Revel in Righteousness

For the next few days, starting today, June 19, 2022, we are going to follow in the footsteps of our beloved wayshower, Sananda/Moses/Gautama Buddha/Christ Jesus. We are going to re-open to another degree of clarity and purity our own Earth-Heart Temple, plus the Heart-Earth Temple in south-central Vermont.

Sananda is the Prince of Earth, our primary masculine teacher and leader, in conjunction with his twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Solomon/Yasodhara/Mary. He is the King while she is the Queen of heaven in the etheric realms of ascended mastership.

Sananda’s past lifetimes, as revealed by Nada-Yolanda, were: the leader of the Abels 26 million years ago; the leader of the Noahs at the fall of Atlantis; Melchizedek; Moses; Zarathustra (Zoroaster); Gautama the Buddha; Elijah; and Socrates. In each lifetime, he demonstrated another aspect of I Am consciousness, which was appropriate and needed for the time and culture that he represented. What an incredible series of lifetimes these were!

Sananda’s etheric headquarters is his city-sized, etheric spacecraft #10, piloted by Ashtar Gabriel of Jupiter. This is the location of the Hierarchy’s headquarters on Earth. It is the Star of Bethlehem that shines on each and every person as he or she rebirths and re-energizes his or her Earth Temple and the Heart Temple in Vermont.

Golden Spaceship of Earth

Sananda is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose corresponding colors are white and gold. To rest in the seventh step of ascension and redescent does not mean to do nothing. Quite the contrary. It means to be divine love in action; to be poised in peace when all around you people are upset, angry and frustrated; to Love God and One Another in good times and bad; to be and act as an ascended master on Earth, serving one and all.

It means to revel in right-eous-ness, in the right and good use of our I Am spiritual powers an talents. We are to revel in and reveal our I Am Self in our joyous, happy, harmonious, balanced expression of all that is right and good. We first do this ourselves, setting the stage for it to be demonstrated by one and all on our beloved spaceship Earth as the primary Seventh Ray heart center or chakra of the solar system.

In our seventh step, we are like a mighty, masterful conductor of a orchestra, directing each of its members with their instruments to play the right part and tune at each step of the performance; to oversee and lead the whole orchestra and choir to play the music of the spheres right here on Earth; to be like Beethoven in his Ode to Joy at the end of his Ninth Symphony.

This instrumental and vocal music is peace and love in every thought, feeling, memory and action. We sing to, and of, the high heaven as it manifests here on Earth. We revel in joy divine. We rev up our Elder or I Am consciousness once more, right here on our beloved planet. Whatever the problem or imbalance, we are here to love it, to improve it, to heal it, to transmute it, to bring it back into balance and harmony, within ourselves and as a healer for others.

Seventh Ray Master

Sananda is the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray. He is the master of the seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. Forty days after his Sixth Ray resurrection as Christ Jesus, he ascended in his seventh, ascended, light body to heaven. He returned to his headquarters aboard ship #10, where he has overseen and directed mankind’s transmutation from the third into the fourth dimension. The third dimension is that of the three lower kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral. The fourth dimension is that of the etheric, electric, I Am, Christ, light body.

From his perch in the highest of the three etheric realms, aboard his city-sized spacecraft, Sananda/Jesus says to us: Come unto me all who are weary and I will give you peace, love and rest. For I Am with you always and in all ways. I make all things new. (See picture to right of resurrected Jesus at Sacre Coeur, Paris, France; depicting his sacred, golden heart)

At every step of our spiritual journey to full I Am consciousness, Sananda and Sol-O-Man welcome us into their hearts, for they love each and every one of us. They see, know and treat us as the unique children of God that we are, no matter what Ray on which we serve or what initiation we are demonstrating. They invite us to come home to heaven on Earth, especially at the Earth Temple. And if we are wise, we wholeheartedly accept!

One Big Family

On February 13, 1963, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “I am known as the chohan or master director of the seventh, final step in evolution to physical completion of spiritual man in a three-dimensional vehicle. I am known not only on this planet but through all the dimensions of this solar system, even unto the farthest corners of this galaxy, because my training has been love, peace, enlightenment under Lord Maitreya, who is known as Lord of this World.”

Sananda is known as the Lord of Earth, whereas Maitreya, who is Sananda’s master teacher, is the Lord of the whole solar system. To state it another way, Sananda  holds the office of Christ for Earth, whereas Maitreya holds the office of Christ for this solar system. Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power, and Maitreya of the Seventh Ray and the kingdom of man, are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board or spiritual government of the solar system. (See picture to right/above of eight of the nine physical planets and their positions in relation to the sun.)

