Be a Vulcan-Earthling

Today, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, starts the 2nd step in the re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of Vulcan on Earth, within yourself and in southern Vietnam, whose etheric co-leaders are Vortex and Vertex.

Conscious ⇔ Subconscious

Visualize above you a 12-foot-tall letter V that symbolizes the redescent and re-birthing of Vulcan consciousness in and through your mind, soul and body. Initially, the downward-pointing apex of the V is several feet above your astral crown chakra and physical cerebrum. (See image to right.)

The left line or \ of the V represents your mother, feminine, subconscious, receptive and negative (-) polarity. The right line or / of the V symbolizes your father, masculine, conscious, active or positive (+) polarity.

Your subconscious/astral body and your conscious/physical body must be equal and united in order for you to become one with your superconscious, I Am, ascended light body. Thus, both lines of the V are equal in size.

The letter V also portrays redescent, which follows your ascension that is symbolized by an Λ. Spirit lifts you into Vulcan or Temple 12 consciousness, then you redescend, anchor, re-birth and re-express Vulcan energies/vibrations/light in and through your astral and physical bodies.

Down It Comes

Raise up your two arms to form a that welcomes the descent of the huge above you. See and feel the large, glowing, vibrant, light-filled V slowly descending until its apex enters your crown chakra in your astral body above your physical head/skull/cerebrum. Then it continues to descend until the apex enters the top, central portion of your head, which is called its vertex. (See image to right.)

Then the apex slowly descends another six inches or so, until it anchors into your twelve primary centers in your cerebrum that is you central computer. See your crown chakra and both cerebral hemispheres being lit up, energized, and filled with Vulcan fire of light; and imbued with Vulcan, higher dimensional consciousness.

Welcome this, sit with it, affirm it, believe it, and be filled with quickened faith that you are connecting with beloved space visitors from Vulcan; and are re-anchoring and re-birthing Planet 12 consciousness in your crown chakra/cerebrum.

Have renewed faith that you are a Vulcan-Earthling. Amen!