Here’s our fun, marvelous, uplifting, joyous song as sung by Heavenly Joy Jerkins (what a great name), a five-year-old girl who reminds me of Shirley Temple from the old days.

And, as Heavenly says, she has Jesus in her heart. Oh yes, a little child shall lead us to the Promised Land of peace and love, not to mention Heavenly Joy. Her smile alone takes us there. She is beyond cute! She is heavenly.



DJ Doc Joy of a little child

2 thoughts on “Heavenly”

  1. Oh what kids can do! I keep watching one after another; they are so wonderful; it inspires, thrills and gives me joy to keep on with the Second
    Coming of Christ in all the world. On AGT, and in all the other such countries!
    You can see the love and support and hard work of their parents: it is so worth it. Some children were adopted, and just rose to the top with their own biological children.
    Thanks for the love and joy of these choices for our happiness!

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