Be the Star that you Are

Today, Sunday, August 29, 2022, we begin our third and final week in the re-juicing and re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, as well as the re-empowerment and re-manifestation to a new and higher level of our own individual Temple of Jupiter. Our main focus this week will be on Ashtar Gabriel, who is the Jupiterian pilot of Sananda’s spaceship #10, known also as the Star of Bethlehem.

We also will give due and loving attention to his feminine twin soul, who is a co-equal “star in the heavens” with Ashtar Gabriel. She works in conjunction with Sananda’s twin soul, Sol-O-Man, aboard her sister spacecraft.

Influx of Golden Energy

On September 14, 1964, Nada-Yolanda recorded in her spiritual diary: “From 3:00 P.M. the previous day to 3:00 this day, a stream of universal energy poured through my vehicle, almost bursting the physical shell.”

After this, she developed abdominal discomfort and therefore stopped eating solid foods. Also, she felt discomfort from her neck to the top of her head. She visited her chiropractor who used spinal manipulation to adjust her neck, which eased the pain there and in her head. Mark’s laying-on-of hands, massage of her neck, and prayer also helped, as did Yolanda’s own affirmations and visualizations.

The next day, September 15th, she recorded: “At 2:15 P.M. another series of the energy transmissions was begun. It was a blessing that both Mark and Wains were present this time. We three created a physical and mental triangle through which the energy passed more easily and comfortably to the physical vessel.

“In the past three days my thoughts never had deviated from the prayer that mass subconsciousness would be raised to spiritual awareness, that mankind would become aware of and intuned with the new age and that the desires and the agents of Spirit consciously would be accepted. Never before had my own awareness and  projection of divine love been greater toward all men [and women] of Earth. ‘Oh Lord,’ I kept thinking, ‘let this difficult experience be a service unto Thee.'”

Ashtar Gabriel Appears

The following day, September 16th, Yolanda noted: “Miraculously the balancing, mental and physical, was nearly completed in time for the weekly meeting that evening. Like a transmuting flame, the intense fever in my internal organs had burned out all sense of negativity.

“Before the group gathered, I clairvoyantly saw a man more sharply defined than any I previously had seen. The contact was the almost physical manifestation of a Jupiterian, approximately thirty-five years of age in appearance, about five feet nine inches in height, with short curly hair and large dark eyes and a pleasant attitude. (See image of Jupiter to right.)

“Later, during the group meditation, he appeared to me again and introduced himself as Ashtar Gabriel, commanding pilot of the master ship #10 in which Jesus travels as it orbits the Earth.

“‘Two things puzzle me,’ I told him, ‘your name and your appearance, which is as physical as that of any Earthling. I had assumed Jupiterians were much more refined in their atomic structure.’

“He replied, as clearly as of those who were physically present in the room: ‘Ashtar Gabriel is my full name, and is not the identity of Archangel [Gabriel of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization]. The solidness of my contact with you is due to the fact that your dimension has been stepped up in frequency, and ours has been stepped down to the level from where I can project myself in a form acceptable to Earth plane senses.’

“He demonstrated this by changing his frequency vibration, putting himself out of my visibility range. His ears became elongated and gradually he manifested his true form, as it is in his natural environment, appearing entirely different than at first.

“He continued to state the purpose of his visit. ‘As Earth has been raised, so the master ship has been lowered. The projection of Jesus and the work of the master ship are more in tune with the planet than they ever have been before. Soon you will see demonstrations of this, as events will come to faster climaxes.'”

Spine As Conductor

Yolanda replied: “‘Do you mean you are projecting certain energies or magnetic rays toward men of Earth?'” Ashtar Gabriel answered: “The time is not ripe for a more specific explanation of that. But now you are at a new level of communication with us, thereby a new level of experiences. This much can be given for further clarification of spiritual evolvement:

“From our etheric point of view, man’s proper, correct position is with his underpart to the Earth and his spine to the sun. This is why, in religious and occult ceremonies, man prostrates himself, full length, on the ground.

“The spinal cord acts as a conductor or wire in direct contact with the incoming radiations from the higher realms or the sun’s rays. . . . Those healers with an understanding of spinal manipulations through chiropractic principles follow my line of thought.” (See picture to right of the spinal cord and nerves.)

Previously, on August 20, 1963, Lord Uriel had channeled via Yolanda: “The spine is the tree of life through which the new and higher energies of Spirit are introduced to the soul.”

Will, Love & Faith

Ashtar continued: “In this prone position, the seven major [chakras and corresponding endocrine glands] thus are shielded from direct, immediate contact with the incoming cosmic radiations. The pineal gland or [crown chakra] is not the [only] point of Christ illumination. Full awakening involves a balanced trinity action: throat, heart and head.

“Regardless of what level man is expressing, before he can take his next progressive step he must will it. Also he must have the free will to make the choice of willing to progress. Thus the first step is in the throat and through the mouth, as man expresses his willingness through speaking the word.

“Accompanying this must be love. Love is the main key, and God is love. So it is through the heart, the most powerful center of all, that the will must be balanced. Another viewpoint is that love is the feminine or mother function, with the throat signifying the masculine force of the Godhead and Fatherhood. Positive and negative must be in perfect balance.

“The last step in this triune action occurs in the [crown chakra/cerebrum/pineal gland at the top of the] head. The Son or birth of the Christ consciousness involves all-illumination, all knowingness. It must occur following will and love, because when this center opens, each man knows his own work, his part in the divine plan and how he can execute it for the good of all.”

Two Sets of Three

Ashtar Gabriel further explained: “[The] third eye center or pituitary gland [and thalamus] is the balance wheel for two sets of triune activity. The first trinity involves the spiritual man: throat, heart and [crown]. The second trinity involves the material man: solar [plexus], sacral and regenerative areas.

“The [third-eye chakra] acts as an [astral] axis between these two levels, physical and spiritual [etheric], and is the actual pivot or doorway between third dimensional and fourth dimensional expressions. Therefore it is under the control of the Fifth Ray acitivity: the psychic, all-seeing eye, symbol of occult [or ESP or Elementary Spiritual] Powers which are the tools bridging the two levels of operation. Man must learn control and understanding of both his mortal and divine natures in order to express complete control and balance (will, love and mind powers). This balance results from spiritual union with the physical man.

“Masters such as Sananda and Hilarion have seven bodies of which they are consciously aware and which they can command and use simultaneously. (See image to right of the resurrected Jesus in the Upper Room.)

“This is the degree of their mastership, and not the initial or prerequisite step for achieving ascension. However, once ascended into mastership, each one must learn function and control of all seven levels.”

Yolanda then asked: “I understand and accept your explanation, Ashtar, but how can man go around in this flying position? Certainly we are too evolved at this stage to crawl and we have not yet relearned the art of levitation.”

Ashtar replied: “Humble your physical self before God with the expectation that His-Her radiations will come down through your spine, acting then as a conductor for the opening of spiritual consciousness. Do this, enacting the role for all men [and women] of Earth.”

Yolanda then noted: “[Ashtar Gabriel’s] intention was clearly for me to lie down before our group. I did, and a charge of extraordinary power electrified my entire body; the spine straightened and lengthened, every cell accelerated.”

Thus, in current, superscience terms, she had been electroplated with golden light-energy- substance-love.

Humble Yourself

Take a few moments now to link with Ashtar Gabriel and to follow his superscientific, spiritual advice: Humble yourself before God by physically lying face down on the floor or your bed. Or, just humble yourself before our Creator even as you are sitting up and meditating. Make yourself open and receptive to experience the influx of higher spiritual energies/electricity that electroplates your mind, body and soul; your brain, spinal cord and nerves; all of your chakras and corresponding physical organs.

Humbling yourself before God, loving Him-Her, is the key. When you humbly and wholeheartedly love God, you next can love one another, sharing the golden love-light/energy/substance with others, thereby electroplating them and all life forms.

