Be Positively Parisian

Be Positively Parisian

Look up in the clear night sky. Do you see it? A brilliant star above you whose light descends upon and into you? Well, it’s there and it’s a spaceship from Pluto. This Star of Pluto is like unto the Star of Bethlehem, Sananda’s ship #10, that appeared over his birthplace as Jesus. Your Star of Pluto marks the place where you are re-generating, re-manifesting and re-birthing your own individual etheric Temple of Pluto on Earth, in and through your astral and physical bodies.

Now, in your expanded, Plutonian consciousness, look via your all-seeing third eye all the way to Paris, France. See the huge, positively brilliant, etheric, Plutonian spacecraft, the Parisian Star of Pluto, high above it. Aboard it are Plouton and Ploutana, the co-leaders of Pluto, and numerous other Plutonians who have come with them.

Plouton shines especially on Sacré-Coeur in the north-central part of Paris, which primarily honors Sananda/Jesus, who is Plouton’s spiritual brother. (Click here for a map of Paris showing its prominent sites; including Sacré-Coeur, Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe; also the Seine River that flows through it (which is named after the Celtic goddess, Sequana, who inhabited its sacred source).

Ploutana shines primarily on the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the central part of Paris, on the Île de la Cité (island in the Seine River), which mostly honors Sol-O-Man/Mary, Ploutana’s spiritual sister. (Click here2 for an article about Notre-Dame that is under reconstruction from a fire there in 2019.)

New Paris

Under the guidance of these two space visitors plus other Plutonians with them, as well as ascended masters and angels, envision a New Paris descending on the old/current city of Paris; just as the New Jerusalem was seen by John the Beloved in Revelation descending upon and around the old city of Jerusalem. The new Parisian City is composed of fourth-dimensional, Plutonian, Christ Light that descends to Earth, which encompasses the entire, old, third-dimensional city of mortal light and vibrations of Paris, with its 2 million inhabitants. Through the middle of the New Jerusalem flowed the River of Water of Life, just as the Seine River now flows through the middle of Paris and the heart of France.

The New Paris is symbolic of the Temple of Pluto that is being re-energized, re-crystallized and re-born in and around Paris. This New Parisian City/Temple of Pluto is so bright and powerful that it lights up all of Western and Eastern Europe. In other words, it is positively Plutonian that uplifts and sheds light on the entire continent of Europe. As you in positive Plutonian consciousness now affirm, decree and see it, so shall it manifest in God’s good time. This New Temple shall supersede, dissolve and disperse all negativity in the current Paris on Earth, so that it will become the City of Light that it truly is and is meant to be here on the planet. Amen!

Thus, with your Fifth Ray visualization-and-imagination power, time and again in your meditations this week, see a new I Am image of the New Plutonian-filled Paris descending from above to below. Via your Fourth Ray manifestation-and-crystallization power, materialize and implant the New Parisian City of Light on and in the Earth. Thus, the Fifth and Fourth Rays, work together as one to re-envision, re-generate and re-materialize the Temple of Pluto in Paris.  

King of Mesopotamia

Three weeks ago, on August 24, 2022, Astrid/Jeanene of the Seventh Ray, who had made her transition (died) a few years ago, contacted me from her current position in the higher astral planes where she finally is facing and dealing with her karma from her past life (click here3 to see my past blog about this). Four days days later, August 28th, Joel, Astrid/Jeanene’s spiritual partner, appeared above and before me. He had made his transition about twenty years ago, and was much more adjusted, balanced and healed than Astrid.

After these two contacts, I re-read Nada-Yolanda’s past soul intunements for them. They first had attended Mark-Age meetings at MetaCenter, Miami, FL in 1967. They became part-time volunteers in 1968 and full-time staff members in 1970. Together, they were trained as the second channeling team of Mark-Age, under the tutelage of El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda.

On July 3, 1968, Nada-Yolanda gave Joel a soul intunement. She received that he had incarnated in Mesopotamia between the years 3000 to 2000 BC. Mesopotamia was the region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which today includes Iraq and Kuwait, and parts of Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Mesopotamia, although scholars disagree, existed from about 7000 B.C. to 539 B.C., when Cyrus II of Persia conquered it; Persia primarily became modern-day Iran.

Joel (not his name then) was the oldest living son of his father who was the king of his area in Mesopotamia, who lived until he was 90 years old. Joel was almost 70 when he became the king. Prior to becoming king, Joel had studied and practiced all the healing arts and sciences of his time — he had worked with amulets, crystals, gemstones, incantations, laying-on-of-hands, psychic powers, astrology and the use of healing herbs. (However, he had not used so-called black magic as some of the priests and others did in those days.) In other words, he had become proficient in the use of so-called occult or esoteric sciences and healing practices.

Moreover, Joel believed firmly in One God and His divine laws, which was  uncommon amongst the priests and people of those days, who worshipped various gods and goddesses. Most of the priesthood was corrupt, with its members and factions always jockeying for higher positions of power and authority, and misleading and mistreating their followers.

   Joel & Jeanene

Upon becoming king, Joel married his younger sister, Jeanene  (not her name then), who had a different mother; who became the queen. She was in her late twenties at the time. As a developing psychic or medium, she went into and had trouble coming out of trances. Joel helped her with this, since he was proficient in dealing with his own psychic powers. She was dearly loved by Joel, who was more so her father than her husband — they never consummated their marriage.

