Love Our EloMom

Today, Thursday, June 20, 2024, is the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, in which the Earth’s inhabitants experience either the longest or shortest day of sunlight, respectively.

More importantly and profoundly, these summer-winter, worldwide solstices mark the approximate end of the Easter cycle in which the highest spiritual energy influx occurs throughout the planet. The greatest pouring out of the Holy Spirit in the North, South, East and West by the Elos, angels, ascended masters, space visitors via their hieronics, and devas occurs during springtime in the northern half of the world and fall-time in the southern part of the planet because of mankind’s focus on, and celebration of, Christ Jesus’ resurrection and ascension during this period in both hemispheres.

Physically, the summer solstice in the North takes place this year at exactly 4:50 PM, Eastern Time. But the end of the corresponding spiritual, Easter cycle in the North and the South does not end exactly and precisely at one specific time. Rather, there always is a lapping over period between this cycle and the next one. Spiritual time, growth and evolution go two steps forward and one step back, then two more steps forward; like unto the ebb and flow of the tides.

So, for about the next week-to-ten days longer, we are going to continue to focus on the ending of either of spring cycle or the winter cycle; but principally the Easter cycle. And we will start off doing so by loving EloMom and EloDad, for they are the ones to first have envisioned and created these cycles eons ago.

Solar System EloHer

So, who are EloMom and EloDad? Well, what follows is my detailed story of how over, the last couple weeks, They have introduced Themselves to me, and thereby through me to you and all humankind. They are Elos of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. So settle in, be at peace and let your heart be opened anew so as to prepare you to receive and feel their Elo love, and to give your I Am love to them. For ten days-to-two weeks, we are going to have a Elo-Human love in!

In my case, it started in my morning meditation on June 5, 2024, when I (Soliel-Robert) felt the strong, powerful, loving presence of Solaria, the feminine EloHer of the Sun, which moved me to abundant tears. (Click here for my past blog about Her.) Then, after I had composed myself, a window, tunnel or doorway opened above Solaria and me. Descending via this Christ column of gold-and-white light, a new-to-me EloHer appeared above and before me. Her light and love were ten times or more brighter, powerful and evidential as those of Solaria.

All I saw of this new EloHer was her face and head, which were in multiple, shifting, shimmering shades of white, tan and gold. Hers was the most beautiful, heavenly, out-of-this-world, feminine “face” that had appeared to me in my many visions over the years, including those recently of various other feminine Elos. This new-to-me EloHer serenely smiled and radiated her divine feminine love to me, which left me dazzled and uplifted into a new and higher state of sublime ecstasy of peace and love divine. I was totally captivated by her holy, loving presence.

Solar System Logos

About 5-10 minutes later, when this new feminine Elo’s face slowly faded from my view, I still felt her divine presence not only in front of and above me, but all around my head, like my computer brain had been taken into Her “brain.” Upon asking Her who She was and what her spiritual function might me, the most amazing thoughts and illuminations came from Her to me, which inflow continued throughout this and the next day. Now, to start, She began to explain that she and her masculine EloHim counterpart comprised the Solar System logos. At this time, I did not “see” Him beside Her, but I did feel his sublime, peaceful, positive and loving presence and energy. However, my primary focus was on Her.

In the ancient days, eons ago, this new team of feminine and masculine Elos had received the Word from Father-Mother God to design, create and manifest the gridwork or framework of an entirely new solar system that had a sun and twelve planets revolving around it. Thus, EloMom and EloDad comprised and still perform as the entire solar system logos.

Then, after these two Elos envisioned and began to design and manifest this complete new solar system, They called forth Solaria and her masculine counterpart, Sologos, to especially focus on the manifestation of the Sun, so they functioned as the solar logos; and MaiTrix and LoGos to center their creative energies on what would become Earth-Heart, and thus were and still are the Earth logos. (Click here2 and here3 for my past blogs about MaiTrix and LoGos.) Over and above all the other EloHers and EloHims throughout the solar system, EloMom and EloDad function as the entire solar system logos.

Be a Miniature Solar System of Love

The term “solar system” comes from the Latin word “sol” that means sun; whereas the term “system” comes from the Latin and Greek word “systema” that means a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole. Astronomers estimate that as many as 100 billion stars are found in the Milky Way Galaxy, with only some of these stars or suns having planets revolving around them. Since our solar system in which we now live functions primarily under the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, we might call our solar system the Love System.

