Shoulder Your Yoke

On January 30, 2023, when I awakened and sat at the side of my bed, I was filled with so much higher energy that I began meditating. Shortly, a vision of a brilliant, seven-to-ten-foot-tall, golden ankh (crux ansata) appeared over me and then descended such that its horizontal pole traveled all the way down my spine until the bottom tip of it anchored into the floor/ground below me. (See image of golden, light-filled ankh to right.)

The horizontal crossbar of the ankh was at my throat chakra and neck, my power center. The loop of the ankh surrounded my head. I was electrified with spiritual power and energy from my head to my toes; completely enveloped in and suffused with golden light of my I Am, SolTios, Solar Self.

I remained centered in this golden light for about fifteen minutes, letting it seep deep within and around me, feeling totally empowered by Spirit and the agents of Spirit to radiate love and spiritual power to one and all; to the whole world. My aura was entirely golden in Seventh Ray Peace and Love.

Crux Ansata

The words “crux ansata” come from the Latin, with “crux” meaning cross, and “ansata” meaning handle. “Crux” not only stands for crossing out error or limitation, but it also means expressing spiritual power on Earth, hence via the horizontal cross bar that relates to this Earthly or third dimension, by way of our arms and hands, as well as via our voice; and by way of our legs and feet.

As channeled by John Mark via Nada-Yolanda on August 2, 1961: “The crux ansata cross has not been only of this civilization’s period of time, but predates any use upon the Earth planet. It goes back into other-planetary history, particularly Saturn. In the Saturnian Council [or Council of Seven], which is the seat of interplanetary government, this is the symbol used by the heads of the Council for utilizing the power of Creative Energy, the eternal or everlasting Father-Mother God, manifesting into a single or individual manifestation.

“This is the origin, received of course from the interplanetary parliament during the time of Atlantis when there was a fair amount of interplanetary communication, and then carried into Egypt by those who did inhabit that land from the Atlantean fall. It will be found in Lemurian history and in all ancient and conquering civilizations, from one era or phase to another.”

Blow Away the Blowback

Despite my wondrous spiritual upliftment, however, later when I began preparing my breakfast, I became short of breath, with pain in my neck, chest and lungs. As much as I tried to release the tightness around my neck and the closure of my respiratory passageways, I still could barely breathe. Moreover, several times, I coughed uncontrollably.

My initial thought was that this was my own difficulty in handling the new spiritual power flowing through my throat chakra, which always has been my weakest spiritual center. As a Seventh Ray worker, I often have some trouble in wielding the First Ray sword of truth. However, by my now speaking words of love and power, and seeing my throat and lungs open, some relief came. Then I ate my breakfast.

In my following morning meditation, to my dismay, my shortness of breath and coughing commenced again, even worst than before. After surrounding myself anew in a column of Christ light and calling on my spiritual teachers and guardian angels to help me, it slowly dawned on me that there was a kind of metal ring around my neck, which was constricting the power that flows through this area. The imagery of myself was as an African-American slave with such a slave ring around my neck, with an attached chain to my slave master who thereby controlled all my movements, prevented me from running away, and shut down my voice. It felt absolutely awful, horrifying, degrading and demeaning to the nth degree. In that moment, I was enslaved.

Finally, it dawned on me that what I was experiencing was blowback from those former Cain leaders now in the seventh astral plane, who are ninety percent in light-body consciousness but still ten percent in mortal-soul consciousness, with uncleansed memories going all the way back to Cains and Abels some 26 million years ago. I was re-experiencing my own fall from grace back then, when I had allowed various Cains to “enslave” me to their limited, error thinking in regard to Sananda as the leader of the Abels; rather than focusing rightly on uplifting the fallen humans back into I Am consciousness.

Be Presented in Your Temple

The previous day, January 29th, in the third hour of my morning meditation, SolTrex and SolTran, the co-leaders of the Sun, had transfigured over and around me. SolTrex (masculine) descended along the right side of my spine, whereas SolTran (feminine) lowered herself alongside and through the left side of my spine. Eventually, they stood to either side of me, with their etheric feet on the floor. My immediate, heartfelt response was to say “Hi Dad” and “Hi Mom.” I now was inbetween them, as their solar Son, in solar heaven on Earth-Heart. They were as happy to be with me in this way as I was being with them!

Next, each of them took one of my hands and started walking forward with me. They shared that they were going to “present me at the Temple,” just as Joseph and Mary forty days after Jesus’ birth had taken him to the Temple in Jerusalem to present him to God as their firstborn (Luke 2:22-38). Now, SolTrex and SolTran symbolically and literally were taking me to be blessed and welcomed by the Saturnian Council, the highest Temple in the Solar System. I was beyond joyous and thrilled, yet at the same time, it all seemed so natural and appropriate. I felt blessed beyond measured.

