Be Love in Action

On February 13, 1963, Sananda/Jesus transmitted via Nada-Yolanda: “Seven is the final or fulfillment whereby man rests, as God rested. Man, in his conscious cocreation with the spiritual Father-Mother God within, creates or brings about seven initiatory steps or forces into his [or her] life’s stream.

“Then, on the seventh conscious level he [or she] rests. This is the I Am or spiritual consciousness known as the Christ light or love of God. I therefore am called the Prince of Love, but also the Prince of Peace.”

Rest in God

Seven years later, on February 11, 1970, Sananda channeled this additional insight: “It has been conceived erroneously that Seventh Ray function of love, rest and peace means rest in the mortal or the material sense of the word.

“The rest of which we speak is the resting in God, and having no alternative or path to follow but that of God’s will and wish, so that you meet and measure the cycle of full-blown spiritual development, the seventh step and final initiation, at the first place where it belongs: in the will of God and via the truth of divine energy and beingness.”

Love in Action

Seek God’s will as to how and when you are to put your Seventh Ray love into action with family, friends, foes, fellow light workers and those in mortal consciousness.

With each person or group, ask Spirit if it is better to be mostly active in your silent prayers and projections, or are you to speak openly and directly to such souls? Is it best to let your love-filled actions speak for themselves?

Be as wise as a serpent, as gentle and peaceful as a dove. Be First Ray will and Seventh Ray love in action. Therein is the holy wholeness, equipoise and rest that you are seeking and being. Amen.


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