Down by the Riverside

Here’s our song for today, sung not just for ourselves, but also for President Vladimir Putin of Russia. He is at a crossroads: Will he have faith primarily in physical, mortal power or will he have faith in the healing power of love? Will he be yet another Russian thug, or will he have the heart of a Russian Bear, a bearer of good tidings and joy?
To Vladimir we say: Be who you are! Be a loving Papa Bear. Help Ukrainians, do not harm them. You and Russia have dominated them long enough. Now is the time to love and hold them in your heart, to free them to be who they are. Please know without a doubt that what you do unto others will in time be done unto you!
Love and only love will protect you and Russia. Mortal power eventually will destroy you and your beloved country.
Friends, let’s form a circle of love around Vladimir, with our holding hands and singing, “I will study war no more, I will lay down my sword and shield, I will put on my long white robe of peace and love.”
Come, Vladimir, and join us! We love you. We appreciate you. We see and love the Christ in you!

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