Be a Big PaPa

Today and tomorrow, December 18 and 19, 2022, we will fully re-vitalize, re-open and re-birth the Vulcan Temple, power center or vortex of sacred light on Earth, within ourselves and in and around Ta Cu Mountain, Vietnam, which is the epicenter of the Earth’s Vulcan vortex.

During these two days, the Vulcan V or Vortex will descend from our regenerative chakra and reproductive organs, down our two legs, to below both of our feet. With this re-birth, we will stand solidly on Earth in I Am solar consciousness. We will walk the Vulcan walk. As above, now so below. (See image to right/above.)

Our primary focus for these two days is on the masculine, conscious and positive polarity (+) of the Vulcan vortex or spiritual temple at, around and above Tac Cu Mountain. As we do so, however, we are linked firmly and fully with the feminine, subconscious, so-called negative (-) or receptive polarity, with the two being at one. Thus, literally and symbolically, we finalize our spiritual birth of Vulcan-Earth consciousness via our two legs, hence our masculine and feminine sides.

In our Vulcan-Vietnamese re-birthing center, our primary masculine angelic, etheric and higher astral teachers, mentors and co-workers are: Ariel, masculine angelic counterpart of Lady Uriel; Lord Maitreya, the masculine Christ matrix of the Solar System; Sananda, the masculine Christ matrix of Earth; Summalt/Peter, etheric commander of the light workers in the Eastern Hemisphere, from aboard his ship #7423, now stationed over Ta Cu Mountain; Vortex, masculine co-leader of the planet Vulcan, currently in the highest or third etheric plane above the Ta Cu vortex of sacred light; Viet-I-Am, the masculine co-leader of the three etheric planes that overlap with the highest or seventh astral plane; and Papa Viet/Ho Chi Minh, leader of the fifth astral plane that overlaps upward with the sixth astral plane and downward into the fourth astral plane. What a fabulous team of Big PaPas or Big Daddies we have!

Mother Mary Comes to Me

Previously, on December 10th, when I was having breakfast nearby at Shoney’s Restaurant, sitting serenely and happily in a back and quiet corner, listing to music via my smartphone and earphones, at the end of my meal, Sol-O-Man announced her presence to me as Mary, Mother of Jesus. She is my Big MaMa, my feminine master teacher. She is my mother of Mothers. First, via telepathic sharing, she reminisced about and reminded me of the first time she had visited me in 2011 right here in Shoney’s, just prior to the South American Mission. Back then, she told me that during the upcoming mission, she would appear to me in all kinds of public places, such as restaurants, airports, train stations, taxis, buses, churches and other public gatherings; in all the countries that MariLyn and I were scheduled to visit..

She said that spirituality the communion and interchange between dimensions is not just something for mountain retreats and secluded spiritual centers. Mother God is with us no matter where we are; here, there and everywhere, within and without. And indeed, throughout our 42 days in South America she repeatedly appeared to me in everyplace imaginable. In Argentina she revealed that I had been her younger brother when she was Mary.

Therefore, I was uniquely qualified now to know who she is and how she felt and what she did during that extraordinary lifetime as the Mother of Jesus and the leader of the Apostles and disciples following his ascension. I was either there or knew about when she ascended. She had not been “assumed” as well-meaning male priests centuries later wrongly concluded due to their masculine bias, but she had taken her physical body up with her, she had “ascended” in her light just as Jesus had. In the early 1960s, Nada-Yolanda had confirmed her ascension.

Forgive & Heal Others

Mary now said to me at Shoney’s that my soul was healed of all the imbalanced subconscious patterns and soul memories that I had been working all this year during the touring of the thirteen temples, going back to the days of Cains and Abels. My soul now magnified the Lord and expressed His-Her love, just as hers had when she was Mary. That is why Sananda/Jesus two days earlier on December 8th had totally transfigured me, electrifying my whole forcefield, all the way to both of my feet, but especially the right one; and had commanded me then to “step forward.”

