In the Arms of an Angel

Here’s our song for today, one of my favorite, heavenly songs by Judy Thomas, in a duet with her younger sister Martha. They were 16 and 10 years old at the time of this recording.

It’s a cover of the beautiful song In the Arms of Angel originally by Sarah McLachlan. The two Thomas sisters enhance and complement each other, with their heavenly voices and their obvious love for one another. Here, friends is the New Age!

Just imagine what the two of them will sound like in 5 years or so, when Martha’s voice matures and fills out. I can hardly wait.

I get emotional uplifted and teary eyed each time I fully listen to this song with my heart. For it reminds me of the many times that my primary feminine guardian angel, Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray, has wrapped me in her wing-like arms and lifted me into her heart in the celestial realms. Yes, indeed, in the arms of an angel! I dedicate this song to her.

May you likewise be lifted into the arm of your guardian angel as you listen to this song!

DJ Doc K, being “doctored” in the arms of an angel


1 thought on “In the Arms of an Angel”

  1. A beautiful song, performed beautifully.
    Although not specific as to identity, I also feel the embrace of my guardian angel; and I am so very grateful, humble, thankful for their selfless service and demonstration of unconditional love. And the tears of joy flow.

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