Hilarion Heals

Happy Ascension Day! Today, May 26, 2022, we commemorate Jesus’ ascension in his light body 40 days after his resurrection. It occurred in front of his Apostles on the Mount of Olives in Bethany near Jerusalem. Up he went in ascended glory, performing the most magnificent demonstration of healing in Earth’s long history. I, when I be healed and lifted up, heal and lift all others into I Am, holy, harmonious, heavenly, cosmic-heart-love consciousness.

Positive Polarity

For the next five days we are going to focus on the conscious, masculine, physical re-anchoring and re-empowerment of the Temple of Uranus on Earth. Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Healing, Integration, Synthesis and Healing will be our primary leader and mentor in this process. (See picture to right of Hilarion in his incarnation as Charles Fillmore, co-founder with his wife Myrtle of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.)

This Uranian Temple is located physically in and around Manaus, the capital city of the huge state of Amazonas in the northwestern section of Brazil. To re-energize this Temple of Uranus there, we first must focus on the re-opening of our own individual Temple of Uranus.

We are to be like Hilarion who heals mind, body and soul. We are to be like male Uranian space visitors who have come to Earth in droves to assist us in this planetary healing that radiates from the Temple of Uranus to all the other 11 planetary Temples or power centers, and to the Sun Temple here at I Am Nation headquarters in northeastern Tennessee.

H for Hilarion & Healing

Visualize a huge, 12-foot-tall, green letter H superimposed over your auric field and physical body. The 2 vertical poles of the H represent ascension and redescent. Via one pole, we rise from the physical plane through the astral planes into the etheric planes. Via the other pole we redescend to Earth. We anchor healing, harmony and heavenly peace and love solidly, fully and deeply into our physical body and into the physical elements of planet Earth. This love implantation transforms the Earth into the Seventh Ray Heart planet of this solar system.

The cross bar of the H links the two poles together, for ascension and redescent are two equal parts of the seventh major step or spiritual initiation. Moreover, it also represents Fifth Ray balance, unification, integration and level-headedness that expresses via our third eye chakra (forehead region) and the thalamus in the center of our head.

In our previous fifteen days, we focused primarily on feminine, soul, astral healing under the guidance of and cooperation with Meta, Lady Raphael (She-Who-Lifts-Us-To-Heaven) and feminine Uranian space visitors. In the H symbology, that work is represented by the vertical pole that is to the left of us, which is our feminine, soul, astral, subconscious side; our negative, passive or receptive polarity.

This current 5 days and during the overall 12-14 days to come, we will focus primarily on our right side that symbolically is masculine, conscious and physical; our positive, active, masculine polarity. In the H, the horizontal crossbar links the two vertical poles or polarities of us together, our subconscious and conscious aspects of mind, such that we then can rise into I Am healing, light-body, superconscious sanctity, our sacred Self. At times, in addition to the crossbar passing through our third eye chakra, it also passes through our heart chakra. For love is the key to healing all disease and dysfunction of our mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical bodies.

One with One Male

Following are some suggestions for how you can serve as an I Am healing channel over the next five days. However, always, first and foremost, follow your own inspirations and guidance each day.

Day 1: May 26th: Link in consciousness with Hilarion. Then, ask him and Father God to show you the one male person on Earth whom today you are to see healed. It could be your physical father (although by now he may be in the astral planes). Perhaps it is a male sibling or cousin. It might be a male friend or business associate. Perhaps it is a male “enemy,” one who tries to dominate or disrespect you, overtly or subtly.

See him several feet in front of you. Imagine a large green letter H superimposed over and around him, which in and of itself is healing. As you do so, take a moment to stamp your own two feet a couple times on the ground, to signal that you are well-grounded and stable, and thereby ready to “walk the walk” and to “dance in the healing light and music of the spheres” with this person.

Be guided as to how you see and experience green healing light flowing through you to this individual. If the person is physically present, place your hands on his head or shoulders. Loving touch heals this individual’s mind, body and soul. (See image to right of the logo for Healing Haven.)

Ask him to take a walk with you in a nearby garden, park or nature preserve. Or, see the two of you dancing together, harmonizing with one another, kicking up your feet and having a grand time. Sing and dance. Rejoice and give thanks.

Perhaps instead, you kick out and cleanse the gunk from this person’s forcefield, which is causing some part of his body to be dis-eased.

Walk it. Kick it. Dance it. Cleanse it. Be it. Be healed by the renewing, reopening and re-grounding  of your conscious mind, by way of your legs and feet. Be a holy healer. Heal this initial male by becoming one in the One with him. Be with him in heavenly, I Am consciousness on Earth, in your individual Temple of Uranus.

Day 2: May 27th: On your 2nd of 5 days, ask to be shown another male, one that may well be a pain in the neck, one whom you let drive you to distraction, who though well-intentioned is still a bully or power-monger at times, one who tries to “help” you by lording it over you.

See him before you. Make sure you are powerfully centered within and protected by your 12-foot green H. Be sure you do not give your power away to this person, but that you see the Christ in him, even as you become aware of his residual, selfish darkness and mortal-soul delusions.

