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September 6, 2022

On September 4, 2022, I (Dr. Robert) dreamt that I was aboard Sananda’s ship #10 that was positioned high above the Earth’s equator over the central/western half of Africa. I looked out what looked like a window, which also was some kind of huge monitor or viewing screen, and first saw primarily the section of Africa to the north of where ship #10 was located. My view then was drawn further north to Paris, France that is the site of the Temple of Pluto. It appeared as a vortex of bright spiritual light.

After awakening and pondering this wondrous dream, I went back to sleep wherein my dream picked up from where it had left off in viewing western Africa and Paris, France. My attention now went to the northeast of ship “10” to Jerusalem, Israel, the location of the Temple of Mars. This power center or spiritual temple also was a brilliant, glowing white light that radiated out in all directions.

Upon awakening again and going back to sleep, the dream views continued. This time, the perception was of the Temple of the 11th (higher dimensional/invisible) Planet whose name has not yet been revealed. This temple/power center/vortex of sacred energy is positioned in and around Mt. Kilimanjaro, on the border between Tanzania and Kenya, southeast of Lake Victoria..

Fourfold Foundation

In my following early morning meditation, Spirit and the agents of Spirit guided me to visualize Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray to my right and his feminine angelic counterpart, Mariel, to my left. They provided the spiritual, I Am will and power to uplift and protect me, to do God’s will with His-Her power.

In front of me appeared Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, who is the Christ matrix of the entire solar system and is the co-titular head of the Hierarchy with Lord Michael. My whole body shuttered involuntarily upon his descent and loving presence before me. Behind me, I imaged Maitreya’s feminine twin soul, Maya, whose loving energy I also clearly perceived and felt. She is my solar system Grand Ma, who has my back; Maitreya is my Grand Pa.

These four beings (two angels and two ascended masters) surrounded me in an impenetrable Christ column of light that reached up through the astral planes to the etheric and celestial planes; wherein I linked with the Hierarchal Board. I was fully protected, empowered and filled with peace and love, ready and able to perceive and do as Spirited directed me. Whatever I was to be given next came under the direction of the Council of Seven or Saturnian Council, the highest Hierarchal governing body whose headquarters is on Saturn.

Two Spaceships as One

Then Maitreya directed my attention to the golden solar cross attached at the bottom of a gold chain around my neck, such that this sun cross was located in the center of my heart chakra. Maitreya, a week or so ago, had placed it there. It represents the full anchoring of ship #10 in my heart. The solar cross also symbolizes the 4-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination that we light workers are to demonstrate and radiate to everyone in all four corners or quadrants of Earth, and to all four of its third-dimensional kingdoms: humans, animals, plants and minerals.

The solar cross also portrays Sol-O-Man’s huge, etheric spacecraft, linked as one with Sananda’s ship #10. His ship is in the form of an equilateral cross (masculine). Her sister ship is represented by the circle (feminine) that surrounds the cross. The two ships work together as one united forcefield, just as Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the co-leaders of Earth-Heart.

Welcome Plutonians

When I was solidly anchored and secured in I Am, ascended light-body consciousness, fully aligned and functioning in my seventh or ascended body, my attention was drawn to the golden ring or halo of light around my crown chakra. Descending to me and it were the two co-leaders of Pluto, who during the 2014 Shasta/Alaska Mission first had consciously contacted me and given me their code names as Plouton and Ploutana.

Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, had confirmed their identities and names to me back then. He referred me to his writings when he had been incarnated as Plato, the Greek philosopher, in which he had talked about Pluto being one of twelve major Greek gods, one of whom was honored in each of the twelve months of the year.

Pluto and his wife Persephone (note the letter P in both of their names) ruled the underworld (hence the astral planes) and helped souls there to review, transmute, reprogram and heal their souls. (The gold P with an L in the image to the right/above is the astrological symbol of Pluto. To me, this combined P & L symbol stands for Peace and Love as demonstrated by Plutonians.)