Sol-O-Man explained the key lesson in this experience: Not until we have recalled, reviewed, transmuted and healed our soul can we take the next, new step forward. As long as we live in denial of our Cain past or refuse even to try to look at it, we will repeat it. If we do not take care of it consciously and atone for it in our new actions, if we just offer a blanket apology without actually feeling it in our heart, if we do not feel the past searing pain that we have inflicted on others or on ourselves, it will just get buried deeper into our subconscious and thereby outpicture in our physical body, such as with difficulties with our eyes (conscious mind), imbalances of our endocrine glands (subconscious) and disorders of our regenerative organs (our physical self).

She said that is exactly what is happening within each person worldwide. There is a all-out battle going on in each soul between Able and Cain, good and evil, selflessness and selfishness; between being small instead of being large and puffed up like a peacock. The first shall be last and the last shall be first to enter the kingdom of heavenly consciousness.

If anyone, anywhere, no matter what the level of their current spiritual evolution, still has some residue of mortal, Cain-like, superior, holier-than-thou-thinking-and-feeling, it has to be seen, felt and dealt with consciously in order to transmute it. Otherwise one lives in superior denial, thinking that one has arrived when there truly is a long way to go. One must go through the Sixth Ray of Transmutation to get to the Seventh Ray of peace, love, forgiveness and divine sacrifice for the good of the Whole Body of Humankind.

If anyone does not deal decisively and deeply with the past, everything such people think, say, remember and do are tainted, distorted and colored by Cain consciousness, no matter how pretty and seemingly pure their words and alleged proper actions are. As a light worker, we have to know this about ourselves and demonstrate its purification and overcoming; and then we have to be wise as a serpent in truthfully evaluating and judging the actions of others, even as we are gentle and loving and peaceful as a white dove that represents the healing grace of God the Good.

Be A New Woman & A New Man

Then, Mary got more so personal. She said that planet Earth long since has been dominated by men who think they are superior to women. The Holy Bible and all other spiritual texts reveal this masculine bias and arrogance. Cain and Abel were men. Jesus allegedly only talked about the Father, not the Mother, although God knows that he as the Prince of Earth knew all there was to know about the Divine Feminine polarity. In this day and age, even highly evolved New Age channels may bring forth information that is only partially true, even as much as 80-90% true, with with 10% or more of error. No channel is perfect. Nada-Yolanda, as the teacher of channels and Co-Chohan of the Seven Ray never claimed that she was 100 percent.

Jesus did allow and have loving feminine disciples in his midst such as SoMa/Mary Magdalene, which the Hebrew priests, Pharisees and scribes objected to as being against the masculinized Mosaic law of their fathers. To use modern language, Jesus was no male chauvinist or patriarchal despot or power-monger in relation to male-female exchanges, even though that is basically how in some ways he is currently presented in conventional, orthodox religions. Mary is basically just an afterthought in the Gospels, just a physical mother, not a spiritual master.

Jesus was conceived by and born through the pure Womb of Mary, his twin soul — only she was pure enough to be able to do so, for she was an ascended master incarnated on Earth, just as he was. She was the most intuitive woman on the planet, and she knew ahead of time who Jesus was and what he would and could do, depending on the circumstances. Her third eye was open, not closed.

Moreover, ahead of their incarnations together, with others of the Hierarchal Board, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, as the co-leaders of Earth, had planned every major step that they were to take in this incarnation. So in reply to the modern song “Mary Did You Know,” which of course was written by a man, the answer is: Yes, she knew, in fact she knew more than any other man of Jesus’ day. She knew full well of mortal man’s arrogance. Only Jesus to her was a true man who was equal to a true woman. Only Mary truly knew who he was. As his twin soul, how could she not?