Perhaps your meditation now is enough for your morning reading, contemplation and communion. If so, you may want to stop reading this blog and come back to it the next day. On the other hand, you may want to read the whole blog at one sitting, to get the overview and comprehension of it. Then in following days, you can go back and focus on one or more sections, as Spirit guides you. Let go and let God flow!

Baptismal Fire & Water

At the time of Nada-Yolanda’s experience, she was in the seventh phase of her second major initiation of baptism with fire and water. This electrification of her spinal cord and nerves was her baptism with fiery light. Following this, she underwent baptism with cleansing water as she attested to three days later on September 19th, as she noted in her diary:

“The delayed emotional reaction and crisis occurred this day. Fortunately, from past experiences, I remembered that each of the bodies or functions had to be brought into realignment whenever a new, higher initiation took place. For two hours this afternoon I wept uncontrollably, without any seeming provocation. Then were experienced temptations in the wilderness; thoughts of negativity and resentment presented themselves, ones that were years old and long forgotten in my conscious memory. (See image to right of Jesus tempted by Satan in the wilderness.)

“One by one I was compelled to judge them, to evaluate them and to dismiss them. . . . After three hours of this, a deep and trancelike sleep fell upon me.

“Upon awakening, all feelings of depression and resentment had vanished. . . . Although these same cycles have occurred many times before, never was this temptation phase more potently dramatic.”

Bless the Blowback

In my (Dr. Robert’s) terms, Yolanda in this above cleansing and purification also experienced the negative, psychic responses and reactions by others to her baptism with fire, in what I call “blowback.” She not only reviewed, re-evaluated and reprogrammed her own subconscious negativity, but she also revisited her relationships with others, near to and far away from her in the mass consciousness and in the lower astral planes, who were radiating negative ideas and energies to her, who did not see the Christ or Nada Self in her. Thus, her baptismal experience was both personal (interior) and planetary (external).

When Ashtar Gabriel and/or his associates contact and work in and through us this week, we may have a similar experience. In his presence, we may be electrified, “gold plated,” and re-juiced with fourth dimensional energies that uplift all of our seven chakras, our entire nervous system, and all of our other body systems and organs. Our new, higher light goes out to the whole world, including to the astral planes.

Then blowback may follow as noted in our disturbed thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams and physical symptoms, wherein we deal with and dismiss the darkness in our souls and in the soul of man. We do not get too high in our baptism with fire, nor too low in our baptism with water. Always we do our best to stay centered, to take it one step at a time, and to demonstrate peace, love, cooperation and coordination. We forgive and heal humanity!

Ashtar Command

As shared previously, Ashtar Gabriel is the pilot of Sananda’s ship #10, known also as the Star of Bethlehem that appeared above the site of Jesus’ birth. This huge, city-sized mothership that houses thousands of ascended masters from throughout the solar system and beyond in the galaxy is in the form of an equilateral cross. (See image to right.)

On April 3, 1972, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda that Ashtar Gabriel “has been connected with my etheric master ship #10 since my ascension nearly two thousand years ago.” On April 24, 1972, speaking of his life as Jesus, Sananda stated: “I definitely was aided also by Ashtar Gabriel and his physical craft; just as you will be aided in your resurrections and ascensions when it is time for you as light workers to demonstrate those things for men of Earth.”

On January 9, 1963, Sol-O-Man gave this message: “You have before you a New Age or era in that a cycle of development is preparatory to experiencing a new vibrational frequency in the Earth. Our ships of the Ashtar Command are planetary interdimensional but can be seen in planetary vibrations. Your Earth plane particularly is susceptible to vision of them, both in the fourth frequency and in the third or material frequency. . . .

“We endeavor to bring you up to par with the other planes and planets in the solar system in this frequency change. Your planet is undergoing a radical change in dimension, which began in 1937. In the years ahead you will find an overlapping of expression. . . .

“Our job in the Ashtar Command for planet Earth, under the direction of Christ Jesus of Nazareth, who is planetary head of Earth, is to educate all planes revolving in and around the Earth to the fact that we now have experiences on other planes and planets besides Earth focal point.”

Two As One

Ashtar Gabriel is the leader of all solar system and galactic visitors who have come to Earth in their spacecrafts. In this function, he is at the head of the Ashtar Command that oversees and directs spacecraft around the entire planet. As Sananda is the Prince of Peace and primary wayshower for the physical, astral and etheric planes of Earth, so Ashtar is the leader or wayshower for all of the space visitors in their spacecrafts hovering over the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Ashtar Gabriel works under Sananda’s overall direction and leadership as the Prince and primary spiritual wayshower of Earth. The two of them work together as one.

You, too, are in a sense a space visitor, for at some time in the past you have been on various planets throughout the solar system (including Jupiter), and have been aboard spacecraft from these planets. Although now an Earthling, you truly are a solar system citizen.

So be aware of, and cooperate with, Ashtar Gabriel of the Ashtar Command, the group that guides all spacecraft in the higher atmosphere around the Earth. As Ashtar Gabriel heads the Ashtar Command, so are you to pilot and direct your own personal spaceship that is composed of your integrated and balanced seven bodies. Your head may at times be in the clouds, even aboard ship #10 or other spacecraft, but your body remains grounded on Earth, anchoring the higher electromagnetic energies in humans, animals, plants and minerals. So be it.

(See Visitors From Other Planets, pages 168-169; plus pages 278-79, 286, 289, 291, 293, 297,299, for additional references to Ashtar Gabriel.)

One in the One

In the past fifteen years, Sananda several times has said to me as Soliel (my high Self name and identity) that wherever he is, I am; and that wherever I am, he is. He has shared that since 2007, when I started my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, more and more, I have been as much with him aboard ship #10 as I have been on Earth. I have had scores of times when I knew and felt consciously that I was aboard his huge spacecraft. But more so, I have felt increasingly linked as one with Sananda in I Am consciousness without any sensation or perception that I actually am aboard his ship #10. Rather, I am there in I Am consciousness.

Ashtar Gabriel has explained to me that likewise I am often with him in my seventh or ascended light body, whether I consciously realize it or not. Often it is during my sleep — I awake with a whole new flow through of thoughts that have been given to me by Ashtar, Sananda and others aboard ship #10. Ashtar has thus echoed Sananda’s words to me: Wherever I am, he, Ashtar Gabriel, is watching over and is with me. Wherever he is, thus mostly on ship #10, I am there with him. In this cosmic unity, I have remembered my training under him on Jupiter in my past lifetimes there. He is like an older brother or mentor to me. I love him dearly!

Phillel likewise has communed repeatedly with Ashtar Gabriel. Click here2 to read Ashtar’s channeling through him on September 10, 2010; which has a podcast of this communication that carries Ashtar’s vibration. Click here3 to read Phillel’s excellent, in-depth post about the Star of Bethlehem, as ship #10 is also called.

Energy Influx from Ship #10

Moving forward now, twenty-four years after Yolanda’s initial contact with Ashtar Gabriel, on February 17, 1988, Spirit initiated Yolanda’s re-birth in the first phase of her seventh major initiation of ascension and descent. Here’s what she recorded in her diary:

“At the Hierarchal Board meditation, dedicating myself to the trinity of Sananda, El Morya and Nada, I asked to be put to service in this critical time for all mankind. My heart center opened until it blazed with such white light that my whole chest became transparent. I was reminded that, as Nada, I represented the Seventh Ray of Divine Love and would radiate this to everyone and everything on the planet. Sananda and El Morya also were supporting this demonstration.”