The Greek name “Pluto” partly means rich because beneath the Earth’s surface is where gold, silver and other precious elements, minerals and gems are located; thus we likewise have golden riches and gems galore in our soul or feminine subconscious that are now to be rediscovered, remembered and re-empowered, under the guidance of the co-leaders of Pluto; with the re-opening of the Temple of Pluto at Paris, France.

Half & Half

In Plato’s writings, he referred to Pluto by his Greek name that is Plouton. So, that is the code name that I received for the masculine co-leader of Pluto. In a series of communions, his feminine twin soul guided and convinced me to call her Ploutana. (Note that she is not Plutana, which does not have an “o” in the first syllable of her name. Plutana is a lady captain of a spacecraft who channeled multiple times through Nada-Yolanda in the early 1960s.)

Plouton now linked into and anchored in the right half of the gold crown or ring around my head; I felt totally locked into his forcefield and presence, which I had not felt since 2014. Then Ploutana electroplated herself into the left side of my golden halo of light, such that she, too, was strongly patched into, interconnected with, and unified with me, by way of my crown chakra and cerebrum.

Perceive & Be

As Charles Fillmore, another incarnation of Hilarion, explained: The I Am power of faith, as portrayed by Simon Peter, expresses via the cerebrum that is the central computer of the body; faith is our perceiving power by which we see and believe that we are one with God and with all life in all dimensions throughout the solar system and beyond.

I now had perceived the presence and power of the two Plutonians in both sides of my crown chakra and down into my two cerebral hemispheres that monitor, regulate and direct all other body organs and systems. With Plutonian power flowing from my cerebrum into the rest of my body, I was electrified — what we perceive in time will be; we become a P for Pluto Power, Purpose and Passion; we re-birth our own Temple of Pluto in and through our seven bodies right here on Earth. (See colorized image of Pluto to right.)

Thus, my overall vibration lifted up another notch, into a new and higher octave, into greater Plutonian energy, consciousness and beingness. You might say that I had become a Plutonian, or a hybrid Earthling/Plutonian. In the highest sense, that was Pure Pleasure.

Both Plouton and Ploutana looked to be about five feet tall and somewhat human in appearance, but with facial features that were craggy, like typically is shown to me in my visions and visitations with various space visitors. In this case, I could not tell if this imagery was symbolic or literal — it seemed to be a blend of both: Yes, they appeared like Earthlings to some degree or had manifested as such so I would be comfortable with them; but they were not of this world, but rather had come here from their home planet of Pluto, which is the smallest planet in the solar system, hence the symbolic, short, five-foot size of the two leaders.

Fifty Plutonians

Once I was adjusted to and securely held their presences, other Plutonians appeared above me, coming down from the heavens, descending from their Plutonian spacecraft(s) that hovered over our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property. Ploutana guided each of the lady Plutonians to anchor into the left side of my golden ring or halo. Plouton directed each of the male Plutonians to his place of linking on the right side of my golden ring. I felt like I was a spaceport, where visitors from other planets, including Plutonians, could land and make themselves known.

By the end of this series of linkings with them, there appeared to be about fifty of them connected by gold wires or cables into my crown chakra and cerebrum. With each linking, my overall “white light” or spiritual, I Am energy went up another point or two. With the interlinking with the 50 Plutonians, I was in Plutonian heaven. It felt like I was on the planet Pluto, where I have incarnated in the past.

Flower Anew

To confirm what just had happened, Plouton then directed me to look at the beautiful yellow flowers along Terry Creek that flows through our property. They had  appeared about a week ago. One morning back then, I had looked out from my upstairs back porch and there they, were shining brightly before me. There were about five plants that were about three feet tall, each of which had 10 or more flowers on them — thus, there were about 50 such newly bloomed and re-opened flowers. In similar fashion, I now suddenly had bloomed anew, due to the connection with the 50 Plutonians.