Remember, even longtime light workers have some residue of Cain darkness, of being a bully or power-monger. After all, Cain consciousness has ruled the Earth for the last 26 million years, so everyone now takes on some of this karma and expresses it. We all have contributed in some way to the darkness of this planet. Anyone who thinks he or she is pure and above this soul influence is a fool. And spiritually oriented fools often are the worst kind of fools.

So, do not suffer a fool gladly. Rather stand your ground, hold the healing fort, be the powerful healer that you are. No one has power over you unless you allow it. See the bully blooming into the the Christ Self that he truly is.

On the other hand, this person may be one who has a martyr complex, who likes to suffer, who gets off on this, beating his chest and lamenting what a great sinner he is. And he wants you to take care of him, to acknowledge him, to have pity on him, to do what he is unwilling yet to do. Do not get sucked into this trap. Rather, stand back in your own healing peace.

To such a soul, we say, as Jesus did, “Take up your bed and walk.” Stop whining and wallowing in your self-induced sickness. For God’s sake, get up and dance. Do a jig. Dance the “night away.” Get over it.

But, as you say and do this, do not allow yourself to feel superior to this person, but rather keep your eye single on the spark of God within him. Walk the walk. Go green. Be green. Be a green healer.

5 Dreams of South America

Shift your attention on day 3 to South America, especially its northern half. Before my going there with MariLyn during the South America Mission in November 2011, I dreamt 5 times about visiting various countries and places in this South American continent, where I was with Hilarion, Lord Raphael, higher astral plane Fifth Ray guides, and male Uranian space visitors.

1st Dream: Seven years before traveling throughout South America, on March 23, 2004, Hilarion invited me to present a 12-powers workshop at his church or healing light center high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, near the capital city of Lima and in the area of Machu Picchu atop the mountains. His “church” was part of a large international conference center that was surrounded by green grass and plants, alongside a clear mountain lake. This was reference to the 23rd Psalm: He makes me lie down in the green pastures, beside the still waters, and restores (heals) my soul. About 120 people, mostly from Peru, but some also from all countries in South America and around the world attended this workshop.

2nd Dream: On December 20, 2006, Nada commissioned me to give a seminar about birthing the light body in an Argentinian city near its capitol city of Buenos Aires (“good air”) on the east coast. (This nearby city turned out to be Cordoba, in central Argentina — see map to right.) In the meeting hall when I was there in this dream, El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda stood behind me, supporting and guiding me, and readying themselves to speak in and through me, in conjunction with Hilarion and Meta.

Little did I know then that southern Argentina is the site of one of the Temples or power centers of one of the solar system’s three invisible planets (those that have evolved into a higher dimension and hence are invisible to our physical eyes and space probes). This information was not given to me until fall 2021. We will focus on this Temple or power vortex in a future series of blogs near the end of this year’s Tour the Thirteen Temples project.

3rd Dream: On May 28, 2008, I  hovered in my light body over the middle of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. I looked down on a huge Amerindian meeting hall with a green metal roof. No roads were nearby. The intense green color of the surrounding rainforest was particularly striking.

Invisible but clearly present overhead were multiple angels hovering over this area, who worked with devas. Although no humans were visible on the ground, they too were working behind the scenes, as well as in the higher astral planes, to restore and maintain the harmony of the whole region. Many of these higher astrals were Amerindians, who specialize in working with the devas and the elementals of Earth. In my following morning meditation, Lord Raphael, Archangel of the Fifth Ray, instructed me to radiate healing energies to the entire Amazon Rain Forest.

This was my first, subconscious introduction to the fact that the Temple of Uranus is located in and around Manaus in northwestern Brazil. The color associated with the Fifth Ray Uranian Temple is green. The building with the green tile roof represented the Temple of Uranus, as did the green rainforest. At the time, I had no idea that MariLyn and I would go on the South America Mission, or that when there, MariLyn and I would focus on re-opening the Temple of Uranus. In fact, throughout our whole trip through South America, I had no conscious comprehension that there were two Temples or power vortices in Brazil, one in the northern half of the continent and one in the southern half. Looking back on this dream, it is pretty astounding how Spirit subconsciously was preparing me then for later conscious realizations.

4th Dream: On April 5, 2010, after MariLyn had tentatively decided to take our delayed honeymoon in Costa Rica, Central America, I received confirmation that indeed we were to go there. In the dream, I was with a male spiritual teacher who advised me/us to go there, because Central America serves as a go-between or bridge between North and South America. As I awoke, I recognized and knew that this teacher was Hilarion.

5th Dream: On May 10, 2010, I was beginning a new semester at a college in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I had a roommate who was older than me, who originally was from this huge city of some 23 million people. It is located about 225 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In Portuguese, Brazil’s primary language, Sao Paulo means “St. Paul the Apostle,” who was an incarnation of Hilarion. As Paul he had traveled throughout the eastern section of the Mediterranean Sea, and he had established what came to be called Christian churches or what today we designate as light centers. In similar fashion, MariLyn and I during the South America Mission traveled (walked) throughout this continent, linking with light workers there and working to re-establish the Temple of Uranus in north central South America and the Temple of one of the invisible planets in and around Cordoba, Argentina. In my above dream, Hilarion was my roommate in our room that had green walls.

