Be Brown: Take II

(Please note: This is the final version of what I inadvertently posted a couple days ago as Get Down & Be Brown, and then posted a retraction. I have deleted those two prior posts on my blog site.)

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On April 24, 2023, ten days ago, I dreamt that I was with a loving, mildly overweight woman with brown, Earth-colored skin. Others were around us but we seemed to be magnetically attracted to one another. At first I did not recognize her, but as we talked I began to remember past times when we had worked together. I now shared with her how good it was to be talking and exchanging with her again. She agreed and said that she felt the same way. It was a grand reunion and I felt transformed and lifted anew into I Am consciousness.

At the end of my exchange with this brown-skinned, oval-shaped, lovely and loving lady, she gently but pointedly told me that I still had a tendency to not keep good written records in my diary of my ongoing spiritual experiences, which I knew to be true; so I assured her I would do a better job. Thus, she “rebuked” me and I “repented.”

Upon awakening, it dawned on me that this round, oval-shaped woman was a feminine deva, appearing me in a form and color that I could readily understand. As I pondered this possibility, I gradually suspected that she was not just any deva but rather that she was Mama Deva, the leader of feminine devas all around the planet. Her brown skin partly symbolized this, indicating that she is of, and supervises, the whole Earth and all its elements, such as those that comprise earthly dirt. Moreover, the realization came that she recently has been working with me during my trips into the center of the Earth and my projecting peace and love to the Earth’s surface, hence its dirt.

However, I was not fully sure about this new contact with, and information about, her. I recalled without much detail that several months ago in 2022 she had first appeared to me in brilliant light. So why was she now brown and so ordinary looking, other than to symbolize her connection with the brown earth?

Be Brown

My initial thought was that this “Brown Deva” now had lowered her vibration such that I could see her in down-to-earth fashion, as a beloved being who was my dear and beloved friend. Plus, she was down-to-earth, with no airs or superior feelings. The phrase that came to me to describe this was: “Get down and be brown.” And so, for the time being, I referred to her mostly as the Brown Deva.

I also thought that it is time for all light workers to get down with the devas and work more consciously and actively with them to uplift and re-energize all the elements of Earth, including those that comprise our physical bodies. We are to focus more so on, and become more adept in working with, angels and devas and elementals who in a chain of command oversee and guide all life forms.

In Sanskrit, a deva is said to be a god or goddess who works with the forces of nature. Deva (with an “a”) is the masculine name (thus a god), whereas devi (with an “i”) is the feminine name (a goddess). In the West, however, we generally do not make this distinction, and instead refer to the devas and not the devas and devis. But my contact definitely was with a feminine devi, so she could be called the Brown Devi. And she is not a goddess but rather a devi that is of a separate kingdom.)

Be Blue

Prior to this contact with the Brown Devi, I had experienced shortness of breath, with pressure on my throat and chest. This was in large part “blowback” from the various power-mongers in the world, especially those in the Eastern Hemisphere. Working to release this, I breathed in the blue light of the First Ray of Will and Power to remove the psychic connections to the war-oriented Eastern leaders who worship personal power and physical domination, not spiritual peace and love.

When I breathed out, I released and dispersed the negative thoughts and feelings coming my way. Near the end of this work with my throat chakra and respiratory system, I was shown a vision of small chunks of black coal in my trachea (windpipe), two bronchi and two lungs. These represented the old, negative, power-mongering attitudes that have been prevalent and thereby crystallized on Earth for eons of time. Hence they are like unto coal that is found under the surface of the Earth. Being incarnated on Earth, we are subject to taking in these crystallized ideas and attitudes. That is why we work so often with spiritual protection and with spiritual cleansing.

Next, after my communion with “Mama Brown,” Lord Michael and El Morya inspired me to use my electric-blue sword of truth to cut along each of the Earth’s 12 major longitudinal meridians, then to peel back each section, so as to remove the darkness and negativity (black coal) embedded in that section of the Earth, due to so much selfishness, willfulness and self-power in past times, right up to now.

In doing so, my difficulty with breathing disappeared even more. Thus, I had been feeling the Earth’s pain in my respiratory system, the pain that also has been projected by humankind onto the devas and adversely affected them. Now, the chunks of black coal dissolved and were removed. I breathed easily and deeply again. I was not fully cognizant of it at the time, but I, representing mankind, and the Brown Deva, who portrays all devas (especially the feminine devis) on and about the Earth, worked together as one.