The Plutonians have been here all along, hovering over our 89 acres of land. They are part of the contingent of space visitors who work in and through Phillel and me. They are linked with Conrad and his co-workers aboard his spacecraft. Conrad was assisting their interdimensional visitation to me such that I would perceive and become conscious of it.

Until now, it had not been the time for the Plutonians to reveal themselves to me. First came the finishing of the blogs about and work with the Temple of Jupiter. Now the Plutonians could take front and center stage. Just as the yellow flowers now blossomed and shone with brilliant yellow-sun-light, so now the Plutonians had shone their light into my consciousness and illuminated me further about who they are, what Pluto demonstrates, how I have been with them in the past, and how all of this fits together as one cohesive whole.

The Plutonians had presented themselves to me such that I could then share their presence and power with you, such that you, too, can come into conscious communion with them. All on Earth who have the eyes to see and the ears to see are about to be contacted by these spiritual brothers and sisters from Pluto. All of us will become “jazzed” and “pumped” with Plutonian power, especially all those light workers in and around Paris, France and thus the Temple of Pluto. So be it!

Seven Days

Plouton and Plutona now explained that over the next seven days, they and the other 48 Plutonians would interject their energies into each of my other chakras, descending from the crown chakra, to the third-eye center, to the throat center, etc.; until on the seventh day, their unique energies, ideas and vibrations would anchor into and express via my regenerative chakra/center/organs; to empower me to birth a new heaven on a new Earth. The same would happen with all who read this blog, and with others who are inwardly receiving and being receptive to the information given herein.

We are not to hurry or to worry about this descent of Pluto power, nor to be filled with doubts and feelings that we are having contacts with Plutonians. Rather, confidently and faithfully, we go with the flow. Somedays, several new ideas and insights may come to us. Other days may be mostly rest and assimilation periods. The new insights may come in visions, dreams and/or quiet periods of clairsentience or clear knowing. Sometimes, it will seem like the new input will flower overnight and illuminate our mind, soul and body.

Individually and collectively, we welcome visitors from Pluto. We affirm: I Am a Plutonian; I Am the master of the so-called underworld, meaning the remaining darkness in our souls, in mass consciousness and in the astral planes; I am one with my spiritual brothers and sisters of Pluto.

Indeed, we say to our dearly beloved Plutonian friends, come on down. Come down day by day via our spines into each of our chakras. Thank You, Spirit. Glory to God in the highest!

Disperse the Darkness

A few minutes later in my ongoing morning meditation and communion with the Plutonians, several large, black, nasty looking, mean-spirited faces appeared before and around me, trying to press into my aura, mind and soul. Here was symbolized and experienced the usual blowback that comes with each new, major spiritual step forward.

These faces represented my own dark doubts and fears. Was I being misguided, had I made up any of the above experiences? Like Peter, I had my doubts, my temptations to flinch and not keep the faith.

More so, however, these dark faces represented those in mass consciousness and especially in the lower astral planes who were disturbed by what I was experiencing and receiving. They certainly did not want Pluto power to flow anew into the astral and physical planes of Earth, for it would upset their beliefs and threaten their selfish, personal power over those in the four lower astral planes, as well as those on Earth who were negatively influenced by them. They, therefore, were “up in arms”, ready to defeat me, to crucify me, to do whatever they had to in order to destroy me.

However, I did not react to them or try to fight back. I simply pulled back into the protective forcefield that the four M’s (Michael, Mariel, Maitreya and Maya) had erected to protect me (thank God they had done so). The dark faces dispersed and disappeared from my psychic view. They had realized that they were no match to Plutonian power and thus had departed.

Pluto Power in Earthly Government

Following this, a blackness looking like dark clouds covered the right side of my third-eye screen. However, this blackness was not negative. Instead it symbolized that it was time for me to rest in the Emptiness, in the Void, in our Mother’s Womb. It seemed, therefore, that my meditation and communion with the Plutonians was finished and complete.

