Higher and Higher

Hi, my beloved dancing and singing friends,
I awoke several days ago inwardly “hearing” and singing a song I had not heard in well over fifty years. It turned out to be the song, Your Love is Lifting me Higher than I ever have been lifted before.” I could not even remember who sang it back in the 1960s.
Well, I Googled it and found that it first was performed by Jackie Wilson. It’s correct title is Higher and Higher.
So, I’ve been singing it for days now, not to my personal sweetheart, but rather to the feminine angel I call Lady Raphael, who is the associate and counterpart of Lord Raphael, who is the masculine Archangel of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing.
In one recent communion and experience with her, she placed her “wings” under my armpits, and lifted me into higher consciousness in the etheric or Christ realms. In another dream/vision, she placed the tips of her wings, like unto hands, over my heart whereupon I felt tremendous peace an love. Yes indeed, her love is lifting me higher.
But you can sing this song it to anyone, any angel, any ascended master, anyone who is on Earth whose love is lifting you higher. Bless this one who lifts you. Sing it. Feel it. Love is lifting you higher. God’s love is lifting you higher. Jesus, Mary and Gautama the Buddha are lifting you higher. And many others, including Hilarion and Uranian space visitors are lifting you higher. Instead of cursing the darkness of the world, be uplifted into the light of a new day.

And here’s the version by Bruce Springsteen and the All Star Band, plus others like Billy Joel.

Sing. Clap. Dance. Be lifted higher. And higher and higher. And lift the Earth and all on it with you!
DJ Doc K