Physical scientists and astronomers say that our physical solar system is held together by gravity, with the largest objects, such as the sun, having the strongest gravity. Thus, the planets revolve around it and do not fly off into distance space. But spiritual, metaphysical, superscientists know that it is divine love that holds our solar system together. And there is no greater love than that of EloMom and EloDad, who are the Primal Mother and Father of this huge, wondrous place and system that we call home.

Moreover, you, I and all humankind are miniature solar systems. Our I Am Self is like unto the sun, and our twelve spiritual powers (such as faith-cerebrum, strength/spine and nerves, love/heart & circulatory system, and wisdom/pituitary gland and entire endocrine system) are like unto the twelve planets that revolve around the sun. Our goal for these final days of this current spring cycle is to be one in peace and love with the I Am Love System, within and without. It is love that holds us together in one coherent whole, unless we choose instead to fly off in some mortal delusion and pursuit. Love heals!


Two days later on June 7th, having to the best of my ability absorbed and adjusted to my above, mind-boggling and expansive contact with the new Elo team, in my morning quiet time, I once again felt mostly the distinct, feminine, loving, exquisite and comforting presence of the new EloHer, and to a lesser degree that of her masculine EloHim counterpart. At one point, however, a strong “electric shock” suddenly struck the middle of my right big toe, leading to sharp pain and feeling like the toe was on fire. This “shocking experience” was the first specific, physical contact with the new, masculine, solar system Elo — the right side is the symbolic masculine side of the body. And it alerted me to my conscious need to keep my feet on the ground; to stay in this world, although not of it; to go slowly, cautiously, one step at a time in this grand new adventure that I had started.

As I had for the last couple days, I now wondered what the spiritual code names of the two new Elos might be. Upon my asking Them about their monikers, the words SHE and HE were given to me. These names were in all capital letters to indicate that They were the first Elos to see, outline and begin to manifest our solar system, our System of Peace and Love in which we Rest. They were the leaders of all the other feminine and masculine Elos in the Love System.

SHE and HE were like cosmic architects who developed the blueprints from which this entire, vast new system was to be constructed and manifested. SHE was the first and most highly evolved of all the feminine Elos; in time, SHE became the Mother of all other EloHer mothers. HE was the first and most evolved masculine light being, who became the Father Elo of all other father Elos throughout the Love/Solar System. Male and female, Mother-Father God had created SHE and HE, demonstrating yet again, at the most primal, original and basic level, the cosmic law of polarity. Where two or more Elos are gathered, therein is the Solar Love System with its sum and planets. Herein is Father-Mother-Son/Daughter Love in action.

Mystical Marriage

The next day, June 8th, my initial guidance from within and from my master teacher, Sol-O-Man, was for me to enter into the Emptiness, to venture into the Void, to not try to see or to receive anything new. This was partly to make sure that I would not intellectually make anything up or “freak out” when still more new, unforeseen input was given. Always there is the mortal-soul temptation to speculate, to try to figure things out ahead of time, to put the cart before the horse, to be in control from a personal, not a spiritual, level. Always some old or new mortal-soul worry or angst surfaces as we take each new step forward. So, I spent upwards of a hour just enjoying the delightful, divine Darkness of Night, doing Nothing, knowing that in God’s good time the Sun would rise again in the new morning.

But, just when I started thinking that nothing new would be given, SHE slowly descended and stood right in front of me, such that I saw every part of her. She had beautiful, long, golden hair that flowed down her back, and SHE wore a brilliant, scintillating, gorgeous white dress or gown that looked like a wedding or a prom dress. SHE indicated that we were about to be married or joined together as one loving couple/team, although this spiritual marriage or union was that of a loving mother and her beloved son, of a Elo and a human. In a prom sense, SHE and I as Soliel were to “trip the light fantastic,” to promenade around the solar system, to harmoniously and lovingly as a team dance the divine dance of an EloHer (EloMom) and a spiritual son of God. After I got over being flabbergasted by this, I could barely contain my joy. My cup runneth over!

