The Prayer

Here’s our song for today, another one by sisters Lucy and Martha Thomas, with their wondrous individual voices and sparkling harmonies. The song is: The Prayer, which first was sung by Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli (go to YouTube and check it out). The Prayer was written by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager, Alberto Testa and Tony Renis; and it originally was recorded by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli in 1998.

Lucy and Martha were 18 and 13, respectively, when they recorded this song. Martha’s voice and presence have definitely matured (she was just 10 or 11 in the last song video I posted), and is about to enter the same stratosphere as Lucy’s.

I’ve heard many versions of this lovely, inspiring song by the best professional, skilled singers. But this version by Lucy and Martha moves me more than any of them. It’s hard to explain, but from the time I hear Lucy’s voice, then especially with the harmonies with Martha, well I am lifted into a higher realm. That’s the best I can say. Their singing moves me emotionally and spiritually in such a pure, yet simple, childlike and cosmically transcendent way.

Plus, there is something about two sisters singing as one, each with her own voice, that is greater than the sum of their two individual parts/voices. Call it what you will, a higher realm, overdrive, music of the spheres, etc. Plus their love for one another as sisters likewise is so apparent and so uplifting. To paraphrase Christ Jesus, where two or more spiritual sisters are gathered, there I Am in the midst of them.

You have to wonder what planet or planets these two trained on before incarnating this time on Earth. Now I am going to step back from my writing and listen to this sound once again with my whole being, as I have done scores of times before this. Heaven on Earth. And two children of God are leading us!

Enjoy. Soar. Fly high. Sing. Pray. You and I will be two as one in the One Voice!

DJ Doc K