Moreover, the realization started to come that the Brown Devi or Mama Deva is particularly focused on the Eastern Hemisphere, which is more so of the feminine vibration than the Western Hemisphere that is more so masculine. The worst power-mongering on Earth at this time is in the Eastern Hemisphere: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Shake & Quake

Then, what came to me intuitively yet decisively was that Earth catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, tornados and such would now ramp up and become more prevalent. With the ongoing increase of the influx of the higher spiritual energies from now through the end of the spring cycle, there will be many new marvelous opportunities for light workers to step up and rightly wield the sword in new and higher ways. At the same time, however, due to mankind’s stubbornness and power-mongering, we will see and feel shaking and quaking around the world, hence so-called natural disasters. These may start in the Fourth Ray Temple of Mars in Jerusalem (the Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization), but they also will incur in all the countries in the East.

In part, the devas have had enough of mankind’s hubris and misuse of power, so now they will respond. It is not that they will cause the earthquakes, floods and tornados, but rather that all the negativity sent toward them over the ages will be released from their forcefields. It reminds me of the slogan to not mess with Mama Nature.

In the midst of pondering this spiritual guidance, in a vision, suddenly to the left and in front of me appeared Jonathan Jacobs, Phillel’s brother. A huge downpouring of liquid-light poured into his head and forcefield, lifting him in a new and higher state of enlightened consciousness. The liquid-light looked somewhat like water coming down the side of a mountain, such that it appears white as it flows over the boulders in the mountain river or stream.

Jonathan, and all light workers, are to prepare themselves for this seemingly sudden influx of white light, and be ready to deal with it, including the following decrystallization that will occur in each one’s soul, as well as the blowback from those in mortal power. All light workers will need to “get down and be brown.” We will be called upon to stay grounded firmly on Earth, to go with the flow, to work in conjunctions with the angels, devas and elementals, and thereby to lift the whole planet into a new level of spiritual awareness.

Hours later this very morning, via email, Jonathan shared with me his morning dream in which he suddenly had been lifted into a new and higher state of oneness with the One. Others around him did not understand this and thought he was having some kind of illness like a stroke. As Jonathan told them, however, he was light-headed. I took this dream as definitive confirmation of what had just been given to me in my morning meditation.

In Jonathon’s dream, others wanted to take him to the hospital to run some tests on him. Here in essence was the blowback that comes to us when we have new spiritual experiences. Those around us who are mostly in mortal consciousness typically do not believe us. They think they are helping us by “testing us” and trying to prove that we are self-deceived. But we hold our ground, trust in our own guidance, and do what we think is right. We get down and be brown. We demonstrate our spiritual knowledge and convictions in our everyday life. We walk the walk. We let other people test themselves. We forgive them their well-meaning attempts to help us, which however are partly powered by their own mortal arrogance.

Divine Hug

The next morning, April 25th, at the end of a long meditation, suddenly the Brown Deva appeared over me. This time, however, she was not just brown but she also was filled with multiple shades of brown as well as white and gold. She sparkled with brilliant light.

Then she descended all around and engulfed me in her forcefield. This brought forth a glorious, loving, soothing, peaceful feeling that resulted in tears flowing down my face. I felt enveloped and hugged in quintessential feminine love. It was simply divine. And I felt this especially in my physical heart.

After some time, Lady Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, appeared over the Brown Deva and me. Uriel was supervising and directing the Brown Deva in how she was to work with me in order to especially heal my heart. I felt a deep peace in my heart, a feeling that I had had to some degree in prior meditations over the last couple weeks, but never could identity who was with me and helping my heart. Now I knew it was the Brown Deva. Her brown color indicated that she was working with my physical heart, that my healing was to anchor into and manifest in a physical way.

After this, a golden starburst appeared in the heavens above the three of us. It emanated from the EloHer of Peace and Love. Here was the coordination and cooperation of the EloHer (the feminine partner of the EloHim of the Seventh Ray), Uriel and the Brown Deva. With all of this, I began breathing easily and deeply, had no back pain which I had felt before hand, and felt fully at peace in my heart of hearts and my physical heart. Thank You, One and all. I love you!