A month later, on March 16, her first-phase reawakening quickened: “I became aware of a cylinder of white light behind me. I felt the frequency of Sananda, but the individual surrounded by this white light was not the Master. He told me he was a messenger, and I knew (or he conveyed the thought) it was Ashtar Gabriel. No further information was given as to any prediction or events that I was to relay to others. The only thought I could gather was that events were shaping up on the planet because of the tremendous hierarchal frequencies projected here by master ship #10.

“Then my heart center was activated as it was [last month]. The bursting of light made my chest pulsate with divine love radiation. I knew that all conditions on Earth at this time need to be bathed constantly in thoughts of love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only treatment to erase the terrible errors that are prevalent in the trouble spots around this globe.”

Star of Bethlehem

Thirty-four years later, on August 15, 2022, when I (Dr. Robert) was resting in bed for my early morning nap, suddenly a brilliant, golden starburst appeared on my third-eye screen, more so to the left side of it, but also radiating somewhat into the right side of my view. At the same time, a powerful masculine voice proclaimed: “Sananda on ship #10.” This was one of the most powerful clairaudient experiences I have had.

At first it seemed to be Sananda announcing himself to me at a subconscious level, hence primarily to the left side of my third-eye screen. But shortly, the full, correct, conscious realization clearly came to me, hence into my conscious awareness: It was Ashtar Gabriel who had spoken.

Pondering this, a deep sense of peace, love, harmony and balance pervaded all of my seven bodies. Never before in this lifetime had Ashtar Gabriel spoken so clearly and definitively to me. It was like unto when Archangel Lord Gabriel of the Fourth Ray appeared to Mary and announced that she was to conceive and birth the Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

In my morning meditation the next day, August 16, 2022, Ashtar contacted me again. This time he gave me a series of ideas and images that I and others could use to link and work with him to anchor in his energies and consciousness, plus a new influx of golden light. He said to focus on the letter “A” in Ashtar: It represents I Am or Abel consciousness that Sananda had demonstrated in all of his past lives; and Lord Ariel, the Seventh Ray angelic counterpart of Lady Uriel. Ashtar Gabriel has served Sananda and Ariel for over two thousand years as the pilot of ship #10.

The two “legs”  or slanting poles of the “A” represent the Ashtar Command, with Ashtar at the head of it, who connects and works in and through St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal aboard his ship #1235 in the Western Hemisphere and Summalt/Peter aboard his ship #7423 in the Eastern Hemisphere. The triangle or apex at the top of the “A” symbolizes ship #10, the seat of the Mark-Age trinity of Sananda, Nada and El Morya, from which command center Ashtar Gabriel oversees, supervises and directs all space visitors and spacecraft.

Be a Pyramid of Christ Light

Ashtar Gabriel continued by directing me to see myself within in a pyramid of light whose apex was about three or four feet over the top of my physical head. He pointed out that the pyramid was composed of four equilateral triangles, like the triangle at the apex of the letter “A.” Moreover, at the base of the pyramid was a square with its four sides.

He then showed me a new image of a pyramid over which a circle or sun was superimposed, like in a starburst. The sun represents the sun-son Self. It also portrays Sananda as the representative of the son or daughter of God within each person. The starburst was that of ship #10, with its golden light now streaming down into my head and into all others on Earth, especially  the 144,000 elect (those who have elected to Love God and Love One Another).

This entire image represented Fourth Ray manifestation and crystallization. In time, all will be able to clearly see ship #10 in the sky, as the shepherds did when Jesus was born in Bethlehem; which guided the Three Wise Men, including Jasper, to visit, worship and bless baby Jesus.

It seemed apparent to me in seeing this vision and communing with Ashtar Gabriel that he was a Fourth Ray worker or that he had a Fourth Ray function, hence the name Gabriel. Moreover, the name “Ashtar” had within it a representation of his piloting of ship #10 — the letters “A,” “s” and “star” put together signify “a starship” or the Star of Bethlehem. He conveyed that I and others were to use this imagery and realization as a way to link with him and for us to once again become the star that we are, to be one who is Abel/Able to ascend into ship #10 and redescend and anchor its vibrations and golden light down here on Earth.

Be an “A” 

Therefore, take a few minutes now to use these two visualizations. First, see yourself in a golden A that is about seven-to-ten feet tall. Encased and spiritually protected within it, be at one with Ashtar Gabriel and the Ashtar Command. He may appear to you as a golden starburst that lights up the left (subconscious) side of you, as in my above vision, but gradually radiates to the right (conscious) side of you.

Instead of seeing a vision of him, he telepathically or clairaudiently may reveal himself to you. Perhaps  clairsentiently you feel and know that he is now before, with or around you. In any case, be at one with him and with the hundreds of thousands of spacecraft around the whole planet, East and West, that he commands, by way of Dr. Hannibal and Summalt. These craft are about to burst anew into the conscious awareness of all on Earth.

In particular, see a golden starburst over and around Xi’an, China. Ashtar Gabriel, being a Jupiterian, has a special, unique, brotherly love for and familiarity with the Temple of Jupiter and all who are part of the light workers on Earth, astral and etheric planes who are gathered there. As you see this temple lit up in gold, so shall it be.

Be a Grounded Pyramid

Next, envision yourself within a golden pyramid of light, whose apex is a few feet above your head. Superimposed over you is a golden globe or ball of light. It may appear to you first as a golden starburst.

As you become adjusted to this golden light, be aware that you are connecting with ship #10 that is in the shape of an equilateral cross. However, to your human eye and psychic vision this may appear as a solar cross, a circle with a equilateral cross in it. (See image of solar cross to the right.)

Anchor the solar cross into your crown chakra/cerebrum, then down into each of your other chakras and corresponding physical systems, until it reaches all the way to the ground. Anchor the golden light into the elements of the Earth below your feet; electroplating them. Following Fourth Ray principles, manifest and crystallize golden light on Earth, within you, around where you live and in and around Xi’an, China. (See image of golden light radiating down into you, and through you to the Earth elements.)

Once again, you may feel guided to stop reading this blog, only to pick it up again at a later time, perhaps the next day.

Ashtar Gabriel’s Twin Soul

Going back now to my contact with Ashtar Gabriel following the golden starburst, once I was adjusted to him hovering above me, a woman who appeared to be about forty years old came walking from my left into my psychic view. Her clothes were multiple shades of white and silver. She looked much like an Earthly women but she sparkled with soft, feminine light. She was somewhat overweight but she had a sweet, loving, motherly vibration. She smiled and took me into her heart. Once therein, the realization dawned that she was no ordinary woman as she first appeared, but rather that she was Ashtar Gabriel’s twin soul!

She had come from my left side to indicate the soul/subconscious/feminine side of consciousness. She initially looked ordinary to help me be comfortable with her and that I was to treat her as being “one of us” rather than as a glorious visitor from another planet. She felt so familiar to me because I had been with and trained under her in my past sojourns on Jupiter, when she had been my “mom” or older “sister,” a woman I adored. Her extra flesh portrayed her motherly nature, her roundness and softness as a lady. It also seemed to indicate her work with devas, who typically appear to me in dreams and visions as being oval in shape.

Having pondered all of this, I went to my computer to write up the experience in my diary. Upon doing so, this love-filled lady transfigured over and surrounded me in her Jupiterian, “fleshy” body. Her extra “flesh” was like food to my soul, nourishment and comfort to my heart, which made for a soft and soothing hug, as a mother would hug her child.

This sealed the deal for me. In my previous vision of her, I still was not sure of her presence or identity. Now, with her actually imprinted around and through me, via my my astral body to my physical form, all such doubt dissolved, at least for the time she still remained with me. Yes, she was Ashtar Gabriel’s twin soul, even though I knew not her name, and never asked for it. I was too consumed in the experience of her presence. Who cared at this point what name she might have? Only after coming down and out from this experience, did I begin to ponder what her moniker might be. For the time being, I just called called her Lady Ashtar.

