Be One in the One

In your visualizations today, June 3rd, picture and feel yourself within a green globe that is 12-feet in diameter. Your third or all-seeing eye is at the center of this green sphere. The green ball-sphere-globe represents Fifth Ray unity, integration and oneness with God. So, be one in the One.

 Fifth Ray Angels & Masters

Before you, envision Archangel Lord Raphael of the Fifth Ray. Behind you, see and feel Lady Raphael, his feminine angelic counterpart. To your right is Hilarion who is the Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray, and is the Etheric Director of Healing Haven. To your left is Harmony, his feminine twin soul (see image above; for a large version of it that you can print, click GreenGlobe.

These four guides and guardians help you to see, feel and anchor the green globe around you, which has seven gradations of green light. Seven stands for your seven major chakras: crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers. Seven also symbolizes your seven bodies: physical, astral, emotional, mental, light body, resurrected body and ascended body. All seven chakras and bodies become as one whole being in ascended-redescended I Am consciousness

Affirm: I Am healed; I Am holy; I Am wholly in I Am consciousness and expression here on Earth; I Am a Temple of Uranus; I Am a green globe.

Green Angels

Feel the presence of Lady Raphael behind you. She has your back. She has her “wings” around the back half of you. Perhaps you feel her hands or tips of her wings touching and caressing your holy heart. (See artistic image of her to right.)

She is your angelic, healing Mom. She and you are one in the Green One. Whatever hurts or scars are still lodged in your soul or akashic record are suffused with her green healing energy. Ah, yes!

Lord Raphael is in front of you, with his “wings” or auric field around the front half of you, thus completing an angelic encircling of your entire forcefield. He guides you to keep your eye single, so that all your chakras and bodies are filled with green goodness. (See depiction of him to the right.)

He inspires you to see yourself as you wish to be, and then to consciously, in step-by-step fashion to step into and manifest your new I Am image.

See it. Believe it. Be it. Be the brilliant yet soothing and harmonizing green globe that you are!

Green Masters

To the left of you is Harmony. As Lady Master Meta, she is the guide and protector of all light centers worldwide. As Myrtle Fillmore (see picture to right), wife of Charles, she famously proclaimed: I Am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit disease. By holding to this new I Am image as the reality of her being, in two years she was totally healed of tuberculosis and lived 46 more years, as she and Charles co-founded and grew Unity Church of Practical Christianity.

With Harmony/Meta/Myrtle at your side, your soul healing deepens. You remember and re-feel whatever memory or soul pattern has been left over from your previous Fourth Ray decrystallization. Then, you recall the ancient purity of your soul in its creation, which was made in the image and likeness of our Creator. See that, feel that, hold to that holy healing image, and your soul will soar.

To the right of you is Hilarion as Charles Fillmore, who previously was Plato the Greek philosopher and Paul the Apostle. Hilarion picks up from what Mother Myrtle has helped you to heal. He grounds the healing in consciously, physically, down unto each and every cell of your physical body; even unto the genetic programming in your DNA.

Be ye healed, as he proclaimed as Paul the Apostle. Be the green globe of God that you are. Be Fifth Ray harmony and healing in action. So be it.

Be Two as One

Picture before you someone who needs healing. Your are a green globe. He or she likewise is a green globe. The periphery of your green ball of light touches and suffuses the front surface of this person’s aura that is round in shape. (See image to right.) Do not invade this person’s auric or physical space, or try in any way to lord it over on him or her. Give up the temptation to lecture or teach this precious soul.

Rather, see the Christ in this individual, which is his or her prime teacher. See him or her being equal to you in I Am consciousness. Regardless of what this child of God is now manifesting, see the green healing to come. See the future as now. As such, the two of you now as are one in the One. And as you see it, so shall it be.

We are all green globes in the making. Each of us is potentially an individual Temple of Uranus. Give thanks unto Spirit for this and the healing green light that He-She shines so brilliantly into and through us.

Be the I Am green globe that You/you are. So be it.