Chief of the Devas

Despite these experiences, 3 days later, on April 29th, I still had some lingering doubts as to the true and full identity of the Brown Deva. Was she really Mama Deva? How could a brown-skinned, normal-looking woman actually be the feminine leader of all other feminine devas of Earth? Herein was the typical two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward motion of all spiritual growth.

The guidance came strongly at this point to go back and read in my spiritual diary the detailed account of how I first came into contact with Mama and Papa Deva (with Papa Deva being Mama Deva’s counterpart), for I had forgotten several parts of this. Last year, on July 27, 2022, Nada had overshadowed me and announced officially that I now was the the chief of the devas of Earth, a role that she had enacted when she was incarnated as Yolanda. She said that with all my contacts with devas around the world during the 12 spiritual missions from fall 2010 to spring 2015, I had become familiar with, and adept in connecting and working positively and cooperatively with the devic-elemental kingdoms. Moreover, since then, there had been numerous devic communions in the first half of 2022 as I focused anew on linking the 13 spiritual temples or power centers around the world. Therefore, I had earned the the title and role of now being the chief of the devas on Earth.

By being the “chief” did not mean that I was to lord it over the devas and to order them around. For, they come directly under the governance of the angels, not of mankind. But mankind’s negativity does adversely affect the devas, just as it does the people of Earth. If we are subjected to too much negativity, we have a tendency to become negative ourselves. Thus, some devas have lost their clear connection with their angelic guardians, directors and mentors; and thereby acted negatively in their relationship with the elementals and elements; just as this has happened with mankind. That is why in some cultures devas have been described as being devilish or negative.

My function and talent as the devic chief simply means that I am to demonstrate the right and proper exchange and coordination with them. I am to radiate positive and loving thoughts to them, and to welcome their unique contributions and actions in healing all life forms on and about the Earth. Devas and humans are to honor one another just as the Brown Devi and I did in my initial dream that was shared at the start of this blog. We had only love for one another.

Mama Devi

The next day, July 28, 2022, in my morning quiet time, I felt prickly heart and stimulation in multiple places of the left side of my physical body, from my head down to my feet; with the left side symbolizing my feminine, subconscious, astral side and nature. This activation of my left side signaled the presence of a new, powerful, feminine deva, but no identification was given. However, the contact was so strong and powerful that it served to confirm the announcement of the day before by Nada that I was now the chief of the devic kingdom.

Reflecting on, and feeling inspired by this, the strong realization came that this new feminine deva was the leader of the the devas around the world. She was the feminine “deva of devas,” like Sol-O-Man/Mary being the queen or feminine co-leader of the Earth with Sananda/Jesus. Telepathically, this “mother” deva directed me to call her Mama Deva.

Mama and Papa

The next morning, July 29th, in my morning meditation, before me appeared a vision of a huge set of golden, double doors, about ten feet high and wise. The doors opened toward me and through them walked a tall, brilliantly light-filled, mostly white deva. Her presence was so dazzling and powerful that I could barely make out her features, only that she had a somewhat human looking body that was ovoid in shape. She moved forward, surrounded me in her love, and took me into her heart. Now I knew without a doubt that this was Mama Deva in all her glory!

Once I became adjusted to her presence, behind her I sensed a masculine energy and form. This was Papa Deva, her masculine devic counterpart. His features initially were not as clear or magnificent as those of Mama Deva, but he was enough present and “physical” that I could note his unique appearance and vibration. In time, Mama and Papa Deva were as one combined forcefield, and I had several following contacts with each of them.

In time, I wrote and posted a detailed, comprehensive blog titled Make All Things New: Part 4 that was devoted to angels, devas and elementals, especially sharing all my communions with devas around the world, including my current contacts with Mama and Papa Deva, To read and review it, click Devas.

In my pondering all of this history, what particularly struck me was that the first contact with Mama and Papa Deva was on July 29, 2022. My first contact with Mama Deva as the Brown Deva was on April 24th of this year, almost precisely nine months later. In other words, I had been “pregnant” especially with Mama Deva, but also with Papa Deva, for nine months, and now I had “given birth” to her down and unto the physical level! Here was my confirmation and verification. Here is why the Brown Deva had reminded me in her first contact with me that I was to do a better job in keeping a good record of all my past experiences.

