I’m Moving On

This last year in our Touring of the Twelve Temples, in our climb up the mountain to solar system citizenship, in our becoming one with the Sun and the Son/Daughter within and without, I carefully, diligently and repeatedly reviewed my past personal relationships and their present conditions.

Some such former loved ones, friends, coworkers and family members had come upward with me, some had hesitated, some had stopped communicating with me, but thankfully some had become even better friends and loved ones to and with me. It only takes one to make two. Then two can make four, and so on.

We now are two days past Christmas, the birth of the Christ within and without. Now we go back one step and say to those who decided for whatever reason to not move forward with us in another two steps: That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On.

This is the title of the song, as performed by the incomparable Sam Cooke, he of the velvety, smooth, sultry, soulful voice. I love his singing and music. He sings it more on a personal, romantic level, but it just takes a little upward translation to see how it fits on all levels of consciousness. Yes, I’m moving on. Click SWEETERTHANHONEY to hear it.

We say yes to those who say yes, we say no those who say no. We put in a year of seeing the Christ in all others. They had lots of time to change, as we have changed. But they apparently burped, said it was too much; complained that we were the problem and they wanted nothing more to do with us. Well yes, I have my problems but I was intent on working them through with you. What more could you ask of anyone?

So, with the dawning new year, that’s it, I quit, I’m moving onward and upward, and already I am connecting with new and old folks in a new and more loving way, from my renewed, reborn, sweet, loving, solar shining heart. In the end, love always wins, as long as we keep loving. If we keep loving and forgiving, then we attract to us others of like Sweet Hearts. And where two or more are gathered, there is Sweet, Sweet Love!

Enough selfishness, time for more Sweetness. Amen. Awomen. All of us.

I love the line in the song by Grandpa Elliot in his song/rendition: Your kisses are so sweet, that if they were lemons they would turn the ocean into lemonade!

Can I get a Hallelujah to that!? Your kisses are sweeter than wine!

DJ Doc Sweet

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    1. Hi Laura, When I first listened to this song, I thought that a lot of people must be feeling the same way that I am. So I decided to post it. Your reply is my confirmation. Hallelujah. Thank you. Love ya, Robert

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