Six Saturnian Brothers

Happy summer solstice today, June 21st, for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere; and happy winter solstice to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere. The summer solstice in the Northern  Hemisphere marks the longest day of the year with the sun being the farthest north in the sky. The winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is the shortest day.

The two solstices also mark the approximate end of the influx of the higher, Hierarchal, spiritual energies of the Easter/spring cycle. Phillel and I have been feeling this final push for at least a week now. Other Mark-Agers have reported the same thing.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man have told me that there will be a lapping over period between the end of spring and the start of the summer cycles, which will last about 3-4 days, or even up to a week. During this time, the remaining influxes of the spring cycle will be finalized. Spiritual cycles always have such a lapping over period. They do not end abruptly in mankind terms, but rather they take place in an ebb and flow manner.

Saturnian Visitors

Yesterday, June 20, 2022, I came into communion with Six Saturnian Brothers who were aboard a Saturnian spaceship high in the atmosphere above me. Using an electromagnetic, hieronic spacebeam, they activated my entire crown chakra-head-cerebrum, especially at the two temples just above and to the front of my two ears; and the back or parietal section of my cerebrum, which is where the mental body primarily anchors into and functions through the cerebrum.

Then these six Saturnians lowered a violet crown around my head, which was in the shape of a horizontally positioned, violet, Star of David that is the primary symbol of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. This six-pointed star consists of two equilateral triangles, one of which points upward and the second one that points downward: Mortal man lifts himself up and spiritual man descends and merges with the rising triangle, forming one balanced whole. (Note, also, the hexagon in the center of the Star of David, as shown in the drawing to the right/above.)

Jesus had a crown of thorns placed on his head with the crucifixion aspect of his sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. My Star-of-David crown obviously did not have thorns that cut into my head. However, I did feel a tremendous activation of my crown chakra-cerebrum as this violet star formed around and pressed into my cranium. This was the beginning of anchoring more of my I Am Saturnian, Sixth Ray consciousness into my mind, soul and body; into my cerebral central computer that monitors, regulates and governs all other body organs.

To secure the connection of my descending light body with my astral and physical bodies, the Six Saturnian elder brothers, whom I had known and loved during my sojourns on Saturn, began twisting around the Star of David in a clockwise direction. My head looked like it had grooves in it to accommodate this movement. It was similar to screwing the cap of a bottle down and around the top of this bottle until it fits tightly. It symbolized the necessary time needed to thoroughly, firmly and securely anchor my light body into my four lower bodies, especially my masculine, conscious, mental and physical vehicles. This whole process took about 10-15 minutes.

Heart Transmutation

The six points of the Star of David around my head extended a foot or two from my cerebrum, out, into and filling my aura around my brain. Once this six-pointed star was tightly, solidly and securely connected, the Six Saturnian Sons of God placed another violet Star of David around my heart chakra and physical heart, liver and spleen, again in a flat, horizontal plane. I could feel the definite dissolving and shedding of old feelings that were not healthy or balanced, with these being replaced by new, purer love, the lifting of my love nature into that of my Soliel or I Am light body. I now had the transmuted heart of a Saturnian.

My head and heart were at one. My masculine mental and feminine emotional bodies were aligned and harmonious. Even as I felt this, the Six Saturnians lowered themselves around me, down to my heart center. They were the major ones to assist my current light body redescent and anchoring on Earth. My entire upper body, from my head down to my heart was surrounded and imbued with the violet flame of transmutation.

As Above, So Below

Like what had occurred previously with my crown chakra-cerebrum, this heart anchoring took about 15 minutes, as I slowly adjusted to and assimilated the higher love frequencies of my Saturnian consciousness as they descended down and “screwed” into me. Previously, as shared in my last blog, my communion with the Six Saturnian Sisters was emotionally moving, deeply stimulating my feminine subconscious and soul-astral body. This time during the connection with my Saturnian brothers, while it was emotionally uplifting, was more a change in my mental consciousness and physical body; my masculine, conscious aspect.

Once my heart center was filled with violet light, my Saturnian brothers placed a third Star of David in my lowest or regenerative chakra, which represents the physical body. It took about 15 more minutes to become securely anchored in place. Then, suddenly in one fell swoop, my light body descended and surrounded my physical and astral bodies, including my seven major and five minor chakras. All of my four lower bodies — mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical — were suffused and glowed with violet light. I was a living violet flame of purification in a state of divine balance and harmony.