This birthing of Mama Deva in and through my consciousness while I am firmly planted on Earth is part of what was symbolized by her appearing as a brown-skinned woman and a Brown Deva. It means that I have grounded her into my conscious awareness and activities. It also means that although she is the feminine leader of all feminine devas of Earth, she still is down-to-earth, easily accessible to one and all, with no airs. She is our humble friend and servant, not just some alleged glorified being or goddess in the sky or in someone’s imagination.

Mama Deva, please do come on down and fill my heart with your peace and love!

Eat Well

We are to be just like her: To get down and be brown. For brown is beautiful, since it is the color of the earth elements themselves. From the brown earth comes all our food and most of our building materials. To one degree or another, we all are brown — honey brown, golden brown, middle brown, light brown or tan, every shade of brown, all of which are beautiful. Even a main staple of our healthy diets in the West and East are shades of brown: organically grown and unrefined brown wheat in the West, and organic brown rice in the East; with their brown colors indicating the many minerals, vitamins and other substances that make such food so healthy and nutritious.

And think of what mankind has done to pursue greater profits. Wheat farmers spray the herbicide Round Up (glyphosate) on wheat before harvesting it, which in time accumulates in our bodies and is now known to cause a type of white blood cell cancer (this poison is also used in growing sow, corn, oats and chickpeas). Rice growers, at least here in the West, put arsenic in the water in which rice grows, so as to kill off harmful organisms (rice tends to take up arsenic from even healthy soil, but adding arsenic to the water in which rice is grown adds much additional arsenic that of course is toxic to our bodies). So, when we go and have a Chinese meal, if we eat the typical white rice, we are ingesting arsenic into our bodies. Yikes! More and more these days, with all this new research, I have tried my best to eat organically grown food. Yes, it costs a little more, but think of the cost to your physical health in the long run when you ingest so many toxic chemicals, including glyphosate and arsenic, that are in our depleted, adulterated, tainted foods.

Be One with the Devas and Devis

Friends, I have shared all of the above to say that you and I are coming into a new and higher level of connecting and working with the devic-elemental kingdoms. For if all of the above has happened with me, it is bound to happen with you. Nada opened the door, I walked through it and now it is your turn.

In your meditations and other times, like when you are out for a walk or digging in the dirt of your garden, ask Mama Deva to come to you, to bless you with her beautiful brown consciousness and nature. Especially, open your heart to her. Goodness, she loves you! And just is waiting for you to open your door so that she can come into your mind, soul and body; and especially into your heart.

Ask and receive. Go with the flow. Give thanks ahead of time for your new experiences.

Everyone has a body deva who under the angels works with him or her in his or her ongoing transmutation and spiritual growth. Until now, you may not have felt your body deva’s presence. But with the ongoing influx of the higher spiritual energies through ascension day (May 18th), Pentecost (May 28th), and all the way to the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere (June 21st), the doorway between dimensions will be opened further.

Be especially open to communion with Mama Deva who watches over and works primarily with the devas of the Eastern Hemisphere, which functions more so on the feminine polarity. Power-mongers in the East are decidedly too masculine. Feminine Elohim, angels, devas and ascended masters are working especially with them to bring them into a new state of spiritual awareness and consciousness, to loving Mother Nature and each person’s feminine or subconscious side.

Papa Deva may also show up, or those masculine devas that work with and under his governorship.

Wear some brown clothing over the next few days. Be brown and beautiful. Be golden brown! And see golden brown light surrounding the whole planet.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. Thank you, Papa and Mama Deva. Thank you Sananda and Sol-O-Man. So be it.




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  1. Great visions to hold and share. And thanks, too, for confirmation of my dream experience.

  2. What interesting timing! I am currently on an ‘Earth Walk’ which is supposed to be experienced on every level or as much as possible. It has only been a week and so far I have an altar and quite a few revelations that have come through. It might be next week before we will get weather warm enough for a decent walk in nature, the ground is still very mucky too, but we have been eating organic foods for more than 20 years. So my revelations are mostly about how to improve my relationship with the elementals and angels and so the ‘Earth Walk’ is part of this process. Although I have not ‘seen’ a brown deva, I am feeling the colour brown and bronze or golden brown a lot more. I will finish this walk for the Earth element at the end of the month and move on to the Water element next month. Also very interesting was I also had the same symptoms on my right side and had felt a very powerful new energy come in. So I guess you could say we are being prepared good and well for this relationship to work! Love the article! Take care.

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