Even some New Age psychics and channels sometimes distort what they receive from Mary, saying that she was astounded by what Jesus did from the time he was a young lad, or that she was somehow less than him when in fact she was his Jewish mother who did not put up with any of his growing-up nonsense. Theirs was a vital, give-and-take, male and female relationship, although of a mother and a son, but it was a co-equal relationship in their being manifestations of themselves as Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Mary said to me in this present communion, that she basically took such alleged accounts of her as being “a slap in the face,’ not all that different from what so many men do unto women, back then and right now.

No More

And yet, she is portrayed in the Bible basically as a “dumb” woman, whereas Jesus is presented therein and by later Christian leaders, priests, Popes and ministers as being God Himself (who of course is masculine in their eyes), which is totally ridiculous, in that God exists throughout the whole Cosmos, within and without. Rather he was a son of God and she was a daughter of God, the prototypical examples for all men and women to follow in transmuting their conscious and subconscious minds; to doing even more things than the two of them had done back then.

He was a father to his Apostles and disciples, she was a mother to them, with particular care and feminine empathy for the woman followers, for she knew the difficulties, the insults, the demeaning and disrespectful slap-in-the-face-ways in which they were treated, even by the Apostles, who after all were all men. How many Apostles showed up at this trial? Not a single one. Only John was at the foot of the cross. Mary the Mother and Mary Magdalene were there at the cross, plus other Marys. When Jesus resurrected, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene. So what does that tell you?

I’m paraphrasing here, but Mary basically next said emphatically and with deep feeling to me that she was not going to put up with this masculine arrogance any longer, or with any woman who has bought into these lies and half-truths; for men and women both are at fault. My mouth dropped open and I listened very quietly and totally respectfully — this was my Big Sister talking. This was Big Mama Mary talking in a way I never had heard her talk with me.  And mind you, as a man, some of this was directed to me. “Young man, little brother,” she was saying, “you had better watch you step or your Big Sis and Mama will give you “what for.””

In other words, as the common saying goes, “Don’t Mess with Mama.” Thus, don’t mess with MaMa Mary or you are going to get your butt kicked! Those who do not shape up and heal their souls will be shipped out of the solar system. No more! No more of this 26-million-year-long insanity, arrogance, selfishness and superiority/inferiority.

Keep You Eye Open

Mary then outlined for me various men, as well as some women in my life, who were outpicturing the very thing she was so powerfully explaining to me. She warned me to be very careful around them, to stay protected, to know that love conquers all. For in my receiving and sending out this message, they will be tempted to try to turn and rend me, to cut me down at the knees, to ride herd on me, which they arrogantly think will be for my own good.

Even if they do not read this message, they will respond negatively to the spiritual thoughts and feelings that have gone out from her through me to one and all. They will not want to believe that they are wrong and we, Mary and I, are in the right, that I Am as a older brother to them, who loves them but is no longer willing to put up with their mortal garbage and rebelliousness.

She then said that my past dream of someone sneaking up behind me with the intent to kill me was fully accurate, individually as depicted in the dream and in generally being applied to mankind and the phenomenon of “blowback.” In fact, she said, she had inspired this dream and it was accurate. If anyone objected to this, they were in essence objecting to her soul evaluation of them.

And she prophesied that I would see physical manifestations of the dream in the near future, which would prove what she was telling me. Some men and some women would react negatively to me, would expose themselves for the hypocrites that they are, but I would be protected by her, other Big MaMas as well as Big PaPas. In the end, love will be victorious. In these End Days, love will conquer all. Abels will be victorious, partly due to having birth Vulcan consciousness.

Forgive Seven Times Seventy

And sure enough, a few days later, the dramatic manifestations of revealed Cain consciousness in others appeared right in my face and life. Mary came to me at this time, nodded her head, and said: I told you! Here’s the physical, factual evidence!

So, I asked how I was to proceed in dealing with such men. She said to be just like she was when she was incarnated as a man, when she was King Solomon who directed and oversaw the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. He was said to be the wisest judge in the land because he not only judged by outer standards, but also via his intuition, his feminine side, his opened third or all-seeing eye.