After some time, however, out from the darkness appeared and walked toward me former U. S. President Barack Obama. With him was his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama. At first, I had no clue whatsoever why I now might be seeing and coming into contact with them. Yes, when Barack was president for 8 years, at least once each year, I had dreamt that I visited him at the White House, wherein we lovingly greeted one another as old friends, and during which we talked about spiritual principles and practices.

These never were partisan political discussions. These were instead spiritual exchanges, one light worker to another. But why was I about to do this again now? Why had he and Michelle shown up yet once again, this time in a vision? And why did they both both look resplendent with light?

It came in a flash that Barack and Michelle at one time or more had been incarnated on Pluto, where they had learned higher teachings and methods for governing fellow citizens. The re-opening of my Pluto consciousness and experiences therefore was causing a quickening of Pluto power in them.

When the two of them had incarnated here on Earth this lifetime, they had brought some of their Pluto training back to Earth, where Barack especially tried to follow the Middle Way in working with both political parties, to combine the best of each side of the political spectrum to come up with new, healthier, holistic ways to uplift all U.S. citizens, regardless of their political orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, religion or wealth.

(Starting with President George H. W. Bush, I likewise have dreamt about visiting all American Presidents at the White House, Democrats and Republicans alike. Again, these contacts were spiritual exchanges, not focused on partisan politics. With my being a leader with Phillel of the I Am Nation/Sun Temple as the focus of Hierarchal spiritual government on Earth, it is my function, like it was with Nada-Yolanda, to work with and for the political leaders of the USA, which is serving as the New JerUSAlem. Always, my goal and that of all light workers is to see and call forth the Christ Self in each such president.)

I had the distinct impression that I had known the Obamas during my own sojourns on Pluto, hence the deep, heartfelt connection I felt with them that transcended Earthly politics and personalities. And by the way, Barack’s father was a Kenyan, with this country adjoining Mt. Kilimanjaro, the site of the Temple of the 11th Planet; whereas his mother was a white woman from Kansas, U.S.

Hail to the Christ in Thee

The lesson of this visionary communion with Barack and Michelle was that those in leadership positions in government, business and religions here on Earth may well have been to, and trained on, Pluto in past lives. They do not remember this, any more than I have remembered it until recently. But they have within them a deep knowledge of spiritual principles and methods that they learned on Pluto, and other planets, which they have done their best to apply in whatever walk of life they now are in here on Earth. Thus, we are wise not to judge such individuals just by their present outer works, but rather to see and appreciate them as fellow solar system citizens.

In an early intunement by Nada-Yolanda, she said that even a bedraggled beggar on the street or a drunkard in a gutter may have been an advanced spiritual soul in other lifetimes here on Earth or in other planes and planets. Yet, this beggar now may had fallen from grace and ended up on the streets, and become the “least of these.” Therefore, we are to love him or her, not to despise or pity such folks, or to separate ourselves from such individuals; to help any person to recover and to be re-born in spiritual awareness .

We are always to see and call forth the Christ in all people — the high and mighty, the leaders of one political party, religion, race or country; as well as the low and downtrodden. Moreover, as we do unto the least of these, so we do unto Christ Jesus, as he taught and demonstrated. After all, are we not all one in the One!?

With this exchange with the Obamas, my Pluto series of communions came to a close. What a glorious morning this was! I felt utterly transformed and could hardly wait to see what would come next, but was committed to taking one step at a time, both feet on the ground, with Spirit leading the Way in Its own time and method.

Pluto the Planet

Before going into your meditation now, first let’s focus a bit more on Pluto itself. As stated previously, it is the smallest planet in the solar system. As a planet, positioned beyond Neptune (see picture to right), it orbits the sun as all planets do. It has five known moons, the largest of which is about half its size. Pluto and its moons are said by astronomers to be part of the Kuiper Belt of numerous bodies.