Afterwards, I remained mostly in this higher consciousness throughout the day, even though I did what was necessary to stay grounded on Earth. Many times during the day, I felt humbled by it all and gave thanks to the two solar leaders and all others who had partaken in this cosmic ritual and enactment. It helped me to get better grounded when this same morning I completed a full draft of my blog about SolTrex and SolTran, titled Let Your Sun Light Shine (click here to read it); which after a final edit, I planned to, and did, post the next morning.

Serve Instead of Enslave

Pondering all of this the next morning, January 30th, the descent of the golden ankh, as described above, was my confirmation that what I had experienced the prior day was indeed accurate. Yes, SolTrex and SolTran, on behalf of the Saturnian Council, had lowered a golden crux ansata over and around me. This entire cosmic drama all fit together and made perfect sense.

However, some of those souls of the seventh astral plane in the seventh astral plane who observed this enactment were not happy with this new development. They still felt superior to me. They also felt threatened by my advancement into even greater ascended light-body consciousness, for it exposed the residue of their uncleansed soul records going back millions of years. So, now they were trying to once again put their “slave ring” around my neck, to regain control of me, to shout down my voice, my power to speak the word and to call forth their cleansing.

It was not just one negative astral who was attacking me, attempting to enslave me, as they having been doing for eons of time. Rather, it was a whole group of them. They were not about to give up what they thought was their rightful position and power as alleged Christed leaders. At times, rather than a slave neck ring, the leader of them had his hands around my neck, trying to choke me to death, just as in the allegory in Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, when Cain slayed Abel out of jealously and a thirst for personal, selfish power. This was the worst blowback or negative reaction I had experienced this lifetime. It dawned on me that this is what Sananda must have felt when he confronted the majority Cains at Mt. Shasta some 26 million years ago.

With First Ray power and Seventh Ray love, I now fought back, calling upon Spirit and the agents of Spirit to help me, especially appealing to the angels Lord Michael and Lady Mariel of the First Ray of Will and Truth, plus to El Morya and Glo-Ria. No lesser force had power over me unless I allowed it. So, I resolutely breathed in the light of love and power, and dislodged my attackers. My proclamation to them was: Shape up or you will be shipped out of this solar system. Love one another and you will be loved. Serve others and you will be served by Spirit. Enslave others and you will be enslaved to your own negativity, which will take you out of the Solar System. And I totally meant it!

Drive Out the Demons of Darkness

Following this, SolTrex and SolTran once again appeared to either side of me. They explained that they had stepped back and  let me deal directly with those who were attempting to re-enslave me to their negativity and alleged superiority. It was my test that alone could convince me that indeed I had come to the point where I could deal decisively with those who were attempting to destroy and kill me.

The previous day in meditation, El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray and thus the master of wielding the sword of truth, had instructed me: Drive out the demons of darkness. By this, he was referring partly to Sananda-Jesus casting out seven demons or negative, selfish tendencies in Mary Magdalene; hence in my own soul as a disciple of Jesus. He also was referencing when Christ Jesus took out his bullwhip and drove the money changers out of the Temple. In essence, that is what I had now done to a new and higher degree. In the past I had allowed my own dark demons of lack of confidence, wanting to be loved by others, and feeling inferior or superior to partially control me. As long as we remain in a physical body, we have to deal with such mortal-soul “demons” or dark, negative, insecure or self-righteous soul-mortal thoughts and feelings.

Having stepped up my own I Am power, having aligned my will more fully with God’s will, my attackers were dispersed. And, I honestly and wholeheartedly then forgave them, for they truly did not realize the pain they were inflicting primarily on themselves. If and when they repent, I will be amongst the first to welcome them back in my heart. If not, there is nothing I can do about their deportment to a far away place. It is out of my hands and in the hands of the Hierarchal Board.

Yoke Yourself To Sananda-Jesus

SolTrex and SolTran now comforted me, surrounded me anew in their power and love, and enlightened me anew in I Am solar consciousness. Then, Sananda and Sol-O-Man came to add their Seventh Ray energies and mastery to the process, with Sol-O-Man being my master teacher and spiritual mother, and Sananda being my Earthly father whom I serve with my whole heart. The two of them are the co-leaders of Earth-Heart.