Mary said to be wise as a serpent (male), as gentle as a dove (female). Always see the Christ in the person, see them stepping forward; but don’t be fooled by their clumsy attempts to try to prove that they are more pure than they really are. Know who is your big brother and who is your little brother, who is your big sister and who is your little sister. How? Know them by their fruits.

Be as a Mother who nurtures and helps them. Be as a Father who disciplines and direct them and shores up their Christ confidence. In helping them, you will be helped. For at this stage of your spiritual growth, you can only step forward by helping those who are a step or two behind you. Love God and Love One Another, as Sananda and I proclaimed in the days of Cains and Abels, and every since then. So be it.

Another Big Mama

Then, three days later, on December 13th, another such Loving, Healing, Big MaMa was added to the feminine Family members watching over and helping me. She is Lady Master Meta, the feminine twin soul of Hilarion, who is the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration, Transfiguration and Healing. In his past lives, he was Plato the Greek philosopher, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore who co-founded with his wife Myrtle the Unity Church of Practical Christianity. The Unity teachings have spread from Unity headquarters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA to all around the world.

Meta’s name refers to her prior life when she was a feminine leader and teacher amongst the Essenes in the days of Jesus. Before his three-year public ministry, he had studied in this group of Essenes, who formed a center of light. “M” in Meta stands for Mother or the Divine Feminine Polarity of Father-Mother God. “M” also stands for Metaphysical, meaning above or beyond the physical realm and conscious mind, via the astral realms and subconscious mind to the etheric or superconscious mind. The central focus of the Fifth Ray is the third or all-seeing, cosmic eye, the doorway between the physical and etheric planes.

Prior to my contact with Meta on December 13th, in my early morning meditation, I finally felt like I had integrated and put into proper place all of the galactic visitors who had contacted me since 2013, but especially in 2015. Asking for confirmation of this, suddenly the central, circular-shaped portion of my forehead that is about a USA quarter in size was stimulated, which is Hilarion’s usual contact signal with me. He said that indeed, all was united, integrated and accurate in my mind.

Then, the central circle doubled in size. This alerted me that Meta, his twin soul, now was with him and me, whose presence I recognized from many such others of her appearances to me over the years. She telepathically relayed that all was also well in my soul, in my receivings about my past lives and travels throughout the solar system and into the Milky Way Galaxy. It was as clear and balanced as it could be at this time.

Harmonic Resonance

Then, totally unexpectedly, she shared that she wanted to reveal herself to me by another name, which began with the capital letter “H”. This “H” represents Healing, Healing Haven, Hilarion, Holistic Healing, and the wHoleness, Health and Holiness of the Fifth Ray. The “H” has five equal lines: two such lines in the left, vertical pole, one above, the other below the junction with the horizontal pole or crossbar; two lines in the right, vertical pole; and one line as the cross bar, linking the two together. Here symbolized again is the unity and integration of the Fifth Ray. It portrays the linking of conscious (masculine) and subconscious (feminine), and of Hilarion and Her in her new name.

After asking her for more input, she answered that her higher name is Harmony! From the moment this moniker flowed into my conscious awareness, from her in the etheric, through my subconscious to my conscious mind, I “knew” in my mind and felt deeply in my heart-of-hearts that it was right. Indeed, a new level of Harmony and harmony resonnated in all of me. I felt for all the world that I was back with her on the planet Uranus, the Fifth Ray planetary center or vortex in our Solar System, where I had trained with her and  Hilarion.

She now showed me a symbolic description of my seven chakras, as seven circles aligned one atop the other. She put the letter H of her name Harmony in my crown chakra, the “a” in my third eye chakra, the “r” of Harmony in my throat chakra, and so on down through all the chakras. She particularly lit up the letter “m”, which she capitalized as “M,” in my heart chakra, the fourth of the seven chakras when seen from above to below or from below to above. Love is what harmonizes and makes holy all of our seven centers: Love of God (above) and Love of One Another (below), two as one in loving harmonic resonance.

