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Today, Tuesday, May 10th, we begin our approximate four-week focus on the planet Uranus and the Temple of Uranus that is located in and around the city of Manaus in northwestern Brazil in the vast Amazon Rain Forest, whose forcefield extends to the capital city of Brasilia, Brazil; and to the northern half of South America. (See below an enhanced photo of the planet Uranus, as provided by NASA.)

Uranus is the primary Fifth Ray planet in our solar system, which radiates Fifth Ray Unity, Integration, Transfiguration and Healing to all of the other eleven planets and to the sun.

Hilarion is Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray; Lady Master Meta is his twin soul or counterpart. The Archangel of the Fifth Ray is Lord Raphael, whose feminine angelic co-worker is Lady Raphael.

The corresponding color of the Fifth Ray is green.

I Am Nation Conception Day

We start today by focusing on our own Temple of Uranus and our own, individual healing of our mind, soul and body. Then we extend our prayers and projection to the Temple of Uranus in northwestern Brazil, and from there to the whole planet.

No task is more important or needed than healing humanity. Whatever Ray we work on, whatever our unique talents, we are all called upon to heal our sick planetary home and all life on and about it and in the astral planes. Each of us needs healing.

This is a special time of the year to start this Fifth Ray/Uranus healing project, for on May 10, 1974 in Miami, Florida, the Atlantean site of the Sun Temple, Sananda-Jesus via Nada-Yolanda first announced the birth or the implantation of the I Am Nation on Earth.

This spiritual nation consists of all who Love God and Love One Another, who utilize their 12 Christ or I Am powers to uplift the planet from the third into the fourth dimension. Here we are nearly 50 years later, still devotedly focused on birthing the I Am Nation on Earth. In so doing, we are healing humanity.

Green Dodecahedron

In my early morning meditation on May 7th, three days before the official start of our group focus on the Temple of Uranus, I entered the Silence and affirmed that Spirit’s will be done. Like so many times in the past when focusing on the Fifth Ray and the Temple of Uranus, I then envisioned myself within a green dodecahedron, which is one of the five classical Platonic solids (see image to right of a green dodecahedron).

The dodecahedron is composed of 12 pentagons that are five-sided. In Greek, “penta” means five; “dodeca” means twelve; and “hedron” means “face or facets.”

Each of the 12 pentagonal faces in the dodecahedron symbolizes one of our I Am or Christ powers (faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc.) and one of the twelve planets of this solar system (Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.)

The dodecahedron around me was about 12 feet wide, deep and tall, such that it encased and protected my physical body and auric field that is comprised of the mental, emotional and astral bodies. Securely within this green-etheric-Christ thought form, I directed my attention to Hilarion, Meta, Lord Raphael, Lady Raphael and numerous space visitors from Uranus.

My expectation was that Hilarion, whose prior lifetimes include the Greek philosopher Plato (see his five Platonic solids to right), Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore of Unity, would be the first to contact and transfigure me. In the last three years or so, his contact signal has been a stimulation and activation of the center, circular area of my forehead, which is about the size of an American quarter or 50-cent piece.

Meta Appears

Instead, however, I felt stimulation to the left of the center of my forehead in its uppermost part. It took me a while to tune into this and to realize that this was a new contact signal with Meta. Her contact to the left of center represented  the soul, subconscious or mother aspect of my consciousness. Meta was hovering over me, hence the top part of my left forehead region.

Then a brilliant starburst occurred above and before me, lighting up my entire third-eye screen and filling me with its extraordinary cosmic energies. This was Meta appearing to me in her aspect as the feminine co-leader with Hilarion of Uranus. Symbolically, as viewed from Earth, Uranus is a “star in the heavens.” Over the last 15 years, Meta has appeared multiple times in different guises  in my dreams and visions, but this is the first time that she showed herself to me primarily in her role as the co-leader of Uranus; like unto Sol-O-Man/Mary being the co-leader with Sananda of Earth. Meta and Sol-O-Man, my master teacher, are spiritual, solar-system sisters.

Mother Meta

So, why was Meta the first to contact me? This is because when the new, higher energies, information, intuitions and images descend from the etheric realms to us, they first must past through the astral planes and into and through our astral body. The astral body is the doorway or window between the etheric and physical planes. The Fifth Ray functions primarily in and through the third-eye chakra in the forehead region, which is where we receive new I Am ideas and images in order to heal our four lower bodies. When our third eye is single, our whole body fills with healing light.

The three higher chakras–crown, throat and heart–represent the superconscious, I Am Self and light body. The three lower chakras–solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers–symbolize the personal, conscious self and the physical body. The third-eye chakra is the primarily site for the functioning of the subconscious and astral body, the doorway between dimensions. Via this third-eye, what we see will be.

Meta represents the mother or feminine aspect of our Fifth Ray talents and functions. She is the mother aspect of this ray, hence at times I call her Mother Meta. To paraphrase the wonderful Beatles song Let It Be, when I find myself in times of trouble (Fourth Ray decrystallization or Sixth Ray cleansing), Mother Meta (of the Fifth Ray of unity, integration and healing) comes to me, whispering words of wisdom, let it be.