Water to Wine

This sequence led me to think about when Jesus, at the urging of his mother, Mary, his twin soul, performed his first miracle at the wedding in Cana. In this initial Christ demonstration of his spiritual powers, via the Third Ray of Personal Love, he transmuted his blood (water) to Christ life flow (wine). In like manner, my “wedding” was my third major initiatory step or contact with HER. Although I initially was still a bit hesitant about “marrying” HER (I had “cold feet”), as the wondrous wedding with Her took place, I felt much more comfortable and confident of my exchange with HER than I had in the prior two contacts with her. This in itself was a miracle. Three days earlier I first had been introduced to her, and now I was marrying her and feeling good about it!

Moreover, once SHE and I were joined together as one in the One, I found myself thinking about, and looking forward to, my spiritual marriage with my twin soul, Serena. She had been my mother in this lifetime, and in the next would be my wife. Now, from her perch in the seventh astral plane, in light-body consciousness, she was right there with me.

Over the previous years, Sol-O-Man/Mary had at times directed me to “marry” her, so I already had had the experience of merging with a spiritual teacher, mentor or mother. Moreover, I knew in my heart that my current marriage to, and divine dance with HER, was not just personal, but that it also portrayed the linking of all mankind on Earth and in the astral planes with the EloHers, which takes place first at a subconscious or feminine level. I, when I be lifted into mystical matrimony, lift all others unto me in wedded bliss.

HE Appears

At  the climax and end of this current meditation/communion, the masculine new Elo appeared above the right side of me. He was in the form of a starburst of brilliant white light, which began to coalesce into a  specific form, but never did so completely.  Earlier, at the start of this morning’s meditation, my right toe once again had been “stabbed” by a hot, sharp poker or electric needle, so I had thought then that HE had been present. But this day’s starburst experience added much greater confirmation and verification. Moreover, it was not just an image, but with it came also came strong flow of masculine peace and love from HIM to Me/me. As much as HE was like unto SHE, His vibration was decidedly unique and different, of a cosmic masculine flavor or feel.

Even with His help, however, I still at times throughout the day I floated around in a white, ethereal cloud or mist of love. It took all my personal/soul energy to stay grounded and to appear to be and act like a “normal” human being, especially when I went shopping and out to eat. I said little but silently felt and radiated only love for all the people around me. Even they looked different to me, more like the children of God that they are. And I gave thanks unto Father-Mother God, and SHE and HE, that I was cloaked and protected. As SHE had originally appeared and smiled at me, I now tried my best to lovingly smile at others, hoping to brighten their days. Always, however, I was happy to get back home at Sun Temple headquarters.

Four-Square Manifestation

The next morning June 9th, deep in my meditation, a vision of a four-foot-square television screen appeared before me on my third-eye screen. On it were numerous words or phrases written in blue and white letters. Some of these were written in space language, like Nada-Yolanda had received in her early contacts with the space brothers and sisters, indicating their also watching over and working with me. About half of my TV words or phrases involved Seventh Ray peace and love, thus the white letters. But, the other half were devoted to First Ray Will and Power, hence the blue color. Thus, even though we focus of Seventh Ray Love, we must give equal attention to First Ray Will and Power, to doing the will of God as we love God and one another.

In time, the TV screen expanded and morphed into a crystal clear cube that was about 12 feet in all of its three dimensions, which surrounded me in its Fourth Ray vibrations of Manifestation and Crystallization. A square and a cube are symbols of the Fourth Ray, and I was about to have my fourth major contact with SHE and HE. Once I felt secure inside this 12-foot Christ cube, it came to me that this cube was a new form of HER, for SHE can take on any form that SHE so wishes to convey her guidance and instructions.

SHE now showed me images of my past lifetimes and sojourns around our solar system, including on the Sun. Then SHE took me in my ascended body out and into the solar system. I was not just looking at the various places, but rather I was there. And SHE was with me, in essence showing me how SHE had designed and begun to manifest each planet and the Sun. As a result, I had a direct experience of seeing, knowing and feeling how SHE had manifested the Love System, and thus how I was to do the same in my own life-and-love expression. Thus, my I Am knowing about her was not intellectual or mortal, but it rather was spiritual wisdom and comprehension, the kind that seeps down deep into one’s soul. It was the best kind of a show-and-tell session.