Sananda and Sol-O-Man are our spiritual father and mother, with us being their sons or daughters. Maitreya is like our cosmic grandfather, and his twin soul Maya is like our spiritual Grandma. Together, we are all one huge solar system family.

Thus, even as we come into communion with Sananda in these next few days, we may feel the peaceful presence and loving majesty of Maitreya and/or Maya. And not only that, we may connect anew with Lord Uriel, feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray, and her masculine, angelic counterpart Lord Ariel. Each and everyone one of them, plus visitors from all other planets and out in the galaxy, will help us to re-open, re-vitalize, re-empower and revel in our own Earth Temple, and to re-birth and re-empower to a new degree the Earth-Heart Temple in south-central Vermont.

Seven, Seven, Seven, Seven

In Sananda’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda on February 13, 1963, he proclaimed: “Now comes the time when my return to Earth is upon you in very short order, and it becomes necessary to straighten the documents and to bring forth the truth of all life. Let me bring about this course without too much disturbance, because you already are much confused in what you have worked upon.

Be patient with one another, be tolerant of one another, and be love above all things in order to bring about truth and love in life [Dr. Robert’s bolding for emphasis].. . .

“Seven is the number for all creative phenomena on physical levels. You have seven talents that can be used for God on Earth. You have seven centers [chakras or seals] through which these may be manifested. Each one in its orderly progress will give you seven levels of consciousness, until your seven bodies for Earth manifestation bring about a coordinated, balanced, tranquil whole. . . .

“Seven is the final or fulfillment whereby man rests, as God rested. Man, in his conscious cocreation with the spiritual Father-Mother God within, creates or brings about seven initiatory steps or forces into his life’s stream. [These seven are birth, baptism, transmutation with personal love, transfusion, transfiguration, crucifixion-resurrection, and ascension and redescent, as Jesus demonstrated them so clearly.] (See picture to right of Jesus’ ascension in his light body.)

“Then on the seventh conscious level he rests. This is the I Am or spiritual consciousness known as the Christ light or love of God. I therefore am called the Prince of Love, but also the Prince of Peace.”

Middle Point

Sananda continued in this same message: “Why is it that love and peace are one? Because as love then is brought forth into its fullest balance, coordinated with its six other levels of consciousness, steps or forces, peace is achieved with the individual life stream. Peace, balance or harmony is achieved with the six other forces [or rays].

“Seven is as though there were one odd figure or one uneven middle point, three balanced on each side of the seventh. Thus, seven is continuously the factor in an even, three-sided triangle; two equilateral triangles are balanced by the seventh, middle point. The three are necessary in man’s consciousness on Earth, as the inverted and the upright triangles.

“So it descends, the triune Force, and so it ascends, the triune man: mental, physical and spiritual man back to the three-balanced Creative Principle which has been to begin with; the Father, the Mother, the Son Principle.”

Being in the middle also means following the middle way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination, as given by Lord Maitreya via Yolanda in 1993. This will pave the way for the return of Sananda in his ascended, golden light body, along with Sol-O-Man, ushering in the Golden Age of brotherhood and sisterhood and one family-hood on Earth. Come on down!

Number 10

Sananda vibrates to the number 10. On August 2, 1961, John Mark, who was an incarnation of the etheric master Djwhal Kuhl, channeled the following via Nada-Yolanda, as concerns the meaning of numbers:

“One is unification with the Divine in any sphere and any level of development; oneness, unity, allness, completeness. Two is the recognition of the positive and negative polarities. Three is the triune or the union of the positive, the negative, and the product as a result of any union; again, your trinity relationship.

“Four is completion or return to one; three plus one, the coming back into divine consciousness for a new level. Five is the harvest, that which is known to the return; the one who does return after having experienced all other levels. Six is another level of vibration, the beginning of another experience, the incomplete circle.

“Seven is full completion of physical and spiritual man on the level of the third dimension or on the level of your manifestation for planetary existence. Eight symbolizes infinity, or the two worlds, in which you can be in the spiritual and still be in a manifestation outside of a spiritual or etheric realm, in a physical manifestation. Nine symbolizes the three times or the three levels of the triune: one to four, five through eight, and nine.

“Ten is again the one, for you do not use the zero in this particular case; although in some schools of thought they keep the numeral ten to emphasize again the unity or the eternal ness of the Spirit. Eleven is the beginning of a whole new structure or phase of development, another sphere that you would experience, for it doubly would emphasize unification; but it would take it into another level or into another sphere.