Not long after he became king, Joel was killed by those priests who did not accept his teaching and practice of the One God, for they were afraid of losing their individual power if such became the national religion. Jeanene was spared because she could go into trance and deliver messages for such priests; which they thought gave them power from the gods and goddesses they worshipped.

Joshua & David

In another incarnation, after Joshua had led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt into Canaan or the Promised Land, wherein Jerusalem was founded, Joel knew and served under Joshua. He was a prophet in the tribe of Benjamin (which symbolizes the I Am power of faith), and he was greatly respected.

Yolanda received that Joel might find his current name when reading the Biblical accounts of this period — upon doing so Joel felt that he might have been the minor prophet Joel, as noted in the short (hence minor), three-page-long Book of Joel in the Old Testament.

This Joel the prophet foresaw a great cleansing for his people, then a rebirth of spirituality and righteous living that would bring peace and prosperity to their land. Moreover, his symbolic vision was timeless in that it also predicted the Latter Days or End Times, the War of Armageddon that we now are experiencing. (See image to right of him.)

As given by Charles Fillmore in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Joel was the Son of Pethuel, and prophet of Judah. His name “Joel” means Jehovah God; Jah is his God; worshiper of God; he who desires; he who wills; he who fulfils every desire. Metaphysically, Fillmore writes, “Joel bespeaks the I Am in dominion in the individual. . . . In this consciousness all things are possible.”

Joel the soul also lived during the period of David and was a top general in David’s army. He served a long time and eventually was killed in battle. David, whose name means “personal love” was a precursor, a Third Ray representation, of the coming of Christ Jesus from out of the house of David.


After manifesting, demonstrating and crystallizing his I Am Self in and through his four lower bodies in these past three incarnations, as the king of Mesopotamia and with Joshua and David, Joel was exhausted and depressed, soulwise and physically. He wanted nothing more to do with his difficult, soul-searing spiritual work and beliefs. To him, it seemed like too much to handle — he felt that he needed a break. This was part of his going through decrystallization, the dissolving of the pain, fears, doubts and worries of the past. He turned away from his spiritual work of slowing uplifting the race of man in those days into spiritual awareness and consciousness.

In the past three incarnations, he had demonstrated, manifested and crystallized his Fourth Ray function of bringing forth and anchoring a new heaven on a new Earth. Via his Fifth Ray intuition and clairvoyant vision, as a prophet, he saw that this development needed to be continued over a long period of time, but it would have an uplifting ending, if he and others would continue to rightly use their spiritual, I Am power; to have dominion over their four lower bodies. But rather than stepping forward in faith to do so, Joel could not see or tolerate anymore of his being part of the ongoing trials and temptations. He now went through decrystallization: He gave into his temptations in the wilderness of his soul — he threw himself down from the temple.

Four Following Incarnations

The soul next incarnated in Greece and went into the field of trade. He was a merchant with no spiritual approach, which was a turning away from spiritual matters. His material interests took hold for four incarnations (note the number four again, for the Fourth Ray); even into Africa dealing with slaves; sailing, fishing, traveling throughout the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Much was accumulated in these four lives that was strictly in trade and money and power, not corrupt political power, but power in the sense of material gains. Positively, he gained command of the physical level of life on Earth at that time.

In the time of and right after Jesus, Joel was converted by Paul the Apostle, an incarnation of Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing (See image to right of St. Paul.) Joel was not a Jew in this lifetime, but he sided with Paul and gave all the family fortune to the new Christians. He was one of the first Gentiles to be converted by Paul. He was black in this lifetime; and may have been a prince of his homeland.

Healing now came into the picture very strongly. For in his travels prior to this, Joel, given his training in occult science and healing in Mesopotamia, now sought out healers in all the places he visited, who also were attracted to him. So, he learned still more about the healing arts of his day. However, upon meeting and working with Paul, Joel came into the higher teachings and practices of I Am, truly spiritual healing; for Paul was able to call forth the Holy Spirit or I Am Self in him and to show him how to use his I Am mind power to heal; to call upon Christ Jesus and the Christ Self within to do the healing through him.

Overlap of Fourth & Fifth Rays

This focus on spiritual healing is what brought Joel back into his higher spiritual path. This was Fifth Ray healing and unity with his I Am Self. This was recrystallization of the Fourth Ray and healing of the Fifth Ray. To use modern terms, Joel became an integrative or holistic healer, using the best of all healing methods, under the guidance of the indwelling I Am or high Self.

In this time, Joel was able to come into communion with Sananda-Jesus in the etheric realms. He affirmed, as Paul did, that he was healing in the name and power of Christ Jesus. Therefore, Jesus contacted and flowed through him. Joel also knew of and loved Mother Mary. Joel’s service to these two masters and co-leaders of Earth are symbolized in his high Self name as Jo-El. “J” stands for Jesus and “o” stands for Sol-O-Man. “El” stands for the Elder race and consciousness, and for the two leaders of the Els: Sananda and Sol-O-Man. “O” also stands for Nada-Yolanda, who on Venus was called Nona. However, how much Joel realized of this back in Paul’s day is not known.

