Amazing Grace for Ukraine

Here’s our song for today: Amazing Grace  as sung by several, while Pope Francis, Vatican Cardinals and the head of the Ukrainian Eastern Catholic Church is in attendance.

I find this one hard emotionally to watch. You have to wonder what Putin is thinking and feeling, engineering all this destruction. He is acting like such a heartless jerk! I still do make every effort to see the Christ in him and to have compassion for him, as he unknowingly is creating immense karma that someday he will have to face and suffer. God be with him!

This is a large mp4 file so it may take a couple minutes to download it. Click on the start arrow and turn on the sound, too. if you need to do this.

Let there be peace in Russia and Ukraine. Wake up, President Putin. Hang in there, Ukrainians. We love you!

DJ Doc K

2 thoughts on “Amazing Grace for Ukraine”

  1. A great message of hope midst the chaos and confusion of that horrific situation. (Btw, the MP4 file loaded immediately upon clicking the link).

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