back millions of years to the fall of a segment of mankind into physical matter and bodies, men and women have refused to transmute their soul errors. They have tried to hide them, to blame others for their problems, to lord it over others, and numerous other such mortal behaviors.

In essence, they do not want to change. They fear change because it will expose the darkness in their souls. However, change is the code for the New Age. All things change. We either grow upward or we devolve downward. We never can stand still or be static for any period of time. The violet flame removes this resistance to positive change, to becoming once again the golden giants that we are.

One of our overarching goals for these four weeks of blogs on Sixth Ray Saturn is to demonstrate and send out the call to everyone on and about the earth to love transmutation with all our mind, all our heart and all our soul. Only then will we and all other Earthlings come to know and to demonstrate who we are: a holy, golden, loving child of God.

Heart Transmutation

About noontime this same day, June 11th, I felt strong heart chakra stimulation, as Lady Violet hovered over me. She instructed me to lie down in bed. Upon doing so, my heart center started to hurt. Looking psychically at this center, what looked like a scab from an old, now healing wound, was over this chakra. Lady Violet slowly and carefully peeled off this scab or scar tissue, thereby further opening my love nature. (Later, I realized that this was a seal opening, a further rending of the veil over my heart chakra.)

Then, The Violet Lady instructed me to put my arms out to the side of my body, with my hands up. She placed an image of the Earth in my heart that with my hands I lowered deep into my whole chest. Lady Violet was above the Earth whereas I was positioned below the Earth. Together we radiated Sixth Ray transmutation and cleansing to the entire planet, to its Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Herein was the next step in the transmutation and purification of my own heart. By calling forth, seeing and feeling the cleansing of all on Earth and in the astral planes, I was at the same time healing my own soul. As we do unto others, so it is it done unto us.

In the next image, I was positioned at the right side of the planet at its equator, focused primarily on the Americas of the Western Hemisphere. Lady Violet was at the globe’s left, subconscious, feminine Eastern Hemisphere, including Asia and Africa.

Together as one, Lady Violet and I radiated transmutation to both hemispheres, and saw them becoming one, integrated, united, whole planet. Again, I could feel the release and healing of my own heart as a result. My heart scars and the Earth’s heart scars were newly transmuted, one more step or degree. Slowly, my violet heart turned into golden light. From my diaphragm to the top of my head, including the four upper chakras (crown, third-eye, throat and heart), my astral and emotional bodies were filled with feminine, Seventh Ray golden energy and substance.

Sananda’s Stand-In

Thus, the Earth imagery was both personal and planetary. The inner me in I Am consciousness and the outer planet that still is primarily in mortal consciousness were united as one, living, loving entity, the heart center for the Solar System. The violet light of transmutation lit up the hearts of one and all on Earth and in astral planes.

Only a couple hours later, having pretty much absorbed the newly implanted violet light, it suddenly dawned on me why this global imagery had now been given to me three times. In the first instance, as directed by Archangel Raphael (see my previous blog), he had taken me inside the Earth to its core, from which extended my hugely expanded light body such that green light surrounded the whole planet. In the above two images of working with Lady Violet, I was positioned outside and above the planet, suffusing it with violet light.

This work with the whole globe from both perspectives referred in part to my being the Seventh Ray stand-in for Sananda until he redescends in his Second Coming to Earth. I Am the current Seventh Ray leader of the planet, radiating peace and love to every part of it, to all souls on and about the Earth.

Therefore, I need to have a purified focus on the Earth’s totality, not just on one Hemisphere or another, or one group or another. And I need to become more confident in this awesome role. It long since has been a challenge, going back about eight years ago when I first had received that I was Sananda’s direct representative on Earth, that I was his and Sol-O-Man’s beloved son or disciple; I was the stand-in for Sananda until he himself could redescend and stand on Earth in his ascended light body. As such, the ancient soul scars of my mistakes in the past have had to be cleansed and purified to a new depth and degree.

Complete the Transmutation

Lady Violet’s presence became still more palpable. She repeated to me what Lords Michael and Maitreya had told me two weeks previously: I was beginning the seventh phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, even as I was completing its sixth phase of crucifixion-resurrection. Therefore, only a very small percentage of my mortal, soul consciousness, something like 2-3% of it, remained to be transmuted, healed and filled with Seventh Ray peace and love.