She then explained that Meta likewise has been her I Am Self name, but that it only carries back 2500 years to the days of the Essenes. Her name Harmony, on the other hand, carries back into Atlantis and Lemuria, all the way back to the days of the Cains and Abels, 26,000,000 years. Thus, Meta is more so a soul name of the highest astral plane, overlapping up and into the etheric realms. Harmony is more so her superconscious, etheric or I Am Self name, at least as we understand and use it here on Earth, which descends into the subconscious and conscious, astral and physical levels.

Love Heals

Since the fall of a segment of mankind into third dimensional matter, due to selfishness and feeling separate from God, and exacerbated by the battle between Cains and Abels (with the Abels having been led by Sananda), we light workers have been trying to heal and restore our souls, to bring them into harmony resonance with our I Am Selves. Solar-system-wise, we have been working diligently to restore the “harmony of the spheres” or 12 Planets, and of these 12 with the 1 Sun; all the way down to Earth, the lowest frequency planet, which is still dissonant and not harmonious.

She further went on to reveal that she had incarnated as Myrtle Fillmore, wife of Charles Fillmore, with the two founding Unity. Before, I had thought that Myrtle was Charles Fillmore’s soul mate, who previously had incarnated with him in many guises and roles, and indeed she had during the last 2500 years or more. But she as Harmony was saying that at the next higher octave, above the soul-astral planes, above the conscious-subconscious levels, that she is his twin soul or counterpart on the Fifth Ray. Thus, Harmony is more so her superconscious or high Self, Divine Feminine name and nature. She is MaMa Harmony for one and all.

Third & Fifth

Why was this being revealed now? As applied to me, it indicated symbolically that I had healed my soul to the depths of my subconscious and conscious minds, so that I could reach clearly and cleanly up and into the etheric or superconscious realms, that I could be a clear channel for Fifth Ray healing of the soul/subconscious, as well as the physical body/conscious, co-equal parts of myself; like in a V surrounded by an O.

To do so, however, I had to now more than ever unify and bring balance between the Third Ray and the Fifth Rays. The Third Ray is that of personal love, feeling and dedication to a higher cause — it represents more so the individual, personal self and perception, the love of one another and all other kingdoms/queendoms. The Fifth Ray is that of the universal, unconditional love and healing of the whole family of humanity, for each of us is but one tiny cell in the Christ body of mankind, here on Earth, throughout the solar system, and into and including the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond.

The key error in the fall of man eons ago was the misapplication of the Third Ray, due to self-love, self-absorption, feeling separate from Father-Mother God; thus all manners of selfishness. There was too much Third Ray and too little Fifth Ray. This is what has to be healed via Fifth Ray unity, integration, healing and harmonization, and Third Ray re-birth and fortification. The Third and Fifth Rays are twin rays. They are rightly expressed on Vulcan, along with the twin coupling of the First and Seventh Rays, and of the Second and Seventh Rays. Vulcan demonstrates and radiates the harmony of all three twin ray functions and vibrations.

Thus, Harmony as Hilarion’s twin soul now makes herself known to us on Earth for the first time in this present era. It is a sign of great progress, a wonderful new step forward, a definite breakthrough, just like the revelations about the other 11 planets and their spiritual leaders that have been given and practiced during this year’s monumental project of Touring the Thirteen Temples. Because of my past training on and about all these Planets, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy, I Am the one as Soliel to spearhead and lead this new step of re-opening and re-birthing the 13 spiritual Temples or vortices on Earth, linking all of them together in one integrated circuit that lifts all of the 144,000 elect and thereby all of humanity in all countries worldwide.

