Be a White Ankh

Today, Tuesday, November 2, 2021, we start a new week of focusing on our Judas quality, the power of regeneration, and of letting go of our Iscariot attribute, the “scary” potential of degeneration.

Last week, we took a walk down memory lane, laughing and crying about our past twelve, romantic-to-divine, personal male-female love relationships with our twelve sweethearts or hoped for sweeties. What a trip, huh? And hopefully you had a good voyage through your past of this and prior lives, with its loves and losses.

Now this week, we shift gears and focus on the present, with a look to the future. We give our full attention to being Judas/Judy, one who praises and lauds God-the-Good in all that we think, feel and do.

Where there has been soul darkness, we now fill it with light. Where there was pain, we now replace it with Christ pleasure, the joy of rightly loving one another. Where there were blind spots, we now see and be the light. We are born again, born again, rosy redder than ever.

12-Foot Christ Citadel

Here’s a visualization that we can utilize in our ascent and redescent into the white light of love and purity. It’s a follow-up to the visualization in my first blog about regeneration, a refinement and fulfillment of it, a new image to set our heart and soul aglow.

Begin by surrounding yourself in a citadel or tower of First Ray faith, will and power. Lord Michael, El Morya and Glo-ria reinforce this round column of light around you. Faith primarily is around your head, will is mostly around your chest and heart, and power flows all the way down your arms and legs, so that your I Am power is expressed and anchored on Earth. Your head is in heaven but your feet are solidly grounded on Earth

See this Christ cylinder around your aura being about 12 feet in diameter, extending 6 feet or so from the center of you, from your spinal column of light. Wrap it around you, time and time again, until the tower of power is firmly in place, until you are safely and securely ensconced within it, where no lower thought or energy, no selfish desire can enter into your heart or regenerative chakras, or any of your other seven major soul-psychic-astral centers.

The round column of protective, loving, powerful light extends from the ground up to your head, and from there upward into and through the surrounding astral planes, until it disappears from view in the etheric and celestial realms. As above, now below. As below, so now above.

12 Apostolic Powers

Link in thought and consciousness with, open your heart anew to, the overarching presence of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. Feel at one with Archangel Uriel, who is of the female polarity and is of the Seventh Ray.

Be present within your citadel with the radiations of love and regeneration coming to you from the twelve apostles of Jesus, including those of Judas Iscariot, as well as Matthias who replaced him.

Think also of, and commune with, Mary Magdalene, Susanna  and Joanna, who were three of the prominent woman disciples or followers of Christ Jesus.

Feel their divine feminine vibrations, their sisterly and motherly love, their representation of the divine feminine or soul aspect in each one of us. Does your heart good, doesn’t it?

Enter the Emptiness

Stay centered in your I Am Center, your Christ Self. Be still and know that you are one with God and with the cosmic agents of God who watch over and guide you from above and within.

Once your mind quiets down, become aware of whoever of this life is now inside your citadel. In other words, who are you still thinking about, feeling connected to for better or worse, who you still may lust after in some way, who you want to judge and “shape up,” whose loss you still mourn, including your past 12 sweethearts.

Whoever, they are — friends, foes, loved ones, of this or past lives — usher them out of your tower of power. No one in mortal-soul consciousness is now to be inside your cylinder. For it is in this sacred space that you commune with our Father-Mother God and His-Her sons and daughters who are in I Am consciousness.

In this silent space, it is dark, as black as the night, not because there is still some negative soul-subconscious or physical, conscious error within you, but rather because of just the opposite. By your last week’s review and release, you have purged most of the negativity of the past and now are poised to begin your future. In your tomb-womb, you await your resurrection, your being born again in the light. You cannot force it, but you are ready and receptive to it. And in Spirit’s time and wisdom, your contractions begin to birth your light body.

White Crux Ansata

Watching and waiting, peer upward above you. Descending down your Christ citadel or tower of divine power, perceive a brilliant, shining, vibrant, upright white crux ansata that is about 7 feet tall. You are protected, so you welcome the descent of this white ankh. White signifies love and purity and peace, your light body that lights up your four lower bodies and gives them existence, from which you originally came and descended into physical matter.

Why an ankh? Here is what Nada-Yolanda channeled about it from John Mark on July 19, 1961: “The crux ansata cross has not been only of this civilization’s period of time, but predates any use upon the Earth planet. It goes back into other-planetary history, particularly Saturnian. In the Saturnian Council, which is the seat of interplanetary government, this is the symbol used by heads of the Council [of Seven] for utilizing the power of Creative Energy, the eternal or everlasting Father-Mother God, manifesting into a single or individual manifestation.

“This is the origin, received of course from the interplanetary parliament during the time of Atlantis when there was a fair amount of interplanetary communication, and then carried into Egypt by those who did inhabit that land from the Atlantean fall. It will be found in Lemurian history and in all ancient and conquering civilizations, from one era or phase to another.”

Light up your Whole Soul

Thus in seeing and receiving the white ankh, you are under the guidance of the Hierarchal Board of this solar system. Its Saturnian Council or Council of Seven consists of the seven archangels of the Seven Rays of Life and the seven chohans or directors of these seven divine attributes. Its co-titular heads are Lord Michael, known in this role as Katoomi, the Archangel of the First Ray; and Lord Maitreya, of the kingdom of man, who is the Christ matrix of this solar system, and is of the Seventh Ray.