Paul believed and taught that Jesus soon would return to Earth to establish spiritual government here. Joel likewise believed and prepared himself for this. He devoted himself to Jesus’ Second Coming. But like Paul, he did not realize that this would not occur for about 2000 more years.

Pass the Test

Meanwhile, despite Joel’s new rebirth of his I Am healing powers, he was not able to heal his beloved daughter, who was another incarnation of Jeanene. She died of the plague. Joel now faced the challenge of continuing his spiritual growth and service or regressing once again into materiality. Jeanene had incarnated specifically to give him this opportunity to heal his soul scar from Mesopotamia, to have power his past downfall and decrystallization, to keep moving forward, knowing that God is in command as to the time and way in which a person is healed.

This time, Joel stayed devoted to his spiritual growth and service. He even was present with Paul when he went to Rome, where he eventually was beheaded. Joel stayed behind the scenes and was not killed. Joel stayed committed to serving Jesus the Messiah.

Thus, much was accomplished in this lifetime. Joel moved forward spiritually. He became spiritually adept and a holistic healer, while also being masterful in dealing with Earth plane matters, like business, money and politics. He devoted himself to Sananda/Jesus and and Sol-O-Man/Mary and their Second Coming; their redescent in their light bodies.

Venus & Saturn

As Nada-Yolanda’s intunement for Joel continued, she confirmed that the past recall by Astrid/Jeanene, Joel and Yolanda of their lifetimes on Venus was indeed accurate. On Venus, about 32,000 years ago, Nada-Yolanda, who was known as Nona, and June of Venus (who had channeled through Yolanda and Astrid this lifetime) were sisters; Joel (known as Ronl) was their brother. June was married to Wains (who would be Jim Speed); their daughters were Glo-Ria and Jeanene (then known as Astarte). Thus, Yolanda was the aunt of Glo-Ria and Jeanene.

On Venus, Yolanda, Astrid and Joel developed what were supposed to become courses in the University of Life, one of five major divisions of Mark-Age in these Latter Days. However, when Nona was chosen by Sananda to be his Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray, Astrid/Astarte was jealous of her and rebelled against her. Joel apparently likewise did not support Nona in her new role.

Nonetheless, in Joel’s ongoing soul evolution since his being on Venus, he also had trained on Saturn, which is the seat of the Council of Seven or Saturnian Council, the highest governing body of the Hierarchal Board. Saturn demonstrates and radiates the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. There, Joel learned more about spiritual government and how he was to be part of implementing it on Earth in the Mark-Age Unit. He trained partly under El Moray as the Chohan of the First Ray; hence his connection with Mark when he was on the Mark-Age staff. On Saturn, he also transmuted his past karma from Venus. He devoted himself anew to following the proper Hierarchal chain of command, under the leadership of El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda.

Uranus & Pluto

In Joel’s prior lifetime prior to his current one on Earth, he had incarnated on Uranus that is the primary planet in the solar system that demonstrates and radiates Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing. There, he further honed his healing skills and his ability to integrate the earth, astral and etheric planes; and all aspects of life into one coherent, integrated whole. He also healed his soul of its scar tissue from the days of his being on Venus with Jeanene.

Joel learned anew and at a higher level how to work with his Fifth Ray visualization and imagination faculty in seeing the healing of individuals, groups and nations. He also mastered a higher degree of working with elements, minerals, crystals and gemstones to aid the healing process.

As Yolanda intuned it, when Joel successfully completed his soul mission this lifetime on Earth, he was scheduled to incarnate on Pluto. She said that this was the first time that Pluto had been mentioned in her soul intunements. She did not receive or record what unique aspect or combination of Rays that Pluto demonstrated. She only said that Joel would serve on Pluto when the Second Coming program here on Earth was completed.

The only other time any information about Pluto had been given was in the channeling by John Mark through her on March 28, 1962; as follows below:

“Much of the experimental functions of the science department are carried out by Serapis Bey, [Chohan of the Fourth Ray], whom this channel [Yolanda] has received contact from, on the planet Mars, where there are gather some of the finest inventors of the Earth plane dimensional graduational school.

“In other words, we are saying that those who have risen to great heights when on the Earth plane have incarnated frequently on Mars, Saturn and Pluto in order to receive high instructions, that they might influence Earth plane activities, or reincarnate, from these planes.”

Fourth & Fifth Rays

After reading this intunement about Joel’s future going to Pluto for further training and service, and pondering this for a couple days, suddenly it came to me that Pluto might manifest and radiate the combination of the Fourth and Fifth Rays. Joel’s experiences were an example or sign of this. In other words, in his previous lifetimes, he had focused primarily on, and worked with, the Fourth Ray and the Fifth Ray functions and talents. He had merged or married them together as one.

That is why he was scheduled next, after currently healing his karma in the higher astral planes of Earth, to incarnate on Pluto. The thought strongly struck me that Joel’s home planet might be Pluto. If so, he would be going home there. At the very least, home planet or not, he would be training anew in combining his Fourth and Fifth Ray functions, powers and talents into one composite whole; in service to the Hierarchal Board and all in the solar system.

