Be Green

On October 16, 2022, this 5th day of physically re-manifesting, re-crystallizing and re-birthing Temple Ten on Earth, visualize yourself being under a 10-foot-wide-and-tall-pentagonal canopy of sparkling, brilliant yet soothing and empowering, green light. The top or peak of this canopy is about 10-feet above you. The bottom of the canopy is a few inches below your solar plexus chakra/abdomen/belly button. Your key focus is Fifth Ray Unity, Healing, Transfiguration and Integration.

Planet 10 examples and radiates the combined energies of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom; the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration; and the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. On this 5th day, your key focus is on the Fifth Ray component, via which you see clairvoyantly into the past and future, and develop and manifest healing of our soul. See and receive new healing images — what you see clearly will in time be.

Cosmic Drama

Here’s my (Dr. Robert’s) primary experience on my fifth day/step: About one week ago, in a vivid, other-dimensional dream, I was hovering about 50 feet above the surface of the Earth, in a state of peace, love and divine detachment. I was in my I Am light-body-observer-mode as a harmonious holistic healer.

Below and in front of me in the dream, I saw my physical self and body walking confidently forward and away from me, in righteous control and command of my body and my life. My eyes looked straight ahead to see the goal of where I was going. There were no people or buildings around me in this scene. I was out in a flat, open field. I was walking the walk, one in the One.

Then, behind me appeared someone who was mostly a dear friend or brother to me. However, he was quietly and stealthily sneaking up behind me, holding a grapefruit-sized rock in his right hand. As he crept closer, I was not consciously aware of him, because I was peering forward, and did not even turn my head to one side or the other to expand my visual field. This creep behind me intended to hit me in the back of my head. He hoped to “knock me out.” He devilishly planned to murder me!

Before he could attempt this, I awoke in fear, terror and dismay, my heart beating in my chest. I could hardly believe what I had been shown. My brother-friend-coworker planned to kill me — how could this be? How could someone who mostly was highly spiritually evolved do such a thing? What could this mean?

Three Integrated Interpretations

In my following dream analysis, I first interpreted every symbol in the dream as representing parts of the whole me. At the etheric/light body/high Self level, I am 50 feet above the Earth, hence in heavenly, holistic-healing consciousness — I already am whole and holy. In I Am consciousness, via my all-seeing or third eye, I have the God-given power to see the past, the present and the future; and thereby to heal myself and others.

At a conscious/physical level, I am walking the walk, striding confidently forward. I think that everything is in good order, and it is to a large extent. I have integrated and am applying all of the new I Am guidance that has been given to me recently in my blogs about Planet 10 and Temple 10.

However, I apparently am consciously oblivious to the remaining residual darkness that still lurks in my subconscious/soul/astral self; hence behind me. I am not fully aware that after taking two steps forward I will now take one step back. I don’t really want to see or deal with the remaining darkness in my soul — I am “blind” to it. I feel like I have “arrived” rather that realize that I am just taking two new steps forward, then one step back in an ongoing journey to full I Am consciousness and expression.

Soul/Subconscious Darkness

At a subconscious/soul/astral level, I still have some deep-seated, until now not seen, negative, murderous thoughts and desires that unless I deal with them rightly will “knock me out.” In other words, I will self-destruct because of my negative self-talk.

I have a long soul tendency to put myself down, to focus too much on what is wrong with me and not enough on what is good within me. On the inferior-superior scale, I tend to the inferior side; to feel incompetent, inadequate and insecure; to fear that I will repeat past mistakes; to think that I deserve to be punished; to feel that I never will be healed of my past soul scars that go back 26 million years to the days of Cains and Abels.