As the white ankh descends into and around you, it lights up your whole soul record, going back to Atlantis and Lemuria and even before then; whether you are consciously aware of this or not. It lights up your life, your portion of Creative Energy, your power of regeneration, with which you re-birth your light body and shine this light on one and all.

The bottom of the vertical pole of the ankh is pointed, like unto the tip of a downward pointing sword. (The above image, however, does not show this.) This pointed tip enters into the top center of your crown chakra/center, your central computer station, your faith faculty.

Perceive this insertion, this birthing, this entry of the white ankh in the top of your head. See, feel and welcome the uplifting, accelerating, electrifying and spiritually stimulating vibrations of the Christ light ankh in your crown/cerebrum. Feel the quickening of your faith, your perceiving power. Affirm this, see this, be this. With renewed faith, know that your are a divine creation of our Divine Creator, Mother-Father God.

Feel also, however, any fear or resistance or difficulty you may be having with this descent of the Holy Spirit, your I Am Self in the form of a white ankh, as it lights up a minimum 144,000 centers or centers in your cerebrum. Does it to some degree seem to blow your mind, your brain? Or does it expand your faith-filled thoughts and perceptions?

Stay with it, stay at it, stay centered during this first “contraction” with its possible pain, but also its joy that your new birth is on the way. When fully aglow, your brain is born again, born again; lit up anew in the white light of peace and love and healing.

Come on Down

Once your have your “head” fully into the white light, see, call forth and experience the descent of the vertical pole of the ankh into your third eye. Go through the same process of accepting and welcoming it, feeling the expansion of your all-seeing eye, even as some remaining dark areas in your psychic vision become visible to you, which you need to release and remove.

Give it due time, steady as she goes during this second contraction in your birthing journey down the seven major chakras. As above so below.

Your inner eye is enlightened. You are as the Buddha or Buddhi under the Bodhi tree, filled with cosmic illumination. You see the good within yourself and all others, and as you do so, any residue of your evil or dark side disappears and dissolves. See and be. See with the single eye of your single Self, God within you, the son or daughter of Him-Her that you are. And that’s what you will be.

In time, see and feel the descent of the ankh into your throat chakra, the descent of the white light down your spinal column that is surrounded and enclosed by the ankh’s vertical pole. Perhaps this pole is 4-6 inches in width, but it may seem to be smaller or larger as your third contraction takes place.

Speak the word: affirm, decree, visualize and realize that new God Power is being birthed within you. Call forth good, call forth healing, call forth the Christ child within your four-lower-body temple and within the temples of all others. Come on down, I Am Self; come on down! Within me and within all others. We are born again, born again.

Continue to Christ Birth

As guided from within, as overseen and inspired by your ascended-master obstetrician or midwife, by your guardian angel(s), with the aid of space visitors and their electromagnetic space beams, visualize, sense, feel the presence and power of the white ankh as it enters into, enlightens and re-empowers each of your remaining chakras and corresponding physical organs: heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative. Maybe one of the twelve apostles or one of the symbolic twelve female disciples of Jesus attends to you, like unto Mary Magdalene, who after all she was amongst the women who went to the tomb to anoint his body, but he was no longer there; she was the first one to “see” Jesus following the resurrection of his light body.

Maybe in this first meditation utilizing the white-ankh image, you only feel the stimulation and acceleration of your crown chakra or maybe also your third eye chakra. Maybe in another meditation tomorrow or days from now, you feel no downward movement at all, but rather consolidate what you thus far have received and experienced. Maybe you go back in another meditation to one of the higher chakras that you already have felt was opened anew, with yet more input and clarification there.

Remember always that Spirit is in control, that your birthing is unique, although it follows an overall pattern. Be content, happy even, to be who you are, to experience your regeneration in your own way. All is indeed well and in divine order.

Red and Rosy

When the white ankh finally descends into and lights up your regenerative chakra, with one final contractive push, you birth your light body. The loop or circle at the top of the ankh is around and caressing your head. The horizontal crossbar is at the level of your throat and arms. The vertical pole goes all the way from the base of your brain, down the whole length of your spinal column, to the base of your body, and continues down through your legs and feet.

And as this occurs, the white ankh may turn rosy red in its colorful, enriching radiation. This is the bold or blood red of your I Am power of regeneration. Surrounded in red light, imbued in this red energy within and without, in your aura and your physical body, you are regenerative love in action. You are born again, born again.

And all your ascended, other-worldly teachers, as well as your host of guardian angels, and “three wise men” from afar are with you, oohing and aahing, smiling happily and radiating their red rosy love to you.

What a family you have! What a joy it is to one and all for you to be reborn and regenerated and renewed as the light being that you are, to wiggle your perfectly formed fingers and toes, to gurgle and bubble in your innocent Christ-child crib, to be taken into your Cosmic Mother’s arms and held to her breast. Thank You, Father-Mother God.

I Am Golden Light

And now, your ankh may metamorphose yet again, in your cosmic-light show and radiation and rebirth. From red, it may move into white and gold, with gold being the color representing your light body. All around and within you, radiating as You, see and be a golden ankh.

Now you truly are ready to heal humanity. Now you are poised to Love God and Love One Another. So be it!