Be the 12 that You Are

Today, November 21, 2022, we begin our four-week focus on the 12th Planet of Vulcan, and on the re-birthing of the Temple of Vulcan that is in southern Vietnam, in and around the city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly called Saigon (see map). Vulcan is the highest vibrational planet in the Solar System.

As given to me (Dr. Robert) in 2013-2015, Vortex (male) and Vertex (female) are the co-leaders of Vulcan, who now are in their etheric spacecraft #12 over southern Vietnam. They and their scores of Vulcan assistants around the globe will assist each of us as we re-open and re-birth Temple Twelve on Earth, within and without.

Be in a 12-Sided Christ Column

See yourself surrounded by a pillar or column of fourth-dimensional light that is 12 feet wide and in the shape of a 12-sided dodecagon. (In Greek, “do” means “2” and “deca” means “10” — 2 plus 10 equals 12.) Sit and be in the center of this Christ column of light, love and pure power. (See drawing below.)

To enhance your visualization and experience, use a yardstick or tape measure to mark the place of each of the 12 apices of the dodecagon. Measure from your heart chakra in the center of your chest to 6 feet around all sides of it.

Whether you are visually talented or not, affirm: I Am in the center of, and spiritually protected by, a 12-foot-wide, dodecagonal column of fourth-dimensional energy and substance. Then, wait peacefully and patiently until you feel in your heart that you are safe, secure, beloved and peaceful.

Ascend & Redescend

Call upon the agents of Spirit to lift you through the Christ column of light. This is like being inside a 12-sided elevator. Push the button on the control panel that says 12 and up you slowly go in your ascended light body.

Be aware of your higher astral plane guides who protect you as you rise through the seven astral planes. Ascended masters and guardian angels likewise empower and protect you as you confidently rise from the astral planes, into the etheric and celestial planes. Vulcan space brothers and sisters use hieronics to assist your ascent.

Above you, in the etheric realms, see a 12-foot-wide sphere of brilliant white light that represents your own I Am Self, the Christ in you. Rise into and be one with it. Then, in ascended, I Am consciousness, re-unite with Vortex and Vertex of Vulcan. Symbolically, he is number “1” whereas she is number “2”; thus a “12.” They are your Vulcan father and mother. You are number “3” as their beloved son or daughter.

Stay with this visualization and experience until it solidifies in your mind and heart, until you truly feel connected to them. Then, when Spirit directs you to do so, slowly redescend back through the astral planes to Earth. Implant and anchor Vulcan consciousness in your astral crown chakra and physical cerebrum, the central computer for your whole body. Welcome Vortex and  Vertex into your own individual Temple of Vulcan.

Give thanks unto Father-Mother God for this first step of re-birthing your Temple of Vulcan on Earth. Be the 12 that you are!