Phillel has played more so a supportive and grounding role, which however is equally important and necessary in our spiritual partnership. I have been “up there” and “out there,” and have had all kinds of challenges to get and stay grounded. Phillel has run all the other, day-to-day functions of the I Am Nation/Sun Temple focus — our newsletter, finances, editing of books, correspondence, etc. I am like an astronaut, he is like the ground crew, although of course as he has shared on his blogs, he has had a number of dreams and communions with Sananda, Nada, El Morya, St. Germain and other masters throughout this year. They keep him grounded, yet connected via the astral planes to the etheric and celestial planes, and via him help me to stay grounded and have both feet on the ground. Together, two as one, we are a combined, united, harmonious team for the Second Coming program.

Meaning of H Names

Hilarion comes from the root words “hilaris” in Latin that means cheerful, and “hilarós” in Greek that means cheerful, merry, gracious and kind. Put these five words together and they mean holy happiness. Thus, Hilarion is a masculine, happy, Fifth Ray holistic healer. And so are we when we follow in his footsteps and walk the Walk of the Way of Happiness.

The word/name Harmony derives from the Greek “harmonia” that means joint, agreement, concord, fitting together, joined. These five words integrated together comprise the feminine, harmonic healing of the house and home of the soul; hence I Am Harmony. In music, “harmony” means the sound of two or more notes heard simultaneously — where two or more are gathered, there I Am in their happy and harmonious midst.

Hilarion and Harmony: I love it, and I love them! And I’m sure you do, too. In my case, formulaically, they are Hilarion and Harmony and I Am H-ug-H (my middle name is Hugh), more so like Hilarion since I am in a masculine physical body, but still at one with my sweet, soul-healing Mama who is Harmony, without whose input and vibration I cannot be healed or be a holistic healer. And you are now in happy harmony with both of them, probably one more so than the other, but trying your best to integrate the two healing and unifying qualities together within your conscious and subconscious aspects of your one, superconscious mind.

To paraphrase what Sananda as the Buddha said, and what Sol-O-Man as Yasodhara taught and practiced: There is no way to happiness, for Harmonic Happiness is the Way. When our conscious and subconscious are integrated and aligned, and this unit is united and married to the superconscious, we are the Happy High Self that we always have been; we are enlightened, we become a compassionate Buddha or Buddhi. When our seven chakras and the 12 planets are in harmony, we establish Happiness on Earth and Harmony of the Spheres throughout the Solar System. We learn this anew at the Temple of Vulcan and on the planet Vulcan, which is the Happiest of Holy Planets in this soon to be Happier Solar System.

Consider this possibility or suggestion: When you have birthed your own I Am Vulcanized Self in the next day or two, call this male or female re-born Christ child by the name of Happy. For Happy is a great name for boys and girls, men and women alike. Or maybe Happy will be a middle name, not a first or last name. For you can become a Happy Warrior and Father as a man, or a Happy Homemaker and Mother in your Hearth and Heart as a woman. Better yet, you can be both, because as a Vulcan you are equally male and female, conscious and subconscious, yang and yin, positive (+) and (-), as you birth Vulcan, three-twin-ray-consciousness on Earth; 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 in harmonic resonance

Two Women, One Man

So, let me ask you this: Why were two such Big MaMas introduced anew to me now, and why have I spent so much time and so many words discussing them? Well, it’s simple: This is what is needed to heal and harmonize male-female relationships on Earth, in the West and in the East. It’s like the three statues near the top or sixth level of Ta Cu Mountain in southeastern Vietnam. Of those three statutes, two of them were feminine, two representations of Kwan Yin (overall there are said to be 32 ways in which she manifests herself, indicating the deep depth of the soul, going back eons). The two Kwan Yins (Quan Am’s in Vietnamese) stand along each side a statue of the Buddha.