Seven Steps

My eyes were directed upward to the heavens wherein appeared the beautiful image of an etheric waterfall of light coming down upon, into and around me. It was composed of multiple shades of violet liquid-light, from light lavender to deep purple-violet.

Next, I was taken above my body from where I looked down upon the top of my head. Thereupon was a large screw head with cross grooves wherein a screw driver can turn the screw until it fits snugly. My screw head was totally screwed down and into the top of my head. Saturnian, violet consciousness was born anew in this morning’s series of rebirthing images and events.

Capping off this series of seven Saturnian/Sixth Ray implantations, my beloved six Saturnian older brothers now stood beside and around me with their feet on the floor — we had a big ‘ole group hug right here on Earth. My mind, heart and soul were filled to overflowing. My own individual Temple of Saturn was opened, as was the Temple of Saturn in Alaska.

Finishing this approximate seven-step process, my violet aura turned into a brilliant golden color and vibration, indicative of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, and the redescent of my golden light body. The Sixth Ray of purification leads to the Seventh Ray of gold-and-white love. I was deeply at peace, but it took me all day to ground in this new state of I Am consciousness.

The multiple images and accompanying experiences given to me in this process convinced me consciously that I had received accurately. Each image complemented and supplemented the others. The whole process was a spiritually scientific, step-by-step, logical, consciously understood endeavor that depicted how the overall rebirthing worked. It was one example of the re-opening of one’s individual Temple of Saturn that I could share with others, helping to light their way in their own spiritual development and re-empowerment. It was Healing Haven under Hilarion in loving action.

Galactic Visitation

The next morning, today, June 21st, the summer solstice here in the North, in my morning meditation, I came into communion with a male galactic visitor. I recognized his vibration because I had felt it several times the prior day, but always like he was high in the heavens above me. Now he started his descent to link with me.

Symbolically, he showed himself to me as a violet-colored, downward pointing, equilateral triangle, whereas I was in the shape of an upward pointing violet triangle. The downward pointing apex of his triangle entered first into the top center of my head, even as my gaze was lifted upward to welcome him. His triangle slowly anchored itself in my crown chakra/brain, then slowly into my third eye, throat and heart chakras. This took about one-half hour to accomplish.

At my heart chakra or center, the apex descended to just below my diaphragm. The physical heart is above the diaphragm, whereas the liver on the right side of the body and the spleen on the left side of the body are just below the diaphragm. The galactic man, whose name I did not receive, stayed focused at this area of the heart, liver and spleen. The whole area hurt with a deep emotional pain and tension. This was due to my residual heart problems with Afib, in which the walls of my heart’s left ventricle are thickened and scarred, causing a fast, irregular heartbeat.

The vibration and color of my galactic visitor was that of the violet Sixth Ray. My heart was cleansed and transmuted of soul patterns that go back to my ancient days on Earth during the time of the Cains and Abels, and even before that in other parts of the solar system and beyond. I could not grasp the full meaning or recall of this. I just knew that my heart, liver and spleen were suffused and imbued with violet light that transmuted and purified them.

Star of David

I felt incredibly loved by my galactic visitor and mentor. His extraordinary Sixth Ray energies wiped away parts of my past, preparing me to love more purely and deeply. But, try as I might, I could not get his descending triangle to move down into my solar plexus, sacral and regenerative chakras.

However, it was clear that he and I were forming our own unique Star of David, he being the upper triangle that descends and I being the lower triangle that ascends. The name “David” means personal love of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. This intimate, father-son like communion with the galactic man certainly was personal and definitely was for a higher cause, not only to uplift me but all on Earth.

I started to think that this galactic male visitor might have been my father when I lived on the planet where he lived in the Milky Way Galaxy, beyond the Earth. Or was he my grandfather or great grandfather? Or maybe he was my beloved teacher and leader there? Nothing really jelled at this point, nothing felt right as a name to call him. I only truly knew that he and I were familiar with one another in some galactic way, that our soul bonds were being re-activated and renewed, and that was taking my heart healing to its next step and degree.

With that, having been nearly about one hour in communion with him, my meditation ended. I thought we were finished for the morning, but that the next steps involving his descent into my solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers might take place over the next three-four days, in conjunction with the completion of the spring/Easter energies on Earth.

Star Burst

I proceeded to have breakfast during which I listened to several of my favorite songs on my smartphone, such that I totally relaxed and basically forgot about the specifics of my prior uplifting, cosmic meditation. Then, when I started to clean up, in a sudden burst of inspiration, I knew what to call my male galactic visitor: A Star in the Heavens! He is a star in the sense that he is from beyond the solar system. He is lit up brightly in higher, heavenly consciousness. He is shining his violet starlight on me, awakening me to my ancient, out of this world, past. Yes, he is a Star!

