Merci Mercury

Welcome to Earth, Mercurians! Thank you for coming here to help us heal the Earth/Heart and to prepare the way for the return of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/ Mary. Thank you for adding your incomparable Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom, for helping us to re-energize the Second Ray Temple of Mercury in Nepal and Northeastern India. (Picture to right is of Mercury — note its yellow aura/glow.)

God bless you, Archangel Hophiel (Jophiel) of the Second Ray. Your guardian guidance and protection are essential for our solar-system-citizen rebirth and the rejuvenation of the Temple of Mercury. We feel your yellow, wise “wings” around us, imbuing us in wondrous wisdom, in enlightened compassion for all life on Earth. Yellow is the color that carries the vibrations of the Second Ray.

Our beloved, Kut Humi, Chohan or Director of the Second Ray, how can we ever thank you enough for your amazing series of lifetimes in service to Sananda? They include: Lao-Tze (China), Babaji (etheric, light-body projection in India — see picture to right), Aristotle (Greece), John the Beloved (Israel), St. Francis and Leonardo da Vinci (Italy), and Shakespeare (England). Truly, you have lighted, and are lighting, the Way of wisdom for us!

Hello Ella

And how about your twin soul, Ella? She, too, is so wise, understanding, enlightened and enlightening. Her feminine wisdom, her tree of life (see picture to right/below), her Mother “knowing” strengthens our spine and keeps us steadily going forward and upward.

On January 23, 2012, ten years ago, Ella first showed herself to me in a dream in which she emerged from her living quarters inside a huge tree trunk in a forest of other very tall trees, like but even larger than sequoias. (These other, still tall but somewhat shorter, trees symbolized her feminine, Second Ray co-workers.)

She looked like a loving and wise grandma. With a big smile on her face, she walked up to me and said, Hi, I’m Ella; welcome to my home! Well, hello, I replied in stunned but happy amazement to this seeming ordinary but truly extraordinary lady.

With Ella’s nurturing, uplifting guidance, we rise up our spine (our tree trunk), out of the top of our head (the top of the tree that gives forth 12 fruits or powers –see Revelation 22:2-3), and into our light body and cosmic, I Am awareness. Then our light body showers down and around us, and redescends via the same spinal column to bring us down to, and to rebirth heaven on, Earth.

Here’s a big hug to you, Mother-Big Sister Ella. What a tree of life you are, just like that of Kut Humi, your twin soul. You two are our wise Elders!

Nuwa and Fu Xi

A year previously, Ella first had shown herself to me in my vision as Nuwa of China, who symbolizes the original mythological Mother of all human life there (like unto Eve in Judaic-Christian teachings); along with her male partner (like unto Adam), Fu Xi. (I had awakened that morning singing Donovan’s song, “Yellow is the color of my true love’s hair, in the morning, when we rise.”)

In the picture to right, Nuwa and Fu Xi emerge from out of the one primordial soup like two serpents, hence kundalini rising or dual serpent power (ida/feminine and pingala/masculine); they rise up and around the “spine” of life (sushumna), and then manifest in human bodies, with Nuwa as the Mother Goddess being to the left.

I had a long series of contacts over 3 years with Nuwa, then with Ella, such that I became fully comfortable with them. Ella represents the Western lifetimes (in Greece she is portrayed by Athena) and Nuwa portrays the Eastern incarnations and work of this Second Ray feminine master (in Hindu mythology, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning and music).

(Please do not take the above as absolute truth. Rather, connect with Kut Humi and Ella, and find out for yourself. That is the one and only wise, spiritually scientific, Second Ray way you will know if the above is true, partially true or less than true.)

Antennas Up

In the weeks leading up to the Mission to India that took place March 26-April 13, 2014, I dreamt that two young ladies in their 20’s came to visit me. I never had seen them before. They were so similar in appearance that they looked like they were twins, not identical ones but fraternal ones. They both wore yellow blouses that were unique, not like common Earthly ones. And their hair was yellow or blond.