When someone else, who is on the superior side of the continuum that is within everyone on Earth, tries to supersede me, to put me down, to cut me down to size, to be top dog to my bottom dog, I at first do not see it rightly. Even when I realize that this person, like everyone on the planet and in the astral planes, is self-deceived and has residue of Cain conscious in his or her soul, I let myself feel so hurt that I want to retaliate in kind, to pick up my rock and stone this person to death, or at least to inflict a great deal of pain on this creep. I am not yet willing or able to be fully an Abel, one who forgives as Christ Jesus forgives, but still rightly and powerfully wields the sword with those who are not as spiritually evolved as I Am, who as disguised friends act as my enemies.

Take Two

In a second level of interpretation, the dream portrays actual people and events in my life. There are still those near and far away from me that are overly competitive, who wish to lord it over on me, who are jealous of my spiritual talents and demonstration, who want to cut me down to size, who focus on the 2-3 per cent of me that is still mortal rather than on the 97-98% of me that is Christlike. In other words, they are still acting out their superior, arrogant Cain consciousness that lies hidden and denied deep in their souls, beyond and beneath their own conscious understanding. They are arrogant enough to think that they are superior to me, that they are “helping me” by trying to impose their will on me. They think they are being my brother or sister when in reality they are my family enemies.

Given this Earthly reality, we always have to watch not only our front but also our back, to not only see the good in those who are in front of us, but also to psychically perceive and deal powerfully with those who are trying to creep up on us and take us over, to put us down, to knock us down a peg or two. After all, we are in the Latter Days, when Jesus prophesied that father would fight against son, mother against daughter, sibling against sibling (Cain and Abel in the Biblical allegory were the first two brothers), and light worker against light worker.

The other part for me is that as a Seventh Ray worker, I prefer to deal with every conflict and confusion by focusing on peace and love. I do not like wielding the First Ray sword of truth. However, in not doing so in an equal, complementary First-Seventh-Ray fashion, I leave my backside or soul unprotected. I become a victim instead of a victor who heals myself first and then works to heal others, no matter what they have done, good or bad or indifferent as a fence sitter. My Christ approach is to do soul surgery as well as the loving-laying-of-hands; to slay my devilish detractors in the Spirit.

I am to bless the blowback or selfish backlash from those who oppose me, but also to cut away my negative psychic connections to others who are trying to belittle or even to kill me, who think they are my teachers when in fact they are my spiritual students or younger siblings — get thee behind me Satan.

Every light worker has such adversaries as portrayed in Sananda’s multiple lifetimes. When he was Jesus, his detractors had him crucified, which he allowed; as Socrates, he willingly swallowed the hemlock given to him by those who opposed him, even though he was the wisest man in the land; as Moses, his followers complained and rebelled against him for forty years in the wilderness, during which time his brother Aaron hid the higher spiritual teachings that Spirit and the agents of Spirit had given to him. Aaron, in his superiority, acted out his Cain consciousness; he went behind Moses back and tried to kill his teachings, all allegedly to not have the lowly Israelites adulterate the higher laws and realities.

Finally, notice that at a physical, conscious level, it is just me in the dream. I do not see, realize or apparently believe that ascended masters, angels and space visitors all “have my back,” that we are walking together, hand in hand, arm in arm. Rather, in somewhat superior fashion, I am going it alone, and thereby feel all alone. I still at some deep level think of myself as being a power of one, not of the One Who is Many, not of the 400 guides, teachers and masterful mentors who work with and through me. As Jesus said, there are none who are so blind as those who choose not to see. And at times, we all are blinded by our selfishness and egotistical self-conceptions. To one degree or another, as long as we remain in a physical body, we are self-deceived. This is horrible, but true.

Three In One

At the third level, I viewed my dream-night vision as representing mass consciousness. In other words, my dream is about mankind as a whole, those on Earth and those in the astral planes. It is a progress report to me as the Director of Healing Haven for the Hierarchy as I see it in I Am consciousness, above it all. The dream says that all hell is about to break loose anew, that brother will fight against brother.

