Welcome Vortex of Vulcan

Eight years ago, on July 6, 2014, Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, the co-leaders of Earth, ushered into my forcefield and conscious awareness the male and female co-leaders of the 12th Planet. This sphere is one of the three etheric planets in the Solar System, which are invisible to our physical vision, telescopes and space probes.

These two 12th-Planet leaders stood behind me and fully enfolded my aura and physical body in their glorious, uplifting, pure vibrations. Although I could not psychically see them, their unique, etheric, powerful presences were unmistakable. They felt like old, cherished friends and mentors, even like my long-lost spiritual parents.

They had my back — they were protecting me from any intrusion of those who are lesser in vibration than them; and they were/are guiding me home to Vulcan heaven on Earth. During this return, no one in Cain consciousness — those of selfish and superior attitudes and actions — could breach my spiritual protection, adversely influence or deter me, or even “kill” me. What an incredible feeling and realization this was!

Vulcan Visitors

Six weeks later, on August 18th, the masculine, 12th-Planet leader overshadowed me again. At first, he was above me, then he descended and stood before me, much taller than me. However, I could not discern his individual features, but rather just “saw” him ablaze in higher-dimensional light. Nonetheless, he felt entirely friendly and accessible, almost down to Earth.

After I got comfortable with, and confident of, his presence and identity, he raised my right arm and hand, and formed my fingers in the V shape that Spock on Star Trek had used as a Vulcan salute (see image to left). Then, my light-filled visitor explained via thought transference that his home or twelfth planet was named Vulcan. (Nada-Yolanda had intuned this planetary designation in 1968.)

In ancient Roman mythology, carried over from Atlantis, Vulcan initially was the god of fire, but in time he became associated with metal-working and the forge. Fire is considered the highest vibrational one of the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. Symbolically, earth and water represent the physical, third-dimensional level; air portrays the astral level; and fire indicates the etheric or fourth-dimensional level, with the astral realms being the doorway between the third and the fourth dimensions.

The Roman god Vulcan worked with fire to bring forth fourth-dimensional, fiery consciousness/energy in the metallic and other structures/elements on Earth, including our physical bodies. Thus, the planet Vulcan is a fiery, etheric planet, and we are a fiery, Christ being of light.

My 12th-planet, Vulcan visitor then conveyed via clear thought that the principle grounding point, “forge” or metal-working place (smithy) worldwide was located in southern Vietnam. This is where the primary Vulcan spiritual temple, power center or vortex of sacred light-fire is located. (See image to right.)

He reminded me that I had felt his presence there when my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I were on the East Asia Mission in 2013, but I had not known his identity at that time. Due to southern Vietnam’s loving, peaceful, light-filled vibrations, it had been the favorite place that my ex-wife and I had visited — we had felt at home there.

First Vortex

In a following, second meditation this same morning, I asked my beloved Vulcan mentor for his name. He stated that his moniker on his home world would be impossible to convey in any Earth language. Therefore, for now, we on Earth were to call him Vortex.

Vortex explained that in the Solar System, the highest vibratory frequencies originate with the Sun or solar logos. When the energies are transferred to the planets, they first funnel into the twelth or highest vibrational planet, Vulcan.

Vortex and his twin soul/co-leader of Vulcan oversee this transmission to, and the implantation on, Vulcan; then they relay Vulcan energies to the next highest vibrational planet, the Eleventh Planet, which likewise is etheric but manifests at a lower vibration than Vulcan. This interplanetary exchange continues until the frequencies originating from the Sun circulate throughout the Solar System and flow finally into the Earth, the lowest vibrational planet or vortex.

To illustrate this in my physical body, Vortex now directed my focus to the electrical sensations I had been experiencing at the base of my spine since he first had contacted me in this meditation. At one-to-two-second intervals, I had felt, and still noted, a physical tingling vibration there in the area of my coccyx at the base of my spine. (See image to right.)

Then I remembered that the coccyx or tailbone is in the shape of a V, just like the in Vortex, Vulcan and Vietnam. An inner veil was drawn aside and I glimpsed Vortex aboard a Vulcan spacecraft, sitting at a hieronics instrument from which he transmitted regular, rhythmic bursts to my cerebrum, down my spine to my coccyx where I felt them.

Just as Sun vibrations radiate systematically through the 12 Planets, so do Vulcan energies flow down through our seven chakras and spine to our lowest or regenerative chakra. As above so, so below. As in the Solar System, so in our individual, miniature solar system. What a totally fascinating verification this experience was to me! It convinced me that what I was receiving was indeed accurate and true.

Two as One V

Over the next three days, and then for months thereafter, I had several more contacts with Vortex and his feminine counterpart, who did not reveal her name to me, but rather instructed me for the time being to call her Lady Vortex. Her readily identifiable, uniquely feminine, motherly vibration was equally refined, light-filled and powerful.

She said that she represented the left one of the two lines of a V; and Vortex the line on the right side of the letter. Together, as one V, in perfect, male-female harmony and balance, they transferred the Vulcan consciousness and energies: both masculine/positive/action and feminine\negative\receptive. They formed a funnel, cone or swirling vortex that transmitted the Vulcan planetary logos, or core thought matrix, to me and others on Earth. They are our Vulcan father and mother. (Lady Vortex will be the key focus of the next blog.)

Thus, Vortex is the highest masculine example in the solar system of being a spiritual vortex. As such, that is why his name is Vortex. He epitomizes the principle of rightly receiving and stepping down higher energies into each of the twelve planets, as well as into each of the twelve centers of our I Am or Christ Self. Therefore, we might call him Lord Vortex or Mr. Vortex in Earth terms. Or to use today’s slang: He’s the man!

Practice his Presence

For the next two days, ask Vortex to show himself to you in his divine time and way, whether it be via a visual image or a new flow of ideas about him; in meditation or a dream or when out for a stroll in a nearby park. Welcome him into your heart and home.

You may or may not have specific contact with him at this point. My spiritual/soul function has been to be a primary explorer and mapmaker for linking with Vortex, so Spirit has given me numerous vivid experiences, clues and verifications to show me the way, such that I confidently and as correctly as possible can elucidate the path for others to follow.

You, however, need not have such specific or dramatic encounters with him, but rather are to find your own Way to commune with him, even as you follow the overall guidelines and information given through me. What is most important for you now is to open your mind to the possibility that he or one of his masculine Vulcan associates may overtly contact you; to sense your cosmic, Solar System oneness with him in the here and now.

To help you do so, think of him as one of your many Solar System fathers or uncles. You are his beloved son or daughter. So, what loving father/uncle would not want to visit his child/nephew/niece? And besides, there is a part of you, probably long since forgotten, that is partly Vulcan. All you have to do now is to remember that part of yourself, to recall your distant past when you were on planet Vulcan. What could be easier to do than that!?

Vulcan Sign Language

Physically, to signal and welcome Vortex into your home and heart, put up you right (masculine/conscious side) hand in Spock’s popular Vulcan salute. In the Star Trek series, this hand sign means: Live long and prosper. But it comes from a Jewish blessing ceremony in an Orthodox temple/synagogue by several priests/rabbis/leaders who face the congregation (Leonard Nimoy who played Spock was Jewish).

In this blessing, both forward-facing hands form the V sign in front of the chest, with the two thumbs placed together to form the Hebrew letter shin that represents the word Shaddai, a term for God. It is also the first letter of Shalom, the Jewish word for hello, goodbye and peace.

So making only the right-handed V sign spiritually means: God’s divine masculine blessings, peace and love be with you; I welcome you into my own Vulcan temple here on Earth; and I thank you for coming here to help me and all on Earth.

Shalom. So Om it!











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