They looked like ladies from the 1960s who wore their hair in a bouffant style, high above their head (see image to right). We had a very pleasant, but not serious conversation. They were entirely personable and lovable. I felt fully comfortable with, and intrigued, by these lovely, charming ladies.

The more we talked, however, I was struck by their higher vibration and the light that was around their heads and body. More and more, I suspected that they were not of this physical world.

While I was concluding this, their hair wilted and flattened down on top of their heads. Protruding from their scalps were about a dozen, inch-or-two high, other worldly antennae of different sizes and shapes. As I awoke, I realized they were space beings, visitors from another planet. They were two solar system sisters from Mercury!

(By the way, Mercury is named after the Roman God Mercury, who was a messenger and communicator for the other Gods and Goddesses; hence the symbolic twelve antennae atop the two ladies heads. His Greek equivalent is Hermes.)

Two for Second-Ray Mercury

Interpreting the dream, I noted that there were two ladies (two for Mercury), that they looked like twins (the two of them came from the same place), and that they wore yellow blouses and had yellow hair (yellow is the color of the Second Ray). Thus, all these symbols indicated that these visitors were from Mercury that is the primary center of the Second Ray in this solar system. They were ladies because they were appearing to me psychically, via my subconscious, preparing me for conscious understanding and wisdom about male and female Mercurians.

The antennae were symbolic of their ability to stay in communion with the Mercurian spaceship(s) via which they had traveled to Earth. They were capable at first of showing themselves to me as normal human beings, so that I would not “freak out.” Only as I became accustomed to their unique presence did they reveal the etheric glow around them and the tell-tale antennae that indicated their Mercurian nature and identity.

In following dreams and visions, a whole group of Mercurian men appeared to me. Usually, there was about 20 of them, to complement and work together with the 2 ladies who now had become 20 lady Mercurians in my imagery (with 20, of course, indicating Mercury at a higher octave). They were preparing me for their guidance and input when MariLyn and I visited India and the Second Ray Temple of Mercury there. They were to play a key role in re-infusing this Temple with yellow light that would radiate throughout the world to all of the other 12 temples.

Moreover, these two initial ladies (subconscious) symbolized that you and I consciously have the superconscious, I Am ability to discover our “antennae” atop our head, the ability to rise up to and above our crown chakra/cerebrum with its 12 primary power centers, and from there to commune with Mercurians in the etheric realms above us.

Rather than just think of ourselves with a Earthly, animal head of hair (or lack therefore), and being Earth bound in our minds, we have instead a head of I Am antennae that are intuned to all of the other 11 planets throughout this solar system. We even have the ability in our light body to travel to Mercury and then to return back to Earth. So, let’s do it!

2 by 2

Here’s how: Begin by wrapping yourself in a Christ cocoon of light for your spiritual protection. It’s like wearing a space suit such as the astronauts wear.

Not only is your space suit protective and wired, but it is reinforced and encased by Lord Hophiel of the Second Ray (and his fellow Second Ray angelic assistants), who is your angelic guardian for your upcoming trip.

(Picture to left is a symbolic depiction of Lord Hophiel, who looks nothing like this in my visions of him. There simply are no good online images of him. Most of them show him as being rather effeminate, “airy-fairy”, with huge wings. This image to the left is the best one I could find that even begins to symbolically depict his angelic presence. At least, he is clothed in multiple shades of yellow. The tall cross in his left hand represents the spinal column. The wings give a sense of his angelic aura.)

See and feel Hophiel’s “wings” around you. The wings in reality are just part of his aura or forcefield that man has interpreted as wings. Symbolically, wings are what we use to fly like angels above the Earth. Wings thus represent ascension in our light body. Your whole body and aura now are encompassed and suffused with yellow light.

