Shine with SolTrex & Soltran

Today, March 19, 2023, we link with the Sun of this Solar System and with its co-leaders, whose spiritual code names are SolTrex and SolTran.

To refresh your memory of your past visualizations of and communions with these two solar beings, click on my January 21, 2023 blog Welcome SolTran; and then on my January 30, 2023 blog Let Your Sun Light Shine in which you connected with SolTrex. These two short blogs give the basic history of all the interdimensional connections and contacts with SolTrex and SolTran since they first contacted Nada-Yolanda in December 1963, about 70 years ago, in which they introduced themselves as Helios and Vesta, with Helios being the Greek god of the sun (hence the “masculine” sky), and Vesta being the Roman goddess of the heart, hearth and home (hence on the “feminine” Earth). They did not reveal their higher, I Am Self names to me as SolTran and SolTrex until 2015.

In the two above blogs, we envisioned SolTrex and SolTran as being represented by a solar cross that descends over and around us. The seven letters of SolTran’s name initially were placed in a vertical column inside a golden sphere that symbolized the Sun; SolTran is feminine and it is via our feminine soul/subconscious that she first contacts us and descends via our spine into our conscious awareness. (See image to right.)

Then, we placed the seven letters of SolTrex in a horizontal column or bar that represents his anchoring and manifesting in and through our conscious mind and physical body, shining his light out and into the world. Together, SolTrex and SolTran form a solar or sun cross.

“Sol” in both names refers to the Sun. “T” represents the Temple of the Sun. “Tran” means across, from the superconscious into and through the subconscious/astral/feminine to the conscious/physical/masculine. “Rex” in Latin means king. Thus, SolTrex and SolTran are the “king and queen” of the Sun. Moreover, they are our Sun Papa and Sun Mama.

Side by Side by Side

Today, in your meditations and visualizations, you may want to utilize a new visualization that will prepare you for SolTran’s and SolTrex’s actual descent into your seven bodies. Begin as always by wrapping your four lower bodies — mental, emotional, astral and physical — in a protective cocoon of Christ light. Then, see yourself centered in, and surrounded by, a 12-foot-in-diameter golden globe or sun sphere that has seven layers or levels. For on and about the Sun, solar beings equally employ in unified, integrated action all Seven Rays of Life. In turn, on Earth, we have seven bodies, with our light body, resurrected body and ascended body being our three higher bodies. In I Am, Sun-Son-Daughter-I Am consciousness, we shine like the Sun-Son in and through each of these seven bodies and levels of consciousness.

To the left side of you, envisioned SolTran slowly descending until she stands next to you, just a few feet away, but inside your 12-foot-in-diameter sun sphere. At first, she is 7 feet or so tall, symbolizing her solar origin and identity, but then she slowly becomes about the same height as you. The left side of you quickens, lights up, accelerates and tingles and is quickened; which you may or may not feel psychically and physically. But, inwardly you sense that it is happening. (See image to right.)

Then, focus on SolTrex who descends feet first on your right side, comfortably next to but sufficiently away from your physical body such that you feel united with him and yet still maintain your individual identity. Again, at first he is about 7 feet tall, but then he lowers his vibration and shrinks until he is about your same height.

With the two of them next to you, begin to remember anew your being a solar being, who 206 million years ago first came from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun of this Solar System. You feel the truth of this especially in your heart. Your memories may be dim or non-existent for now. But your inner acceleration, your intuitive clairsentience vibrate with the essence of this truth. Affirm and realize: I Am a solar being of ascended Christ light who only temporarily is now expressing in and through my astral and physical bodies.

As noted, SolTran and SolTrex are now about your same height. So each of the seven letters of their names correspond to, and radiate their energies to the left and right side of each of your seven chakras. Thus, the letter “S” in both names is at the level of, and enhance and enlighten, your crown chakra/cerebrum. The letter “O” is at your all-seeing, third eye in your forehead region. The letter “L” is at your throat chakra. And the letter “T” in both names is in the left and right side of your heart chakra, which now lights up like the Sun with pure Christ or I Am light and love. “RAN” and “REX” are at the level of your three lower chakras: solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers. Now, more than ever before you are a Temple of the Sun right here on Earth!

Sit a Spell

When you feel sufficiently and definitely at one with the two co-leaders of the Sun, when your doubts diminish and your wonderings are dispersed, get up from your meditation chair and find two more chairs. Place one chair to the left of you and one chair to the right of your meditation chair, a few feet away. Do this physically so that it helps to make your experience feel more real and tangible. By playacting this, you help to anchor the new reality in your seven bodies.

Invite SolTran to sit next to you in the chair on your left. Joyously welcome SolTrex to sit next to you on your right. Upon doing so, it is as if you are sitting “shoulder to shoulder” with them, such that you are three who are one in the One. Your “house” is now their “house.” Their “house” is your “house.” Your heart especially flows nearly to overflowing with peace and love.

Reach out your left hand and hold SolTran’s right hand, which electrifies you to yet a new and higher degree. Then hold hands with SolTrex. Mother Sun, Father Sun, and you as a Child-Son-Daughter of the Sun are now whole, complete, in loving and joyous harmony with all life.

Once adjusted to this, psychically and spiritually take a look at and feel your expanded heart chakra. It is totally filled with light that fills your entire chest, with it being so bright that you can barely see it and hold it. It is like looking at the sun at high noon. Radiating from this pure Christ heart sphere are rays of golden light that flow out in all directions to all light workers and all other life on Earth.

Sit serenely and securely with this for a while. Be at peace with this as you do so. Give thanks unto SolTrex and SolTran for being with you, for you, and of You/you.

And then, when the time comes, with tears in your eyes and divine love in your heart, say your goodbyes to them for now. Slowly they lift up and disappear from your sight above the clouds. But you know that they are always there in your heart. And when it is time, they and their solar associates will come to you again; and you will bilocate and visit them on the Sun.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. Amen!