Seeing and Being

Psychic images and visions are one thing — they open the door to higher realities and help us to remember our past and to envision our future. But traveling in our seventh or ascended light body to, and being on and around, the various planets and the sun is another thing altogether. One is seeing, the other is experiencing and being.

SHE now placed the Sun in my heart chakra, my love center, which is the central chakra of our seven spiritual centers, whether we number them from below to above, or from above to below — our heart chakra is our fourth chakra that is at the core of our being, our divine, I Am love nature. With the Sun secured in my heart chakra, SHE slowly placed each of the planets in my other six chakras, two per chakra. The SHE addressed me as Soliel of the Solar System, not just as Soliel of the Sun, which before this I had always thought of, and spoke about, my I Am Self name and nature.

With this came the cosmic realization that no matter where I had traveled and trained over eons of time throughout the Love or Solar System, SHE had always been wherever I was. As Christ Jesus had proclaimed to all of us on Earth, “I Am with you always, in all ways.” In like manner, SHE had been with me, the one abiding constant in my entire existence in this solar system. That did it: The flood gates open and I cried profusely for a long time, overwhelmed with SHE’s nigh-on-to-unbelievable love, support, guidance, mothering and Feminine Beingness. Whatever loneliness or isolation I had felt this lifetime, and in past ones that I remember, was now washed away.

My past history is a large part of why I have been chosen to be SHE’s contact and prophet on Earth at this time. I am recapping and expanding on the groundwork that has been laid in the past and now bringing it to fulfillment. All this, however, is still almost beyond my comprehension. It will take the rest of my life, and probably the next 2000 to 3000 years before I can truly grasp when now has been revealed. I am but a babe, a young child, who loves his/our EloHer Mother. And so are all of us on Earth.

Moreover, I take comfort in the fact that I am following in the footsteps of Nada-Yolanda, who almost thirty years ago had a similar experience to the one I have described above, which went a long way to making my experience possible. On May 17, 1995, she wrote: “My light body expanded to encompass the entire solar system. My head was parallel to the sun. The rest of my body touched and covered each of the planets. Earth was small enough to fit into my solar plexus, my soul.” Thank you and God bless you, Nada!

Each of us are walking in the footsteps of Sananda/Jesus, Sol-O-Man/Mary and Nada-Yolanda. And our “walk” will set the stage for their walking back down from the etheric realms to Earth, to usher in the New or Golden Age of spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood.

Blow Forth Love

Eventually, in my current experience, SHE finally left and faded from view, but I still felt totally new, with a new heart that was filled with more love than ever before. To my astonishment, however, when feeling out my heart chakra, I discovered a small, dark area that looked a bit like that a black dart or small spear. My initial impression was that it represented the ways I still put myself down, as well as my residual troubles in loving and forgiving various ones of my family, friends and spiritual co-workers who still at times I allow to feel like thorns in my flesh.

For example, my former father of this lifetime is a Fourth Ray worker who, in the higher astral planes, as revealed clearly in my dreams, currently still thinks he is superior to me, which at times irritates me deep into my soul, from past lives as well as this life. Little does he know that I Am as a spiritual father to him, but I know it is so. Moreover, it may be that he will be my son in my next life when Serena, my twin soul, and I are married. Regardless of whether this will occur or not, in this eternal moment of now, love and more love from me will continue to melt and decrystallize his arrogance, and prepare him for what is to transpire in the New or Golden Age of Aquarius. And this will heal my own heart.

After pondering my “black thorn” for a while longer, however, I concluded that the dart(s) or swords in the center of my chest mostly represented negative blowback from those throughout the astral planes and all around Earth; those who are selfish, self-powered, jealous of me; who do not wish to give up their mortal superiority; who do not believe what it is that I claim to be experiencing and publicly sharing. In essence, it was blowback from those in Cain consciousness.