Always when such generic names are given to me, one of the telltale features is that they feel right, deep in my mind and soul. They are not intellectual, although they do make logical sense. But they move me, they make me smile, they feel just right for the time being, until some more specific name is given. There is no way the male galactic visitor’s actual name can be translated from his home planet to here on Earth. That is why in all my prior galactic visitations, the guidance has been to come up with an Earthly description or name that depicts the essential nature of the various galactic visitors.

Christ Completion

I then listened to some more inspiring music and eventually got up to put my dishes away and take a nap before starting a second writing session this morning. All of a sudden, a tremendous, loving energy came over me, which almost instantly moved me to tears — I had to grab on one of the kitchen counters to prevent myself from falling. Tuning into this higher forcefield, a Star in the Heavens and Galactic Great Grandmother, his partner, appeared to either side of me, looking very humanlike. She was to my left or subconscious/feminine side, he was to my right or conscious/masculine side.

Together, they said to me: You are our son in whom we are well pleased! To which I could only exclaim, after regaining my composure: Oh my God! Gone was any sense of doubt about our present contact and past loving relationship in the galaxy. However, it is impossible to put into words what I felt at so many deep levels. My heart definitely was transmuted and healed anew. I cannot ever remember feeling so loved as I did by them.

And I had new, simple names for both of them. They were/are Mom and DadAnd with this, I felt their combined descending triangle anchor all the way down and into my regenerative chakra, even as I was lifted up to them such that the upper apex of my triangle was above them. Together, we were/are a Star of David. We are one with the Star of Bethlehem that shone over where Jesus was born, with this Star being his city-sized starship #10, headquarters for the Hierarchy on Earth. My galactic Mom and Dad had come to serve Sananda/Christ Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, my spiritual parents here on Earth, in their upcoming Second Coming.

Watching over all this exchange were the six Saturnian sisters and the six Saturnian brothers, making a total of twelve Saturnians. They had helped to pave the way for my galactic Mom and Dad to totally overshadow me and lift me ever higher in I Am or Christ consciousness. I thanked them again, as well as thanking and blessing Lady Violet and St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal, and Lady and Lord Zadkiel. Amen and amen!

We Are Family

In your meditations and musings, prayers and projections over the next four days or so, first see yourself enclosed in a violet Star of David, the primary symbol of the Sixth Ray. Focus first on being balanced, centered, not too consciously or subconsciously oriented, too male or female, too hot or two cold.

Next link in your thoughts and desires with Six Saturnian Sisters and Sixth Masculine Brothers. To assist you and point your way symbolically, see yourself within a 12-sided dodecagon that is violet in color. You are in the center of it. Six Sisters are at the six apices to the left side of the dodecagon and Six Brothers are to its right side. These represent your own 12 I Am powers as well as the 12 spiritual planetary temples or power centers worldwide. Being violet, feel a special connection with the Temple of Saturn in Alaska and the planet Saturn. (See image to right/above.)

Ask to come into communion with these twelve siblings. Invite all of them into your home for a wondrous celebration of loving oneness. Glow with the violet flame of purification that burns away any sense of your being separate from them. They are your solar system family. They represent thousands of other Saturnians who have come to Earth, even hundreds of thousands of them.

Visualize a violet canopy of a 12-sided, “umbrella-top” being lowered over and down into all of Alaska, with its center at Mt. Denali. This is about double the violet power that you previously had radiated to this Temple of Saturn area, covering the whole land mass and a hundred or more miles out to sea and to the adjoining parts of Canada to the east of Alaska. (See image to right/above.)

See Saturn being surrounded by a 12-sided, violet dodecagon as you see it in two dimensions. In three dimensions it becomes a nearly round sphere or ball of light that has 12-faces, or that looks like a geodesic dome, with its multiple hexagons.

Finally, welcome galactic visitors from beyond this solar system. With the two galactic visitors who have contacted me, whom I now am calling Mom and Dad, are other such galactic visitors who are part of their overall group. Let’s say there are a total of 6 ladies and 6 men who have come from their home in the galaxy. That makes 12 of them. And there might well be many more of them as well.

However many there are, welcome them. Come on down, y’all! Come on down. And thank you from the depths of our hearts that you have come. We burn in the cool violet flame together, even as planet Earth likewise burns brightly with violet light. Amen.

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