Be As a Little Child

The next morning, August 16th, in my early meditation, a short being or child appeared to my left and came into full view in front me. This young child or being was about three to four feet tall, and was masculine. He wore a remarkable looking hat that was composed of multiple, royal-blue colored, letter A’s or pyramid faces stitched together in a soft fabric that overall was more so round than angular. The hat was somewhat floppy and extended six or so inches to all sides of his head.

He walked up to me and from his heart came the sweetest of vibrations, a deep and expansive love that flowed into and filled my heart. He was in love with me and I certainly now was in love with him, like a father to a child. Then, I started feeling homesick for Jupiter, as I realized that this child was a Jupiterian. I dearly wanted to go home, to ascend and travel back to Jupiter and my spiritual family there. Consciously, I knew better than to give into this desire, as my work was here on Earth, but it took me some time to release my homesickness, my longing to return home.

Pondering all of this afterwards, upon coming out of meditation, suddenly it dawned on me that this young boy symbolized me when I was on Jupiter, with my “parents” Ashtar Gabriel and Lady Ashtar. The hat with all its A’s and pyramid shapes represented my soul memories of being with them and their teaching me how to be a superscientist, how to ascend and redescend, how to electroplate others with golden energy.

The hat extending six inches or so around my head represented my aura, in particular my crown chakra. From this “hat” of memories, via my cerebral central computer, I was recalling memories of Jupiter, of developing my faith faculty that expresses in and through the crown chakra and cerebrum. Royal blue is the color that carries the vibrations of faith. By our faith, we ascend. By our faith, we are healed and heal others. By our faith, we perceive anew that we have been on other planes and planets, that we have been Jupiterians.

As per usual in such transcendent contacts and communions, tears now flowed freely down my face. It took most of the day to sort through, feel out and ground in this new realization and experience, to be in the pyramid of golden light and to electroplate this new golden energy into and through my four lower bodies.

A Star in the Heavens 

The next morning, August 17th, after sleeping a solid 6-7 hours, I awoke feeling refreshed, centered, at peace, confident and well-grounded. Being clear-headed and composed, I began to hope and expect that something new might be given to me in my morning meditation. In it, I linked with Ashtar Gabriel and his twin soul, but nothing jelled.

Instead, after about an hour, I felt asleep and went out and into my seventh, ascended body for at least 15 minutes. Upon coming back and re-awakening, in my psychic vision appeared a brilliant star burst that was white-to-silver in color, looking very similar in size but not in color to the prior golden starburst that had signaled Ashtar’s revealing himself to me.

Upon seeing it, before I could think about or censor it, I blurted out “Astara, you are a star in the heavens.” With it came the crystal-clear, clairsentient knowing that this while-to-silver star bursting into my conscious awareness was Astara, Ashtar Gabriel’s twin soul. This star burst was whitish-silver rather than gold in color, with silver often symbolizing the astral body and the soul that is of the feminine, subconscious side of our total mind or consciousness. (See image to right of white starburst.)

Astara’s feminine brilliance and love was astounding to me. It lifted me immediately into a higher state of ascended consciousness. This time, her appearance and vibration no longer seemed at all Earthly, like her first visitation had a couple days before. This time, she was showing herself to me in all her Jupiterian splendor and divine feminine light; or at least as much as I could tolerate and absorb. She was indeed a brilliantly shining star in the vast darkness of the heavens.

It was as if she as a wise woman was coming to see the rebirthing of the Christ in me, to see me reborn anew as the cosmic child of God that I Am. I was thrilled to see and be with her. It was an incredible home coming to my Jupiterian “mother” or “aunt” or “older beloved sister;” or all three wrapped together as one. I had not gone to Jupiter but she had come to my present home of Earth. Glory be!

However, doubts later crept into my mind about her name, because I knew that the name Astara had been the high Self name of a former Mark-Age staff member, as well as being the name of a New Age group. So it took me some time to sort all of this out, to see the many levels and meanings of the name Astara. As I knew, Astara, like all high Self names, was a code name that had multiple meanings and levels of interpretation.

Astara/Astrid/Jeanene of Mark-Age

Reflecting back some fifty years ago, I remembered that I first had met Astrid/Jeanene when she and her spiritual partner, Jo-el/Joel Glick, were the featured guests and speakers at a meeting on July 15, 1971 at my yoga teacher’s house in Syracuse, NY. Astrid and Joel looked nothing like the Hindu, Buddhist and yoga teachers I had met over the previous 2-3 years. First of all, they were Americans. Second, they were dressed in flashy, beautiful clothes. And third they had loving, expressive personalities and vibrations.

Astrid, as Jeanene Moore, I would learn later, was a professional singer, hence her present stage-like personality and presentation. She and Joel thus were like star performers. When she awakened spiritually and started coming to Mark-Age meetings in 1967, she had received her soul name as Astrid, which derived from the Scandinavian language and meant “divinely beautiful.” Yolanda had received that the name Astrid meant “impulse of love,” which referred partly to Astrid being a Seventh Ray worker. At the Astrid level, she was just an impulse that originated from her spiritual, high Self, whose name later was given as Astara. Thus, Astrid was like the moon, representing the soul, that reflected the light emanating from her I Am or spiritual Self and light body.

Astrid and Joel were also Mark-Age staff members since 1970. As given via Nada-Yolanda, Astrid was of the Seventh Ray whereas Joel, whose high Self name is Jo-El, was of the Fourth Ray. Astrid was a developing telepathic channel as guided and taught by Yolanda, who was as a spiritual mother or mentor to her. They had been together numerous times on Venus and again in the Sun Temple in Atlantis, in this mother-daughter combination. Joel likewise had been on Venus with Astrid, when his name was Ronl.

Hieronic Electroplating

At the Syracuse meeting, Astrid channeled Summalt, the etheric director of the space forces in the Eastern Hemisphere. During this, what felt like fiery electricity lit up my crown chakra/brain and traveled down my spine — it was my first conscious experience of a hieronic, electromagnetic spacebeam.

This was the first channeling I had witnessed, and it was magic! I felt uplifted and electrified, gold-plated to use my present terminology, in an entirely new way. Right then, I knew I had to know more about Mark-Age and its teachings. I had to meet Mark and Yolanda to see what they truly were like, if they were who they said they were, if indeed Yolanda channeled messages from Sananda/Jesus who was aboard his mastership #10. And if Astrid was rightly developing to be a true, clear, accurate, Hierarchal channel.

Soul Healing

The next day, at the Yoga Center where about 15 of us yoga students lived in a converted rooming house that had been founded by my American yoga teacher, Margaret Coble, Joel and Astrid led another meeting. This time, Astrid channeled Glo-Ria. Again I was deeply moved, and afterwards my heart chakra/center hurt as I recalled past hurts and feelings of loneliness. Afterwards, Astrid did a hands-on healing of me, such that my heart center was fully rebalanced, my first such healing of such a dramatic and evidential kind.

However, when my first wife-to-be and I had lunch with Joel and Astrid, Astrid shared some negative comments about Yolanda. Then, she pointedly said that she and Joel were not going to stay much longer on staff, but that they were going to leave soon and start their own group and do their own separate thing.

Here she was, representing Mark-Age and publicly praising Mark and Yolanda, but now in private withus said she was planning to leave them in the lurch. I silently wondered if she was sharing all of this to recruit me to her and Joel, for me to follow her instead of Yolanda.

Venusian Soul Karma Revisited

As it later was revealed, Astrid had negative soul karma with Nada-Yolanda from the time of their numerous sojourns together on Venus. Starting about 32,000 years ago on Venus, Yolanda who then went by the name Nona, had so perfected her soul on Venus that Sananda and the Hierarchy picked her to be the feminine Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray. Astrid was jealous of Nona and thought that she (Astrid) was more evolved and should have been picked for this role. This arrogance, jealousy and self-deception carried over to Atlantis in the Sun Temple and now was resurfacing here in these Latter Days, such that Astrid might transmute and heal it.