However, my revelations of these possibilities were tempered by the fact that no such information or designation about Pluto previously had been given via Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or me. So, I noted it as a working hypothesis in my spiritual diary and asked Spirit for further explanation and confirmation. But the more I pondered this, the more it made sense to me. As the common saying goes, I felt in my gut or heart that it was right.

Purify Your Soul

In thinking about this soul intunement by Nada-Yolanda for Joel, I marveled yet again over the incredible talent that she has in doing such intunements. She not only received a series of lifetimes for him, but also revealed his training on other planets. No other psychic or soul reader I have met has given such expansive soul readings.

Also, her intunement for Joel symbolizes that all of us at one time or another have incarnated a series of times here on Earth and have gone as well to other planes and planets. Thus, Phillel has soul recall of his three past lives in France; this lifetime, he majored in French in college and spent his junior year abroad in France.

I (Dr. Robert) had a vivid dream in the mid-1980s that I was incarnated in England in the 1700s or 1800s, when the English were fighting yet another one of their numerous, ongoing wars with France, which went on for about 450 years. I was an English soldier and leader who attempted to cross the channel and invade France. However, the French army captured me and put me in a filthy jail, where I rotted away and died.

This lifetime, in my late teens and early twenties, I had a deep, visceral dislike of the French. I initially surmised that this was because of my dislike of Charles de Gaulle and others like him in France. But beneath the surface, I was remembering my hatred of France in my lifetime there. Once I realized this, my bitterness melted away. And I loved the French people the two times that MariLyn and I visited there.

Whether you have recalled your past incarnations or not, you, too, are living them to some degree in your present thoughts, feelings, memories and actions. And you have some deep, if not consciously recalled memories of your times on other planets. The key point, however, is to take care of things in this lifetime, to stay positive, to decrystallize your lesser thoughts and feelings, and to replace them with new healing attitudes and actions. In so doing, this will transmute your past as well. Always be guided from within by your I Am Self.

Jo-El: A Fourth Ray Jewel

Returning now back to December 12, 1968, about five months after Nada-Yolanda’s above soul intunement for Joel, she was meditating with Wains/Jim Speed and Joel during a hieronics session during which she received that the name Joel partly stood for “Jew El.” In other words, Joel was a Fourth Ray “Jewel,” one who worked with minerals, metals and gems to bring healing to those souls who were out of alignment and imbalanced. In part, Joel already had studied and practiced this in past lives. Now, however, Wains/Jim Speed was  using radionics in conjunction with the electromagnetic equipment aboard etheric spacecraft to assist Joel in discovering new and higher meanings/properties of the various gemstones/jewels and what parts of the body they helped.

However, Jim Speed left the Mark-Age Unit in 1973, without having done sufficient research in this field or having verified what he had received. Joel, therefore, had to do much of this research via his own intuition and intunements.

It is not clear from Nada-Yolanda’s intunements and channelings when Joel’s name as Jo-El first was received. She did not use this name for him in the 1968 intunements, nor was it used in Serapis Bey’s channeling for Joel via Nada-Yolanda on Mary 27, 1969. In it, Serapis Bey conveyed: “Joel, here is some clue in your latest development. On the sixth day, all work of earth matter had been completed and on the seventh day God made many decrees for his His creation. Move into consciousness where you can complete or crystallize your Fourth Ray function on spiritual planes only. Seek an answer of spiritual levels on all that confronts your own personal manners of attitude and loving guidance. I Am Serapis Bey.”

Serapis Bey as the Chohan or Director of the Fourth Ray probably is the master teacher of Joel who is a Fourth Ray worker. Since Joel’s lifetime with Paul, Joel has incarnated on Mars, the Fourth Ray planet of this solar system, in working with elements, minerals, metals, gems and the use of sound. Mars is the primary planet in the solar system that demonstrates and radiates the Fourth Ray.

In this current channeling via Nada-Yolanda, Serapis Bey is saying that all is going well in Joel’s ongoing transmutation of his soul past, of his past falling from grace and going through decrystallization. Joel is remembering and reviewing this at a soul level, even though he did not necessarily have complete conscious memory of it. Rather, he knew the gist of his past as previously had been revealed via Yolanda. In these Latter Days, Joel was capable of and poised to move into his seventh step, hence the seventh day, of his ongoing spiritual evolvement on Earth. He was primed to be divine love in action, with peace and love being crystallized and demonstrated in and through his four lower bodies.

Sananda & Serapis Bey

About six years later, in a question-and-answer session with Sananda via Nada-Yolanda on January 30, 1974, Joel asked Sananda for any advice that could be given to help him in his ongoing spiritual development, including his work with music with his partner Jeanene, who was a professional singer. When Yolanda wrote up this intunement, she called Joel by his high Self name of Jo-El. This name may have been given earlier, but it is the first time it shows up in the written record of Nada-Yolanda’s soul intunements of channelings for Joel.

Sananda replied: “I, Sananda, have requested Serapis Bey to join with me in this reply. . . . Gems, rocks and precious stones are the key to your function in the sound and music of the University of Life. . . . You are now just being prepared through this communication to use this, the avenue for bringing in the new sounds and music for Astara/Astrid. The two [of you] are combined. You were on Venus and you are to be brought forth on Earth.