“Twelve, when added together [1 + 2 = 3] is three and makes a form of trinity, but completes the spiritual phase. So, in this case, ten and eleven and twelve are a development upon a certain etheric expression, for it already has left all form of manifestation onto or in a planetary or physical environment.”

Note that in our solar system, there are nine physical planets and three invisible planets that are of a higher, etheric vibration that cannot be seen by physical instruments; thus making 12 total planets.

Sananda’s Ship #10

As stated previously, Sananda’s etheric spacecraft is ship #10, which was the Star of Bethlehem when he was born as Jesus. This huge ship is city-sized and houses thousands of ascended masters from throughout the solar system and the Milky Way and other galaxies. The ship is in the form of an equilateral cross. (See to right.)

Currently, ship #10 is orbiting the Earth at its equator, which it has been doing since about 2015. From Sananda’s etheric headquarters he oversees and directs the Second Coming program around the whole planet, including the re-opening of the thirteen spiritual centers or temples.

Sananda works through St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal, who is the commander of etheric forces in the Western Hemisphere, including the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont; his mother ship is #1235, his hieronics ship is #1236. In a past life, St. Germain was Matthias who replaced Judas as one of the twelve Apostles.

Sananda also directs the eastern half of the globe via Summalt/Peter aboard his spaceship #7423, who is the commander of the etheric forces in the Eastern Hemisphere; in his past life he was Jesus’ Apostle Simon Peter, who portrayed the I Am power of faith.

Sananda did not incarnate in Atlantis until its end or fall. However, during Atlantis, from his spaceship #10, he carefully watched over and aided his twin soul, Sol-O-Man, who as Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple that was located on present day central Long Island, New York, USA. He also supervised and guided Nada who as Yolanda was the high priestess of the Sun Temple, located just off the coast of modern day Miami, FL, USA. Like Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Nada-Yolanda is of the Seventh Ray. She is the Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray.

New Hand Signals

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at our Hierarchal Board Meditation, a tremendous light appeared above me and anchored into my crown chakra and head. In this dazzling, brilliant light, Sananda appeared to the right and Sol-O-Man to the left. Together, they fused and fixed their combined Seventh Ray light into the two cerebral hemispheres of my brain. This completed the work of linking with Sol-O-Man and her sister spaceship. Ship #10 and Sol-O-Man’s ship both were linked solidly with me here on Earth. (I had published my blog about Sol-O-Man’s ship that morning. By the way, Sol-O-Man did not give me a number for her city-sized spacecraft.)

Then, Sol-O-Man made a new hand sign through me to represent her contact and working in and through me. Rather than being a reverse J, my left arm from my elbow to my hand was placed horizontally with my palm facing up. My left hand took on the shape of a cup or the bottom part of a sphere.

This represented that Sol-O-Man, portraying the soul of man, was the feminine receiver of the higher spiritual energies. She has the whole world in her left hand, especially its auric envelope. (See picture to right.)

As when she was Mary, Sol-O-Man is the pure, feminine receiver of the implantation of the Christ or I Am energies. She is the virgin vessel via which the etheric energies pour into and take root in our subconscious.

Sananda then positioned my right hand, representing conscious power, in an upright position with my hand pointing forward or outward. My hand, like Sol-O-Man’s hand,  also was in the form of a cup that looked like a satellite disc. Via the right hand, power poured through and out into the physical world and the conscious mind. This was masculine love in action, which Sananda had demonstrated in all his various incarnations. The J sign that previously have used to signify his presence only indicates his lifetime as Christ Jesus.

My receiving of these two new hand signs symbolized my own rising into and demonstrating a new and higher degree of I Am, ascended, Soliel consciousness. It indicated that I had graduated as the son or direct disciple of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, being their grounding point or channel here on Earth, now walking in their footsteps.

Materialization and Healing

On July 8, 1960, Moses (not the biblical Moses) channeled via Yolanda: “The experience of hand signs and signals in materialization is another of the Atlantean methods used for materialization. Power is taken from Divine Source by both hands, the [right] hand being positive [masculine, active] and the [left] hand being negative [feminine, receptive].

“Power is brought together in a magnetic field, being attracted by bringing the two, balancing the two sides, negative and positive. Concentration of the mind is made by putting it in the center of this force field. Then it is balanced and molded. What you desire must be thought into the magnetic field; the positive and negative force brought in by the power; and concentrated in the hand motions. This was an Atlantean art.