However, Astrid refused to do so. She and Joel basically plotted to take over the Mark-Age Unit when Mark and Yolanda were on a lengthy stay in California. After Mark and Yolanda came back to MetaCenter, Astrid and Joel traveled and did Mark-Age talks, channelings and workshops and workshops with light workers around the United States. In these, as they had with me, they slyly tried to recruit spiritual workers to follow them, rather than Mark and Yolanda.

In early 1974, Sananda alerted Yolanda to Astrid’s treachery, which Joel had supported, even though he never seemed as negative as she was. In May 1974, Mark and Yolanda exposed Astrid’s and Joel’s errors and gave them a five-step program to transmute them. However, Astrid wanted nothing to do with this correction and opportunity to repent and reprogram her soul. She did not believe what Yolanda told her, for she thought that Sananda was telling her that she was right. Therefore, she and Joel abruptly left Mark-Age, never to be seen or heard from again. Compounding their error, numerous Mark-Age Family members, following her example, likewise left Mark-Age at this time.

Astara of the Sun

Before all of this betrayal occurred, in 1972, in Nada-Yolanda’s soul intunement for Astrid, as directed by Sananda who was present at this time, Yolanda explained what the name Astara meant. Nada-Yolanda received that Astara was Astrid’s high Self name as mentioned above. (I don’t know if Astrid first received this name of Astara or if Nada-Yolanda revealed it to her.) the name Astara also indicated that Astrid in her next lifetime would incarnate and express on the Sun. Astronomically, the Sun is the only star in the solar system. As a star, it produces light and energy by converting hydrogen to helium. Planets do not do this, but rather reflect the light of the sun when they appear as stars at night. Moons revolve around planets and also reflect sunlight that is seen on clear nights.

The name Astrid also symbolically represented soul record of her past incarnations on Venus when she was named Astarte – – the first four letters of Astrid are the same first four letters of the word astral.)  As Astrid now on Earth, she was to transmute her negative soul debits that she had incurred on Venus and to build on her positive, karmic credits. She was to rebirth and become Astara, a true star amongst multiple stars in the heavens. In I Am or Astara consciousness, she was to be a beacon of light. 

However, at a soul level, Astrid thought of herself as being THE star of the Mark-Age unit, when in reality Nada-Yolanda was this brightest star. Nada’s name means “the Emptiness or Nothingness out of which all creation comes.” Thus, Nada-Yolanda was humble and fully followed her master teacher, Sananda, whose name he also gives as Sun-Anda and whose spaceship is the Star of Bethlehem, the brightest light or star in the night sky.

Astrid was arrogant and followed her our own personal/soul self. Therefore, she could not birth her I Am or Astara Self. Rather, her “pregnancy” with Astara ended with a still-born child. Astrid was basically dead to her Astara Self. She lived in darkness for the rest of her life on Earth. She made her transition a few years ago, when she was in her early 80s.

Put In Here: Baptism with Fire.

Astara the Group

As to the other use of the name of Astara, in 1951, Robert and Earlyne Cheney founded the New Age, Mystery School group they called Astara, so named because its headquarters in southern California was said to be a center of spiritual light, hence a star. Before meeting and marrying, the two Cheney’s were spiritualist trance mediums. When they read the Theosophical and Alice A. Bailey teachings, they converted to New Age, esoteric teachings and practices. They saw Astara as a place where the universal teaching found in all religions would be explained, where all who were interested in spiritual matters could come and learn to be light workers.

Earlyne would go on to write over a hundred books about a wide variety of spiritual subjects, including the various ascended masters that first had been introduced to her and Robert in the Theosophical literature. The Cheney’s were particularly devoted to Jesus the Christ, although they seem not to have known or spoke of him as being an incarnation of Sananda or that the Hierarchal plan was for him to return in his light body in his Second Coming and the second coming of mankind to spiritual awareness.

In terms of Mark-Age, the key factor is that the Cheney’s never coordinated with El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda. There is no mention whatsoever in Yolanda’s diary of her and Mark corresponding or meeting with them. They were like most so-called ascended master or New Age groups in that they focused primarily on themselves — other spiritual leaders were supposed to come and learn from them. In essence, like Astrid/Jeanene, they tended to think of themselves as THE star of the New Age movement rather than as one of many such stars, with El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda being the brightest stars as representatives of the Hierarchal Board.

Earlyne made her transition in 1997; Robert died in 2006. For two or three years after this, their daughter Sita headed up the organization, but then she died of brain cancer. Before this, she lovingly corresponded with Phillel here at Mark-Age quarters, and the two groups exchanged newsletters. In 2022, the group moved to smaller facilities near Los Angeles, where they now promote Astara books and lessons, engage in zoom meetings with individuals and groups, and maintain a much smaller presence than in the days of the co-founders. To read more about them, go to their webpage

Astara of Jupiter

That brings us back to my being shown and realizing that the twin soul of Ashtar Gabriel revealed her name to me as Astara. To me, her name connotes that she is the “real deal,” that she is truly a superstar in the heavens, that she shines her Jupiterian light on one and all, that she is in complete alignment with the Hierarchy, that she serves Sananda/Jesus/Buddha and Sol-O-Man/Mary/Yasodhara with all her Jupiterian mind, heart and soul, for their Second Coming.

Astara is a superscientist who is capable of electroplating man of earth and all other kingdoms of this planet. She knows the whole story of how to do so, not just part of it. She knows how to let her light shine in all its Jupiterian feminine splendor. She serves in some way with Sol-O-Man/Mary, perhaps in conjunction with Sol-O-Man’s sister ship.

It may be that in the higher planes, she has been and remains connected to Astrid/Jeanene, who could have learned from her or maybe did train with her in past lives on Jupiter. Perhaps she even inspired the Cheney’s to develop Astara the organization, for much of what they taught was and continues to be good spiritual principles and practices. However, if Astara of Jupiter did at one time or another work from the higher planes with Astrid/Jeanene or the Cheney’s, it was not revealed to Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or now to me. It is enough for now just to know Astara of Jupiter’s name, identity and function in the overall Second Coming program.

Thus, Astara is a code name that means that Astara of Jupiter is a “star in the heavens” like unto her twin soul Ashtar Gabriel aboard Sananda’s ship #10. As a code name, Astara means also that anyone can be such a “star,” a brightly shining I Am star in the current darkness of Earth. The more such super-stars, the better!

Pondering all of the above, I felt reasonably comfortable with my accurately having received the name Astara as being that of Ashtar’s twin soul. However, per usual, I asked for confirmation and further elucidation, knowing full well that such would come in due time and unique ways.

Double Electroplating

Later this same morning, with it still being Wednesday, August 17th, when eating my mid-day meal at my dining room table, I felt two electromagnetic space beams inserted into the two sides of my cerebrum, toward the back part of the two cerebral hemispheres. Tuning into this, Ashtar Gabriel and Astara appeared above and before me. They looked totally pleased with me, as if to convey that receiving Astara’s name was indeed accurate and suitable for this time of now.

Then Ashtar Gabriel telepathically shared that Astara’s identification and presence signaled that the influx of Jupiterian energies was about to double, in and through me and others. It was like whoever was operating the Jupiterian hieronic equipment now began to double the higher electromagnetic frequencies being poured into both sides of my brain. The back of my head hurt, with bursts of sharp pain that signaled this. I eventually adjusted to all of this, and the two Jupiterians faded from my psychic view.

Afterwards, writing up this experience in my diary, I saw on my computer screen the telltale sign of an ocular migraine developing. There were moving spots or areas in the computer images that were blurred such that I could not determine what was being shown to me there. My visual cortex at the back or posterior portion of my cerebrum was dysfunctioning. I have a long history of migraine headaches which in recent years have diminished almost to nothing, and only affect my vision, without producing a severe headache, nausea and vomiting like they did in the past, going back to the time of my spiritual awakening in 1967.