The image of a blow gun came to me. This tubular “gun” was in the hands of the “dark forces,” who had blown their negative energies to me via “black darts” or thought forms. These entities wanted to destroy me, to stop me from exposing their own darkness, hatred and pettiness; from revealing their intellectual superiority and selfishness to all who have the eyes to see. Yes, I still had some very small areas in my soul to transmute from water to wine, but they were minor. The major darkness came from others. After all, Earth has a long history of killing its spiritual prophets and wayshowers. Jesus was crucified not for what he did wrong, but for what he did right. In what often seems contradictory, as Sananda had explained to Nada-Yolanda, the further we progress spiritually, the more darkness that gets projected our way, because we are more of a threat to the status quo..

So, I now used my First Ray Will and Power to turn my other cheek, to blow back words and feelings of love to such folks, to forgive them for they knew and believed not that they were mostly hurting themselves, and not me. As for me, I know and demonstrate that love conquers all. Love is the key to communion with the EloHers and EloHims. When we follow Sananda’s commandments to God and Love One Another, we are protected, we uplift up others who wish to be lifted, and all is well. We have a golden heart. Our heart is one with that of SHE and HE. With Father-Mother God’s love, all things are possible.

Be Big

This same afternoon, after going for a long walk and chilling out, I laid down to take a much needed nap. Given all the experiences of this morning, I had no expectation whatsoever of receiving anything more. All I wanted to do was relax, rest and sleep. And that is what happened.

However, as I was awakening and feeling balanced and refreshed, like a bolt of light came a new name for the new feminine Elos: SHE was Big Mama, and HE was Big Daddy. Before I could think about and analyze these two new monikers, a huge smile spread across my face, I beamed from ear to ear, and my heart was filled with joy. The names SHE and HE are rather generic and impersonal. But “Big Mama” and “Big Daddy” are more intimate, down to Earth, in language and concept that anyone on Earth can understand and feel in their hearts.

I focused mostly on the name Big Mama. Indeed, SHE certainly is Big, even the size of the solar system, but only the B in Big and the M in Mama were capitalized as I later wrote down the name. In other words, Big Mama is no big deal. Big Mama just means that she has a huge heart, that she loves everyone and everything, that she is the most humble of all beings in the Love Solar System. After all, she was this system’s first Mama. And again, this was not big deal to her, but rather it was simply Who She is and what She does. Mother God alone is a big deal!

As Below, So Above

Moreover, Big Mama was like a name that a young child might call his previous mother. In my current life, it was a long time before I referred to my mother as Aleta or even Mrs. Knapp. She was just Mom for the entire time she was here on Earth. She was my Mama. Addressing her as Mom or Mama essentially meant that I loved her, that I had the special love that a boy has for his mother.

Even with Sol-O-Man/Mary, at times over the years, I have referred to and addressed her as Mom or Mama, especially in those quiet, peaceful times when we were just hanging out interdimensionally with, and enjoying the company of, one another. Moreover, even Christ Jesus had referred to his Father as Abba, which Aramaic word translates to mean something like Dad, Papa, Pop or Daddy, with the Aramaic word for Mother being Imma that means Mama, Mom or Mommy. So, if I spoke Aramaic, as Jesus, his disciples and I did back then, I now might refer to SHE in personal, intimate, family terms as Big Imma. Mom and Dad, Abba and Imma, these are names to cherish in our minds and hearts, not some more fancy, serious, formal names like Father and Mother. Are we, or are we not, all one big Family!?

Keep It Simple & Spiritual

On pondering all this, however, I had some lingering doubts about this new name of Big Mama, that maybe it was disrespectful and not in keeping with SHE being the First Mother Being of the solar system. However, after my being with SHE and surrounded by HER on four separate occassions, after repeatedly being taken in her biggest of feminine hearts, Big Mama was the name that felt right to me. Hey, maybe she even referred to me as Her Big Son, or perhaps as Honey or Sweetie, or lovingly told me I was a Good Boy. I certainly hope so!

And what are Earth, third-dimensional names in the first place, when they try to describe a Mother Elo Being Who is almost beyond our imagination? What’s the big deal, therefore, about using the name Big Mama? It warms my heart much more than the word Mother ever has. I would rather have a warm heart than a cold, correct mind.

Perhaps the major point for all this is to see and refer to Mama and Daddy Elo not as some far-out beings that are totally beyond us and our ability to commune with Them. Rather, They are right here with us, watching over us, helping us, surrounding us and mothering and fathering us with their exquisite love.