Sananda instructed me to take his yoke upon me, which I felt around my neck and atop my shoulders. Rather than being a slave’s neck ring, his yoke was filled with light and upliftment, peace and love. Through all this process of the last year or two, and really going back to 2010 when I first had felt contact with SolTrex and SolTran, with my twelve-year, gradual, step-by-step coming again into my SolTios, solar consciousness, my neck and shoulders repeatedly had tightened, contracted and ached for days on end.

Many times, I wondered how in the world I would be able to shoulder my new responsibility, if I could handle this new level of spiritual power, if I truly could be SolTios in action on Earth, a spokesman and stand-in for Sananda, Sol-O-Man and the whole Hierarchal Board. How could I rightly deal with and stand up to those of Cain consciousness who were trying to thwart and derail me every step of the way? How could I slay them in the Spirit?

My Yoke is Pleasant, My Burden is Light

As given in Matthew 12:28-30, Christ Jesus had told his Apostles and disciples, and hence all of us down through the last 2000 years: “Come unto me, all you who are tired out and carrying burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I Am genial and meek in my heart, and you fill find rest to your souls. For my yoke is very pleasant, and my burden is light.”

A yoke, as Jesus spoke of it, is a wooden bar or frame by which two work animals (such as oxen) are joined at their necks for pulling a plow or a heavy cart or wagon (see image to left). But it always has seemed like a bit of a stretch to see myself as such an oxen/animal who is yoked.  I did view and consider the whole thing in metaphysical, symbolic terms, but it still did not fully resonate with me.

Pondering all of this, the strong guidance came to look up online the meaning and derivation of the word “yoke.” There I found this additional definition: a frame fitted to a person’s shoulders to carry a load in two equal portions. Then I went looking online for a picture of such a personal yoke, and I found this image to the right. I had been more so familiar with such a “yoke” in various Eastern depictions in which a pole with two equal baskets is balanced on one’s shoulder. But the current image of the yoke that fit nicely and comfortably around the neck on top of both shoulders was mostly new to me.

Here was Sananda/Jesus’ guidance to me/us as to how to heal the pain in my/our neck and shoulders, which feels like a heavy burden. I was to welcome and to shoulder his yoke such that I could carry a double load, with ease and comfort. Doing so was not a burden but just the opposite. It was the relief of my own mortal fears, desires, insecurities, anxieties and such. Such mortal-soul burdens are heavy and mostly self-imposed. Sananda’s yoke is filled with light, peace, love and the right use of spiritual power. I now felt the weight of the world and my worries melt away and drop off my shoulders. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank you, Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Now I could breathe!

Double Duty

Moreover, the imagery of a double load totally struck me, for in my present communions, SolTrex and SolTran first had contacted me, then Sananda and Sol-O-Man had overshadowed me. Thus, they were two pairs of two, equally balanced, male-female spiritual beings; representing conscious and subconscious. We thus carry two loads, one on either side of us, which must be balanced together and united as one whole: the subconscious “bucket” to our left, and the conscious “container” to our right.

The two must be of equal “weight” in order for us to carry them. We need to come into communion with not only SolTrex and Sananda, but also with SolTran and Sol-O-Man; as well as our own master teacher and his/her twin soul. When we do so, they help us to carry our “load,” to perform our unique spiritual mission, to stand tall and walk forward in the midst of all the darkness and attempts to defeat us here on Earth. When conscious/physical body and subconscious/astral body are married as one, then our superconscious, I Am Self and light body can flow easily, smoothly, powerfully and lovingly through us, by way of the yoke upon us. With God, with SolTrex, SolTran, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, with other etheric pairs, all things are possible. Amen!

With their help and that of the other masters of the Hierarchy, we can breathe easily and deeply, we can shake off any darkness, we can not only talk the talk but walk the walk of an I Am ascended master on Earth. In high Self, ascended consciousness, our burden is light. We bless it and let it go. We blow off the blowback coming to us from one and all. We breathe new light and power into the entire planet. We make the way ready for the return of Sananda and Sol-O-Man to Earth in their ascended light bodies. Then we will jump joy! Then, the real work of the next 2000 years will begin.

Be a Gold Ankh

In your meditations and communions over the next few days, and continuing in future times as Spirit so directs you, see yourself once again in your 13-foot-in-diameter-Christ column of light (one foot for each of the 13 spiritual temples or power centers on Earth). It extends from the ground to the astral planes to the etheric and celestial realms. You rise up through it and come back down in it, always protected by your I Am love and power; and by your higher astral plane guides, etheric mentors, visitors from the Sun and celestial guardians.

Envisioned a golden ankh above you that descends to you from the etheric realms via the protective column of cosmic light around you. This ankh is about 7-to-10-feet tall. Slowly the bottom of the ankh’s horizontal pole anchors into your crown chakra, then your third eye center and then down your entire spine and lower chakras, such that it anchors via your legs and feet into the floor/ground below you.