From my past research and experimentation over the years, I now knew to take various vitamins, minerals and food supplements to quickly quell the blurry vision, which typically without such treatment will last about half an hour and leave me feeling disjointed, with a mild headache and a queasy stomach. So I took 4 CoQ10 100 mg tablets, 2 magnesium 100 mg tablets, 2 niacinamide 100 mg tablets, and multiple B vitamins. Within five minutes, my blurry vision stopped and I felt mostly back to normal.

In the early days of Yolanda’s development and working with hieronic electromagnetic space beams, she was warned that one possible effect on having such a beam on one’s head was that it might affect and distort one’s vision. In my case the beam was more so to the back of both sides of my brain, where vision takes place. Moreover, psychically, I had seen the two Jupiterians, with their features coming into my conscious awareness, hence via the posterior part of my brain. The supplements I took increased, fortified and restored the healthy function of all parts of the brain, but especially the visual centers. I was now seeing clearly, meaning what I had previously seen psychically about Ashtar Gabriel and Astara was indeed accurate, but that it took some time to adjust to clairvoyantly perceiving them.

Gold Solar Cross

It took me two days to assimilate the new energies and input from Ashtar Gabriel and Astara. Then, on August 19th, in my early morning prayer time, a group of ascended masters overshadowed me. From the midst of them stepped forward Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ matrix for the entire solar system, and is the co-titular head of the Hierarchy with Archangel Lord Michael.

Maitreya placed a beautiful gold chain around my neck at the bottom of which hung a gold sun or solar cross. It was about 4-5 inches in diameter and rested right on the middle of my chest, in my heart center or chakra, lighting it up with Seventh Ray golden peace, love and rest. This was Maitreya’s blessing of me for the ongoing re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter within me and in Xi’an, China; and for working with Jasper and Juno, as well as Ashtar Gabriel and Astara. It signified that I was to hold all of them not just in my head but also in my heart. I was deeply moved and felt incredibly blessed and humbled by this.

In time, I peered down at the solar cross and saw writings in each of its four quadrants. The names Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Ashtar Gabriel and Astara were imprinted in these four sections. They were clear as day to me, distinct and recognizable, and did not disappear when I looked away from them. It was like they glowed in the dark, lighting up my mind, body and soul.

It took some time for me to realize, however, that this golden solar cross imagery with the four names was a confirmation of the name Astara that I had received two days earlier. Maitreya was confirming this in his unique way — within the solar cross, the names of the four masters were obvious, distinct and clearly seen. Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the two co-leaders of Earth, with their two spacecraft. Ashtar Gabriel and Astara are from Jupiter. Ashtar Gabriel pilots Sananda’s ship #10. Astara works in conjunction with Sol-O-Man’s sister ship, in some currently unrevealed and not fully explained manner. All four are suns or stars in the heavens, hence the solar cross. Amen!

Second & Fourth Rays

Once again it took me two days to adjust to, incorporate and be comfortable with all that took place with Maitreya and the others. On August 21st, I drove into town to shop and eat some Chinese food. Coming back home, as I usually do, I took the “back road” that snakes through the Royal Blue Sanctuary, where there no houses or developments. I typically “get into a groove” as I slowly drive along with tree branches over my car and all kinds of plants and flowers along the side of the road. Often, while doing so, some new insight comes to me or I feel overshadowed by some master or a space beam.

This time, in a flash, it suddenly came clearly and deeply to me that the golden solar cross placed on a gold chain such that it was over my heart chakra had yet another meaning. The cross in this solar cross was composed of two lines that intersect one another — this symbolically depicts the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. Moreover, in the solar cross, the two crossing lines form a equilateral cross, thus with four equally long arms. These four and the four quadrants within them represent the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. The circle around the cross represents the planet Jupiter, at least in this interpretation.

Thus, what dawned on me like a burst of lighting that lit up my superscientific mind is that Jupiter’s main, central function and purpose, its logos so to speak, is a combination of these two rays, the Second and Fourth Rays. That is the principal energy and vibration that it radiates out to the whole solar system with its sun and twelve planets.

Mercury, Mars and Jupiter

Looking back, I remembered now that in the first contact with the group of Jupiterians prior to the East Asia Mission, there was 20 of them, a multiple of 2, with 20 indicating a new and higher vibration of the 2, in other words 2 x 10; this means Second Ray understanding and wisdom carried to a new and higher level on the higher dimensional planet of Jupiter. Then, five years later when I was reviewing my I Am Newsletter account of the China part of the East Asia Mission, 40 Chinese-looking Jupiterians came down from the surrounding mountains to visit me at Hilarion House. 40 is a multiple of 4, raised to the higher dimension, to a higher spiritual level you might say, that of Fourth Ray, Jupiterian superscientists.

Moreover, a couple weeks after the first vision of the 20 Jupiterians who visited me, I clairvoyantly heard the word “electroplating” and how that corresponded to the transfusion and coating of golden superelements into my physical body and that of others. The analogy was of a scientific process and manner. It portrayed the higher work of Jupiterians in helping us to electroplate our ascended light body onto and around our four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. This analogy also gave me an entirely new way to understand about and to become a wise practitioner of re-birthing, re-juicing and reopening my Temple of Jupiter. In other words it was under the Second Ray of Wisdom and Understand which expresses primarily on Mercury and in the temple of Mercury in northeastern India and Nepal.

On Mars, which is the primary Fourth Ray planet, the science practiced is more so at a physical level. The planet Jupiter is one of the three more highly developed and dimensional planets, where superscience is wisely understood and practiced, combining the higher applications of the Second and Fourth Rays.

So, for now, this is my working hypothesis, which still needs further confirmation and elaboration. Each person reading this blog has to explore all of this within himself or herself in order to determine if this hypothesis is indeed true. Each person must become a superscientist in order to do this research.

Divine Order

Two days later, on August 23rd, I dreamt that I was riding in a huge car with El Morya/Mark and Nada-Yolanda. Mark was driving. Yolanda was the front right seat, whereas I was in the back seat. Somehow, despite this arrangement of the three of us, we were able to face and talk with one another. It was a loving, friendly, joy-filled exchange, like amongst a happy family; Dad, Mom and Son. There was not a single hint that they were displeased with me in any way. I basked in their love.

At one point I began drawing a series of concentric circles, showing their relative positions and interrelatedness. They represented my having put together all the various aspects, talents, powers, incarnations and such in my current life, and in past lives on other planets; as well as the correlations of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in their respective roles. Upon showing these circles to Mark and Yolanda, they nodded their approval.

The circles also represented going back in my soul 26 million years ago to the days of the Cains and the Abels. The Cains then built their cities and temples atop mountains, in a series of concentric circles going up the mountainsides. I had fallen from Abel grace back then and had become a Cain. My fall had rippled out, into and through my following lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis and the present era.

However, now this past karma was almost fully cleared and in divine order. All had been made new.

I was at the mountain top but was loving and serving all below me. I was helping them to climb their mountains in their seven steps to Christhood.

The circles also represented the positioning and understanding of the roles and functions of the twelve planets that revolve around the sun, as well as the 13 spiritual temples or power centers on Earth. El Morya and Nada were indicating that my receiving that Jupiter radiates 2nd Ray understanding and wisdom combined with Fourth Ray manifestation and crystallization was indeed true.

Revisiting Syracuse

Then, El Morya announced that our current destination in the Mark-Age car was Syracuse, New York. I looked out the car windows and saw the city before us. It sparkled with light. All of the buildings therein were new. The whole place had been transformed from the time that I had been there when in medical school from 1968-1973. It had been made new. WOW!