After this amazing revelation and announcement from Michael and Maitreya, a couple days later, Nada appeared above me, blazing with golden light. She confirmed that what I had received from the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy was indeed accurate. She said that I had followed in her footsteps, even as she had followed in Jesus’ footsteps. In booklet form, I had presented my research of her ascension and redescent each step of the way; and I now had demonstrated almost all of my own seventh major initiation.

All of this will be presented in our text Seven Steps to Christhood: Opening Seven Seals in Seven Initiations; Following in the Footsteps of Sananda-Jesus and Nada-Yolanda. I represent all disciples of Sananda and Nada who likewise are following in their footsteps. We hope to publish this unique, spiritually scientific text sometime later this year.

Lady Violet then conveyed to me telepathically that she was here with me to help and guide me in completing the transmutation that occurs in the sixth phase of the seventh major initiation. She was to help me rise anew into golden, I Am light body consciousness, as a precursor of Sananda, as the current Seventh Ray spiritual leader of the planet. She would help me transmute the remaining darkness in my soul. Is it any wonder why I am so moved and uplifted by Lady Violet as she, my Sixth Ray Mother and Mentor, assists me in this profound task, as I move from the sixth to the seventh phases of my seventh major initiation?

Friends, wherever you are in your initiatory process, The Violet Lady and her scores upon scores of feminine Sixth Ray etheric masters are with you. We are all working on our ongoing transmutation. There is not one of us who does not have some soul scars and difficulties that need to be transmuted. Moreover, you represent whole segments of mankind, such that you are a leader, a wayshower, a beacon of violet light to them, lighting their way in the darkness. So, take heart and know that Mother Violet is with you, guiding and guarding your way. Take refuge and comfort in her extraordinary Violet presence. This indeed is an extraordinary time and opportunity to move onward and upward.

Remove Her

The following morning, June 12th, I still was doing my best to absorb and apply all that had been given to me the previous day. Besides, outwardly, I was dealing with two ladies whose attitudes, feelings and deep soul blockages very much irritated and annoyed me. I did my best to see these two in the violet flame, to see the Christ in them, to call forth and help them with their soul cleansing. Frankly, however, I was not very successful. I found it impossible to get over my annoyance. It was like these two mostly wondrous ladies had somehow stepped into my auric field, pressing their residual soul nonsense and resistance into my aura and heart.

Lady Violet, I fervently asked, please help me to see these two ladies rightly, especially one of them. Show me how to proceed. How am I to deal with the one lady who I find the most annoying, whom I have allowed to irritate me? Thank you.

To my total amazement, in response to my request, a masculine, Sixth Ray voice proclaimed: Remove her! I was stunned. I had been expecting a loving, sweet, supportive, motherly voice, and here was a masculine command. Finally, it dawned on me that it was St. Germain speaking to me, in conjunction with Lady Violet, with St. Germain representing representing the male, conscious mind. It is one thing to see, sense and feel the soul garbage in oneself and others. But that is just the first step. Then we have to do something about it, rather than wallow in it and let it irritate us.

My challenge was to let her go, to remove her from my heart and soul, to see her securely within her own violet flame, without her invading mine.

Soul Separations

By the word “her”, I realized that it first referred to my own feminine soul or subconscious, to my own astral and emotional bodies. I was to remove my own soul impediments before trying to remove them in others. Here I was, allowing myself to let some ladies irritate me, to hurt my heart, to put me down and to not listen to or follow what I repeatedly have advised them to consider and do. Enough! This has been going on all this spring/Easter cycle. It is now time to step back, to stand in my own violet flame, to let it burn away my attachments to the soul dramas and resistance to change in others.

So, I spent most of the day letting go and letting the violet flame restore me to calm, cool, collected, centered, grounded, balanced consciousness; to allowing my own high Self, Soliel of the Sun, to shine brightly in and through me; to be in a state of equipoise. After all, the violet flame is cool, not hot, on fire and inflamed. It takes cool, calm detachment to rightly know how to proceed, especially when those around and connected to us psychically are anything but cool.

There’s a deep lesson in here, for you and for me. We do all that we can to help others, to assist their transmutation time and time again, to add our violet flame/energy to theirs. But then there comes a time of reckoning, a time when we and all others have to make a choice. Will we continue to be stuck in the past, fixated on what’s wrong with us and others? Or will we chose to move forward? Will we separate the wheat from the chaff, or will we refuse to do so and therefore not be nourished by Spirit and the agents of Spirit, such as Lady Violet and St. Germain?