As we light workers move forward and upward into the greater power and love of our I Am Selves, as we become a “10” on Earth, many of those who are a few or more steps behind us will react adversely and act out their most negative aspects. They will feel like they are cornered rats, and they will turn around and try to gnaw on us (to rend us, as Jesus put it). Thus, in my dream, my brother, which is mankind, really would like to shut me up, to cut me down to size, to murder me. As Cains, they still at some deep level want and think it is their right to kill me as an Abel. They want me to once again be just like them.

Hence, we have the blowback phenomenon, the backlash of those crystallized, encrusted, negative, so-called evil ones who at first often appear to be good. Yes, they are still children of God and are to be seen and loved as such. But, we are not to be patsies or martyrs and let these folks continue to control us and pollute our planet. No more! No way! No how!

As just one example of what is going on worldwide, look at President Putin in Russia. At heart, as it has been shown to me, he is a good soul, but he now is acting out only his dark, dank, dangerous, power-mongering side. Moreover, the good people of Russia, although they silently oppose him, do not step forth and demonstrate against him and his bully tactics — hence they are “enablers.” Moreover, there are legions of past Russians in the astral planes, who now work their dark magic through Vladimir Putin, who self-righteously think that it is still their duty and right to dominate others, rather than to grant them their God-given free will expression. They think it is OK to make Russia “great” by killing Ukrainians, subduing them, dominating and controlling them. Bizarre indeed! Insanity in action!

On the one hand, we stand above all this earthly, mortal, soul nonsense and devilishness that is transpiring on Earth. But, at the same time, we steadily and powerfully project out the new, higher, healing images to one and all; with the abiding, faith-filled hope and expectation that everyone will be transmuted and transformed.

Arm in arm with those in the higher planes and with those on Earth who like us are doing our best to love God and love one another, we keep moving forward and upward no matter what others do or how they treat us. We become a master like Jesus, who said: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do,” who instructed his followers to love one another as he had loved them. However, he also said that he had come not to bring peace, but the sword; he whipped and drove out the money changers in the Temple. Thus, it takes both sides, both talents, both Rays that are integrated together as one Force, to be as Christ Jesus was and still is. So let us be about our Father-Mother God’s business.

Abel to Cain to Abel

In my above cosmic dream, I also am recalling my whole soul history on Earth, going back 26 million years ago. As it has been revealed to me in a broad soul overview, I trained to be, and was, an Abel when I served 26 million years ago under Sananda at the Third Ray Temple of Venus in what is now the area of the Teton range of mountains and Yellowstone area in northwestern Wyoming, USA.

I lovingly followed him when he went to to Alaska to seek sanctuary from the dominant, majority Cains of those days. There, he focused on Sixth Ray cleansing and transmutation, to remove all last strains of selfishness in his own consciousness. I did the same, but in the process I let my doubts, fears, insecurities and arrogance to get the best of me, to cloud my judgment. I listened too much to, and started to believe in, the Cain chatter of those around me, which was coming from those who thought Sananda had lost his mind, that he was not receiving correct guidance, that he was not who he said he was.

As a result, I allowed these superior “brothers” and “sisters” to creep up behind me and “stone” me to death. I allowed them to kill my desire, my will to be an Abel, to be who I truly am, to follow Sananda and Sol-O-Man. It was not all their fault. It was more so my fault for giving my power away to them, to believe their nonsense rather than trust my own I Am ability to receive clearly.

To this day, I have minor respiratory problems (First Ray will) and a cardiac arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation (Seventh Ray love) that stem from that ancient time. I still am deathly afraid at times that I will repeat this past pattern. I still am scared and scared almost to death that I will allow even my so-called brothers to creep up upon me and kill me yet once again. At times, I still want to do unto others as they have done unto me. I still do not fully believe that I am as a spiritual, beloved son of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, that I am Soliel of the Sun, one who shines his light on all humanity.