“In other words, certain gems and stones are required in certain proportions and relationships in order to adjust her aura and the atmosphere for allowing the music to be anchored in. And you will be the instrument through whom this will come. Of course, all of it will be through inspiration and we will not dictate it in advance; especially not through this channel since Astara/Astrid has been prepared working with you to intune on the gems and stones to a certain degree. Already she is receptive to this because in her soul consciousness she has worked on the other dimensions with this type of vibration.

“Therefore, she is not a channel to give you specifics but when there is an open discussion or when there is a choice, or when you are in a meditation she may prefer a certain item or she may instruct a certain experiment and then you will be so guided. But you are not to rely or to depend on her for channeling this. It is not her function.”

Déjà Vu

Alas, it was not to be. For in May 1974, Astrid/Jeanene and Jo-El/Joel left the Mark-Age staff after they had plotted to take over and supersede many of the functions of Mark and Yolanda. When Nada-Yolanda and El Morya became fully aware of their treachery, they pointed out these mistakes to them. Nada-Yolanda received a five-point plan for their transmutation. If they did not do so successfully, according to Nada’s evaluation as she sits on the Karmic Board of this solar system, Joel and Jeanene would be removed from this solar system.

As for Joel, he had now repeated the residue of his past mistakes on Venus. Moreover, he manifested again his fall from grace when after 3 lifetimes in Mesopotamia and Israel he had abandoned his spiritual pathway and had gone through decrystallization.

As Serapis Bey had channeled via Nada-Yolanda, Joel had been capable soulwise of transmuting and rising about his past mistakes, to move from past decrystallizations and transmutations to new healings and re-crystallizations of his soul record. But instead, he felt it would be too difficult to follow Nada’s five point plan. Therefore, he jumped ship.

I long since have thought that in large measure the error was primarily Astrid’s, that Joel’s error was in following her lead, rather than going within and following the still small voice within him. Of course, it does not really matter who was more at fault — they both left for whatever reasons they may have deluded themselves into believing.

However, in my four recent communions with Joel, he looks and feels transformed. He has been reviewing and reprogramming his soul for the last twenty years in the higher astral planes. His Fifth Ray healing and Sixth Ray transmutation has taken place there. He has worked together with Gloria and Djwhal Kuhl/Wains/Jim Speed in healing the Venusian karma, as well as that from the time that he turned to materiality in Mesopotamia and Israel. He now is also helping Astrid/Jeanene to heal her soul. After my first contact with her, in which she was devastated about her past mistakes, she has not contacted me again, so I have nothing more to report about her. Please keep her in your prayers and projections.

Two as One

On September 12, 2022, after my traveling into town to eat lunch, go to the bank and  shop, my return home was via the back way through the Royal Blue Wilderness Management Area where there are no houses or buildings of any kind. Driving slowly at about 30 mph, enjoying the scenery, solitude and natural beauty of the place, I felt peaceful and harmonious. Then, a spacebeam clamped on my head at my two temples. Involuntarily, my right hand and arm slowly lifted up from my steering wheel and formed the hand signal for Sananda/Jesus: The forefinger and middle finger placed next to each other and pointing upward, with the thumb pointing inward; hence forming a letter “J” for Jesus, which is his hand sign.

Only, this time, slowly my two fingers slowly spread apart, again outside of my conscious control, such that they were not touching one another but were in the shape of a letter “V.” At this point, the realization came that it was Sananda who was manipulating my hand in this way. (Needless to say, I slowed my car as this occurred.) Then he moved the two fingers back together. After doing so, he said just one word: Go! And shortly the meaning of all this sign language flowed into my conscious mind.

The two fingers represented the Fourth and Fifth Rays, which I had been pondering the last several days, as concerns Pluto demonstrating these two Rays. Sananda was confirming that what had been given to me was indeed the truth. The two fingers that spread apart indicated the separate, unique, individual function of these two rays or flames, but also their interaction, interconnection and integration. As a “V” they still were linked together at the V’s bottom point. The “V” also symbolized the descent and anchoring of Pluto consciousness in the two cerebral hemispheres of my brain.

When Sananda brought the two fingers back together, they formed a single unit, like unto the number “l”. The two were perfected aligned with one another. The middle finger, being longer, represented the Fifth Ray that manifests via the third-eye, which sees up and into the next higher level/dimension; and receives new I Am healing images. The shorter forefinger represents the Fourth Ray via which we manifest the new images via our thoughts, feelings and actions, from above to below, down through our spine.

The two fingers also symbolized Plouton and Ploutana, the masculine and feminine co-leaders of Pluto. They have come to Earth to serve Sananda in his Second Coming, to bring forth Christ crystallization and healing on the planet, especially at and via the Temple of Pluto in Paris; hence the downward pointing V of the open two fingers. The V also represents the vortex spiritual, higher dimensional energy that the Plutonians are injecting into Paris as a vortex of sacred light, power center or spiritual temple.

Sananda thus was blessing and thanking them, his spiritual, solar system brother and sister, by way of his hand signal through me, his stand-in on Earth. And he was showing me in the most unique manner, way beyond my conscious imagination, that indeed all of this is true. Pluto portrays and demonstrates the merging and functioning of the Fourth and Fifth Rays.