Nothing about feminine Second Ray angels has been given to Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or me. However, with Lord Hophiel may be such female angels. You may feel more so their presence than his. You even may sense both masculine and feminine Second Ray angels who surround and protect you.

(See the end of this blog for Nada-Yolanda’s description of Lord Uriel and my symbolic drawing of it.)

Two Fingers

Lift your right and left arms such that they are straight out from your shoulders. Then the lower part of each arm gets pointed upward. With you right hand, extend upward your index and middle finger. The third and fourth (pinkie) fingers are pressed down on the palm, and the thumb holds them there. Your hand faces forward.

Thus, your right arm and hand form the “mudra” for Kut Humi, who is the Chohan of the Second Ray. The fingers point upward to symbolize that wisdom comes from above, that you are seeking new and higher understanding and wisdom. You do not want just mortal, five-sensual understanding (which is necessary and appropriate at times) but rather you also seek transcendent I Am wisdom. Kut Humi will lead you on your journey to new, higher, purer wisdom.

The left hand does the same with the forefinger and second finger pointing upward, both of them in a vertical position (not forming a V). This mudra or hand position represents Ella. (See picture to right.)

Please note that the name Ella has two, lower-case l’s in it, just like the two fingers of your left hand. Again, at a subconscious level, with Ella leading the way, you are pointing upward to heaven, to the higher realms, to etheric spacecraft from Mercury.

All on Board

Imagine, visualize and feel that your two joined fingers on each hand extend upward, travel through the astral planes (your higher astral plane guides protect you there) and into the lowest of the three etheric or Christ realms of ascended mastery.

The two lines of force “plug in” to the bottom of an etheric, fourth dimensional spacecraft. “Knock on the door” there and Mercurians will open it and welcome you to their traveling home in the sky. Feel their vibration. Intuitively, or via your all-seeing cosmic eye, feel and/or see its predominant yellow radiations and energy. Meet the 40 Mercurians who have welcomed you. Yes, it is like old home week/time!

Maybe your physical body shudders as you do so. (Mine still does even as I write this.) Maybe you feel uncomfortable at first: Could this really be true, are you really aboard a Mercurian spaceship?

Maybe you don’t see or feel anything, but you begin to get a sense that it is indeed possible to travel interdimensionally and meet with your brothers and sisters from Mercury. Are we not all solar system citizens? Is it not time for us to wake up to and become familiar once again to this higher reality? What’s unreal is thinking that we are Earthbound, now and forever.

See & Be

Look around and see what look like huge TV screens on the walls of this ship. They show you scenes of what is happening on Earth, around the Earth, throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. They communicate with Summalt/Peter’s huge mothership #7423 that oversees and works with light workers throughout the Eastern hemisphere. Other screens connect you with Dr. Hannibal’s mother craft #1235 in the Western Hemisphere. Most importantly, they have lines of communication open with Sananda’s city-sized spaceship #10, which serves as the Hierarchal headquarters for Earth.

Talk with the Mercurians. Ask them any question you have. Soak up their knowledge and wisdom. Much of your conversation will be via thought transference. You just intuitively know what they are conveying to you. If you have a question or problem about your present Earth life, seek their guidance and support. After all, they have come all the way Mercury, the second smallest planet (only Pluto is smaller) and the planet that is closest to the sun, in order to help you and all fellow light workers. (Picture to right/above shows relative size of Mercury and Earth.)

Once you are adjusted and fully comfortable, prepare yourself to take a trip to Mercury, while still in your light body. If you tried to go to Mercury in your physical body, you would burn up by day or freeze by night. Rather, you are going to the higher frequencies of the physical plane of Mercury and its surrounding astral planes.

Interplanetary Travel

See yourself going to Mercury. See yourself on Mercury. What you see, will be.

By first envisioning it, you make yourself ready to go when you do actually go. Spirit alone knows and controls the time and way this will happen. Your job and responsibility is to open your mind to this possibility, to see it as happening now.