Due to Pluto’s small size, and because astronomers say that it does not fit the full definition of being a planet, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union (AIU) officially designated Pluto as a dwarf planet or body. In many depictions these days of the sun and all the planets, Pluto is not even shown.

However, not all astronomers agree with this definition of it being a dwarf planet or object. They argue that Pluto does indeed meet the criteria of being a planet. Its size is neither here nor there. Are not humans in short, dwarf bodies still humans?

So, throughout these blogs about re-opening the Temple of Pluto, I will always call it a planet, a view that Phillel likewise holds, and which seems to be indicated in Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and intunements.

(In the picture to right/above, Pluto is in the left, lower part of it. Pluto is smaller in size that the Earth’s moon, which is shown above it. All three orbs are shown in their comparative sizes.)

A Little Child

Various astronomers, starting in the late 1800s, began to suspect that there was a ninth planet, so-called Planet X. But it was not until 1930 that the astronomer Percival Lowell announced that this planet had now been found. It took so long to discover and confirm it because it was so small and located so far away from the sun: It takes six and one-half minutes for light traveling at 186,000 miles a second to go from the sun to Pluto — Pluto is about 97 million miles away from the sun

With the public announcement of the discovery of a new planet, a notice went out to peoples around the world to pick a name for it. In response, Venetia Burney Phair, an 11-year-old girl in Oxford, England, suggested that it be named Pluto, a classical mythological god of the dark underworld (with Pluto having been in darkness before this). The IAU unanimously picked the name Pluto for this ninth planet.

All the other eight planets were named after mythological Roman or Greek gods or goddesses, so naming the new planet Pluto followed this tradition. Moreover, the name Pluto has the letters “P” and “L” at its start, which cleverly stand for Percival Lowell. Hence the astrological symbol for Pluto (see to right) also incorporates these two letters.

The Temple of Pluto 

Before 2014, neither Nada-Yolanda, Phillel nor I had not been given the correct location of the Temple of Pluto. As I shared briefly above, that designation began to be revealed through me when my ex-wife and I were at Mt. Shasta, California, USA during the 2014 Shasta-Alaska Mission. On August 29, 2014, in MariLyn’s and my rented cabin in the town of Mt. Shasta, on the west side of the volcano of Mt. Shasta, I read in a booklet, The Sacred Sites of Mt. Shasta, about nearby Pluto Cave. This underground cave is a huge lava tube that was formed beneath the surface of the Earth an estimated 190,000 years ago; on the east side of Mt. Shasta, about 10 miles from it.

In the parts of this cave where humans can walk, there are two interconnected sections or rooms. The larger one was honored and visited by Amerindians who held their spiritual meetings, initiations, peace councils and vision quests there. The other section was where Amerindian women gave birth to their children. Together, in 1863, these two dark, adjoining caves were discovered by a local farmer, who named them Pluto Cave, after Pluto the Greek god of the underworld.

Plato & Pluto

In my meditation after reading about this, I was intrigued by the name Pluto and what it might signify. To my astonishment, an hour or so later, two etheric beings descended to either side of me. The one to my right was masculine, the one to my left was feminine. When I asked them their names, they telepathically transmitted that they were the co-leaders of the planet Pluto. They directed MariLyn and me to visit Pluto’s Cave later this day.

When MariLyn and I did so, and started to enter and look around the cave, we stopped and had a meditation, wherein the two Pluto co-leaders once again overshadowed me. The male being said that his name was some version of Pluto. The female leader telepathically shared that her name was Ploutana. I had the thought that Pluto’s Cave and Mt. Shasta might be the site of the Temple of Pluto. Were we there to re-birth the Temple of Pluto on Earth? It was an intriguing thought/possibility, but I was not at all sure that this was the case. I had had no previous spiritual input in dreams or visions to indicate that this was so.