Sananda saying “Go,” means: Go ahead, Soliel-Robert, you are going in the right direction, you are on the right track. Keep going forward and more confirmation and explanation will come. To which I said WOW! Thank you, Sananda. You’re the Man!

Five Moons of Pluto

Two days later, on September 14th, I had an incredible dream that sealed the deal, so to speak. In it, I was in a classroom in a higher, invisible-to-Earth dimension that likely was the seventh astral plane, which is the doorway to the lowest of the three etheric planes. I was teaching a group of about a dozen spiritual students, all of whom were highly evolved but not yet fully aware of life on other planets or what they example. I was fully in command, at ease, confident and loving.

In particular, I explained the function of the largest of Pluto’s five moons, which is called Charon by present earthlings. This moon, is a little more than half the size of Pluto, but like all such moons by definition revolves around Pluto, whereas Pluto revolves around the Sun. The other four moons are much smaller.

What became known as Charon, the largest of five Plutonian moons, was discovered by James Christy on June 22, 1978, nearly half a century after Pluto was discovered. As the discoverer of this moon, he was given the honor of naming it. Others suggested to him that he call it Persephone, who was the wife of Pluto and thus the queen of the underworld in Greek mythology. However, Christy rejected this and instead named the planet after his wife, whose first name was Charlene, whom he called Char — he added “on” on her name, hence the moon Charon. Also, Christy discovered that in Greek mythology, Charon was a ferryman who took souls who had died across the river Acheron, later name the river Styx, to the underworld. (Click Charon for more information about this moon and its name.)

In 20015, astronomers imaged two additional, much smaller moons, which became named Nix and Hydra, with both names referring to mythological Pluto gods or creatures. Kerberos was discovered in July 2011, whereas Styx was sighted first on July 2012; with Kerberos and Styx also being reference to Plutonian figures. (Click FiveMoons to read an article about all of this.)

These five moons are gateways between the etheric planes of Pluto, via its astral planes to its physical plane; just like the Moon of Earth. In the astral planes, on and about these moons, one reviews, heals and transmutes past soul threads from prior lives on Pluto and elsewhere.

Plouton & Ploutana

Going back now to my dream of talking about Charon, as I was talking with and explained this to my students, via my all-seeing, cosmic eye, I clearly saw scenes from my times when I was incarnated on Charon — I was there, bi-located from Earth to this past Plutonian reality. Moreover, I was able to project these images of my past onto a huge screen that the others could see, even to show what looked like holograms to them. It was reminiscent of when Christ Jesus was transfigured on the mount, shone with the Christ light of the sun, and manifested holographic images of his two past lives as Moses and Elijah, which Jesus’ three Apostles thought were real. In my doing this in my dream, it all seemed so natural and normal to me.

Upon awakening slowly, it felt like coming back from some very far away place. It took me a good ten minutes, while sitting on the edge of my bed, to get re-oriented to being here on Earth. It felt like part of me was still on Charon, teaching in its higher astral planes, remembering my time there in past lives. I now was dizzy and discombobulated. I had to concentrate strongly on being physically balanced when I walked to my bathroom and then to my meditation room. I could not even go out to the kitchen to get something to eat. Rather, I sat in my comfortable chair and meditated.

Shortly, my two temples throbbed as if a hot poker or probe had been placed in them. When I touched my two temples with my fingers, they hurt. Focusing on this, I began to realize that Plouton and Ploutana were standing to either side of me, pointing with one of their forefingers into both of my temples and temporal lobes of my brain where memories are stored and processed. With their input of higher light, like unto lasers, my third eye lit up and opened wide. I saw myself once again on Charon, the largest moon of Pluto as I had been with Plouton and Ploutana in the past.

This was the further meaning of my previous dream that was given in symbolic form. In I Am consciousness, as Soliel, I was teaching my twelve I Am powers about my life on and around Pluto. The twelve or so students also represented the twelve planets in our solar system. I was being illumined in a direct way about all of this, via my Fifth Ray imagination faculty, such that then I could manifest my Plutonian powers here on Earth in these Latter Days; such that I could explain and teach this to other light workers here.

Crystal Clear

At this point, the crystal clear outline of the light-filled bodies of Plouton and Ploutana appeared via my third-eye, clairvoyant vision. In prior contacts with them, they always were more so an amorphous but powerful sphere of light, even a starburst. Now, they had a distinct, visible, outer form that had manifested right alongside of me. No details were obvious of what their face or other parts of their bodies looked like. Rather, inside the outline or shape of their whole bodies, they were pure light/substance.

However, they said that I now had completed the initial grounding and manifestation of my individual Temple of Pluto on Earth. But, it would take another week or so to complete and flesh out the process. Thus, I saw the outer shape of their bodies, but not the inner features or shapes — no eyes, ears, nose, chest, etc.

Fourth & Fifth Rays

The two Plutonian leaders then confirmed that indeed their planet exemplified the balanced, integrated, harmonious function of the Fourth and Fifth Rays. To illustrate and prove this, they guided me to reread the channeling from Hilarion via Nada-Yolanda during the Healing Haven Conclaves in 1976 that explains the overlapping of the Fourth and Fifth Rays, and of the Fourth and Fifth major initiations. Hilarion is the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, and thereby is uniquely qualified to talk about the Fifth and Fourth Rays.

