Be Christ Centered

For two days, starting today, Thursday, December 1, 2022, concentrate on solidifying and applying all that you have experienced in the last 10 days in re-opening and re-birthing the Temple of Vulcan within yourself and in southern Vietnam. Be and stay centered in I Am or Christ consciousness as you do so.

See yourself once again within the Christ column of cosmic light that you have been visualizing around you for many days. As of the end of yesterday, your dodecagonal-shaped column had expanded such that it was about 30 feet in diameter, thus about 15 feet from your heart chakra all around you. Now, today and tomorrow, it will expand to 33 feet and then 36 feet, respectively. Thus, slowly, daily, incrementally, Spirit and the agents of Spirit are expanding your I Am Vulcan consciousness.

Affirm, decree, visualize and realize that Vortex and Vertex, the co-leaders of Vulcan, are above and with you, adding their masculine and feminine First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace and Love to your forcefield. With them are about 30 of their Vulcan assistants, 15 men to the right of you and 15 women to the left of you. 30 is for the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a higher cause. 30 portrays love of one another, including all life forms on and about the Earth. 3 more Vulcans will be added today, 3 more tomorrow. Welcome them! The more, the merrier. After all, it is Christ Mass Season.

Faithfully know and experience that you are surrounded, personally loved, powerfully protected and divinely inspired by all of these visitors and family members from Vulcan. You are centered, poised and at peace in your own, individual Temple of Vulcan here on Earth. Nothing, no one can disturb your peace or rob you of your power, unless you “break contain” and let them do so.


Call upon your beloved Vulcan father, mother, brothers and sisters to slowly lift you heavenward, up and through your Christ column, through the seven astral planes to the etheric and celestial realms. Affirm and be aware that your guardian angel, other ascended masters, and higher astral plane guides also are part of the Christ-Vulcan transport crew who are propelling you upward.

Maybe you have a vision or dream of this happening. Perhaps you just feel lighter. You might only know that this is happening because you have asked Father-Mother God to enlighten and lift you. Maybe you mostly feel more centered, at peace and filled with I Am power — thus, more so in fourth-dimensional consciousness, shielded from the trials, torments and temptations of third-dimensional living on Earth in these Latter Days.

As this upward spiralling takes place, affirm and realize anew: I, when I be lifted up, draw all others unto me. Herein is the greatest healing power that you have, the best and most effective way for you to help yourself, the best Christ Mass gift you can give to others. Therefore, rather than get all involved with various ones and their difficulties and dramas, it often is best to rise and shine in your seventh or ascended body. This says to all others around you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear that they, too, can rise above their mortal consciousness into their I Am, immortal consciousness. Your own example is your most powerful tool in healing humanity.


Once settled in and secure at the zenith or the top of your Christ column, in the lowest of the three etheric planes, begin to think about your redescent. But, always wait for the still small voice of God within you to initiate your slow return to Earth. In time, take your Christ “elevator” back down to the ground floor. Be a Vulcanized light worker on Earth. Be your I Am Self in all your Solar System glory.

Once your spiritual feet are back on the ground, stay centered in your Christ peace and power. Every time you feel tempted to respond and react to the needs and negativity around you, in people nearby and around the world, those in your family and friends and foes, and those in politics and religions and all walks of life, pull back into your core. Know that your Christ light is radiating in 360 degrees, to everyone and every place worldwide. You are a beacon of light calling people home to Vulcan heaven on Earth; to the Middle Way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. This is your primary duty and function.

Sword of Truth

To help you stay in your core, envision and call forth a huge sword of truth, which descends from above, being guided by Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria of the First Ray. Its tip comes down into your vertex or top/central part of your head, then to your third eye/thalamus, then down your spinal column all the way to the regenerative chakra/organs, and from there down your legs to your feet on the ground. The sword pins down the vortex of sacred of light that is descending into your seven chakras, down your spinal column of light. It also protects you and prevents anyone, anywhere from encroaching upon and broaching your forcefield. It keeps you Christ centered.