“Out of these hand signals developed the language; repeat, developed the language. The alphabet was developed from hand signals which originally were signals to concentrate the magnetic force fields for materialization. In the various forms of the hands came the alphabet, or pictures from which the alphabet was taken. Not only materialization but all healing is done in the same way: bringing everything into the magnetic forcefield of the positive and the negative.”

Magnetics relates to the light body, the fourth dimension. Via the hands that receive and hold the higher, magnetic, spiritual power of our I Am Self and that of the masters who contact us, we bring in the fourth dimensional energies of the etheric realm, lifting ourselves, others and the whole world from the third to the fourth dimension. Symbolically, we receive via our left hand, palm pointed upward, and anchor and project this spiritual power via our right hand, palm forward.

See the globe between your two hands, lit up in golden light, in magnetic, fourth dimensional energy. As you see it, so shall it be.

 Blowback or Backlash

The next day, July 14th, in a conversation with another light worker, I shared Mark-Age information about the Sixth Ray, St. Germain and Lady Violet, his twin soul. Part of this information was different than what this light worker believed, based on the teachings of a particular ascended master group that claims to be devoted to St. Germain. In particular, this group believes that St. Germain is the Prince of planet of Earth, its primary teacher and wayshower.

However, St. Germain actually is the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of transmutation, who is the leader of Saturn. St. Germain and his Sixth Ray forces are leading the way in the transmutation that is taking place in these Latter Days or End Times or War of Armageddon. This is preparing Earth for the redescent of Sananda/Jesus in his light body. Sananda is of the Seventh Ray and is the Prince of Earth, the Price of Love and Peace. He will usher in the New or Golden Age of Aquarius.

The next morning, I had three dreams. In the first, numerous members of this ascended master group (there are several other such groups) had come uninvited and met together on the section of our property that we had purchased years ago, consisting of 55 acres. It has one cabin and a storage building on it that need updating, but nobody lives in the cabin or uses the building. This new group of visitors appeared poised and determined to take over this part of our overall 89 acres and make it their own. Given their self-righteousness, erroneous attitude, I tried to tell them to get off the property, but they totally dismissed me, like I did not exist.

In the next dream, even more of this group showed up, hundreds of them. Again, they refused to listen or leave. I got more frustrated and annoyed with their smug attitudes, their lack of respect of me as representing the I Am Nation and the headquarters of the Hierarchy on Earth, here at the Sun Temple. Then, in a third dream, so many more of this group showed up that I said in exasperation that there must be a million of them. And they did not budge. I awoke feeling totally “slimed” by their arrogance.

This was classic blowback or backlash to my pronouncement of the truth about some of the St. Germain teachings by various ascended master groups. These groups have some things right, but other things are wrong and need to be transmuted. Such groups represent the need for cleansing in all light workers worldwide. No one on the planet is totally free of self-deception, who has not contributed to the darkness of the planet, who is not some combination of good and evil. Each of us have something that needs further transmutation.

I called upon Lord Michael, El Morya, St. Germain and Lady Violet to protect me from those who wished to impose their personal will and understanding on me. I also called on Sol-O-Man and Sol-O-man for their aid and guidance; they showered me with love that I received via my upraised left hand and projected out via my right hand.

At  other times, in between my two hands, I saw our entire Mark-Age property being protected and suffused with golden light. I reinforced the protective golden dome over our forcefield. However, it took most of the day in repeatedly doing this before I finally felt cleared and totally balanced, harmonious, protected and divinely loving. Time and again, my prayer and decree to the unwelcome and uninvited astral visitors, plus the thought forms of such visitors who live on Earth, was: Hail to the Christ in thee; be love in action!

Herein was Sixth Ray cleansing and transmutation with the violet flame, following by Seventh Ray peace and love via the white and gold flame of peace and love. By the end of the day, I rested in the peace of my I Am Self and that of Sol-O-Man and Sananda, Uriel and Ariel, Maitreya and Maya, and Nada and Rama, her twin soul.

Knock on the Door

Meanwhile, I began to think about what I would write on my next blog devoted to Sananda. My only guidance before beginning this project came to me as I woke up on July 16th. It was the proposed title: Revel in Righteousness — I loved its alliteration and especially its uniqueness, a catchy phrase I never had used before. However, I also thought it might have another, deeper, surprising meaning.

In my morning meditation, I asked Sananda to give me what he wanted to be said via my blog, but nothing came to me, except the feeling to start writing and go from there. Often, it is not until I begin writing the first page or two of a blog that new guidance comes to me. I managed to write about 1000 words, a few pages, and then had some breakfast, followed by a nap. Lying flat on my back in bed, suddenly I was taken up into my light body, but everything before me was pitch black.