In his past incarnations, he was Plato the Greek philosopher, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore of Unity (see his picture above/right).

Fourth & Fifth Phases

Here’s what Hilarion channeled on February 23, 1976: “There is a very important aspect of the entire healing process we are to teach through Healing Haven. It involves healing of soul, mind and body in individuals as well as planetary conditions, concerning all healings as we are presently working on them in the fourth-phase rending and the preparation for the fifth-phase rending [of the seventh and final veil that separates mortal man from his immortal, I Am Self ]. . . .

“This overlapping is that point in medicine that any doctor will concur with: the lowest ebb is a rest and an exhaustion of body, mind or soul before the healing activities take control. Yet, as a doctor will observe and will agree with, he can trace and prove that the healing agents in body, mind and soul already have rallied or have organized their forces to invoke their right and energies.

“At the point where total decrystallization of the Fourth Ray takes place and the body or the mind or the soul breaks down in functioning, simultaneously the healer is instilling proper decrees, visualizations and any agent that will assist the individual, the group or the planet in coming into a higher function or a solid wholeness of expression.

“However, while simultaneous decrystallization and repatterning or recrystallization are taking place—which is a Fourth Ray activity and is the rending of the fourth phase of the seventh veil and is the activity which takes place on the fourth astral plane—the introduction of the healing principles, the properties or the chemicals that are necessary for the situation to become made manifest and holy are not able to grab the center of the stage, so to speak, or the attention of the individual or the group.

Caution at Low Ebb

“So, it seems that: 1) you have apathy, 2) you have near death or extinction, 3) you have a state of despair or ennui. This is observable in light workers. . . . All of this is perfectly understood and examined, traced and charted, so to speak, by those who are observing this activity in themselves and in others who are expected to demonstrate this practice.

“Therefore, the healer—be it in the field of medicine or the mind, or spiritual light workers who are working with the souls of individuals, or those light workers who must decree and work for the manifestation of light throughout the entire planet—has to recognize and to accept the fact that the Fifth Ray functioning of healing, integration and unity has been implanted satisfactorily.

“In other words if we are working strictly with spiritual examples, we make decrees and visualizations, and state certain affirmations of truth. Yet, in the state of the healing process it does not appear to have taken root, does not appear to have any impetus.

“If at that time the healer or the individual who is being healed becomes so discouraged and lacks confidence in Spirit’s decree, visualization, activity, and right and proper inherent justice for this situation, the low level of congregating thought forms and chemical properties will not be able to rally sufficient strength to carry forth their function at the time all the process of the fourth phase has been completed.

“The fourth phase is the decrystallization. It is the elimination totally of the error condition; or of blindness to Spirit and the higher forces being interested or involved in the healing. There is a block.

“In a crisis physically for a healing, the doctor will observe the lowest ebb of energy, the lowest ebb of will, the lowest ebb of resistance at this turning point. Meanwhile, he or she has instilled certain other healing properties, and has prepared the patient and those surrounding the patient for the the details involved in building, rebuilding, reprograming. Yet, there seem to be no energy and no activity in this direction, at the point of which we are speaking.

Implanting I Am Program

“This too will appear on a planetary scale. At the point in the fourth phase rending—which is now, as of this moment—there appears to be no change. As a matter of fact, the seeming situation is a worsening of life, ideas, desire and will to express spiritually and to see the higher aspects of the Mark Age program and Second Coming facts.

“However, you are asked and required to remain so steadfast and so determined that, in spite of appearances and in spite of destructive tendencies that appear to be be an overwhelming force that would totally obliterate the form or the force for which you are building, you go to the next and higher step; which is the healing, the integration, and the unity of implanting the new program and the preparations for the I Am Nation.

“This is exactingly the point where the unit of Mark-Age [and associated light workers are] so significant. As previously given by Sananda on many occasions, you have passed out of the phase of negation and denial, and have been asked to step into the role of affirmation and the building of the I Am condition. But it is because of this healing principle that has been explained here that you have been asked to instill and to install the new and higher step long before the final cleansings and the destruction and the decrystallization have been completed.”

Step By Step

On a personal level, we go through the overlapping of the fourth and fifth phases in each one of our seven major initiations. Each major initiation has seven minor phases or minor initiations. Therefore, it does not matter what major initiation we may be in now, or whether we know our current initiation or not, we still will encounter this universal principle and practice of Fourth Ray decrystallization overlapping with Fifth Ray healing and integration, especially each time we pass through the fourth into the fifth phase of that major initiation.

Another way to look at this is that in the fourth phase of each major initiation (birth, baptism, transmutation via personal love, etc.) we go from Fourth Ray crystallization to decrystallization to re-crystallization. But the third step of re-crystallization has to be inspired and energized by the overlapping Fifth Ray/fifth phase of healing and integration. The two Rays have to work together as one.

In this process, we are to be positive, positive, positive; to keep our single on the goal; to keep climbing up the mountain rather than falling down to a lower level. We are to be positively Parisian, positively Plutonian, positively our Positive I Am Self even as the negative patterns in our soul record come up for review, decrystallization and dispersal.