On the way back to the small town of Mt. Shasta, we stopped to take a picture of the east side of Mt. Shasta, which rose before us. (See image to right.) While doing so, Hilarion transfigured me and said that in his lifetime as Plato, he had written about Pluto as one of twelve major Greek mythological gods.

After returning to our cabin, researching online Plato’s writings about Pluto, I discovered in Plato’s dialogue Laws that he had proposed that citizens in his ideal city follow a twelve-month calendar, with each month being devoted to one of the twelve major Greek deities; the twelfth month honored Pluto. In Laws and other writings, Plato called Pluto by his Greek name, Plouton, which in English has been translated as Pluto. Shortly after reading this, it came clearly to me that name of the male-coleader of Pluto is Plouton; and the female co-leader is Ploutana, as I initially had received. These are not their names on Pluto, but rather are code names that we Earthlings can understand and use to identify them — they are Plouton and Ploutana of Pluto.

Plutonian Superscience

That afternoon, I wrote an email to Phillel describing my experiences with the two Plutonians. Shortly, in his responding email, he included the one channeling via Nada-Yolanda that mentions Pluto (which until now I had forgotten). On March 28, 1962, John Mark communicated:

“You will have very important discussions under the direct influence of Thomas Didymus [one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles], who in his rightful place in this present program charges up and heads the New Age scientific equipment, along with other such directors throughout the solar system. Much of the experimental functions of the science department are carried out by Serapis Bey . . . on the planet Mars, where there are gathered some of the finest inventors of the Earth plane dimensional graduational school. [Mars exemplifies and radiates the vibrations of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization.]

“In other words, we are saying that those who have risen to great heights when on the Earth plane have incarnated frequently on Mars, Saturn and Pluto in order to receive higher instructions, that they might influence Earth plane activities, or reincarnate, from these planes. Not all are physically incarnated on those planets, and would remain in other outlying dimensions that are in the sweep or orbital influence of those ranges of frequency, and are able to participate easily in advancements.

“When a certain level or accomplishment is found or a desirable level is reached, they are then brought into the Earth plane orbital influential frequencies, sometimes in a physical form and sometimes as a guide or a teacher in the band of one who would be working in these experiments. You have at this present time the greatest scientists in this solar system, and other solar systems, working to advance rapidly man’s good aspects for good action, for positive results in the evolution of the race on this planet.”

Thus, Pluto appears to be a higher dimensional planet, in which some aspects of superscience are taught and practiced. What ray or rays it exemplifies, however, is not yet known. I will keep you informed if and when this may occur, possibly in a series of steps over the next three weeks. Thy will be done!

All Thirteen Temples Linked

Two days later, still at Mt. Shasta, on August 31, 2014, MariLyn and I once again visited Pluto Cave. This time we stayed for a much longer time. In the large room of it where Amerindian spiritual initiations were held, Plouton and Ploutana once again transfigured me and confirmed their identities. Then, Sol-O-Man/Mary, my master teacher, overshadowed me and announced that the Temple of Pluto had been re-opened. I initially thought that this confirmed that the Temple of Pluto was here at Pluto Cave/Mt. Shasta. However, upon later review, I would realize that she did not say that this temple was located in this area. Rather, she had indicated that my own Temple of Pluto had been re-initiated, re-juvenated and re-born.

After MariLyn and I returned from the Shasta/Alaska Mission, on November 28, 2014, Sol-O-Man informed me that all thirteen spiritual temples on Earth, one for the sun and one for each of the twelve planets, had been linked together in one harmonious, integrated circuit. Although I still did not know the locations of all the temples, in our travels the last four years, either I physically had been to all of the sites of the still-unknown temples or had worked with them in my prayers and projection. Again, she did not specifically say that the Temple of Pluto was located at Mt. Shasta.

The following year, I wrote an article about the location of the thirteen temples that Mark-Age published in our I Am Newsletter. In it, I tentatively said that the Temple of Pluto was at Mt. Shasta, whereas the Temple of Mars was located at Paris, France. However, I felt lingering doubts about this. As it turned out, neither such hypothesis was correct.