Then, in the center of this void-like darkness, brilliant light shown through what looked like a large, open area or doorway.  Walking through the door was Sananda whose light was brilliant, whose love immediately uplifted me. I had asked for his presence and input, had sought it out in my prior meditation, and had knocked on the door that separated me from him in my conscious awareness. Now he had come. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

Initially, he gave me no specific guidance. Rather, he simply stood there, holding me in his loving presence, like a father loves his cherished son. I basked in his presence for a couple minutes. Then, without him saying a word, I intuited his message: As his beloved son, whatever I would write about and for him on my blog is what he would write. He and I were so at one that we mirrored one another. He supported and loved me unconditionally. If I needed any additional help as I proceeded he would provide it. But for now I was to proceed. And that is what I did in my following, second writing session this morning. All kinds of new ideas flowed into and through me which I recorded on my draft of this blog. Sananda and I were writing together in seamless fashion. Glory be!

Seven Bodies

Later, when preparing breakfast, suddenly it dawned on me that Sananda in his communion with me, continuing now, was confirming what I had received eight years ago about man’s seven bodies. As it first was channeled by John Mark on May 10, 1961 via Nada-Yolanda, here is the description of these bodies:

“Each of the seven bodies vibrates at a different rate and each of them has a different function. All of them are part of the auric field which you are and each of them has the capacity to express in a different realm.

“One is your physical body. Two is your astral body [that looks like your physical body but is composed of finer, higher energies]. Three is your mental body. Four is your emotional body. Five is your etheric [or light] body. Six is your God consciousness. Seven you know not of yet.”

Remember, at the time of the above channeling, Yolanda was only at the beginning of her second major initiation of baptism with fire and water, just five years after the start of her spiritual awakening in her first major initiation of birth. Therefore, some of the information given to her at this time was not fully developed. Only later channelings, experiences, and investigations would fill out the whole descriptions and pictures of the Seven Rays, the seven major initiations and the seven bodies. By way of analogy, this is similar to a person learning the basics of math in grade school, then expanding this knowledge and proficiency in high school, and then taking more advanced classes in college, even getting a PhD.

Full, Complete Description

In my flash of inspiration eight years ago, the seven bodies were delineated this way: 1) physical body; 2) astral body; 3) emotional body; 4) mental body; 5) light body; 6) resurrected body; 7) ascended body.

In this mapping and description of the seven bodies, the emotional body was in the third position, with the mental body in the fourth position, since the mental body is the highest of the four lower bodies (physical, astral, emotional, mental); those of the third dimension.

The fifth body is the light body or transfigured body, such as Jesus demonstrated at the peak of his fifth major initiation of transfiguration, when his etheric, Christ, fourth-dimensional body transfigured him on the mount. Peter, John and James saw him surrounded by and emanating brilliant light. This is the only time in the New Testament Jesus was said to be filled with, and radiated, light in this way. (See picture to right.)

Moreover, Jesus was able to project, via this third eye, holographic images of his prior lifetimes as Moses and Elijah. He now had I Am power over the mistakes and lesser expressions of power that he had demonstrated in these past two lives.

The sixth body in my adapted and expanded version was called the resurrected body. In Jesus’ sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection, he crossed out his karma from past lives, spent three days in the darkness of the tomb, and then resurrected in his light body, lifting his four lower bodies into its higher vibrations. In order to do this, he had to be in God consciousness; to know, to believe, to demonstrate that he was the son of God, with even the power over death.

He had not resurrected in his preceding fifth step, despite the demonstration of his Christ powers. Rather, he resurrected in his sixth body, his resurrected body that is in God consciousness, as Father-Mother God had created him. He had forgiven all those who had contributed to his crucifixion and death, because he knew without a doubt that at their core, all were equal children of God. Love lifted him in his sixth body that he demonstrated for the following forty days.

Ascended Light Body

The seventh body was not labeled in Yolanda’s receiving in 1961, because next to nothing was known of it. Just a short description of Jesus’ ascension was given in the Holy Bible. How it worked, what it entailed, what made it possible was not described. All that was said was that he rose up, taking his physical body with him, and ascended into heaven, depicted as being above the clouds. No one else since then had demonstrated the full ascension in the last 2000 years. And even Jesus had not yet redescended and returned to Earth in his ascended light body, thereby completing his seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent.

