Be Tranquil

On February 13, 1963, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “Let me bring about the desire in you to concentrate upon love or the seventh, final step [of the Seventh Ray ascension and redescent]. It must be, and it must come into manifestation soon. . . .

“It must start sometime, somewhere within your own conscious desire to be love in action, to be peace, to be poised, to be entirely tranquil and balanced in all of your functions and faculties.

“It cannot happen overnight; therefore, I ask that you begin to see this seventh step, this love vibration within you, coming forth stronger and stronger. . . .

“Son of man, I address you. Be the son of God, which you are, and all will be well in this solar system, upon this planet and in your own individual consciousness, for God, which is good. . . .

“I give these two commandments: Love God and Love One Another.” 

Be a T

Envision a 7-to-10-foot-tall, golden, capital letter T slowly descending from the etheric realms, through the astral planes, into your crown chakra and down your spinal column of light, all the way to your seventh or regenerative chakra, and from there into the earth below you. This “T” symbolizes Tranquility.

Stay focused upon, and centered within, this golden T. Be a Temple of Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest on Earth. Be the tranquil Son or Daughter of God that you are. Transfer your peace and love to all children of God who are near and far away from you.

Be entirely tranquil. Amen!



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