The descending sword especially activates and empowers further your throat chakra, via which you express First Ray Will and Power. Therefore, whoever and whatever any person or situation is trying to drag you down or draw you into their drama, time and again state: Thy will be done. For the first step in healing any problem, illness, relationship or other earthly, mortal mess is to do the will of God, which is good. The solution is to stop imposing one’s will on others or allowing them to impose their will on you. God’s will be done, in one and all!

To politicians, say: Stop fighting and competing, and follow the Middle Way of cooperatively integrating the best of your two major parties to come up with the solutions that help all people. To religious leaders and followers, decree: Follow the core, universal principles in every religion worldwide; stop fighting one another for outer supremacy and start working together to help uplift and heal all of humanity. To governmental and military leaders, proclaim: Bring forth power sharing and freewill expression to supplant power-mongering.

As you do so, stay Christ centered, poised and at peace, with golden love in your sacred heart. Rest in the peace of your I Am or spiritual Self. Be the Christ, Buddhic, Atman, Vulcan Self that you are. Be as in the eye or I Am of the swirling hurricane of change and transmutation around you on Earth and in the astral planes. Be one with all of the 144,000 elect, especially those in the forcefield of the Temple of Vulcan in southern Vietnam.

Double Duty

Be aware that there is a doubling of the influx of higher spiritual energies taking place at this special time of the year. This is because the Christmas energy influx started shortly after Thanksgiving here in the USA. This inflow and pouring out of Spirit on all flesh around the globe will continue until Epiphany, which is January 6, 2022. This is the time of the year when so many people worldwide, especially Christians, are focusing on the past birth of Christ Jesus or other spiritual leaders. Thus, people are more receptive than usual to the possibility of their own spiritual rebirth.

Add to this that we are finishing our Tour of the Thirteen Temples from now through December 20th. The influx of the Vulcan energies, the purest and most powerful solar-system, sacred light, is likewise accelerating. So there is a double influx, a double duty for us to perform. In order to do so, more than ever before, we must stay Christ or I Am centered, in Buddha Nature consciousness, in the Atman or transcendent spiritual Self that is referred to all by many names in all religions and spiritual pathways worldwide.


Note, too, that with this influx of higher energies comes all manner of upheavals, resistance, and rebellions against tyranny in all its forms. Thus, recently throughout China, its citizens are protesting against the Chinese communist governmental workers in regard to their ongoing drastic policies in trying to contain the covid pandemic there. These public demonstrations are the largest in the history of communist China, by not just the youth but also grown men and women in all professions and stations of life.

Some protestors are even calling for the ouster of the Communist leaders, including Xi Jinping. They are calling for freedom of the press, saying give us liberty or give us death. This is unprecedented in its scope. Of course, the Chinese government is doing, and will do, everything it can to try to clamp down on and forbid such protests. But once the Chinese people know freedom, they will not turn back. And we feel all of this reverberating in our auras, which gives us the chance to inwardly support our freedom-loving Chinese brothers and sisters. To do so, we have to stay Christ, Buddha, Tao centered.

There also are ongoing demonstrations in Iran against its tyrannical government. During this year, there likewise were protects in Indonesia against its president. And of course, there is the mostly silent, until now, protest again President Putin and his self-centered, power-mongering cronies, with many thousands of Russians leaving the country instead of being conscripted into its army. Putin remains adamant in his dictatorial ways, but in time his rule will end. Freedom and freewill expression will come to all Russians. As we see it, so shall it be.

Persist in Peace

Meanwhile, even if you do not watch and read about such news worldwide, you still feel the waves of upheaval and change in your aura, the battles of Abels with Cains, of good versus evil, in one and all around the planet. So, how are you to respond?

Come back into your center, rise up in consciousness to the higher planes, and then come back down. Ascend and redescend. Up you go, down you come, always within your fully protected Christ, dodecagonal column of sacred light. Time and time and time again.

Be as a vertical sword of truth that is being anchored further and further into the Earth. Love God and Love One Another. Rest in the peace of your I Am Self, which then radiates out automatically to one and all, close to you and vast distances away. Be a Temple of Vulcan and see the Temple of Vulcan in southeast Vietnam, which country is still communist and hence officially atheistic, being opened step by step by step by step.

Steadfastly, stay the course! Be a V! Be Christ centered!




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