In a sense, the fifth, sixth and seventh bodies are all gradations of what in the Mark-Age teachings are called the light body. They are the so-called three higher bodies, those of the fourth dimension, whereas the four lower bodies are of the third dimension. So, the three higher bodies may be called the transfigured light body, the resurrected light body, and the ascended light body.

Sananda Shares

While pondering all of the above, Sananda telepathically relayed to me that he had been the one to reveal this information to me back in 2014. When I re-read my entry about this in my spiritual diary, I was amazed to find that the new description of the seven bodies had occurred on July 22, 2014, almost eight years to the day ago. At that time, I did not know who had given me this updated and completed description of the seven bodies. It just came in a flash of inspiration as I pondered the recent series of ascension experiences I had had, in which I had ascended in a higher body up to the etheric realms, aboard etheric spacecraft, into the presence of ascended masters, angels and space visitors.

Since the information was new back then, I repeatedly had asked Spirit for confirmation, but nothing came. However, I went back and reviewed all of Nada-Yolanda’s seven major initiations in which she had demonstrated her seven bodies. It was clear from her example what the seven bodies are, how they work together as one, how they develop from the time that we first awaken spiritually, how they help to explain how each of us as Sananda’s and Nada’s disciples are to demonstrate our seven bodies in this time of now.

Moreover, I started reviewing my own seven initiations, knowing that I was then, in 2014, in the fourth phase of my seventh major initiation. Now, in 2022, I seemingly have started demonstrating the seventh phase of my seventh initiation of ascension and descent. Therefore, I have had direct, in-person, deep-in-my-soul experiences that correlated beautifully with those of Sananda and Nada. Sananda now said to me: You are therefore the right, fully qualified person to give the full explanation of the seven bodies and how they work. I was the first to demonstrate them. Nada-Yolanda followed in my footsteps, and you followed in hers. All others are to do likewise, in their own time and way.

Publish It

Yes, Sananda said, what you have received and understood about the seven bodies is fully accurate. I authorize you now to publish it so others can learn from it. It is my present to you to thank you for all you have done to serve me and all you have accomplished in this life. By all means, revel in this glorious moment, but then shortly get back to work. There is more to come. Life continues onward and upward. Do not rest on your laurels.

Well, for the moment, I was in heaven on Earth. It felt like my life, my soul growth, the healing of my karma had come full circle. I walked around all day with a huge smile on my face, in love with life, still feeling the glow of being embraced in Sananda’s loving heart, of being blessed by him as my father. And I radiated this love to all on Earth, especially to those of you who read and work with my blogs.

I plan to present more about these seven bodies in an upcoming blog. I will especially write about them in next year’s series of blogs, which will be devoted to my upcoming text Seven Steps to Christhood that hopefully we will publish before the end of this year.

Cosmic Oneness

The next morning, July 17th, in my nap after breakfast, Sananda once again contacted me. As I ascended in my seventh body to him, he descended in his light form to me. He completely surrounded and engulfed me, such that I could barely discern where he ended and I began. There was no blockage, no difficulty, no impediment to this light body bonding. We were two as one Christ body of light. I was the light-body flesh of his flesh, so to speak. And I felt entirely comfortable in this glorious experience of cosmic oneness with him.

He then said that this confirmed what he had given to me the day before about the seven bodies. He was the master of the seven bodies. He was a number 10, meaning oneness, completion, allness at a higher octave or level. He was the Prince of Peace and Love of the Seventh Ray. I was moving into this mastery, as guided and aided by him. All was in divine order. I therefore relaxed fully to a degree that I never have before. I was at peace. It was/is divine. Sananda was above, I was below. He was fully in the highest of the three etheric realms, I was still on Earth serving as his direct disciple and channel. In time, he would return to Earth. The very thought of this filled me with joy to overflowing. All day I reveled in this righteousness, in the rightness of our love for one another and for God, Who is Good!

Divine Dream

The next morning, July 18th, I vividly dreamt that I was a middle-aged woman in the Boston, Massachusetts area, a year or so after the end of the Revolutionary War in the USA, which the thirteen colonies had won, thereby achieving independence from England. This was the birth of a new nation, dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in which all its citizens were to be treated as equal children of God. In the dream, I was this lady rather than watching her in a separate, detached way.

As the dream progressed, I was at a banquet or celebration in which I was being honored for my righteous role and demonstration in the revolution. I had been one of those strong women of that day who had devoted themselves to winning the war at all costs, those mostly nameless women in history who stayed the course even as their husbands and relatives fought in the army or served in its government, who served mostly behind the scenes but still rallied those around them to devote themselves to birthing a new nation.