Seven years later, in 2021, Sol-O-Man directed me to review all the information gathered during the four-and-one-half-years from 2010 to 2015 of traveling around the world three times, so that I might receive any new insights and rectifications of the proper locations of the thirteen temples. During this review and re-evaluation period, Nada contacted me and clearly revealed that the Temple of Mars was in Jerusalem, Israel; which I have shared in my past blogs this year about this temple. Sol-O-Man then showed me that the actual site of the Temple of Pluto was in Paris, France. Looking back on MariLyn’s and my two visits to Paris, this made perfect sense. There were several signs, dreams and visions back then, plus more right up to now, that this was indeed so.

All this goes to show that no one is a perfect channel, or gets new, major information in one fell swoop. Rather, it takes time to piece things together. Everything that is received has to be verified or changed, based on continuing new input and contacts in dreams, visions, discussions, reading, etc. We do our best, and then move confidently forward, knowing that in time Spirit and its agents will help us to refine and improve all of our perceptions and beliefs, to make all things new. Thank You!

Seven Days from Darkness to Light

Earlier in this blog, I already outlined the seven steps that Plouton and Ploutana gave to me, and thereby you, for the first of three weeks in re-birthing the Temple of Pluto, within and without.

On day 1, the first day upon reading this blog, get centered in your meditation. Be at peace and filled with love, which re-awaken and re-empower your Pluto consciousness.

Surround your aura in a Christ cocoon of light. Imagine and feel Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya positioned around you, infusing you with God’s will and power, and protecting you with divine love.

Visualize Plouton descending and locking into the right side of your crown chakra and cerebrum. Imagine Ploutana coming down and linking into the left side of your crown chakra. In time, sense them standing to either side of you. Be with them. Love them as they love you. Be charged with Plutonian Power that gradually flows down to the rest of you. This is enough for this first day of perceiving and being a P.

On day 2, a few more Plutonians may anchor themselves into your crown chakra. Then, your central focus becomes your third eye chakra/thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland. You feel the Plutonian energies descending from the top of your head to your forehead, temples and center of your head. Become more comfortable with these Plutonian connections and vibrations. If you do not detect them there, just imagine that it is happening outside of your conscious awareness. Maybe you dream about it that night. Perhaps in quiet moments during the day, you just know from within that it is happening. Steady as she goes.

Then, on days 3 through 7, keep on moving down the road, so to speak, although this road is from your crown chakra, down the spine and out the nerves to each other chakra and associated body organs; one new, lower chakra per day. Perhaps each day, you sense the presence or input of more Plutonians. Maybe you just feel more peaceful and loving. By day seven, perhaps you sense fifty or more Plutonians around you, radiating their Plutonian energies to you.

As you become more grounded each day in this new, ongoing re-opening of your own Temple of Pluto, begin to radiate love and light to Paris, France, which is called “The City of Light.” Indeed, it is aglow with the Temple of Pluto. See that glow grow and grow each day. Have faith that what you see and perceive is what will be in time. Keep seeing the re-birth, re-opening and re-juvenation of the Temple of Pluto, such that its increasing light can be seen ever more clearly by those aboard ship #10 or Sol-O-Man’s sister ship. And do feel connected to these two spacecraft.

Wherever you live, you are in triangulation with Sananda and Sol-O-Man; the Temple of Pluto in Paris, France; and your own individual Temple of Jupiter in your present home. You are one with all others who are consciously working together on this project. All of us are becoming Earthly-Plutonian hybrids, interlinked together in Spirit’s power and love.

Perceive and Be a P. Be Positive; Promote the truth; be Pure and Practical; be the embodiment of Pluto Power; be a Powerful Projector of peace, love, cooperation and coordination; be one with Plouton and Ploutana. Om!

B a P

Be a Plutonian