Welcome SolTran

For the last five days, we entered, dwelled and rested in the Womb of Mother God, wherein we communed with Sol-O-Man, Nada, MaYa, Uriel and Mother Matrix (the feminine Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love & Rest).

Today, Saturday, January 21, 2023, we meet with another Mama whose spiritual code name is SolTran. She is the twin soul of SolTrex; together they are the co-rulers of the Sun.

Previously, we called them Vesta and Helios, which are Roman and Greek names that we initially could understand. SolTran and SolTrex are their solar names that codify and signify their co-leadership on the Sun; with “Sol” meaning Sun. (Click here to re-read my prior post about them.)

Shine with SolTran

To connect with and feel SolTran’s brilliant Mama presence, first surround yourself in a Christ cocoon of cosmic light and power that protects you. Rising from the top of it is a Christ column of cosmic energy that travels from your crown chakra and cerebrum, up through the seven astral planes, into the etheric and celestial realms.

Then, focus on each of the 7 letters in the code name of SolTran. Place the letter “S” in your crown chakra, at the top half of your head. Place the letter “O” in your all-seeing, cosmic eye in your forehead region and center of your head. Continue with each following letter, placing each one in one of the chakras. (See image to the right.)

This visualization prepares you to come into communion with SolTran, who will descend via the Christ column and slowly anchor her wondrous feminine love power into each of your chakras, starting from the 7th or crown chakra, then down to each lower chakra.

Welcome her Sun Mother peace and love. Then radiate your combined I Am light, love, peace and power to the whole world. Be a Mama who Loves God and loves one another.