Do a Dusting

Jesus put it this way to his disciples, when he was instructing them about how they were to carry the good news of his cosmic teachings to the four corners of the world. He said that they were to visit all who initially welcomed them in their homes and temple. But if such people then were not receptive to their message, they were to shake the dust off their feet and sandals and to move on. They were to find those who listened and welcomed what they had to share, and give them their whole-hearted support. (See image of Jesus to right.)

And so it is today. This is a time of reckoning, when everyone has to chose to either stay stuck in past negative behaviors and feelings, and thereby to suffer with all manner of mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical disease; or to burn away the past in the violet flame and move forward.

We cannot make that choice for others. Rather, we pull back, reaffirm our choice to move forward, with or without them. Yes, it is hard to let some people go, people that we love and cherish, but who refuse to change for the better. They just try to hook us into their personal/mortal/soul drama. So we shake the dust off our feet and move onward and upward. Those left behind still will have their guides and teachers to attend to them. But we keep climbing up the mountain to full I Am consciousness.

Blessed Be

I slept deeply and long that night. When I awoke the next morning, June 13th, I felt refreshed, grounded, cool, calm and confident about what previously had been shown to me in the prior couple days. My heart no longer hurt but rather was filled with divine love. I was harmonious and happy, filled with God-given holiness. Thank You, Spirit!

In my morning meditation, nothing new was given to me, but rather I rested in the peace of my I Am Self. Later that morning, I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Shoney’s, where I ate at their breakfast bar. Like always, I sat at a table in the back room with no one around me. I had the place to myself. This place is like my home away from home.

From the time I started my meal, however, my head and heart were somewhat stimulated and accelerated, my temples were slightly activated. Pondering this, my attention was drawn upward through the Christ column of light above me, at the top of which stood Lady Violet aboard her spacecraft. But, she did not relay anything to me — she was just making her presence known. So I commenced with my meal, listen to music on my smartphone, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Having finished my meal, I was about to get up, pay my bill and leave. But then, Lady Violet descended down the Christ column and stood over me. I was totally electrified. In my astonishment of her overshadowing presence, I raised my hands up and placed then on each side of my cranium and cerebrum. Then, she leaned down and and placed her two hands atop mine. And she said: You are as my son in whom I am well pleased!

Sixth Ray Soul Transmutation

Well, that did it. I was a puddle, with tears streaming down my face, having to take deep breaths to calm myself at this totally unexpected, amazing pronouncement. Lady Violet explained her blessing: She noted that I had thoroughly cleansed and transmuted my soul, going back to the days when I was a Cain, 26 million years ago. I had shared my journey openly with others, lighting the way for them. My past lives in Lemuria and Atlantis, with their credits and debits, had been viewed, analyzed and purified. Now I was as a Sixth Ray son of Sixth Ray Lady Violet, the feminine mother and master of soul transmutation, in whom she was well pleased.

Mind you, Lady Violet is not my primary mother, for Sol-O-Man is my master teacher and spiritual mothers. Lady Violet is like unto Sol-O-Man’s sister, along with the feminine twin souls and leaders of all twelve planets. So Lady Violet is like an “aunt” to me and she is deeply pleased with me as her “nephew.” At this point of my realization, Sol-O-Man appeared with Lady Violet and confirmed all that I had received. I was in heaven on Earth, right in this restaurant where in the past, I had had so many communions with Sol-O-Man and others, starting with Sol-O-Man appearing to and preparing me for the Costa Rica Mission in 2010.

It was another half-hour before I was composed and grounded enough to leave the restaurant and go and do some shopping. Pondering all that happened at Shoney’s, it dawned on me that for the prior couple days I had been lifted up to Lady Violet in the etheric realms. Now she had descended through the astral planes to me on Earth. Above and below were one. Etheric, astral and physical realms were one.

Moreover, during my communion with Lady Violet, she telepathically had told me that the sixth phase of my seventh major initiation was now complete. I was born again in my seventh phase. This was the purpose of the blessing she had given me. My Sixth Ray soul transmutation was complete for now, as much as it could be at this stage in my initiatory process. But it would take 2-3 weeks for this soul transmutation to manifest physically. (My heart is still is in Afib.)

