Be Gloriously Green

I Am green. I am a holistic healer. I Am an individual Temple of Uranus.

Today, June 2, 2023, we begin our 3-day focus on the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, whose corresponding color is green. Uranus exemplifies and radiates green light to the entire solar system. The Temple of Uranus is located in Manaus, Brazil, in about the center of the Amazon Rainforest in the northern half of South America. 

Lord Raphael is the Archangel of the Fifth Ray; his feminine angelic counterpart is Lady Raphael. Hilarion, whose incarnations included Plato, Paul the Apostle, and Charles Fillmore, is the Chohan of the Green Flame; his twin soul is Harmony, whose incarnations include Meta and Myrtle Fillmore, the “mother of Unity.”

Be a Green Flame

In your quiet times today, see, feel and be centered within a brilliant green flame of the Fifth Ray (see image to right.) It is soothing, comforting, calming and healing.

Bask in it as it quickens and harmonizes your four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral and physical) and brings them into an integrated state of oneness with your indwelling I Am Self. Your third, all-seeing or cosmic eye opens, and you become more aware of Fifth Ray Elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors from Uranus, and seventh astral plane healing guides; all of whom are feeding this flame with their holy vibrations. Time and again, affirm: I Am a green flame. I Am gloriously, Godly green.

Be a Green Dodecahedron

Slowly the green flame coalesces and congeals as a 12-foot tall, wide and deep green dodecahedron that is composed of 12 green pentagons. “Dodeca” is Greek for the number 12; “hedron” is Greek for a polygon, which in this case is a five-sided pentagon. (See image to  right.)

Each pentagon represents one of your twelve I Am Powers, such as faith, strength, love and wisdom. Each face or facet of the dodecahedron also symbolizes one of the twelve planets in the Solar System.

By the unified and integrated function of your twelve powers, become a holistic healer, like unto Christ Jesus. Follow in the footsteps of Hilarion and Harmony in their various incarnations. Know that Fifth Ray angels light the way.

As many as five times, as so guided from within, affirm: I Am a green dodecahedron.

Be a Temple of Uranus

In due time, as your meditation and communion progresses, realize anew that you are an individual Temple of Uranus. Clairsentiently know and feel that you are a Uranian-Earthling. Whatever imbalance you have, whatever is left over from your previous Fourth Ray decrystallization, now gets rebalanced, reformed and harmonized within your own Uranian temple, power center or vortex of sacred green light.

You now become a more masterful member of Healing Haven under Hilarion (see logo to right). With your  harmonization, integration and unification of your mind, soul and body, you are more capable of healing yourself and others.

Affirm, decree, visualize and realize: I Am a temple of Uranus; in I Am consciousness, I heal humanity.

Thank You, Mother-Father God Who does all healing through us. Amen.