We arrived at our hotel and set down our suitcases and bags in the waiting room there. I took various items out of my luggage, some old, odd-looking things, some new. As I did so, Mark and Yolanda got up and left, to go to some other place or meeting room in the hotel. After I had sorted through my things and put them in order, I decided to go out into our car and take a trip in the city to see the new sights. But after driving a couple miles, I suddenly realized that I could get lost and not be able find my way back. That had happened to me before, I seemed to remember. I drove back to the hotel and went to find Mark and Yolanda. Then I awoke.

This dream was a soul progress report. All is in order. All has been made new in my soul. I Am one with El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray and Nada as Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray who sits on the Karmic Board and rightly judges my soul. However, I still have a small, lingering tendency to go off on my own, without telling Mark and Yolanda; whereas it would be much wiser to wait and have them show me around, for they knew the new city, the New JerUSAlem consciousness and I did not.

This had been my error going back lifetimes, especially in Atlantis, when I was self-willed and self-powered, when I did not take things one step at a time, when I did not follow the lead of my spiritual teachers. There is still the final threads of this soul shortcoming to review and reprogram; to make it new. At least I recognized it in the dream before I drove too far, and I shortly found my way back home to the hotel. But, forewarned is forearmed. You and I are to be careful, cautious, discerning and disciplined. Or we still can fall again from grace, since all of us to some degree are self-deceived.

All this day, I was in the star-like glow of El Morya’s and Nada’s divine love. To a lesser degree, I, too, was a star in heavenly consciousness who shone brightly, powerfully and lovingly. We three were one.

Astrid Repents

The next morning, August 24th, in my early meditation, after getting centered and focused, my heart suddenly started hurting. In fact, it hurt like hell. What was this, I exclaimed and asked?

Tuning in to this, Astrid-Jeanene appeared before me in her astral body, sobbing uncontrollably. In the astral planes, she finally had realized the horror of the mistakes she had made in her prior life on Earth. She was overcome with sorrow and remorse, and felt like she could not face up to the consequences of her past betrayal of Nada-Yolanda and the Second Coming program. I was feeling her pain.

My hurting heart went out to her. I know what this pain feels like, as I have gone through it myself, in this and past lives. I too had screwed up royally at times. So, I now had compassion for Astrid and assured her she would get through this and come out the other side renewed, refreshed and re-juiced. I forgave her from the depths of my golden, though still somewhat scarred heart.

As painful as this exchange was, it felt so good to be re-united with her in loving oneness. She had been a key factor in my introduction to Mark-Age. She had healed my heart during her visit with Joel and her two daughters to Syracuse. It was amazing to me that I had just the previous day dreamt that Mark and Yolanda had taken me to the renewed Syracuse, where I first had met Astrid and Joel. What Mark and Yolanda had given to me was what I was to give to Astrid: love and forgiveness, with a dollop of spiritual power in speaking the word.

As my exchange with her continued, she calmed down and eventually thanked me for helping her, for sharing the information about her in this blog, for lighting the way for her as a fellow Seventh Ray worker. She was my friend, my sister, my beloved fellow star in the heavens here on Earth and in the astral planes. And as the vision progressed further, I realized that Wains/Jim Speed/J. W. of Jupiter was likewise with her and had been helping her to have her breakthrough. Glo-Ria also was with J.W. and her. Moreover, Astara of Jupiter likewise was watching over, loving and supporting us. Thus, the last couple weeks of focusing on Jupiter and the Temple of Jupiter had played a key role in Astrid’s re-birth and re-juicing in the higher astral planes.

How incredible is redemption! If we but persist in applying spiritual principles, all things will be healed and made new. I am living testimony of that. Thank You, Spirit, Who has been ever present and my best Friend all though my history on Earth and throughout this solar system.

From Coal to Christ

Then I started thinking more so of my past, in 1973-1974 when Astrid, Joel, and Wains had been so influential, important and helpful in my life. Looking clairvoyantly into my current heart, there was what looked like small rocks or chunks of what looked like black coal in each of its four chambers, two atria and two ventricles. This represented the residue of pain that I had from that past time, which was still crystallized in my heart. Jim had left in June 1973. Joel and Astrid had defected in May 1974.

The fourth person and pain was my ex-wife. When I joined the Mark-Age staff in October 1974, she stayed behind in Syracuse and we were eventually divorced. Now, some 48 years later, she reconnected with me about six months ago, and we have become the best of friends. We talk in depth once a week on the phone. But, as my current vision and heart pain indicated, there still is some remnant of the past painful separation from her. We had been destined to become the third channeling team of Mark-Age, and to represent and practice the best of all forms of healing. But it had not happened.

All four of the past separations of yesteryear still had left scars in my heart that were now contributing to my Afib. I lost my four best friends and loved ones, all in a period of two years, one right after the other. It was awful! No wonder my heart still now hurts and beats out of rhythm. Thank God, back then I had found Mark and Yolanda, and other Mark-Age staff, whom I dearly loved and who dearly loved me. With their abiding support, I had moved forward and upward. I had persisted and persevered through thick and thin.

In the past, carried over to now, my painful feelings from 1973-1974 symbolically had crystallized into black coal, buried under the surface of my mortal, consciousness awareness. Now it was time to finally dig them up, to release them, to renew my heart, to convert the four pieces of coal into four diamonds, those of peace, love, cooperation and coordination which in time will heal my Afibing heart. In helping Astrid, I am simultaneously helping myself and being helped by my fellow Jupiterians. As we do unto others, so is it done unto us.

Re-Juiced and Re-Opened

On August 27th and 28th, I used my light-filled hands to remove the last vestiges or veils that separated me from anchoring and manifesting my I Am Jupiterian, superscientific consciousness. Rather than lesser, negative visitors and intruders, all of the various known Jupiter visitors now anchored fully into my heart and soul, into my mind and physical form, into all of my seven bodies.

With one voice, Jasper, Juno, Ashtar Gabriel, Astara, J. W. of Jupiter and his twin soul proclaimed: Soliel-Robert, your individual Temple of Jupiter is now open; the Temple of Jupiter is now re-juiced and re-birthed. Spend the next week solidifying this resplendent renewal and re-empowerment. Speak the Jupiterian talk and walk the Jupiterian walk. Rejoice and give thanks unto God and all the agents of God — elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors and higher plane astral leaders such as Ming-Xi — who have contributed mightily to this new birth of Jupiterian consciousness in China and all around the Earth.

Fourth of Four

After meditation, I had to go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement. While sitting on my “throne,” above and before me a sheath of light descended. In it was a masculine being who at first I did not recognize. He was tall, lanky, and filled with light. And he was definitely familiar. He was Jo-El/Joel, who had been the spiritual partner of Astrid/Jeanene.

He had made has transition ten-to-twenty years ago, as best as Phillel and I remember. So he has had time to resolve much of his karma from his past life when he and Astrid left Mark-Age, Inc. Hence, he looked light-filled in this visionary communion with him. He was somewhere in the higher astral planes, steadily progressing. He told me that he had been helping Astrid.

I had loved Joel from the first time we met in 1971. My first wife and I had spent lots of time with him during our twice yearly visits to MetaCenter from 1971-1974. He made jewelry for us and others that was unique and beautiful, and which had embedded gemstones in them. This reflected and manifested his talents as a Fourth Ray Worker. I was so happy now to be back in contact with him in his renewed, reborn state.

For my lunch, I went to the nearby Mexican restaurant. While sitting alone in the back section of it, with no one around me, Joel appeared once again before me and sat across from the table in my booth, and we had more of a “chat”, catching up and just enjoying each other’s presence. Once again, he apologized to me for his past errors, and once again I quickly forgave him and said let’s move forward. Before he left some ten or so minutes later, he said: Tell you former first wife hello for me. Which I later did in my phone call with her that afternoon. She was amazed and we reminisced about all out past experiences with him and Astrid.