Rebirth of the Temple of Pluto

With all of the above in mind, begin to focus now in your daily meditations on the re-birth and re-manifestation of your own, individual Temple of Pluto.

Be centered, quiet, calm and composed, one with your indwelling, positive, light-filled I Am Self. Then, link in consciousness with Plouton and Ploutana, the co-leaders of Pluto. With them are numerous Plutonian associates. Plouton and his male assistants are primarily to your right, whereas Ploutana and her female co-workers are mostly to your left. If you do not see or feel them, intuitively and clairsentiently know that they are present, that you are one with them wherever they are. Affirm that this is so.

Above them, perceive Archangels Gabriel of the Fourth Ray and his feminine angelic partner, Lady Gabriel; also Archangel Raphael and Lady Raphael of the Fifth Ray. They guard and guide you, in conjunction with your own guardian angel. They descend to and stand to all four sides of you: one each in front and behind you, and to either side of you. Welcome them. They have their “wings” around you.

Also assisting the full anchoring and rebirth of your Temple of Pluto are your body deva and higher astral plane guides, known and unknown to you, who serve to protect you from negative intrusion by those in the lower astral planes.

See & Be in the Temple

Picture your own individual Temple of Pluto being composed of a Christ cube that is about 10-12 feet in all three of its dimensions: height, width and depth. Above it, see a pentagon whose center is elevated, like in the shape of the top of an umbrella that has five sections in it (see image of a pentagon to the right). This elevated pentagon sits atop the cube and forms the roof of the Temple of Pluto that you are re-imaging, re-crystallizing and re-birthing.

The cube represents the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization (see the image of it below/right. The pentagonal roof with its five panels symbolizes the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. Together, they portray the outline or outer structure of the light-filled Temple of Pluto that now descends over and around all of you. When solidly anchored and protected with the Christ cube on Earth, rise into the pentagonal roof, which area symbolizes the third eye chakra and thalamus of the brain, whereby your receive and send out new I Am images of healing, harmony and wholeness.

See the whole Temple of Pluto, the cube with the pentagonal roof, coming down slowly until the bottom square of the cube sits on the floor or ground below you, even a foot or so below it. This represents the anchoring and re-manifestation of your Temple of Pluto. You are in the center of it, encased by it, protected within it, and one with it. You have re-birthed your Temple of Pluto on Earth!

Ongoing Expansion

Then each following day in your meditation(s), see the overall form of the pentagonal roof and the cube getting larger. So on day 1, it only encompasses you. On day 2, it surrounds your apartment or house. On day 3, it expands to encase your town or city. On day 4 it covers your state or province. And so on. Go with the flow. See how you are guided from within each day.

Maybe, however, your individual Temple of Pluto stays about 12-16 feet in its cubic dimensions or the size of your house, but the radiations of Plutonian light within it grow and grow in power. Each day, more positive Plutonian energy flows through you and out to the surrounding area: to your town, state/province, country or hemisphere; linking with all the other eleven planetary temples or power centers on Earth and becoming one with the planetary gridwork of Christ light.

However this takes place in you, on day 7, complete the re-grounding, re-birthing, re-manifesting and re-establishing of your own Temple of Pluto on Earth. Give thanks to Spirit and all agents of our Father-Mother God for this blessed happening.

Parisian Temple of Pluto

From day 1, as you are guided from within, also begin to radiate Fourth Ray crystal-clear light and Fifth Ray green-healing energy to Paris, France. See a huge cube with a pentagonal roof descending over and all around this City of Light. Radiate your Christ energy and positive power to facilitate this process. Welcome this re-energization, re-crystallizing, re-healing and re-integration of the Temple of Pluto in Paris.

As you do so, connect with the sacred hearts of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary and with their two current physical temples of Sacré-Coeur and Notre-Dame. Link also with Plouton and Ploutana in Paris, who not only watch over and assist you but also guide the redescent of the Temple of Pluto in Paris. A couple of their Plutonian assistants may remain with you where you reside, even as Plouton and Ploutana are more so above Paris in their Plutonian spacecraft.

Over the seven days of this week, the Temple of Pluto becomes more and more grounded and secure in and around Paris. See this. Affirm this. Know that this is true. Be happy about it in your heart.

Each day, it radiates more Plutonian energies to all of France and from there to all European counties. All of Western and Eastern Europe are united as one, whole, integrated continent. Each country cooperates and coordinates with each other country to bring forth and crystallize peace and love.

By day 7 of this week, the re-anchoring and re-manifestation, its full re-crystallization is completed for this current cycle of time. More will be accomplished along these lines in the future. But for now, on day seven, have a party to celebrate the re-birth of the Temple of Pluto on Earth.

Give Thanks

Thank You, our beloved Creator. Thank you, all children of our One Father-Mother God from all realms and dimensions who have added your unique, crystal-clear and green-healing light to this re-birth.

Like with the birth of a baby here on Earth, make up your sign that says: It’s a Temple of Pluto! It is the birth of Plouton and Ploutana, of Pluto consciousness on Earth. It’s the birth of twin Plutonians, a boy and a girl! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Hallelujah. Glory be unto God!