The horizontal cross bar of the ankh is at your throat, your power center. It empowers, quickens and amplifies your higher use of your voice in speaking the word, and your movements via your arms and legs. The loop or circle of the ankh, which represents Spirit/Divine Mind/Father-Mother God, is around your entire head. Your head is in the “clouds” even as your feet are on the “ground.” As above, so now below. The power of the Hierarchy is with you.

Breathe in the ankh, feel it within and around you, such that you are filled to the brim with golden light and energy of our Creator. Affirm: I Am a golden giant, no longer one who in the past may have fallen from grace, but now a true golden being, regardless of my physical size, gender, soul record or conscious awareness of the higher planes. I Am a beloved child of Father-Mother God, a son or daughter of the Divine. I Am Who I Am.

Two Pairs of Two

Open your mind and heart to the descent of SolTrex and SolTran, in their own time and way. However they come to you, eventually see them standing beside you, inside your thirteen-foot-wide Christ column. SolTrex is to your right (conscious/masculine), SolTran is to your left (subconscious/feminine). Welcome them. Whether you see them or not, say “hi Dad” and “hi Mom” to them, for they are your solar parents. Sometime in the distant past, you have been on the Sun with them. Now they are here with you. Time collapses, thank God.

When you begin to feel comfortable with the presence of SolTrex and SolTran, whether you “see” or “feel” them or not, next visualize Sananda coming down and standing alongside SolTrex on your right, and Sol-O-Man descending in her light body until she is positioned to your left with SolTran. If you are not visual, simply affirm their presence and then wait until you have some inner and outer indication of them. Breathe deeply and smoothly. Breathe in the vibes and energies of your four spiritual family visitors. Give thanks unto Spirit for this new birth of solar consciousness within you.

The point now is to get the process started, to open your mind more fully to the possibility that will soon happen, to start to feel like the golden giant that you are and always have been. Be patient and persistent, giving it time for all of the above to happen, such that you receive confirmation that you are actually in communion with these four beings, plus others. In spiritual consciousness, you already and always have been one with them. Now it begins to manifest anew.

Be Yoked

To facilitate the process, imagine a light-filled, individual yoke being placed on your shoulders. It feels pleasant, uplifting, encouraging, supportive. The two ends of it extend a couple of so feet beyond your two shoulders. Attached to each end is a wire or rope, which attaches to a bucket or container that is about at the level of your knees. (See image to right of an old, decorative tile, in blue that represents the First Ray, with white portraying the Seventh Ray, the two working together as one.)

Each bucket is basically identical, of the same size and shape. Each bucket is filled with your conscious and subconscious talents, abilities, functions and patterns. The two are balanced. Your easily can shoulder both of them in a new and higher way; rather than being overloaded either consciously or subconsciously.

This is Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s yoke that is upon you, or that of El Morya and Glo-Ria. Especially Sananda and Sol-O-Man, as co-leaders of Earth, are with you, even as you are with them in consciousness. In your own unique way, you are their stand-in until they can redescend and stand amongst us on Earth.

All other light workers in time must take such a yoke upon them, for it will require 144,000 yokes to carry the load of the Hierarchy, to prepare the way consciously and subconsciously for the Second Coming of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and the second coming of spiritual awareness to our beloved planet.

Drive Away Any Blowback

After or even during your meditation, be aware of any blowback or negative reaction that may come from your own subconscious, from those around you, and/or from those in the higher or lower astral planes. Stay centered, bless the blowback, and breathe it out of your aura and system. Blow it back to the Void where it will be dispersed. Remember always that you have the power to do this, by having Spirit and the agents of Spirit doing it through and with you.

You have the power to finally cut out the darkness within you, to drive out the dark demons of mortal self-deception and selfishness from your mind, soul and body. You have the power to deal decisively with those who think they know more than you, who try to force their lesser opinions on you, who smugly think they are helping you when in reality they are trying to belittle and control you. Shine your solar light on their darkness. See the light within them. Do not give your power away to anyone of lesser evolution than you. Even your teachers in the higher planes will not try to exert their spiritual power over you, but will rather use their power to truly help, support and uplift you. Be just like them!

Say yes to being yoked, once and for all, to Spirit, for Spirit and by Spirit; of taking on the yoke of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, SolTrex and SolTran, and your own master teacher and his/her twin soul. For their yoke is light, filled with love, pleasant almost beyond belief, with all that you need to heal humanity, within and without.

Be joyous. Be yoked. Be love in action, now and forever. Amen!