During MariLyn’s and my travels, we visited Brasilia, Brazil’s modern capital. In one of my early morning meditations there in our hotel room, two space brothers appeared right before me in my psychic vision. I was totally startled by their appearance. In particular, they had craggy faces with odd looking noses, ears, eyes and such. I had no idea at the time who they were or from what planet they had come. Only years later did it dawn on me that they were Uranians!

Brazilian Political Leaders

Day 3: May 28th: On this, the 3rd day of our healing projections to Brazil, focus on one or more of its political leaders. The current president of Brazil is Jair Bolsonaro who originally took office in January 2019. Click Bolsonaro for a Wikipedia article about him. See a photo of him below and to the right.

He formerly was in Brazil’s military, is deeply conservative in his political philosophy, and is disliked especially by Brazil’s Amerindians and ecologists because he advocates the further opening of the Amazon Rainforest to miners, oil companies, loggers and farmers. Already, over the last many years, huge areas of the Rainforest have been cleared and destroyed.

Visualize a huge letter H superimposed over him to inspire him to bring forth healing, balance and harmony in Brazil, especially in its Amazon Rain Forest.

You also may want to concentrate your healing energies on the governor of the State of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, who took office on January 1, 2019. Click governor for a short Wikipedia article about him. See his photo below and to the right.

See a large green letter H over and around him, lifting him into Temple of Uranus consciousness. See him initiating those projects that will birth greater unity, integration and healing in Amazonas.

See him being bathed in the green light that is being radiated to him by Fifth Ray angels led by Archangel Lord Raphael, by Hilarion and his associates, and by male Uranians from their large number of spacecrafts positioned over the area in and around Manaus, the capital of Amazonas. Be ye healed, Wilson Lima. Be ye healed in mind, body and soul.

See all who are in the government of Amazonas and the rest of Brazil being lifted into greater Fifth Ray, green, Uranus consciousness. As you see it, so shall it be.

Assist Brazilian Amerindians

Day 4: May 29th: Concentrate your prayers today on Amerindians in the state of Amazonas and its surrounding states wherein the Amazon Rainforest is located. Link with those Amerindians incarnated on Earth as well as those in the higher astral planes. 

Unite also with the devas and elementals in this vast area, which are under the supervision and guidance of Archangel Lord Raphael and his fellow Fifth Ray angels. See the Rainforest being imbued with brilliant green light. This vast forest serves as the “lungs” of the planet, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, as does the African Congo Rainforest. (See image to right of yellow outline of the huge Amazon Rainforest.)

What happens in the Amazon Rainforest affects the whole planet. All parts of the planet, all of its thirteen temples, are interconnected. How man treats Mother Nature worldwide is how he will be treated.

Concentrate especially on the Amerindians in this area. Their specialty, like other Amerindian or Indigenous peoples throughout North, Central and South America, is working with devas and elementals. So, be one with them, love them, support them, see them filled with green healing light. (See image to right of Amerindians in the Amazon Rainforest.)

For additional help, call upon and unite with Sol-O-Man/Mary who as Zolanda was the high priestess of the Atlantean  Earth Temple located on present day central Long Island, NY. There, prior to the fall of Atlantis, she trained the race of men and women who became Amerindians and carried her spiritual teachings and talents to all of the Americas.

In South American myth and legend, it is said that the New Age of brotherhood and sisterhood will come via the linking of the eagles mostly of North America and the condors that are primarily of South America. (See image to right of this linkage that now is in progress.)

North, Central and South America are to become one, unified whole. This unification is under the guidance and green radiation of the Temple of Uranus. We all are Indians at heart when we love and honor the Great Spirit, as proclaimed by Black Cloud in the higher astral planes via Nada-Yolanda. So be it.

Day 5: May 30th: On July 12, 2011, I dreamt that Lord Michael showed me an image of a pentagon that had lines drawn from each apex to the pentagon’s center that was elevated. Viewed from the side, the whole structure looked like the top of an umbrella. Michael called this an etheric canopy of light.

During the upcoming South America Mission, MariLyn and I would envision such a pentagonal canopy over five major sites: Lima, Peru; Manaus, Brazil; Brasilia, the capital of Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: and Cordoba, Argentina. At the end of the Mission, the five canopies would be united and form one canopy over all of South America.

Updating and applying this visualization technique today, May 30th, envision a green, pentagonal, umbrella-like etheric canopy or Fifth Ray thought shield over the northern half of South America, with its center at Manaus, Brazil. This canopy covers Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana and Brazil.

See Lord Raphael with Hilarion coming down the center of the canopy, like down the handle of an umbrella, and pinning the green canopy on Earth. The Temple of Uranus thereby is birthed anew on the physical level. Each person under it is uplifted consciously into a higher awareness of Fifth Ray Unity, Integration, Synthesis and Healing.

As we see this and hold our eye steady on it, so does this occur. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit who are working in and through us to re-birth, re-empower and re-energize the Temple of Uranus on Earth!