You Are the Reason

Here’s our uplifting song for today: You Are the Reason, originally written and performed by Calum Scott.

This time, however, it is sung gloriously by a sister and brother from Uganda, Africa: Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira. It is a tribute to their mother who also comes from Kampala, Uganda, from Mother Africa.

It could easily be sung for Mother God or for any spiritual mother, such as Glo-ria, Meta or Mother Mary; for your Mom or mine; or for that matter for Nada-Yolanda. With Esther and Ezekiel, we celebrate Mother’s Day, which actually was on May 8th, 4 days ago.

Every day is Mother’s Day. I love you, Mom!


DJ Doc Mama’s Boy

To hear their first audition on Canada’s Got Talent, and get more background of these two remarkable souls, go to

PS: Below is a photo of a beautiful violet-and-white iris that just bloomed off my from porch here at Hilarion House. Violet is for Sixth Ray cleansing and transmutation, white is for Seventh Ray peace and love.

Maybe you are going through some transmutation of your past relationship with your Mom or one of your feminine spiritual teachers. If so, keep at it, hang in there, keep on keeping on, keep climbing every mountain of thoughts, swimming every ocean of feelings. In time, you will resurrect in glorious white, divine love. And you will sing to your Mom: You are the reason for my keeping on, for surmounting every obstacle, for being the son or daughter of God that I Am.


This flower is only one of many for Mother’s Day.