One Night in Memphis 1956

Talk about nostalgia for the early days of Rock ‘n Roll: Check out this YouTube video of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis  and Johnny Cash jamming together in 1956 in Memphis, TN. Actually, this video is of modern-day guys impersonating them, but you would hardly know it. I did not at first.

And below is an actual song that was sung by this fabulous foursome back in 1956, now called the Million Dollar Quartet, with an actual picture of the four. The song is a favorite gospel song that is sung by so many: Just a Little Talk with Jesus. I never had heard it before listening to it now.

Do double enjoy! And have a little talk with Jesus! Even a big talk, if you feel up to it.

DJ Doc K

First verse of lyrics below (for the rest go to here):
I once was lost in sin but Jesus took me in
And then a little light from heaven fill my soulHe bathed my heart in love and He wrote my name aboveAnd just a little talk with Jesus makes me whole