Now all four of these folks are newly in my loving heart: Wains/Jim Speed, Astrid, Joel and my former first wife. My heart has been made new. God is great!

Three Ladies

The next morning, August 29, 2022, I fell asleep in my morning meditation. Upon awakening, I remembered a fascinating dream. Three young ladies in their late teens or early twenties visited. None of them knew the others. All were very happy to visit me. They had been watching me and reading my blogs. They were all charming, innocent and pure; and beautiful. They were young “stars.”

I talked with all three and was so happy to do. They definitely were bright lights, New Age children. One of them took me to her nearby apartment, and knowing that I love popcorn, she tried to cook some kernels by placing them on an open plate with some oil on it. Of course, this didn’t work very well. Only a few kernels popped and even those flew off in all directions. She was perplexed by this, as if she had never popped corn before. I woke up in a daze, in another world, still in another higher dimension. It took a good ten minutes to get grounded.

My first interpretation was that these three represented the new birth and anchoring of Jupiterian consciousness in my mind, body and soul. Then it dawned on me that the three symbolized coordination with newly elevated ones in the three higher astral planes. Nada contacted me and gave me the highest interpretation: These three had come from the three higher vibrational planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. They had answered the Hierarchal call that had gone out in 2004 A.D. to all of the planets to recruit a new wave of light workers on Earth to help bring forth the Second Coming. They had incarnated on Earth back then, so now they would be about 18-19 years old, like in my dream.

Their other planetary origins were indicated by one of them not knowing how to make popcorn, an ordinary, simple earthly task. This lady was not of Earth and was still getting familiar and grounded in our ways. She had been attracted to me because I once had been on her planet and thereby was a kindred soul, one who could help her adapt and ground herself to do that which she had come to do. I woke up dizzy and discombobulated, my head still in the heavens, because it was like I was on her and the other two ladies’ planets.

To me, the dream also represented the linking of the three Temples of these three planets with one another and with me here on Earth at the Sun Temple. Thus, here again was the four symbology of the Fourth Ray, linked with the cosmic understanding and wisdom of the Second Ray. Here represented was the successful manifestation and grounding of our work with re-birthing and re-juicing of the Temple of Jupiter in ourselves and in Xi’an. It will take a week to complete this task of helping such visitors to pop corn, to change from one form to another, to be able to function effectively here on Earth; to cook the food to feed all on the planet, especially the 144,000 elect.

More Blowback

After this dream and getting some breakfast, I still felt dizzy, disconnected and nauseous. I just thought it was from the spiritual input of the last few days — I was overloaded. But, even when lying down and meditating, resting and doing my best to get balanced, my nausea continued to get worse. In my inner vision, some nasty, dark beings were attempting to attack and harm me. They were feeling threatened by all the new light input, and specifically by my communion with the three extraplanetary,  young lady visitors. They were afraid of losing their negative, powerful grip on Earth and in the astral planes. They were not about to give up without a fight.

They not only were attacking me but also especially were attacking Astrid in the higher astral planes, because she was so vulnerable. In a sense, she had been on their side prior to her repenting. If she could repent after forty-some years, then others might well follow her example and be reborn and re-juiced. Therefore, to some degree, all hell was now breaking loose in the astral planes, which I was feeling here on Earth. However, Astrid is well protected and well versed in how to deal with this. She knows it is her karmic retribution to do so. Ming-Xi, the leader of the astral Chinese folks is with her as well as many others. Still, Astrid has to do her own work. No one can do it for her.

This Earth-astral blowback experience is one of the worst I ever have had. Shortly, I rushed into my bathroom and vomited  my breakfast, after which I felt better but still not well. Five minutes or so later, I had dry heaves. Finally, things settled down and amazingly within a few minutes I felt balanced enough to go to my computer and finish this blog. All my inner plane associates and helpers apparently had worked overtime to bring about this near miraculous transformation. How can I ever thank them enough!?

These guides, teachers, space visitors, angels and such shared once again that it was not because I had done something wrong that had left me open to such a negative attack. Rather, it was primarily because I had done something right. In the case of Jesus, he had not been crucified because he had committed karmic errors, but because he had taught and demonstrated the truth. So when we open up to a new and higher level, the new and wider passageway up through the astral planes into the etheric planes may make us vulnerable to attempted infiltration by negative, crystallized, power-mongering souls — hence the blowback phenomenon.

As always, it takes some time to thoroughly dislodge such folks from our forcefields, to close the door that allows them to somewhat infiltrate our forcefield, to slime us with their self-power and selfishness. We are to always remember at these times that all of our spiritual helpers in all planes are with us; we are never alone. And together, we can disperse the darkened ones before they do much, if any damage. Thus, being dizzy, nauseous and vomiting is a small price to pay for learning how to masterfully do this, for serving in this way in the Second Coming program. In my case, I barfed up the darkness of negativity emanating to me, and maybe a little of my own remaining doubts and fears. All is well now and soon will be in Astrid/Jeanene. All is in divine order! Amen.

One Final Visualization

Here’s the visualization I was given on August 28th to help us in this final, week-long grounding period to finish the re-juicing, re-birthing and wise re-manifestation of the Temple of Jupiter, within and without.

Place yourself inside a pyramid of pure, crystal-clear, gold light that protects you from “negative” visitors but welcomes the positive visitations of those from higher dimensions and from other planets, those who are of Jupiterian, superscientific consciousness. They can move right through our protective, pyramid shell. Those of lesser consciousness cannot do so.

The top of the pyramid, its apex, is 3-4 feet above the top of our head. Its bottom square base is solidly anchored on the floor or ground. Once you are so secured and ensconced, see an image of the planet Jupiter above you. which is about 12 feet wide and tall.

Slowly, see and feel it descending over and into you. On day 1 of this week, the bottom of the imagined Jupiterian planet is interconnected with the top of your head, at your crown crown and cerebrum. Have faith and perceive that you are one with Jupiter and Jupiterian, with Jasper and Juno, with Ashtar and Astara, with J. W. of Jupiter and his twin soul. Spend your day 1 with this linking with them until it feels solid and secure.

On day 2, the lower part of your visualized Jupiter descends into your third eye chakra in your forehead and temple regions, grounding into your thalamus and pituitary gland in the center of your brain. The thalamus is for crystal clear receiving of new images from Jupiterians. The pituitary gland is for wisdom and intuitive understanding. See and be a Jupiterian, a temple of Jupiter.

See a similar Jupiterian globe descending into the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, which is 12 to 120 miles in diameter. Know that a dual birthing is taking place, within you and there in China. Affirm and speak words of truth to our spiritual brothers and sisters in China.

On day 3, the bottom of Jupiter descends to your throat chakra, to your voice box and respiratory system. Breathe in the will of God which is that we become one with Jupiterians, one with our coworkers in the Temple of Jupiter in China.

Continue this step-by-step daily descending and grounding of the Temple of Jupiter in the rest of your seven chakras and corresponding organs, and in Xi’an. See the Jupiter descent going each new day to the next lower chakra. On the 7th day, your visualized and felt Jupiter anchors into and through your regenerative chakra and reproductive organs, then all the way along your legs and out your feet, until it is anchored into the elements of the Earth. The re-birth and re-juicing and re-manifesting of the Temple of Jupiter is now crystallized, crystal clear in your consciousness and expressed in your actions.

You now are a star in heavenly consciousness right here on Earth. Be the bright, shining, brilliant star that you are!

Re-joice and give thanks unto Spirit and all agents of Spirit for this glorious event and reality. Celebrate, pop and eat some corn, and start to think about traveling to Pluto and the Temple of Pluto in the next 3-4 weeks. Who knows, maybe three young Plutonian ladies or men may visit you/us at this time, as well as other Plutonians. For they, too, have come to help us.

Amen. God bless you. I love you. We are one in the One!