Peace in the Middle East

Today, June 1st, the 4th day after Pentecost, once again see and be in your 12-foot tall, wide and deep Christ Cube of crystal clear light. Before you is Archangel Lord Gabriel of the Fourth Ray; behind you is his feminine angelic counterpart, Lady Gabriel. To the right of you is Serapis Bey, the Chohan or Director of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization; to your left is his twin soul, Lady Clar-I-Ty. Above you is the masculine EloHim of Manifestation; below you is the feminine EloHer of Crystallization. Even if you do not see them or specifically feel their presence, know that they are with you in spiritual, cosmic consciousness.

Four-Mile Cube

Once centered in your I Am crystal cube, focus primarily on Jerusalem, Israel and the surrounding countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. (See map to right.)

Visualize a 4-mile tall, wide and deep, light-filled cube descending from the etheric planes, down through the astral planes to the earth level, which encases the old, four-squared, walled city of Jerusalem and the surrounding suburbs of this current metropolis of about 1 million people.

The cube represents and portrays the descent of the New Jerusalem that John the Beloved saw when he was taken up in the spirit (ascended) on the Isle of Patmos. As this briliant, dazzling Christ cube anchors into the thought atmosphere of Jerusalem, it instills thought forms of peace that start to decrystallize the current thought forms of competition, war, us-versus-them attitudes, and all matter of other selfish ideas in the peoples in and around this city.

All creation begins with thought. Metaphysically, the name “Jerusalem” means dwelling place of peace, abode of peace. So, let there be powerful thoughts of peace in all the minds and the collective mental atmosphere of Jerusalem, which radiate throughout the Middle East. (See illustration to right/above of the cube’s anchoring at the mental level. It shows a 40-foot-tall cube that is described in the following paragraph; hence the mental level is shown as being about the top 10 miles of the cube.)

Forty-Mile Cube

Now, see the current 4-mile cube expanding to a symbolic and literal 40 miles in size. It is bigger because the thoughts of peace have engendered deep, heartfelt feelings of peace that further energize the Christ cube and auric atmosphere of the covered region.

Feelings are energy in motion. Frozen feelings of bigotry, hatred and superiority/inferiority are like ice that represents congealed feelings that must be decrystallized and melted. These negative feelings have accumulated throughout the entire known history of the Middle East. So, we say: Let there be feelings of love, kindness, compassion and equality that well up in all of those (Jews, Christians and Muslims; Arabs and Israelis) within the forcefield of the 40-foot crystal clear cube; which in turn radiate out to all other places in the Middle East. With this emotional expansion, the cube has anchored about halfway down to Earth.

Four-Hundred-Mile Cube

Now you are in the flow, feeling it, knowing that the cube indeed is being lowered step-by-step into and around Jerusalem. You feel still more presence and power from all those in higher planes who are working in and through you to further expand and anchor this cube of peace.

These guides and guardians include many thousands of Martians in their numerous spacecrafts that are positioned above Israel and the surrounding area. Some of these are boomerang in shape (see photograph above/right from 1966-67 of one such craft). They work under the direction of Summalt/Peter in his city-sized spaceship #7423, who is the etheric commander of light workers throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.

So, visualize the Christ cube expanding such that it becomes 400-miles in all directions. (See map below.)  As such, the crystal-clear cube descends deep into the astral and soul levels of men, women and children in the surrounding astral planes and on Earth. The astral planes have 100 times more souls than those incarnated on Earth. Astrals who in past lives were incarnated in the Middle East have a strong, pervading influence over those on Earth, often with strong negative consequences and manifestations.

Given the key history, developments and importance of the I Am Nation and New Jerusalem in the the Middle East, the vast majority of light workers have incarnated at one time or another there. So even as we work with this external Temple of Mars that is being lowered into Jerusalem, Israel and the surrounding countries, you may feel reverberations in your own soul, with your remembering and dealing with past memories of your former lives there down through the ages, with all your credits and debits from those experiences.

Moreover, you are bound to feel the negative blowback from those in the lower astral planes and those on Earth who resist our united, peaceful and loving projections; who refuse to cooperate and coordinate with one another in the one family of man.

But persist, persevere and come back time and again to the peace that dwells within you and potentially within all children of God. Time and again, affirm and radiate: Let there be peace in the souls of all sons and daughters of God in the astral and earth planes in the Middle East. Let every soul there be decrystallized and recrystallized, made new by following the 4-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. 

Four Corners of Earth

From the 400-mile crystal cube of congealed light radiates peace to the four corners of Earth. These beams of peace-filled energy flow north to Russia, East to China and India and Vietnam, south to Africa, and west to Europe and the Americas.

See peace and love flowing through the unified 13-temple global gridwork to all the other 11 planetary temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light around the planet; and to the Sun Temple here in northeastern Tennessee, USA. Envision peace being grounded on Earth, at the physical level, even into the elements and stones. As Jesus proclaimed, if others refuse to heed his call for peace, then the very rocks will cry out for this to occur. There may be earthquakes and all manner of other “natural” disasters but the Earth itself in time will manifest peace and harmony, love and happiness.

Let there especially be peace in the 144,000 elect around the planet, and particularly in the 11,000 or so light workers in the Middle East where peace must begin in order to set the stage for peace manifesting everywhere on Earth. Let the Temple of Mars be expanded and anchored anew on Earth in and around Jerusalem. As above, so now below.

As we see it, so it is. Peace!