I was like unto Abigail Adams, who was deeply devoted to spiritual principles, as found in the Holy Bible, who lived these laws and guidelines. She loyally, determinedly and lovingly had supported her husband, John, who was amongst those men who spearheaded the separation from England. He would become the second president of the United States, after George Washington. John Adams was the only one of the founding fathers of this country, which is the New JerUSAlem, who never had owned a slave. Abigail found slavery abhorrent and repeatedly said so publicly. She was a force in and of herself, John’s equal. They were an incredible couple, whose letters to one another over the years were extraordinary.

In the dream, sitting at a table or podium, directing this gathering and celebration, were about a dozen or more men and women who had played significant roles in the revolutionary period. They included men and women. All wore the clothes of the day, but each of them glowed with transcendent light. The primary feminine leader stood up, she who had been my mentor and co-worker, and gave me a plaque commemorating all the good that I had done in those difficult, dangerous times. I felt totally blessed, even as I knew much work would be required in the upcoming years in order for the new nation to become strong and stabilized.

Soul Service & Healing

Upon awakening, I had a hard time coming back to conscious awareness in the here and now, for I felt so much in the past. My strongest impression, which I still have now, was that I had been this woman of the dream. I had incarnated back then to serve in the founding of the new nation, the precursor of the I Am Nation on Earth, in the New JerUSAlem.

Boston was the area where the revolution began, where folks like John Adams and his brother Samuel, had advocated the separation from England. Nada-Yolanda has received in her intunements that this northeast part of the USA was governed or inspired under the First Ray to utilize the sword of truth. Moreover, Boston was in the vibratory forcefield of the Earth Temple, which in Atlantis had been located on central Long Island, New York, about 200 miles south of modern day Boston.

Given my soul history of having incarnated several times in the Atlantean Earth Temple, it only makes sense that I would have incarnated in the Boston area during the 1700s, to help bring forth the United States. This birth and development of the new nation came under the direct influence and guidance of Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray, the co-titular head of the Hierarchy.

Now, as I am focusing on the current re-opening of the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, Spirit shows me my past life in the revolutionary period. The past merges into the present. In my dream, the leaders at the podium represent the Council of Seven, the highest governing body of the Hierarchal Board or spiritual government of this solar system. The woman who gives me the plaque symbolizes Sol-O-Man/Zolanda/Mary. She is saying to me that my soul is now healed of my karma from the days of Atlantis. The war now is the War of Armageddon, the battle between good and evil, within and all around the planet.

It Is Done

Additional interpretation of the many levels of this dream came in my following morning meditation. In it, I pondered all the experiences of the prior three days, and considered how to present them on this blog. I felt a deep sense of peace and completion. Then, suddenly, a space beam locked into the left temple of my head. Then another hieronic, electromagnetic beam was inserted into my right temple, causing a sharp, sudden pain. The left beam was from Sol-O-Man from aboard her mother ship. The right beam was from Sananda. Symbolically, the left side of the head is feminine, whereas the right side is masculine.

After linking especially with Sananda, he proclaimed: The Earth Temple is now re-opened! All of the interdimensional work of the ascended masters, angels, galactic visitors, and space visitors, plus light workers on Earth, is now complete. The Earth Temple has been re-energized and re-empowered fully to the degree that it can be in this one-month cycle of focusing on it. All that remains for you on Earth to do, and we to supervise, is the tying up of loose ends, of fully grounding in and anchoring this rebirth. Congratulations!

Here, then, was the deeper meaning of my above dream about being in the Boston area and being given the commemorative plaque. The dream, at a subconscious level, as directed by Sol-O-Man/Zolanda, portrayed the complete re-opening of the Earth Temple. Just a few days earlier, (as I explained on my previous blog), I had had three horrendous blowback dreams, in which a multitude of souls of lesser consciousness had invaded our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property, intending to take it over. Now the battle with these symbolic ones of the astral realms and mass consciousness had been won. I had persevered, as had Phillel. Now my current glorious dream shows the rebirth of the Earth Temple that is now re-opened and re-empowered and is one with the Sun Temple. Now comes the full conscious acceptance and application of this; the work to consciously anchor it into our thoughts, feelings, memories and physical actions; to be love in action, seven in a circle.

Friends, fellow light workers, now is the time to revel in our righteousness, as the title of this blog first was given to me. Revel, indeed! What glorious news. What an upliftment and fulfillment we all feel. It is done: the Earth Temple is now re-opened. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit. Special thanks goes to Sol-O-Man, our beloved mother, friend and wayshower.