So how appropriate is that we first focus on two Big Mamas, two “Tall” Ladies, and only then focus on one “Tall” Buddha!? Due to the long patriarchal history of Earth, we have to give double the attention to our soul record in order to heal it and make it equal to our conscious self. In our Vulcan birthing center, we initially have two women or multiples of two women for every one man. However, as the birthing proceeds, we end up birthing one whole, holy child of God, male or female, each of whom has two legs, not one short leg and one long leg, not one skinny leg and one fat leg. At the end of this solar year, we finally become a V for Vulcan, for Victory, for Valor, for Veracity. We see and be and re-birth a V. 

The Temple of Vulcan Is Now Re-Born on Earth

In between my two writing sessions this morning, in my kitchen and at my dining room table, First Ray Lord Michael and Lady Mariel, with Seventh Ray Lord Maitreya and Lady MaYa, transfigured over me in the shape of four huge, letter Ms; which formed a solar system vortex with its four Vs. They announced that the Temple of Vulcan was now re-vitalized, re-energized, re-opened and re-reborn. It has taken place from above to below. Mama Harmony showing up to give me her name had symbolized this descent of the Temple of Vulcan from the etheric realms, via the astral realms to Earth.

What remains is for you and I and all who read this blog to anchor and implant and crystallize this Temple of Vulcan on Earth, by way of our conscious, analytical, masculine mind, that now is one with our subconscious polarity and our superconscious mind. Our individual re-birth of a V establishes and radiates Temple of Vulcan consciousness and vibrations all the way down and into the elements of our physical body and the Earth itself. We are born again, the Temple of Vortex is born again, planet Earth is born again.

For, from Ta Cu Mountain, Vulcan energy, love and light radiates to all the other spiritual temples in the Eastern Hemisphere and from there to all the spiritual power centers or vortices in the Western Hemisphere, with all 12 temples aligning themselves with the 13th or Sun Temple here in Pioneer, TN. Yes, we all have pioneered this new step in the Second Coming program which indeed is monumental, a whole new octave of planetary oneness, harmony, peace and love.

Moreover, the four Ms announced that the entire Hierarchal Board, with its Seven Chohans and their twin souls, and the seven Archangels with their angelic male or female counterparts, are gathered together in Cosmic Oneness above the key meeting place atop the North Pole to energize and complete this new opening, this new planetary level of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Some of them are actually at the North Pole, others are linked via a planetary “Zoom” meeting that all of them are attending in one way or another. Moreover, they will continue to be with us until Epiphany, which celebrates the Three Wise Men coming to see and bless the birth of Jesus by way of Mary and Joseph.

From the North Pole is radiating and will continue to radiate Hierarchically charged cosmic light, power and love, which  will descend all around the planet, all the way down to the Equator and then down to the South Pole; linking Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern Hemispheres, all 13 Temples, all 144,000 elect, and potentially all men, women and children on Earth, who are willing to work with these energies to heal and uplift the entire planet and all life forms on and around it.

Sun representatives and leaders also are now here with us, as are galactic visitors from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, mostly those who are of stars and planets closest to Earth. All of us are re-birthing the Christ Child on Earth. So be it.

Joy to the World

It’s a Boy. It’s a Girl. It’s a Christed One manifested via a male or female body. Its a Vulcan. It’s a Martian. It’s a Neptunian. It’s any of the other 12 planets. It is the Sun-Son-Daughter re-born on Earth, wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger amongst the animals in the barn, thus in every place on Earth, in people of all races, religions, genders, political parties; in all kinds of healers. This reborn male or female Child’s face beams and is filled with Happiness Itself. It is the re-birth of Happiness on Earth, what we first felt when we came to Earth some 206 million years ago. This is indeed monumental and no exaggeration. We know it to be true because we feel it the very depths of our Cosmic Heart that is one with the Heart of God.

See it. Call it forth. V it. Be it. It is. Let their be peace on Earth and good will to all men,  women and children. To God goes the Glory. Amen! Om! Glory! Peace and Power Divine!