If you do not actually go there, then you may just remember that you have been there in other lifetimes in the higher planes throughout the solar system. Sananda as Socrates said that all learning is remembering. So, it may not be so much that you are learning something new about Mercury, or even going there, as it is that you remember having been and studied there, and become wiser and knowledgeable. With its Second Ray vibration, you can think of it as having gone to a solar-system college there!

And when it is time, start your journey back to the Mercurian spacecraft, then down a shaft of light to Earth. Bring with you and radiate the yellow light and consciousness of the Second Ray. Light up our planet Earth with your new understanding and wisdom. See the whole Earth bathed and enlightened in yellow light. Write down your experience in your spiritual journal.

Give thanks unto the Mercurians, Kut Humi and Ella, Lord Hophiel, higher astral plane guides; to Spirit Itself, our Father-Mother God. Merci, Mighty Font of Wisdom. Merci!

#    #    #    #    #    #    #

On February 19, 1975, Yolanda was transfigured by Lord Uriel: “Clairvoyantly I received, as clearly as anything of this nature I ever have received, the presence of Lord Uriel, who had been with me, off and on, all during this day. The outline of the form would be as a butterfly. The features were not clear, nor was the form itself detailed enough to describe appendages. The colors were of another dimension but there were light and dark shades: black, brown impressions, to gold and white auric fields.

“As she descended, she completely absorbed my entire being, all levels: physical body, astral and auric fields of radiation, and the etheric, I Am body. Sananda/Jesus was present but in the role of my master teacher, stepping aside for the work of the celestial forces to transmute all elements affecting the development of the light body. I recognized that all in the room would be greatly affected, whether or not they were aware of any of this experience. I was acting as the transformer for the group.” [I. Robert, was one of two people who saw Yolanda’s face being transfigured with light, and felt that it was due to angelic contact.]

After this, I (Robert) made a drawing to give a pictorial representation of what Yolanda saw and experienced. I showed it to her and she said it was as good as one could approximate it (especially given my limited artistic skills).

In the drawing, Yolanda (Y figure) is completely ingested within Uriel. Appendages are not wings per se, but radiations of Uriel’s auric field. This misunderstanding may have colored man’s description of angels for eons.

#   #   #   #   #   #   #

Once you get grounded after your above visualization and connection with Mercury, please radiate yellow light to President Putin. Yesterday, he authorized Russia’s acceptance that two parts of Eastern Ukraine (Luhansk and Donetsk) that are dominated by separatist, ethnic Russians were actual separate states; and he sent troops there, he said, to establish peace. He spoke in anger for an hour; basically threw his temper tantrum, and forgot about all the inner progress he has made to love his neighbors, to do unto them as he would have them do unto him. He clings to his false, limited, selfish conscious ideas and understanding.

That’s what tends to happen when you are in a pillar of fire: All that is hidden is revealed. In the fire, you find out what a person truly thinks and feels. We know them by their fruits, not their words or posturing. Putin has once again revealed himself as the conscious bully he is.

This is nothing but another powerplay by Putin. As I wrote a few days ago, he has changed for the better one-third of his consciousness (thank You, Spirit), but two-thirds of it remains in the darkness of mortal power-mongering.

What is needed now is for us to shine the yellow light of understanding on his mind and soul, to reveal the wisdom to him of his changing his ways and loving and serving all in Ukraine, Russians and Ukrainians alike. So, surround him in yellow light. See the yellow light bulb go on within his mind.

Meeting last night, the Security Council of the United Nations uniformly rejected Putin’s ideas and plans, his attempt to rewrite the past history and to say that Ukraine was actually stolen from the Russians in 1991. That’s nonsense.

Understand, please, President Putin: Love God and Love One Another. Personal power will go the way of all past mortal power plays. Replace it with peace, love, cooperation and coordination. We are with You/you, for You/you, and love You/you.

So be it!



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