In other words, we first are to let go and let God do the healing in and through us. We are to be the beloved, healthy, harmonious, holy spiritual being that we are. Mother Meta assures us that she and her feminine Uranian co-workers are with us and will provide us with the new ideas, images and inspirations to heal our soul sorrows, as well as those of others.

We all need a Fifth Ray healing mother. Mother Meta, come to me and to all light workers!

Meta as Coordinator

On July 6, 1962, Jesus channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “The beloved Lady Master Meta, which is only a code name of certain vibrational frequencies, has been the coordinator or influencing factor for all light centers throughout the Earth plane during the last twenty-five hundred years. Her influence stemmed during the period of the Essenes, where I myself had studied for many, many years in the lifetime as Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Lady Master” is primarily a title, which connotes that she is of the feminine polarity, whereas Hilarion, her twin soul, is of the masculine polarity. Most of the time, I therefore refer to her simply as Meta.

The letter “M” means Divine Mother, as well as Feminine Master; “M” also connotes her unity with and devotion to Lords Michael and Maitreya, co-titular heads of the Hierarchy. “E” refers to the Elder Race and Elder or I Am consciousness. “T” stands for the Temple of Uranus. “A” represents Abel or I Aconsciousness.

“Meta” also stands for “metaphysical” which means above and beyond the physical, which is the realm of spiritual I Am mind power. Charles Fillmore and his wife Myrtle, who co-founded the Unity Church of Practical Christianity, were master metaphysicians who were devoted to Sananda-Christ Jesus.

When Mark-Age, Inc. first established its international headquarters in Miami, FL, it was called Mark-Age Metacenter, Inc. In other words, it was a metaphysical teaching and demonstrating center; plus it was watched over, inspired and protected as a light center by Meta. On October 10, 1975, with the adoption of a new constitution, Mark-Age MetaCenter, Inc. became Mark-Age, Inc.

Be a Light Center

Each of us is a Light Center. Under Fifth Ray principles, we unify our subconscious (feminine) with our conscious (masculine), then this double unit is married or aligned with our superconscious or I Am Self and light body. So, we affirm and know without a doubt: I Am a Center of Light.

Ideally, however, one or more persons joins us to form our expanded Center of Light: Where two or more are gathered, there I Am; so says Christ Jesus who represents the I Am or Christ Self within each of us.

Uranian Dodecahedron

When I felt solidly connected with Meta on May 7th, I mentally conveyed to her that I wished to be of service to her and to follow any spiritual guidance or healing energy that she now had to offer. In my clairvoyant vision, she appeared above and before me, holding in her outstretched hands a brilliant green dodecahedron that was about 12-15 inches wide, deep and tall.

She then placed this green sphere in my entire chest cavity, such that it covered both of my lungs (First Ray will) and my heart, liver and spleen (Seventh Ray love). The dodecahedron extended upward to the base of my throat and downward to slightly below my diaphragm.

My chest pulsated with its green, etheric healing energy. It was more or less the color of a green emerald, hence a middle green hue. (The green dodecahedron to the right is lighter green than the one I saw within me.) It took me 15-20 minutes until I could firmly hold this dodecahedron in my chest. Its outer boundaries include the emanations or vibrations of my soul-astral body, which extend an inch of two from the physical body.

Soul Healing

Primarily, this implanted dodecahedron was to assist me in the ongoing healing of my soul, going back eons of time, even to the days of Cains and Abels, when I had been a Cain. My heart is still in Afib due to past mistakes then, indicating that this soul work is not yet complete, although much progress has been made in doing so. Meta, being feminine and hence of the soul/subconscious level, is directing the current ongoing steps in healing my soul, and in healing the soul of man.

Not only am I to focus on my heart-love aspect but also on my lung-will quality. I Am to always make the choice (will) to love and to forgive, for forgiveness is the key to all healing. In prior years of this life, and in past lives, my will has not always been sufficient to do all the right things that I have come to do. I have allowed others at times to impose their will upon me. I have been tempted to focus on and to desire to be loved by others, instead of firmly, consistently choosing to love and forgive them; to speak the truth as I see it. Now I begin anew, with Meta’s help to be my true I Am Self, Soliel of the Sun, to unify and integrate my I Am powers of will and love. Therein is my ongoing healing, as it is for everyone on the spiritual path.

Hours later, after awakening from a late morning nap, like a flash of lightning, I clairsentiently knew that the green dodecahedron in my chest also contained and represented all of my training with Meta during my many sojourns on Uranus. What I had learned and demonstrated there now would be anchored in and through me on Earth.