As always with these angelic and ascended master communions, I am deeply humbled by all the help I have received from so many angels, masters and space visitors. It is almost beyond belief. Many times, even while smiling, I just shake my head in wonderment. All I can do now is to be the best son/nephew that I can be. The rest will take care of itself. Thy will be done!

Temple of Saturn

When driving on a back road to return home, I once again felt Lady Violet’s contact. I pulled off the road to take some pictures of new wild flowers in bloom. When back in the car, the realization came that once I was home, Lady Violet would guide and work with me in one final step of this series of four days of being with her.

At Hilarion House, when lying down in bed, Lady Violet took me in my light body to high above the Temple of Saturn in central Alaska, in and around Mt. Denali there. Lady Zadkiel of the Sixth Ray also was with us. We, plus several feminine Saturnian space visitors stood at the six corners or apices of the decahedron shaped umbrella or canopy of violet light over Mt. Denali. It now expanded and until it was about 200-250 miles in diameter. Slowly, we lowered and anchoring it, especially its handle, into the ground.

Lady Violet gave me an overall analogy to describe this descent of the violet umbrella or canopy. At the start, last week when focusing on and working primarily with Lady Zadkiel, the canopy initially was positioned about 60 miles above the Earth. With the lowering as overseen and directed by Lady Zadkiel, the canopy descended about 10,000 miles, and was about 50-100 miles wide.

Now, with Lady Violet, Lady Zadkiel, feminine space visitors from Saturn and myself as a grounding rod on Earth, the umbrella was descending another 10,000 miles and expanding in diameter to about 200-250 miles. Over the next 3 weeks or so, it will continue to be anchored and rebirthed on Earth, about 10,000 miles each four days, such that its diameter will encase all of Alaska and out into the ocean. This is the re-opening and re-empowerment of the Temple of Saturn on Earth.

Saturn in my Heart

Once the work was completed in Alaska, Lady Violet and Lady Zadkiel took me in my light body all the way to Saturn. Once there, Lady Violet said: Welcome to my home planet, where I have trained you in your past sojourns. The whole planet with its seven major rings glowed with violet light. The planet itself was physical whereas the rings were more so in, and representative of, the auric field around the planet.

Then Lady Violet lowered the whole planet into my heart chakra. I held it in my heart of hearts, so dearly beloved is this planet and site of the Council of Seven or Saturnian Council, the highest ruling body of the Hierarchal Board. What a wondrous, indescribable feeling this was. I was in love with Saturn!

From there, violet light radiated throughout the solar system, to all the other planets. All of them glowed with Sixth Ray cleansing, purification and transmutation. I was utterly transformed in this cosmic radiation. Thank You, Spirit, thank you Saturnians, thank you Lady Violet. May everyone, especially all who read and work with these blogs, soon have this same experience! Amen.

Before coming back to full conscious awareness, Sol-O-Man appeared and said simply: Publish all of the above plus your following visualizations. All of this content is highly accurate. It is necessary that it goes out to one and all, as part of the Earth’s transmutation and the transmutation of the whole solar system. Yes, this blog is longer than you had planned it to be, but publish it anyway. Each person who reads, studies and applies it will be uplifted and purified. So be it.

Be a Cool Violet Flame

In your meditations over the next four days, be particularly mindful and devoted to remaining cool, calm, collected and centered in a state of equipoise within your violet flame that encompasses your physical body and auric field.

From atop your head and flame, see a Christ cylinder or column of violet light that extends up, into and through the astral planes, wherein you connect with your higher astral plane guides who help to protect you on your journey. Then continue upward and into the etheric realms.

See yourself entering an etheric spacecraft, wherein you come into the presence of The Violet Lady, St. Germain’s twin soul. Become one with her. Feel her motherly, masterful, feminine Sixth Ray vibration within and around you, supporting you, loving you, coolly and calmly transmuting you. Without realizing it before now, you have been waiting all your life to be with her, and now you are with her. Amazing!!! Give thanks unto Spirit for this new development, this quantum leap in your I Am ability to transmute yourself and others.