Earth Changes Commence

Lord Uriel now appeared to me, shimmering in multiple hues of gold and white light. With her were the devas and elementals under her command, including my body devas. The elementals were shown symbolically as small balls of light.

Seventh Ray workers are especially adept at working with the devic and elemental kingdoms. When Nada-Yolanda was here on Earth, she was the leader of the devic and elemental forces. With Nada’s ascension to the etheric realms in 2005, I, as her Seventh Ray disciple and protégé, assumed that role and title. Especially in my seventh initiation, I have come more into contact with the devas and elementals.

Lord Uriel now explained telepathically that with the re-opening of the Earth Temple, the earth changes in this region will shortly begin. A vast change is coming along the coast of the entire northeastern USA. This will wipe away the errors of the past in Atlantis, as well as the current greed, selfishness and misuse and abuse of the lower kingdoms by citizens in New York City, Long Island, extending north to the area near Boston.

These earth changes cannot be forestalled or stopped. They long since have been planned. Now the command has gone out to the devas and elementals to being this process. We add our love and light to this necessary change, even as we have compassion for all the apparent suffering that this will entail for those in this region. God’s will be done, on earth, around the Earth Temple, as it is in heaven. Amen!

Seal The Deal

Begin your final anchoring and solidification of your individual Earth Temple by visualizing yourself inside a golden globe of etheric, Christ, fourth-dimensional light. This bubble or sphere is about 12 feet in diameter. Inside it you are spiritually protected from any intrusion by those who especially are in the lower four of the seven astral planes and from those negative, unawakened ones on Earth in mass consciousness.

Let go of any lingering worries, fears, excitement or depression, anything that you are allowing to rob you of your peace, that is impeding your full expression of love. Let go and let God flow into and through you and as you.

Be still and know that Father-Mother God is always with, around and within you. Be heart centered, in the center of your seven chakras: throat, third eye and crown chakras above your heart; and solar plexus, sacral and regenerative chakras, seals or psychic power centers below your heart center.

Revel in the right-ness, the glory of the rebirthing of your own Earth Temple, wherever you may now currently reside. Be at one with your seven bodies that now are aligned and integrated to a whole new degree, from your ascended light body down to your physical, earthly body

Be One with Sananda & Sol-O-Man

Affirm: I rest and revel in the righteous peace and love of my indwelling, ever-present, Son-Sun, Christ or I Am Self. Visualize and feel white and golden light suffusing your four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies that comprise your own Temple of the Living God here on Earth, which is your Earth Temple.

Intuit and see Sananda and Sol-O-Man coming down to visit you, to hold you in their hearts, to imbue you with golden, divine light. You know them for you have been with them numerous times in this and past lives. After all, they are your beloved parents and you are their adorable child who is precious to them. Feel this. Know this. Revel in this, which is righteous, real and good, which lifts you out of your third-dimensional, four lower bodies into your three fourth-dimensional light bodies.

Love fills your heart to the brim. Love completes, seals and protects the re-opening of your I Am Earth Temple consciousness, your love of the Earth and all life on and above it. With love, make all things new. Rest in a state of equipoise, balance, harmony and superconscious harmony. You are your I Am, Christ, Buddha, Atman, Oversoul Self that functions in and through your seven bodies.

Earth & Sun Are One

In your golden-globe spaceship, see yourself traveling to south-central Vermont, which is lit up with white and golden light, the light of the Earth Temple there. Add your light to this light and receive back the golden energies of this Temple. Fortify your linkage with the Earth Temple.

Connect and commune with the angels, devas and elementals that work in and through this Earth Temple, under the guidance of Lord Uriel and Ariel. Be attuned to the upcoming earth changes around it, out to the coast of the northeast. No one knows the exact moment these changes will occur, but they definitely are coming sometime soon, whether soon means days, months or years.

Change is coming in the minds and hearts of all people in this Earth Temple forcefield that radiates out from Earth Temple for 200-300 miles in all directions, even farther. With this change will come the rebirth of spiritual awareness and consciousness in this entire region. See and welcome this change. Out with the old, in with the new.

See golden light radiating from the Earth Temple to the Sun Temple here in northeastern Tennessee. See golden light flowing also to all the other spiritual temples or power centers around the Earth. See the entire planet illuminated and surrounded in gold and white light, that of the Seventh Ray. The globe and all life around and on it, down unto the very physical elements themselves, now glows with golden light. The Earth is rebirthed as the love center for the entire solar system. (See golden globe to right.)

Amen, amen, amen and amen. Om, om, om, om. It is done. Thank You, Father-Mother God!