Dodecahedron Daily Expansion

Over the next three days, my chest dodecahedron expanded by one foot each day. Thus, on May 8th, it grew by six inches in all directions, to make it a total of 2 feet in size. With this came a heightened influx of energy that was difficult to hold, which both uplifted me but also exposed additional negative feelings in my love-heart and will-lungs aspects. On May 9th, it expanded another foot, so that it was 3 feet in all directions. Again, the 5th Ray energies that came with it and filled me to what felt like overflowing presented me with additional challenges, such as wanting at times to mentally-emotionally hurt others who have hurt me, rather than to forgive them. Despite all the work that I have done over the years, I still had not fully followed Jesus’ guidance to forgive not just 7 times but 7 times 70 or 490 times.

Finally, this morning in my meditation on May 10th, Meta contacted me again and expanded my heart-and-lung-centered dodecahedron such that it was 4 feet in size. She shared that it will continue to expand about one foot per day until about Pentecost, June 5th. By then the dodecahedron will be about 28-30 feet in size.

Via this crystallized green dodecahedron, I will be able to radiate healing everywhere around the world, including to all the other 11 planetary spiritual temples or power centers. However, most importantly, the projections will start with radiating healing, unity and integration to the Temple of Uranus that is located in northwestern Brazil, South America. They will continue to facilitate its rebirth, re-energization and re-empowerment, until it is fully opened for this current cycle.

New I Am Images

In your meditations in the next 4-5 days, enter into the Emptiness, wherein your mind is still, you wish to do God’s will, and your heart is loving and at peace, filled with forgiveness. Then, see yourself within a 12-foot green dodecahedron that is comprised of 12 pentagons. It surrounds and protects you. It aligns you with Meta, Hilarion, Lord and Lady Raphael, and space sisters from Uranus.

In particular, focus on Meta. Welcome her and thank her for watching over and guiding you, for being your beloved healing Mother. Ask her to show you your next step in your soul healing. Ask and you shall receive. She and her feminine Fifth Ray associates are standing by, waiting for you to open yourself to them, so that they can help you in your healing.

Perhaps you now receive a new I Am idea or image, an inflow of glowing green light, a harmonization of your four lower bodies with your light body, or a space beam that accelerates your third-eye/forehead and temple regions. Maybe you receive nothing in your meditation but new ideas and insights flow into you during the day, like when you are taking a walk in a nearby park, when you are out in Mother Nature that in the Northern Hemisphere is now richly green in spring. (See image above of one the green hills around the border of our I Am Nation property in Pioneer, TN. Look carefully at the right, lower corner of the image and you can see the green metal roof and structure of Hilarion House.)

Call upon Meta to lower a green, 1-foot-wide dodecahedron in your chest. Feel this happening. Focus on anchoring it securely within you. Adjust to the higher Fifth Ray energy that now flows into and through your love-heart and will-lungs. Be healed to a new level of harmony and wholeness. At the same time, deal decisively with any negative soul feelings and attitudes that surface within you.

Time and again, affirm: I Am a Temple of Uranus. Then be the Temple of Uranus that you are. Your light center becomes a Fifth Ray Temple of Unity, Integration and Healing. You are healed by the renewing of your mind, heart and soul.

Temple of Uranus

Later in this meditation or in quiet times in the days to come, shift your focus to the Temple of Uranus that is located in northwestern Brazil, in and around the city of Manaus, population 2.3 million. This urban site is the capital of the Amazonas state in Brazil. It is located on the Rio Negro (Black River) about 12 miles above its confluence with the Amazon River. It is the chief commercial center of the huge Amazon basin.

Note, too, that Manaus is centrally located in the northern half of South America, being about equidistant from its Pacific and Atlantic coasts. (See map above-right.)

The name “Manaus” comes from the native people called Manaos, which means Mother of the Gods. And who is the mother of the healing gods and goddesses in this area? Of course, it is Meta. Hence “M” in Meta also stands for “M” in Manaus!

Emerald Green Dodecahedron Crystal

Visualize a 5-mile wide, deep and tall green dodecahedron descending from heaven and anchoring around Manaus. 5 is for Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing. The bottom pentagon of the dodecahedron rests flat on the ground and anchors into the elements that comprise the earth in this region. See the city of Manaus and its surroundings lit up with brilliant green light that radiates out in all directions — above, below and to all sides. The dodecahedron is like a huge emerald crystal.

Become one with this emerald-green dodecahedron, as it becomes one with you. This begins the rebirth, renewal and re-empowerment of the Temple of Uranus on Earth. See it via your third-eye imagination faculty, feel it in your heart, breathe it into being with your lungs. See it, believe it, it is.

Give thanks to Meta and all the Fifth Ray higher astral plane guides, ascended masters, angelic guardians, and space sisters and brothers who have inaugurated and are directing this planetary project. For the green dodecahedron radiates its Uranian healing energies to all the other planetary temples, and through them to all on Earth.

Metaphysical, spiritual healing now manifests in Manaus, around the world and in the surrounding astral planes. Be ye healed men and women of Earth by the renewing of your will and love. Choose to Love God and Love One Another. Forgive and be forgiven.

Heal humanity!



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  1. This morning while reading the section “Mother Meta”, I felt/imaged a female presence above and behind me. She reached down and gently touched the top of my head, in a way that felt like reassurance. I had a feeling of great love and gratitude.

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