Back in those ancient days, when Sananda traveled south to the area that is now Mt. Shasta in northern California, in order to confront the dominant Cains who were in the majority, I stayed back in Alaska. I was as Peter: Under pressure, I flinched. As Judas, I betrayed the Christ in me and in Sananda. But over the following millennia and eons of time, I have done my best to be reborn as an Abel. Two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward. Steady as she goes.

Here and Now

Here it all is again in my current dream and in my present waking life, summed up in one cosmic drama. I may not have recalled correctly all the details of what happened millions of years ago, but I certainly see and know what is happening now. I see the underlying pattern. The past repeats itself now in a new, obvious, clearly seen way but the tests and lessons are the same. Here it all is again in the present. It is true for all of us, whatever amount of soul recall we have. It is right in front of everyone, if he or she will but look and see.

Thus, I am now back at the beginning of my soul downfall. I see the whole panorama. I know now what to do and I am determined to do it. I am healing my heart by helping others, by laying down my life for them. And no so-called friend/brother who is actually my enemy will stop me from doing so. I will even try to help any self-deceived ones.

After all, I have been self-deceived before, and still am at times now. So who am I to throw rocks at this person who has prostituted himself or herself, who has fallen from grace? Rather, I say as Jesus said: Your sins are forgiven, now go and sin no more. This is the right use of my spiritual power. I speak the word: Be the Abel that you are! I have faith that you have the love and the spiritual will-power to do so now. Amen. So be it.

Heal Humanity

In your quiet times today, be inside your green canopy, transfigured with green light that heals your mind, body and soul. Know that Hilarion and Meta of the Fifth Ray are watching over and helping you, as well as Apollo and Diana, and countless others. Be green. Act green. Heal yourself and then others. Be the Fifth Ray component of the combination of 2nd, 5th and 7th Rays of the 10th Planet and the 10th Temple on Earth. Be and act as a “10.” Re-birth your “10” Self on Earth.

Who are you currently allowing to creep up behind you, about to stone you? Who have you let stone you in the past? What negativity do you still have deep in the hidden recesses of your soul? In what way are you trying to avoid loving others or correcting them? In what way do you still feel inferior or superior?

Look behind you with your all-seeing vision. See your own remaining darkness. Perceive any Cain-driven soul who is creeping up on you with murderous intent. Turn around and face this tempter. Wield the sword to set this person straight. Do not give your power away to such a power mongerer. Rather, step up and into a new level of being the powerful, but loving, number “10” child of God that you truly are as a Christ light worker and healer; as a reborn Abel.

One in the One

Be one with the One Power who does all things in and through you. Keep your eye single and your entire soul and body will be filled with green light. See not just with your physical eyes but also with your all-seeing eye that peers in all directions, including directly behind you and into the astral and etheric planes. See things as they are, and then as you, with divine guidance, will them to be.

Whoever is playing the role of Cain in your cosmic drama, forgive him or her, but don’t forget to also wield your sword. Do not fight back or against them, or you will become just like them, awash in superiority or inferiority. Rather, fight for them as fellow creations of our Creator.

They may not consciously know what they are doing, but you see the truth about them. So, take out your spiritual scalpel to reveal and cut away their error-filled thoughts, feelings and actions. Serve them, the Christ in them; help them to cut away their crap. Always remember, however, that power is not a weapon but a servant. You have the God Power to lovingly help all others who wish to be healed.

Be and act as a “10.” Be powerful healing love in action!

 *   *    *    *    *    *    *

P.S. I have gone back temporarily to my past format in sending my blogs to you. I still am refining my plan to do it in the new way; two steps forward, one step back, then two more steps forward. I am living and learning as I go along, just like you. It will all work itself out in God’s good time and way. Thank you for your patience, support and feedback. Amen.

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  1. I can relate so much to your experiences, both vicariously and from my own personal situations. We seem to be walking in step with each other in a lot of ways; and in other ways, I find it easy to follow your lead (at least a lot of the time). Thanks for sharing!

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