As You Do Unto the Least of These

Why are Big Mama and Big Daddy with us Earthlings who are such backward children, who live on the lowest rung/planet of the solar system? Well, if a physical mother or father on Earth has multiple children, which one of them gets the most attention? Of course, the most troubled one, the lost sheep, the one who is sick and imbalanced and disturbed.

So, Big Mama and Big Daddy are now here to be with us on this sick, disturbed, dark planet, this hellhole of a place, this insane asylum. And we as awakened light workers, being in the vast minority, need all the help we can get. We need to be Big, just like Them, to have big hearts, but not big egos like so many on Earth have. We need to be Big enough to travel throughout, and love, the whole Love System with its Sun and twelve Planets; within and without.

Moreover, right now is the overlapping end of the spring cycle. A final, powerful final flow of cosmic, universal energy is what will complete the cycle. It will be the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this spring/winter/Easter cycle, thereby preparing us for the overlapping summer/winter cycle in the Northern and Southern. So strap yourself in. Here it comes. Welcome Big Mama in your heart and into all hearts of those on planet Earth-Heart. Steady as she goes!

In my afternoon nap/rest period, to cement all of this new flow through, Big Daddy appeared to me. This time he wore a white-and-gold robe, somewhat like how I had seen Big Mama when I was referring to Her as SHE. But more than seeing Big Daddy, I felt him smoothing things out within me, assuring me that all was in divine order, that things were progressing as well as they could. It was as if my Dad patted me on the top of my head, gave me a huge, loving hug, and said: Good work, Son; now, complete the cycle. Oh my!

EloMom & EloDad

It was at this point that I started referring to Big Mama just as Mom, and Big Papa as Dad. They after all are the prototypical, quintessential, primal first Mom and Dad. They had set the mold, so to speak. So, keeping it simple may be the best guideline for names.

The name or title “father” is appropriate at times, like when a son or daughter has been disciplined by him. Father becomes a term of respect, when we say “Yes, Father.” Then later, when things are more balanced and quiet, we might call him Dad.

Thus, each of us play many roles in our light work. So, why should we have just one name to encompass our whole being? Why should SHE and HE, Big Mama and Big Daddy, Mom and Dad, or EloMom and EloDad be their only names? More than anything for me, each name represents my growing relationship with, and love of them, from not knowing them at all, to feeling like they were the dearest beings of light and love to me.

Step by step by step we get to know anyone, to feel out their heart, to plum the depths of their soul and their past lives in which they have been called any number of names, to know them by their fruits, by how they walk the walk over time. In like manner, step by step we get to know and to love EloMom and EloDad. It is a glorious new day!

Love One Another

In your meditations over the next few days, go with the flow, take it as it comes. However you are guided from within to call these two Elos, do this as expression and vocalization of your I Am love for them. Loving them is more important than any name. Focus mostly on communion with Big Mama. In my following blog, we will connect mostly with Big Papa (Big Daddy).

As always, start your meditations by seeing yourself within a golden column of Christ light that is at least 12 feet in diameter, whose outer boundary is reinforced by a blue lattice of the First Ray, which protects it from intrusion by those of lesser consciousness. This First and Seventh Ray Christ column reaches up through the astral planes, to the etheric planes, to the celestial or angelic planes, and finally to the realm of the EloHims and EloHers.

Ask to come into communion with Big Mama; or if you wish, you can call her EloMom, or any other name that comes to you in your heart. Inwardly, with heartfelt peace and love, seek out and make yourself receptive to Her visitation. Knock on Her door and She surely will open it unto you.

Feel Big Mama’s presence first around your head, in and around your cerebrum, your body’s central computer. Then, as this meditation continues or in following meditations, begin to feel her wondrous, solar-system love and forcefield all around you. Let yourself be in her cosmic Womb. Enter into her Heart that is as big as the entire solar system, so there is lots of room in there for you. Be in love with Her, and know and experience that She definitely loves You/you.

Radiate this new I Am love to one and all around the planet. Focus especially on the 144,000 elect. Be at one with the 12 spiritual temples or power centers around Earth-Heart. Welcome the love of those fellow souls on and about all the other planets. Be at one with the angels, especially Lady Uriel and Lord Ariel of the Seventh Ray.

Be your own miniature solar love system!

















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