Flame to Flame

With Lady Violet’s help, ask Spirit to show you the one lady on Earth who continues to be a thorn in your flesh, who you still allow to irritate and annoy you, who thinks she’s so “hot” or so “cold,” who refuses to change some engrained soul habit and attitude, who tries to ensnare you in her drama rather than transmute her own soul, who does not want to do God’s will but wants to tell God what to do so that it personally pleases her.

Picture this lady in front of you. You are in your violet flame and you now see her in her own violet flame. Lady Violet is above the two of you, in divine detachment but loving embrace. Your flame touches the outer boundary of the flame around the lady in front of you, but your flame does not invade her boundary, nor does hers invade yours. You assist her, but you do not lord it over her or allow her to invade your space. You see her being transmuted in the time, way and place that is best for her. God’s will be done. (See the picture below.)

Do this for 10 minutes or so. If you are not visually oriented or gifted, simply but confidently affirm that it is happening. Give thanks unto Mother God that it is taking place.

Watch and Wait 

Then pull back, disengage yourself from this dual violet flame connection. Be calm and centered, and evaluate how you now feel about this lady before you. Are you to continue working with her in this way? Maybe your annoyance and irritation are more so your own difficulties, and not those of the lady before you.

On the other hand, you may know from within that you are to pull back, to fully detach yourself from this lady, to turn her over to Spirit and those agents of Spirit who will attend to her after you move onward and upward.

Maybe you receive no guidance one way or another, but later in the day some new realization occurs that helps you to make your decision. Maybe it is some new insight into your own distorted mortal-soul difficulties. Maybe you realize that the lady before you has not changed in weeks and months, despite your multiple exchanges with her, outwardly and inwardly — she has talked the talk but not walked the walk. Maybe it is time to detach yourself from her, to shake the dust off your feet and move on. Maybe this guidance comes in a dream or later meditation.

On another occasion, perhaps you focus on another lady who you still allow to “yank your chain.” If indeed you are “chained” to this lady emotionally and psychically, not to mentioned in some physical way, then burn away the chain with the violet flame. Remove her from your aura. Maybe you tell her you are doing this, and maybe you don’t say a thing but rather you just do so.

She may or may not understand what you are doing or what you say. She may feel abandoned, left out, hurt and annoyed. She may even turn against you and blame you for her own problems and weaknesses. It’s a common response of those who do not want to change: Blame the other person; crucify the teacher. Well, do not fall for this nonsense. See it for what it is. Do what you know needs to be done.

Double check with Lady Violet to make sure you are making the right choice. You are not perfect, so you may err somewhat in one way or another, despite your best intentions. But by the end of this four-day cycle, you will have a much better idea about how to proceed. If you are right in the choices you make, you will feel calm, cool, centered and thereby Christlike. You will feel that you are one with Lady Violet. If what you do is pleasing to her, then you know it is right and good.

Global Transmutation

Perhaps your guidance at other times is to focus on the bigger picture, even the whole world. Maybe you are prompted to see yourself within or hugging the whole world with your violet arms, with seeing it being surrounded in violet light. You, with Lady Violet and her feminine Sixth Ray co-workers, are the mother of the planet.

On other occassions, maybe you focus on only one part of the planet, such as Mother Russia. Maybe you become as a Violet Mother and Mentor to Vladimir Putin. Only a Violet Mother could love this man who is entrapped in the past, who is stuck in his delusions of grandeur for Russia as an imperial nation that dominates other nearby nations.

At other times, your guidance may be to focus on the anchoring of the hexagonal canopy over and around Mt. Denali, with its diameter being about 200-250 miles

Whatever you do, wherever you focus your attention, be cool. Cool down individuals and nations and the whole planet, whereupon nearly everyone is inflamed about something, who are going crazy, who are acting adversely to the final push or influx of higher, transmutational energies into the Earth before the summer solstice on June 21st (and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere).

Be a cool cat! Keep you cool. Stay centered. Be protected in the cool violet flame of the Sixth Ray. Be amazed time and again that you have such a “cool” mother/mentor in Lady Violet. She is the very embodiment and definition of divine feminine coolness.

See yourself going with her to the planet Saturn that glows with violet light. See the whole solar system suffused with violet hues of transmutation and purification. See Saturn placed in your heart and love Saturn with all heart.

Mama God is Good. Lady Violet is good. And we, as Lady Violet’s beloved nieces and nephews, likewise are good.

So be it.